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I help busy people make food and lifestyle choices that allow them to feel energized and fit into their skinny jeans.

Together we create a personalized wellness program specifically tailored to help you address your personal health issues. I guide clients down a path toward food and lifestyle choices that decrease stress, boost energy levels, and promote a healthy body and mind. Clients make gradual changes that are free of deprivation and calorie counting to achieve permanent results. FMI see:

Bad diets kill more people around the world than smoking, study says

Bill Maher reminded everyone tonight that a major cause of death which is not often discussed is about what we eat. A new study suggests that poor diets are responsible for more deaths than any other risk factor, leading to 11 million fatalities worldwide each year.

It doesn’t matter if it’s sugary or diet: New study links all soda to an early death Drinking two or more glasses a day of any soda was associated with higher death rates.

MIT Researcher: Glyphosate Herbicide will Cause Half of All Children to Have Autism by 2025

Scary stuff. There’s a reason that 14 countries have banned it as of last year. Thanks for sharing Amy Hewel. For over three decades, Stephanie Seneff, PhD, has researched biology and technology, over the years publishing over 170 scholarly peer-reviewed articles. In recent years she has concentrated on the relationship between nutrition and health, tackling such topics as Alzheimer’s, autism, and cardiov...

Cooking with Canola Oil Releases More Toxic Cancer-Causing Chemicals Than Any Other Type of Oil

Did you know? I wish the food industry did because if you read labels you know that it’s in almost everything! Are you aware of the health dangers of canola oil? Solvents, trans fats, erucic acid levels, and omega-6 fats - there really isn’t anything good about it.

This is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Avocado Every Day The avocado is believe to have originated in Puebla, Mexico. The oldest evidence of the avocado was found in a cave...


This always puts a smile on my face and gives me hope!

These dads are teaching their daughters that they are smart, beautiful, and so much more.

You Really Should Be Washing Your Avocados — Food Network The FDA has issued a warning. Are avocados the world’s most dangerous food? Sure, they’re superfoodishly healthy, packed with vitamins and nutrients, etcetera, etcetera, but they’ve also been linked to everything from ER-trip-prompting hand injuries to the inability to afford a house. There we...

7 Unexpected Signs Of Lyme Disease Experts Want You To Know About There is no disease in the world like Lyme Disease. Few other illnesses have so many varied manifestations, are so difficult to test for, or take over your entire body like Lyme does. Many people with Lyme go undiagnosed because the symptoms of Lyme…

Hot Debate: What Do You Call the End of a Loaf of Bread?

What do you call the end piece? In our Polish speaking household we called it the dupka (butt). Pamiętaj Mark Stanisław Mędrek, Donna M. Medrek, Kathy Steinberg, Thomas Medrek? Even Nigella Lawson has an opinion.

Who can relate?


Cup of Jane


This is a new find for me and I love it! No more plastic wrap or containers missing their lids (I can never find lids)! Yay. Thanks Marina Kravets Bowsher for turning me on to these. BTW I don't get a kick back if you buy them.

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Blueberry Oatmeal Recipe

It’s the oatmeal time of year. Here’s one of my favorites. You can make this oatmeal, which will take on a purple hue once the blueberries begin to burst, on top of the stove or in the microwave It only takes about 10 minutes on top of the stove (five minutes in the microwave).

What Are the Dangers of Whey Protein Isolate?

If you make smoothies I hope you add adequate protein to all of that fruit. What's your favorite protein to add to a smoothie? For most people, whey protein supplements in recommended doses don’t pose any health threats. In fact, studies have shown that taking whey isolate may improve your blood cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels and other health factors. Like any supplement, though, whey isolate is not guaranteed to ...

Six Steps You Can Take To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: Mike's Tidwell's Solar Home Tour 2018

I enjoyed hearing Mike Tidwell talk this week and thought I'd share his fab short video he created that outlines a few things we can all do to reduce our use of energy. After hearing the dire news from the UN climate report this week I think we all need to think more seriously about how to help turn the tide. That's my 2 cents. Thanks.

Join Chesapeake Climate Action Network's Director Mike Tidwell on a tour of his solar and green home - and learn the six steps you can take to reduce your ca...

