Charlotte Pizzella // Body Awake Yoga

Charlotte Pizzella  // Body Awake Yoga

Kundalini & Hatha Teacher ⚡️


Happy Solstice to all ☀️ Day of expansion

A fantastic and sacred day on Planet Earth. A day that is asking us to shine. Truly one of my favorite days of the year.

Here’s the thing though — we don’t always find ourselves in personal season of expansion.

Sometimes the expansion is just embracing that we find ourselves in a contracted time of life with some challenges and blockages — and that’s ok, too 💓 the expansion then is compassion.

The summer solstice has a way of amplifying and shedding light on whatever the time of life is for us right now, and its heat can bring many things to the surface. Compassion there again is the expansion 💓

Looking forward to the season ahead and creating some magic together in . It’s official!

You can now join me every Wednesday at 9:30 am Pacific, live or on-demand, for a weekly Kundalini experience. It’s yoga, meditation, energy healing… and sometimes also a dance party 😉 Together we cultivate the life-force we need to thrive and prosper. We cultivate the pranic energy to turn towards every part of our selves, every part of life, and every other being, with greater and greater compassion.

If you’re an LFA member already, it will be on the livestream part of the membership for you. If you’re not yet a member, you can join for $1 and attend from anywhere in the world! And if you’re in Nevada City, hit the bio links to join me in person.

I can’t wait ☀️ see you soon!

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Hi Friends 👋🏼 Life update from me…

I had a series of experiences earlier this year where I promised to myself that when my body was speaking to me, I would do a better job to listen.

And in listening, there are some changes coming up…

After two amazing years living and teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ll be relocating back to Nevada City at the end of this month — and coming back home to in some new and exciting ways.

To all the amazing students I have met and gotten to know over the past year - thank you so much 🥲

Thank you for showing up with so much heart and energy. You inspire me and I am so grateful for your presence. The response to these practices and teachings was so much greater than I could have imagined! In watching you open, trust yourself, and expand — it inspires me to soften, to go deeper, and expand also. I learn so much from you. Thank you♥️

Catch me this week for my last week of classes and stay tuned for frequent Bay Area workshops that are coming soon! Let’s keep it going!

This week-
Monday 8 am .Berkeley
Tuesday 5 pm
Wednesday 8 am .Berkeley
Saturday 11 am .berkeley

And to all the students of — get ready to be hanging out more 😉

Most of all, I feel so grateful that this is my life’s work. Every moment I get to share with you is a blessing.

Pictured here with two of the greatest gems of humans 💎 they taught an amazing workshop earlier this week that you can access for free through ’s bio links. Don’t sleep on their teacher training coming up soon 💓


TA**RA 🌻 The Sacred Dance

Here we are not retreating from any aspect of our life.

We endeavor to be fully inside of it, and completely engaged.

We surrender our expectations.

We attempt to greet whatever lies before us with an uplifted spirit.

We welcome the laughter, the joy, and also the tears, and the pain.

We weave it all together in the sacred dance that is our life path.

This is the beauty of Ta**ra — endeavoring to experience the fullness of human life with joy and praise.

Join me for this 💎

Dance of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine 🔥 Sunday 3-5:30 pm

The Sacred Dance 🌺 Monday 5:30 - 7pm PST



This lunar cycle in the LIFE-FORCE ACADEMY] 🪐✨

Saturn & The Moon - A 2-Part Lunar Activation

Part One - The Medicine - A New Moon Activation 🌚 2/20

Part Two - The Mystic - A Full Moon Activation 🌝 3/6

This lunar cycle, Saturn and the moon come together — telling us to slow down, be patient, and listen deeply.

From the material perspective, Saturn and the Moon together is regarded as quite inauspicious.

After all — the moon is our deep emotional body. She is feminine receptivity and flow. She is our desire to feel belonging, to feel held and safe.

Saturn is the lord of change and karma. He is the great constricting energy. He rules time, death, and aging — he is well aware of the darkness of life, and will hold it up for you to see.

This is why when Saturn and the moon come together in our lives — personally or collectively — tends to signal a change that will be felt deep in our emotional core. And usually not an easy one, if Saturn has anything to say about it!

And yet there is a medicine, and a magic that we can discover if we can become more still, more quiet, and listen deeply enough.

When Saturn joins the moon, he will obstruct her feminine flow… but push her to find security in structure, and containment.

He will rip away the temporary identifications that have given her a sense of belonging… leaving her only to experience her true inner rapture, and glory.

He will force her to question the ways she has learned to feel safe… and push her to deep inside to find an infinite refuge.

This is a two-part Lunar Activation this month in the Life-Force Academy, on the new moon and the full moon.

It’s an all levels experience where you will move, breath, sweat, release and any stagnant or blocked energy. You’ll meditate deeply and journey deep inside. You will fill yourself up, open your heart, and emerge feeling fully alive and whole once more.

Join me live in Nevada City LIFE-FORCE ACADEMY] studio, or experience it livestream via the LFA membership! Both are in my bio links.

Photos from Charlotte Pizzella  // Body Awake Yoga's post 01/03/2023

Cheesin’ in Helsinki 🇫🇮


Photos from Charlotte Pizzella  // Body Awake Yoga's post 12/11/2022

Today 🌺

We are living in a time on Planet Earth where the feminine energy is rising up and demanding to be acknowledged.

