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Fitness/Yoga/Martial Arts/Dance From academic tutoring and foreign language instruction to premium music, art, acting lessons, and much more, OMG, Inc. We offer families professional educational services online (anywhere in the US) and in-person (Los Angeles C

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Oksana’s Educational Odyssey: A Symphony of Enrichment Making Waves Across America 01/05/2024

🎉 🌟 Excited to share that National Post UK has featured our business in a recent article!
It's truly humbling to see our journey recognized on an international platform. This wouldn't have been possible without the incredible support from our team and our amazing community. Thank you for being part of this inspiring journey! Check out the article and let's keep striving for greater heights together. 🚀

Oksana’s Educational Odyssey: A Symphony of Enrichment Making Waves Across America The National Post UK > All Posts > Business > Business News > Oksana’s Educational Odyssey: A Symphony of Enrichment Making Waves Across America Breaking NewsBusinessBusiness NewsEntertainment Oksana’s Educational Odyssey: A Symphony of Enrichment Making Waves Across America Last updated: 2024/0...


The joy of teaching youth in our community is an indescribable feeling that fills every fiber of the heart. It is a profound privilege to witness the blossoming of young minds and to play a part in shaping their future. Each day spent in the classroom is a vibrant tapestry of curiosity, laughter, and growth, where knowledge is shared and connections are forged. The joy lies in those moments of pure understanding, when a concept clicks and a spark of excitement illuminates a student's eyes. It is in the shared triumphs, the "aha" moments, and the small victories that we find our purpose. And beyond the enrichment/academic realm, teaching is also an opportunity to instill invaluable life skills, compassion, and resilience in the next generation. The joy of teaching is not just in imparting knowledge, but in being a mentor, a guide, and a source of inspiration. It is in witnessing the limitless potential within each student and helping them realize their dreams. The joy of teaching youth in our community is an honor that brings fulfillment and leaves an everlasting impact on both teacher and student alike.

STORY: OKSANA KOLESNIKOVA STORY: Immigrant turned internationally-acclaimed pianist hits the right note with L.A. County students


Please meet the wonderful Melanie, our On-Site Supervisor and multi-subject Instructor! We wish to acknowledge Melanie for being the ultimate team player here at OMG. She's selfless, self-motivated, responsible, professional at all she does, and the list goes on. Not to mention, the most compassionate human being with a heart of gold. Thank you, Melanie, for all that you have done and do on a daily basis, and for touching the lives of so many children in such a positive way.
Please read her story below.
Following her father, Melanie developed a free spirit at a very young age which drove her to want to experience the world. This led her to a five year stop in Germany where she was introduced to ancient architecture, though art as a practice would come later to her. She didn't go to university until she was in her thirties, and when she did go, she went to San Francisco State University for English Literature and Theater where she graduated magna cm laude. This would lead to an amazing set of discoveries.
After graduation, Melanie worked for many years in publishing first as a marketing director and then as a manager. It was here that she discovered art. One day, out of the blue, a co-worker who had become a friend asked her to go with him to an art class. Her reply was, "no way, I can't even draw a stickman", but in the long run she couldn't deny her friend. She went expecting to have a good time and ended up finding a new passion.
In addition to her love of making art, Melanie also enjoys imparting her experience to others, children especially, by teaching subjects such as art and chess.


We are honored and grateful to bring OMG Enrichment Classes ( Chess, Italian, Science and Yoga) to the local private school: Legacy Christian Academy in Valencia. Registration is now open and classes are starting soon. If your child attends Legacy, you can register directly at their school’s office.


🇪🇸 Exciting News! Our OMG Spanish Language Classes have arrived at Sulphur Springs District!
✨ Spread the word to your child's school's principal or PTA/PTO president, and let's bring the joy of learning Spanish to even more students!


Calling all SCV families! 🌟✨ Enroll your kids in our enchanting youth Chess program today, crafted with love in partnership with the City of Santa Clarita. Let their chess journey begin with our incredible instructors, Dan and Melanie! 🙌💼
Register now at and let the games begin! ♟️🏆

Peace - Tribute to 9/11 by Oksana 09/12/2023

The profound impact of September 11, 2001, resonates with us all, continuing to influence artistic endeavors across various mediums.

Among these artistic tributes, Oksana Kolesnikova's musical composition "Peace" stands as a sublime contribution to the tapestry of commemorative works.

Background on Oksana’s Creation of "Peace"

Oksana Kolesnikova, a virtuoso pianist, and composer inadvertently penned this stirring composition on that very fateful morning. Unbeknownst to her, as she was in the thrall of creation, the tragic events unfolded simultaneously.

The synchronicity was not lost on her when she later witnessed the devastating news—realizing that her work had inadvertently become a tribute.

To engage fully with the narrative behind the music, we highly recommend you view her poignant introduction and performance here: Oksana's 9/11 Tribute to Victims & Families.

The Significance and Nuances

"Peace" is no mere musical composition; it is an auditory testament to the human condition. It encapsulates a range of emotions—sorrow, anguish, and ultimately, hope—that were collectively felt during those fateful moments.

The composition features:

Elegiac melodies that channel collective change.
Transcendent harmonies offering a semblance of hope.
An emotionally charged musical narrative that culminates in a transcendent climax.
After delving into the profound musicality of "Peace," we encourage you to further explore the multidimensional talents of Oksana Kolesnikova.

Her extensive repertoire extends beyond this singular tribute, encapsulating a life rich with musical and personal achievements.

Steps for Continued Exploration:

Immerse yourself in the tribute video and internalize its musical narrative.
Share the composition with colleagues and peers, thus broadening the circle of awareness.
Execute a Google search on Oksana to discover her broad array of compositions and accomplishments.
For those ready to embark on this emotional and intellectual journey, please click here: Watch Now.


Oksana’s Management

P.S. Art often succeeds where words falter. Oksana's "Peace" serves as a clarion call for unity, rising above the limitations of language. Do not miss this compelling artistic expression.

Peace - Tribute to 9/11 by Oksana Original composition created on 9-11


🌟 🌟 Receiving such heartfelt praise from those who are part of the Oksana Management Group family fills us with immense joy. We're not just a team; we're a close-knit community driven by a shared passion for enriching the lives of students. Thank you, Drew, for recognizing the dedication and commitment that go into making our youth enrichment programs truly exceptional. Your kind words fuel our determination to continue delivering fun and educational experiences for students across the board. Together, we create magic. ✨ &art


Dear parents!
we are thrilled to announce another exciting addition to our Oksana Enrichment family! 📚🎶
We are extending our educational wings to Sulphur Springs Elementary, where we'll be offering our Enrichment Programs to thousands of talented young minds. 🏫✨Please share our info with the principal or PTA/PTO president of your school, so your children and their classmates can also enjoy our Enrichment programs (chess, art, music, acting, fitness, science, foreign languages, animation, financial literacy, homework help/test prep)


Starting very soon, I'll be embarking on a special journey with all of you, where we'll explore the magic of music, the beauty of art, and the joy of learning together.
🎵 Whether it's the piano, guitar, singing, violin, or any other instrument, get ready for a harmonious experience like no other. Stay tuned for more details and let's create music, art, and unforgettable memories together! 🎼 &art

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Within every child is the promise of a better world. At the Oksana® Foundation, we believe that limited means should not limit a child's talent. We provide access to educational opportunities for children so their talents can be nurtured, cultivated and utilized to create positive and lasting changes in the world around them.

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Our Italian language, cooking and culture programs are a lot of fun! Join us today!
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