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I have a question: it is growing the Homeschooling PODs in Bay Area. The parents are strongly looking for alternative for teaching their children as alternative to go to school or online learning. A Homeschooling POD organized by a group of parents that has more than 3 children age between 2.5 years old until 5 .Is it a POD or Childcare ? Should the POD be under the Licensing or not ? I have read some movement to create PODs at this age and then the question came out.
I would like to know if the childcare providers that are working with first responders or/ and essential workers have had easy access to buy supplies as appropriate mask, gloves, sanitizer, alcohol gel, and so on. All these supplies haven't been easy to find it or simply don't have in the places that we usually had bought before COVID-19.
Does it have some alternative from the government for us to have easy access to supplies to protect our working?
Is there a chance california will do the same to help parents?? Our phone line has been none stop from parents trying to find care for their school age kids by monday!!
Can you expound your knowledge on the Z permit. It was said that if we transported children to and from school that we had to have a Z Permit. My own investigation turned up this information. I called DOT here in Redding. I called DOT in Sacramento in which they couldn't answer yes or no to the question, instead I received a 32 page aged report concerning the Z Permit. I sent that to Tom Copeland, nationwide childcare advocate 33 years and attorney by trade. He said, "You are not in the transportation business, you are in the childcare business." No to the Z Permit. Unfortunately, it is still being said and told around the family childcare business. Can you expound as well as to add another supporting voice? Thank you Karen Bobier Family Childcare
The answers are straight forward

We educate, advocate and litigate to make child care a civil right.

The Child Care Law Center educates, advocates and litigates to make child care a civil right. When all families can thrive, our communities are healthier and more vibrant, now and into the next generation. We are the only organization in the country dedicated to child care law. For more than 40 years, we have worked to make child care more inclusive and just. We are a Support Center for Qualified Legal Services Programs in California.

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Our second annual wine-tasting event, Uncorking the Future of Child Care, is less than a month away!

The Child Care Law Center is grateful to our generous sponsors for helping us make child care a civil right, and deliver a lively afternoon to our community full of great eats, connections, and memories!

There’s still time to reserve your tickets! Visit the link in bio ⤴️ or


Please join us on Sunday, October 8 in Berkeley, for our second annual wine-tasting experience featuring Black women vintners, in support of a future of justice and opportunity for kids, families and providers.

🍷Uncorking the Future of Child Care
🍷A gathering in support of the Child Care Law Center

We’re excited to bring back our tradition of gathering supporters and friends to celebrate our progress towards making child care more just and inclusive. We hope to see you there!

Get your tickets and find more event info here:


Happy from Child Care Law Center, where we strive to welcome, respect, and support all members of our diverse staff and board, AND show up as a leader in spaces where members of our community might not be heard or respected.

We will all do better when every family has the child care they need to survive and thrive.🏳️‍🌈


Most child care providers are Black and Brown women. They offer a vital service to their communities - and like any other profession, they have the right to fair compensation. 

A history of racist policies created a system where child care providers are forced into poverty-level wages. 

This , it’s critical that our lawmakers make policies to pay child care providers a dignified wage so they can live, care for their own families, and thrive. Lawmakers can begin to offer justice for Black and Brown child care providers by passing a state budget that guarantees a livable wage for providers. 

Join us this week with Child Care Providers United, to continue the drumbeat on fair pay for child care providers and making child care affordable for every family!

What: Thursday's vigil outside the Governor's mansion

Where: 1526 H St., Sacramento

When: Thursday, 6/22, from 8-9 pm

Photos from San Mateo County Family Childcare Organization's post 06/13/2023

Immigrant Heritage Month is an opportunity to celebrate California’s child care providers who are immigrants.

Here’s Benu Chhabra, .preschool, a longtime partner and friend to Child Care Law Center, upon receiving recognition for her 23 years in business from the Concord City Council.

Benu is a community leader, President of the Bay Area Professional Family Child Care Network, Treasurer of the California Family Child Care Network, and Board member at CocoKids.

She acts every day to create a nurturing environment for children through fair and inclusive child care policies. Thank you, Benu, for your dedication and partnership and your decades of care for our youngest Californians.


JUNE 6! Open House featuring

🌟 , nationally recognized civil rights advocate in the Bay Area
🌟 Nancy Harvey, leader & family child care provider from Oakland

Well discuss how to win justice!

