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Guitar Lessons. Full service audio and video recording production company with over 50 years of comb Danny Fletcher, owner and operator of Fletcher Music and Video, has proudly and actively been serving Benton, Ar and surrounding communities for over 20 years and has been in the music industry for over 40 years.

Operating as usual


PETER FLETCHER at Bob Herzfeld Memorial Library 2-13-10

Peter FLetcher LIve at Bob Herzfeld Memorial Library 02-13-10


Peter Fletcher is a world renowned Classical Guitarist. From time to time he gives back to the communities that have supported him throughout his career by d...


Found this in our extensive lp archive. Real blast from the past.


Danny Fletcher Classical Guitar 01-26-2008

Danny Fletcher Classical Guitar 01-26-2008
Recorded and filmed at Fletcher Music and Video Studio in Benton, AR.

Danny Fletcher has been playing guitar nearly all his life. He has used his talent and experience to teach hundreds of students the fundamentals of music. ma...


Joe. Don and Dean live at Tyndall Park, July 4th 2009 Pt.1



Joe. Don and Dean live at Tyndall Park, July 4th 2009 Pt.2

This video contains footage of fireworks which may be harmful to viewers with Seizure causing medical conditions. Therefore viewer discretion is advised.


Fletcher Music Spring Recital 2009

FMC 2009 Spring Recital.
Danny and Cathy Fletcher have been teaching kids and adults the fundamentals of Guitar and other instruments for over 40 years. These are just a few of their students. We always have spent a great deal of time and effort to produce these recital, both to build confidence in our students and to showcase our Video Studio Production skills. as usual, please like and share. Enjoy!!



Michael Prysock: Free As I Choose

New on our youtube channel! Check it out here.
https://youtu.be/psmRq5C-TMo. Please like and share, Share, SHARE.

Produced, recorded and directed in 2008 at FLetcher Music Studios in Benton, AR. Filmed before a live studio audience. Michael Prysock is a professional musi...


Joe Lee Richards on South St. 2006

We have a new youtube channel: fletchstudios 101. Check it out! Here is our first upload: ladies and gentleman, Mr. Joe Lee Richards Sr's One Man Band. Filmed on the ole front porch on W. SOUTH ST. in 2006. Hope you enjoy.
More to come very soon so be sure to check in often and please be generous with the "like" button.


[07/24/20]   Who wants to come out and play live on Facebook this evening?

[07/22/20]   Greetings Followers. Welcome to all of you. we had some technical issues that had us unable to post for a while but we we are back.
Soon we will be posting new content including a weekly live video using multiple Hi Def cameras and professional audio among other exciting new and old content from our archives.
If any of you would be interested in broadcasting your band live on stage or have suggestions on what you would like to see ( no copyrighted material please) then let us know.
Thank you for supporting Fletcher Music and Video. Stay safe and stay healthy.

[05/10/19]   About Fletcher Music Friday Night: Rick Russenberger said he was looking forward to playing keyboard & singing some swing with Jim Matthews on drums. Instrumental guitar to follow. 6:00

[01/18/17]   Party @ Fletcher Music Friday 1-20-17

[11/15/16]   A new analog to digital interface is on its way. It is necessary for the four camera shots.

[12/28/14]   For more current info: FB Danny Fletcher

[04/27/14]   Just going to see how many more likes we can get for this local music and video store! Let us support our local businesses! Here at Fletcher Music and Video you'll only get the best service!!

[02/19/14]   How can we have so many likes and so little business! Please support your local music store insread of these multi conglomerate chain stores who care very little for thier quality, customer service, or the customers in general.
Soon all of the small music stores will be extinct and you will have to deal with a customer service rep who bounces between multiple departments and knows very little about any of them, and will more than likely just assume that the most expensive or prettiest item on the shelf is always the best, and will not be able to help you with any real knowledge!

[02/13/14]   Please note that we have undergone a telephone number change:(501-860-8488)
I do NOT give any telemarketer permission to use this number to harass us with sales calls, and would like to note that anyone that does use it for that purpose will not only face legal reprimand but will also be bombed with unrelenting bad publicity. This is a mobile number.

[02/12/14]   Need repairs on that favorite electric or acoustic guitar or bass that is broke like a joke? Your action not giving any satisfaction? Just need strings or other things? Here at Fletcher music our skilled techs have over 70 years of combined experience to get you back in the game, because I guitar that doesnt sound good is a dirty shame. Come on in and get it going again! Reasonable rates and top quality service.