No more shackles, she cries out. No more shadowy culture of abuse and terror. No more driving ourselves into the ground for profit or hollow achievement at the expense of our bodies, minds, and hearts — and at the expense of the earth.

We’re feeling this at every level of society — from the microcosm of Kundalini Yoga, to this entire country, to the whole planet.

The feminine energy will no longer be ignored. She will no longer be trapped. She will no longer stay silent.

It is time to allow her to step forth, in all her glory and rapture, in all her greatness. It is the feminine energy we need if we want to survive and thrive on this planet.

This is a workshop for all humans, all gender identifications, to awaken the sacred feminine energy inside of us.

Today at 3:00 pm . This is an all levels experience, everyone is welcome.

The most powerful way to experience this is definitely in-person…

But for those not local to the Bay Area - check out the feminine practice series in the Life-Force Academy as a way to catch this vibe 🌺

May all beings be happy. May all beings be free. Sat Nam 🙏🏼


Embracing Saturn 🪐

Saturn is “the great malefic”. The great constricting energy. Saturn will make you work, give you discipline, and give you responsibility. Saturn will “whoop you” when you’ve gone off course. And most powerfully - Saturn will help you see where you’re gripping onto things that are actually illusory in nature.

A false sense of security, a shaky foundation, a limited self-concept - all of this can be ripped away by Saturn.

Saturn is associated with death. Saturn is well aware of the suffering and darkness of life — and doesn’t try to turn away from it. But some of us who have a lot of Saturn energy can get stuck there!

Saturn energy can manifest as a manager who drives you, a goth teenager, the hospice worker, an austere teacher who holds the mirror up to you to what you are becoming — and holds you to it.

When Saturn is off balance — it becomes overly dry and cold. It becomes insensitive. It overworks. It holds to ideals and teachings more than reality — and will ice you out for not living up to them.

When Saturn comes around he brings change. He’ll pull the rug out from underneath you. He will make you work. He will constrict you and make you dig deep inside. The most painful is that sometimes he’ll rip away something that we’ve held near and fear

But therein also lies the magic, and the medicine of Saturn.

He’ll push you deep inside yourself - and there you’ll find a refuge. He’ll dig in and make you feel where you’re painfully attached - so that you can be free. And he’ll show you how temporary our worldly attachments are — so that you can feel love for every other being, not just the ones you hold close.

He will teach you patience — which is so undervalued in our world, and yet so crucial for our happiness.

Saturn wants you to experience your glory, the power of your own energy and your greatness that is completely unique to you — and for our growth and maturation and true happiness he is one of our most powerful allies.

This weekend we’re going to harmonize with Saturn. 11 am .Berkeley Saturday, 11 am .

Shout out to — so many of these incredible pics I use come from our events ✨

Photos from Charlotte Pizzella  // Body Awake Yoga's post 11/02/2022

New class alert 🔥👇🏼

For the next six weeks only, catch me Sunday mornings at The Center SF for a limited series of weekend morning Kundalini Activations 🐍

We’ll move, Breathe, break through any stagnant energy, and meditate deeply.

Breath work, sound current meditation, and powerful mind-body exercises become our allies here, as we uplift ourselves and activate our power of self-healing 🌻

It’s a yoga class, meditation experience, and a group energy healing where each of us is the healer - no one is higher, no one is lower.

We emerge feeling full of life, whole, and at peace. The tensions of life melt away, and we experience the goodness of our own energy 💎

With all the demands on all of our lives, let’s also use our precious weekend time to take care of our bodies, minds, and hearts. Let’s get recharged ⚡️💖

On Sundays @ 11 from November 6th - December 11th and always on Wednesdays @ 5:30. Grab the link in my bio to register.


Life-Force Academy Immersion in full swing ⚡️

Photos from Charlotte Pizzella  // Body Awake Yoga's post 09/23/2022

Sunday on the new moon 🌚✨

Awaken the Sacred Feminine .berkeley 🌺

1- 3:30 pm, $30 -$50 sliding scale

Link in bio to join 🙏🏼✨

Photos from Charlotte Pizzella  // Body Awake Yoga's post 08/10/2022

immersion vibe 🌻✨


Photos from Charlotte Pizzella  // Body Awake Yoga's post 04/15/2022

This month’s Kundalini Classes at .berkeley ✨

Been feeling like the time is ripe for a Spring Cleanse, which inspired me to theme this month’s Thursday evening classes around purification and detoxification 🌿

Kundalini Yoga has a host of amazing, targeted exercise sets to support and strengthen our key organs of detoxification - and they’ve helped me vastly improve my physical and mental vitality. They help you feel really good, really fast - and they’re also just a lot of fun to do.

I’m also gonna share some really helpful stuff I’ve learned through Ayurveda and Kundalini Yoga to help with things like clearing skin, boosting energy quick when I need it, and even getting rid of bloating FAST with Kundalini Yoga.

Plus - we’ll move, meditate, do breathwork that will make you feel amazing - an evening to uplift the whole week 💎

Link in my bio to register for Thursday evening BODY AWAKE Kundalini Yoga Classes at .berkeley - LIVE at the Telegraph Studio or livestream from anywhere in the world ✨

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