RSVP at link in bio⤴️


In his , recognizes is foundational to getting people back to work.

We are hopeful that budget and union negotiations next month will result in real progress for equitable policies.


is a civil right! It helps:
🧡Keep families stable
💛Grow kids’ social & emotional skills
💜Keep our economy strong

BUT our providers need basic worker & wage protections. And our families need


Child Care Law Center says: “Care Can’t Wait!”

We’re honored to stand with leaders like Assemblymember Eloise Gómez Reyes, championing fair pay for child care providers and affordable child care for families!


Karina Laigo, said it best:

“California can fully find affordable child care for all CA families instead of placing the burden on women of color.”👏🏾👏🏽👏🏻

YES! The time is now.⏰ Let’s make sure federal $ is spent on waiving !


Thank you to Christina Garcia of for your powerful testimony!💙

We stand with you when you say, "We CAN do better." 👏🏽

The must fund instead of relying on fees from families of color who can least afford it.


Happening NOW! Senate Subcmte 3!

✅ for providers

✅ for families

See providers & parents in action supporting & !👏🏾

Watch live at link in bio⬆️


California’s child care shortage is dire. And we’re working to ensure there is warm, enriching care for everyone who needs it. That means getting rid of the barriers that hurt child care providers and families.

With Child Care Law Center’s help in 2022, the California State Fire Marshal updated their guidelines, making them clearer and simpler for child care providers! But the work didn’t stop there. Many fire departments didn’t know about the changes and were still charging expensive fees.

So we made sure that the Sacramento Fire Department updated its guidelines. And now, the department is giving back about $400,000 to more than 1,300 Sacramento-based child care providers.

This is a huge breath of relief for the future. We’re so incredibly grateful for our team of advocates and lawyers and our donors who make this work possible!


At Child Care Law Center, we believe that should be a civil right for every family.

Check out 5 of the California policy wins we’re grateful for this year!

Will you make a generous year-end donation to help us continue to make these transformational changes?

Donate today:

If you give now, our Board will match every dollar you give, up to $30,800 – so you can double your impact with one gift!


Together this year, we made it possible for 150,000 families with low incomes to get free child care.

This win means parents will not have to choose between paying for child care, their rent, or their electricity bill until July 2023.

Now, families need long-term solutions. We won’t have justice until we permanently remove child care fees.

That’s why we are asking for your generous support this year-end:

Your partnership will support parents like Dr. LaWanda Wesley, pictured below. When LaWanda was raising her five children, her child care should have been free.

She was in the subsidized child care program, but still had to pay child care fees, a policy rooted in racist lies about Black women. Juggling costs for college, rent, and child care fees was an ever-present stress.

Now, LaWanda's family is thriving — and she wants the same success for every family.

As the Director of Government Relations at the Child Care Resource Center, she joined the Law Center and Parent Voices to reform child care fees. The Legislature and Governor Newsom agreed to waive the fees for one year, especially after hearing from LaWanda and other parents.

Now, we need you on our team to make this change permanent – so families like LaWanda's can get ahead and stay ahead.

Can we count on your support with a gift this year-end? Right now, our Board of Directors will double the value of your gift, up to $30,600!

Donate here:


Nancy Wyatt is a cherished Child Care Law Center donor, child care provider, and partner in fighting for child care equity. Nancy has provided warm, nurturing care for hundreds of children and families since opening her own San Fernando Valley-based child care in 1985.

“There’s a story about someone who gave a small gift, and it meant more because they had so little money. So when I give, it means a lot. It means I have a whole lot of respect and appreciation,” Nancy said when we spoke to her.

Nancy’s passion for her kids and all providers makes her an amazing child care advocate. We know it takes a community to win child care justice, and we’re so thankful to have Nancy as part of our amazing community!

Read more about Nancy’s story and partnership with Child Care Law Center at


At Child Care Law Center, we believe that when everyone has child care, our communities are more inclusive, equitable, and racially just.

The shortage in affordable housing and child care are interconnected. This year, we are planning new legal strategies to take on housing discrimination. We want to make sure enough child care is available in homes and neighborhoods.

We need you on our team!

Can we count on your support with a gift this year-end? Right now, you can do twice the good with one donation.

Our Board of Directors will match every dollar you donate, up to $29,750!