[02/06/14]   Any local businesses ( or very nice individuals) want to support hard working music students, get a little tax deduction and/or want a little cheap advertisement?
Fletcher Music and Video is currently (and always) looking for sponsors for our students in various Student Recital Videos.
You can sponsor 1 child for $35 dollars or 3 for $100.
This sponsorship gives you an acknowledgement at the beginning of your sponsored students slot, another at the end credits and a third on the DVD cover.
Contact me via inbox with your contact information for further details or to make a pledge.
Thank You and God Bless from the friendly folks at Fletcher Music, proudly serving Benton since 1993.
100 percent of all pledges go directly into the production of these Recitals.

[01/12/14]   We regret any inconvenience it may have caused if anyone came by the store this week to find it closed. We had a pipe burst inside and it took us a couple of days to get it fixed. We will be open our usual hours next week.

[01/01/14]   Make the resolution to do like you have always wanted and learn guitar this year. Contact Danny Fletcher at 840-2421.
He now gives lessons in th music store in Benton and out of his home in SW Little Rock.
He is the best of the best classical guitar teachers in the Cental Arkansas area, with over 60 years total music experience and 30+ years of just teaching.

[01/01/14]   Danny, Cathy and Wade would all like to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year from Fletcher Music.
Hope to see you all net year. Lts of fun stuff coming up soon so make sure you keep checking back with us.
The clinics we have all missed so much will resume this January with a Johnny Depp guitar method clinic.
Dates and times to be posted soon.

[12/14/13]   Fletcher's 2013 Christmas Recital films Saturday the 21st.
Still looking for sponsors and volunteer camera operators.
Contact us Mon.- Fri. 11am-5pm at the shop by phone- 5017789098 if anyone is interested.

[12/06/13]   Fletcher Music will be closed through the weekend due to the weather.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and hope the people who have to get out for the next couple of days are safe and careful.

[11/29/13]   The big day is finally here. Come on in tonite at 8 for our Beat the Clock Black Friday SALE! Great deals on guitars if you get here early enough!
Bundle up, its gonna be chilly in the Staging Room tonite, but don't let that stop you from getting your deal!
619 W. South St.
Right across the street from West Side Pharmacy.
Hope to see you all here!!

[11/27/13]   Getting ready for Friday nite's Black Friday sale.
Looking forward to seeing you all here!
Who is coming?

[11/26/13]   Come on down to the store Friday nite at 8:00 for our "Beat the Clock" sale. Every guitar or other we feature during the sale will start out anywhere from 20-40 percent off and be demonstrated. During the demonstration it goes back up a percentage every minute until it reaches full price again. So if you want an instrument once the demo starts the faster you hit the bell, the better deal you can get. Hope to see you all there. We will be showcasing a couple of electric guitars, some acoustic guitars, some classical guitars a Banjo, an electric bass and possibly some other stuff. Wanna know more? Well then you will just have to come see us Friday nite at 619 W South St in Benton. Right across the street from West Side Pharmacy.

[11/25/13]   Fletcher Music and Video will be closed today due to inclimate weather.
Hopefully we will return to business as usual tomorrow.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

[11/22/13]   The employees and students would like to give special thanks to Tim Finley at Finley Pharmacy and Chuck Warford at I-Realty Real Estate for each buying 3 sponsorship slots for our annual Bach to School Recital. 9 slots are still available to anyone interested in helping to further music education for $35 each or 3 spots for $100. These sponsorships buy advertising spots on the recital DVD covers and on the recital credits.

[11/20/13]   Give someone you love the gift of education this holiday season. Sign them up for guitar lessons.
Mr. Danny Fletcher has for decades been teaching children and adults the true fundamentals of guitar with a very strict curriculum that focuses on reading sheet music and learning the proper way to play.
$80 per month for one half hour personalized one on one guitar lesson per week.
Call or come by today before all the available spots are full.
Gift certificates Available.

[11/20/13]   26 likes on the first day! Thank you! You are all awesome! Don't forget to spread the word! Feel free to add anyone who may be interested in the shop.

[11/19/13]   Welcome everyone to the long overdue Fletcher Music and Video page. Please accept our humble invitation and help put the once (and still) amazing company back on the map. Check back often for weekly deals, events and exclusive offers.





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