Not Losing Weight? The Answer May Be in Your Poop

What kind of probiotics or foods do you consume to keep a healthy gut? The reason you aren't losing weight may have do with the bacteria found in your poop, according to a new study.

Smashed Chickpea Avocado Salad | Two Peas & Their Pod

Tried this recipe today. Delicious 😋 Smashed chickpea salad made with chickpeas, avocado, cilantro, green onion, and lime juice. This quick, easy, and healthy salad makes a great sandwich or dip.

USDA Just Recalled 60 Tons of Beef Because of a Terrifying Possible Contamination One person has already died. Here is everything you need to know about the latest beef recall.

More than ever, our clothes are made of plastic. Just washing them can pollute the oceans.

Did you know that washing acrylic, poly and similar clothes releases plastics into our water? How much plastic is your washing machine sending out to sea?

10% Off at Norman's Farm Market

I love the farmer's market produce I'm getting. Here's 10% off for you Bethesda peeps that like to stop at Westland for corn, peaches, tomatoes, cukes, or whatever. Click here for a free 10% coupon at Norman's Farm Market!

Perspective | Scientists know plastics are dangerous. Why won’t the government say so?

The FDA, pseudoscientists and plastic industry execs should be ashamed of themselves for putting us in harms way. A massive misinformation campaign has hurt regulation and left consumers in the dark.

Linda Stade - Education Writer

A good read. Didn't know about explore pages.

Tonnes and tonnes of material for discussion with your kids here...
"But as a media and body image expert, I can unequivocally state that a young girl’s access to Instagram is like a master class in objectification. Taught by influencers and peers with more power than any teacher, parent or advocate, she will learn at the speed of light that she is her body and that her body is her ticket to happiness, fulfilment, power, and love."

I have a dishwasher but there are many things, including all plastics that I don't put in it to be washed.

Jeff Bezos: Whole Foods No Longer Labels GMOs Because “They’re Safe”

Oh nooooo😱 Whole Foods stores will no longer label products tarnished with GMOs following Jeff Bezos' claims that GMO foods are "safe for human consumption."

Suicide Awareness / Prevention

I love that these men are speaking out!

Everybody struggles. Nobody's perfect.

We applaud these men for being brave enough to talk about it.
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
Ryan Reynolds
Chris Evans
Jon Hamm
Kevin Love


5 Sketchy Things to Avoid In Your Protein Powder

What's your favorite protein powder? Here's what to look for when you buy protein powder — and what to avoid. Steer clear of these 5 harmful additives.


There’s a lot of power and calm that comes with this knowledge.

(Image credit: Becoming UnBusy)

When Is It Safe to Eat Salad Again?

Avoid romaine lettuce. There's another e. coli outbreak. An outbreak of infections linked to bagged romaine lettuce has left salad lovers confused. Here are answers to common questions about leafy greens.


We should eat breakfast like they do in Europe.

America Versus

There are dangerous chemicals in our food that are illegal in Europe.

How to Convince Your Body That It Needs Less Food If you’re looking to get fit but are finding your hunger out-weighs your resolve, here are ten genius ways to eat fewer calories and trick your body into feeling satisfied.

Want to by more mindful in March?

Mind full or Mindful? Join our Mindful March challenge and discover lots of fun ways to be more mindful this month 🙏

You can download & share the Mindful March calendar here

World Economic Forum

Live this!

Need a boost? This is the power of a walk among the trees. Read more:

The One Food I Gave Up to Relieve My Anxiety The One Food I Gave Up to Relieve My Anxiety by SARA LINDBERG Last Updated: Jan 31, 2018 Sara Lindberg Sara Lindberg, B.S., M.Ed., is a freelance health and fitness writer. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in exercise science and a Master's degree in counseling. She’s spent her life educ...

Brené Brown

Now I understand why Brene Brown is so popular with my health coach friends. She's pretty fabulous.

Loved this conversation with Marie Forleo on #MarieTV! We talk #BravingTheWilderness, true belonging, and how we can find our way back to ourselves and to each other. You can purchase a copy here:

A Salad a Day May Be Good for Brain Health

Do you like salads? Older men and women who ate the most lettuce, spinach, kale and collard greens scored the equivalent of 11 years younger on cognitive tests than those who ate little or none.

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