Donate here to stand on the side of justice:

Your generous year-end gift to Child Care Law Center will help keep child care providers’ doors open this holiday season – and win more child care for families closer to home.

Donate today to stand on the side of justice! Your year-end tax-deductible donation helps us continue our critical policy advocacy to create child care policies that are inclusive, equitable, and racially just.

Policy Updates — Child Care Law Center 11/14/2022

Our 2022 *IMPACT REPORT* featuring Dr. LaWanda Wesley is out!

➡️ “We want families to be focused on thriving, not survival.” - Dr. LaWanda Wesley

Dr. Wesley is a parent and child care advocate who works with Child Care Resource Center to change policies to create justice.✊🏽

She's one of thousands of California parents who have been or are being forced into impossible situations because a racist child care family fees policy was never changed.

Thanks to your support, we sponsored legislation to win a year-long waiver of fees, giving up to $600 a month back to families making low wages.

We’ll continue the fight until we make child care a civil right.

Dive into Dr. Wesley’s story, her journey, & her family on our blog:

Policy Updates — Child Care Law Center New laws for CalWORKs child care beginning October 1, 2019


Are you an LA City family child care provider who paid for a fire permit this year?

Click here to request a refund from the Office of Finance:

How to Stop the Housing Discrimination Villain 04/19/2022

How to Stop The Housing Discrimination Villain? It's National Fair Housing Month and what better way to celebrate than to share an AMAZING video about housing rights for California child care providers?

The Child Care Law Center created an animated video to tell child care providers about their right to run their child care programs from their homes. Regardless of renting or owning their home, child care providers' housing rights are protected by the Keeping Kids Close to Home Act.

Help us spread the word to other child care providers! Watch and share the video below!

How to Stop the Housing Discrimination Villain Learn more about the Keeping Kids Close to Home Act at care providers in California are pr...

Welcoming our new co-executive directors, Erica Gallegos and Andrea Paluso! 04/19/2022

🤩 Welcome, Erica Gallegos and Andrea Paluso! Together with Child Care for Every Family Network organizations, parents, and child care providers, their vision will lead this movement for universal access to equitable, high-quality, affordable and culturally relevant child care.

Welcoming our new co-executive directors, Erica Gallegos and Andrea Paluso! The Child Care for Every Family Network is thrilled to welcome Erica Gallegos and Andrea Paluso as co-executive directors.

Struggling Home-Based Child Care Providers In LA Are Still Waiting On Refunds For A Bill The City Never Should Have Sent 04/18/2022

In Los Angeles, hundreds of home-based child care providers paid for an unnecessary fire permit have yet to receive a refund.

“This oversight by the city finance department should be rectified in writing, in many languages, to every provider who got this notice.” -Toni Robertson, Child Care Law Center's Community Advocate

Read the whole article below:

Struggling Home-Based Child Care Providers In LA Are Still Waiting On Refunds For A Bill The City Never Should Have Sent Hundreds who paid for an unnecessary fire permit have yet to receive a refund. Tha bill arrived when many providers, largely Black and Brown women operating on thin margins, were struggling to survive the pandemic.


Happy International Women's Day! Today and all month, we celebrate and uplift the women who trail-blazed a path for us to live out our dreams!

We honor and thank you, our beloved community of child care providers, who inspire us each day with your passion, advocacy, and wisdom. You are real-life superheroes!

Photos from Child Care Law Center's post 02/28/2022

As we reflect on Black History Month, we spotlight the incredible educator and author, Tarsha Jordan! Tarsha is an Oakland-based child care provider, former Kindergarten teacher, and former principal for an early childhood education public school.

Tarsha writes books that foster conversations between families and give children the words to express the feelings they "don't know how to fully articulate."

Bonita the Bumble Bee is a whimsical bumblebee that helps explain BIG Topics to young children. Bonita's 1st topic has been the pandemic. In 2021, Tarsha published Bonita the Bumble Bee in Quarantine, a book available in English and Spanish, followed by the upcoming Bonita the Bumble Bee Returns to School During COVID-19, and Bonita the Bumble Bee Gets the Vaccine. Her current book in print, Bonita the Bumble Bee Is Vegan is a beautiful story with recipes for food and fun!

This is one example of how Black child care providers rose to the huge challenges facing our families and communities. For more information about Tarsha Jordan and Bonita the Bumble Bee, please visit Tarsha's website.


(Español abajo) If you have been impacted by COVID-19 and are struggling to pay your rent or utilities, you’re not alone. The CA COVID-19 Rent Relief program is here to help. If you have received an eviction notice, you have 15 business days to apply for rent relief and notify your landlord that you’ve applied (or intend to). You are only protected from eviction due to non-payment of COVID-related rent debt if you apply for relief. Text RENT to 211-211 to learn how to apply for the COVID Rent Relief program.

Si ha sido afectado por COVID-19 y está luchando por pagar su renta o utilidades, no está solo. El programa de CA para ayuda con la renta fue creado para usted. Si ha recibido una noticia de desalojo, tendrá 15 días de negocio para aplicar para ayuda con la renta y notificar a su propietario que aplicó (o si intenta aplicar). Solo está protegida del desalojo si no pago debido a una razón relacionada con el COVID. Mande un mensaje con la palabra RENT al 211-211 para aprender sobre cómo aplicar para el programa del alivio de renta debido al COVID.


Together, we will continue to fight to create an equitable future. Hear from Ana Andrade of The Wolf Pack Family Child Care and how Child Care Law Center is helping to turn the wisdom of child care providers into action in our latest blog post!


Last week at the Child Care Law Center’s Legal Roundtable, we heard from California Assembly Majority Leader Eloise Gómez Reyes and U.S. Congresswoman Katie Porter about the Build Back Better Act, and celebrated this watershed moment towards winning affordable child care for all families.

We are ecstatic about the Build Back Better Act, which will bring us one step closer to an equitable society. “Mothers have to make career decisions based on the cost of child care,” said Assemblymember Gómez Reyes. “Many have had to leave the workforce altogether based on the cost of child care available to them.”

When the Build Back Better Act finally passes the U.S. Congress, we’ll be here to make sure that the programs work well for child care providers and families who most need the help. By making a donation by December 31 to the Child Care Law Center, you’ll be our partner in racial and gender justice. And your gift will go twice as far because a generous member of our Board of Directors is matching new or increased gifts up to $12,000!

Donate today:
Hear from Rep. Porter & Asm. Majority Leader Gómez Reyes:


LIVE NOW: Child Care Now- Time To Deliver Rally.

Rally for Build Back Better - Child Care For Every Family Network 12/14/2021

isn't working. Providers, who are often Black & Brown women, are underpaid & overworked; parents struggle to find & afford high-quality care.

Join us in one hour, at 4 pm ET/1 pm PT on 12/14 to tell Congress to support parents and child care workers and pass Build Back Better!

Rally for Build Back Better - Child Care For Every Family Network The pandemic has made clear that child care is the backbone of our economy. Yet providers, many of whom are women of color, are underpaid and overworked even as parents struggle to find and afford high-quality care. The status quo must change. Join us 4 pm ET, Tuesday, December 14, to tell Congress....

Photos from Child Care Law Center's post 12/10/2021

(Español abajo) Need help paying past due or future rent? California can help!

If you live in and you’ve been struggling financially and need assistance paying your rent and/or utilities, you may be eligible for Rent Relief.

Find out if you are eligible by texting the keyword RENT to 211-211.
¿Necesita ayuda para pagar el alquiler vencido? ¡California te puede ayudar!

Si vive en y ha tenido dificultades económicas y necesita ayuda para pagar el alquiler y / o los servicios públicos, es posible que sea elegible para el programa Rent Relief.

Averigüe si es elegible enviando un mensaje de texto con la palabra RENT al 211-211.


"Toni traveled to Sacramento in the spring and summer to stand in solidarity with Child Care Providers United ( ) as they formed the state’s first providers’ union." Learn more about the union and the strides they've made in our latest blog post.


California renters impacted by COVID-19 deserve to remain in their homes. We’re proud to have paid out $1 billion to our most vulnerable renter households through the CA COVID-19 Rent Relief program. Learn more at

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LIVE NOW: Child Care Now- Time To Deliver Rally.  #buildbackbetter
Providers, we appreciate you!
Video para Proveedores Hispanas
Provider Miren Algorri with COVID-19 Resources
Miren Algorri
What do I do if someone tested positive for coronavirus in my child care?
Provider, Pyrena Hu
Introducing October Provider of The Month: Pyrena Hui
Qualifying for an additional 14 days of nonoperational pay
What about children in my care who are doing distance learning?




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