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"Fate whispers to the warrior, 'You cannot withstand the storm.' The warrior whispers back, 'I am the storm." ~ Author Unknown

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I am kind of a closet prepper. I spent Covid reading Octavia Butler novels and thinking about how to survive the apocalypse. Also, I always give $ to public radio stations when they are offering emergency backpacks and solar radios 😂 😂 😂 I’m a total sucker.
So I am gathering up emergency supplies do our trip. Being in Cuba is an incredible lesson in learning how ppl figure out how to do things with less. They fix and repair everything. Almost nothing is wasted, and they are just immensely skilled and adaptable.
It occurs to me that the most important supply we will need as systems breakdown (as they inevitably will in one way or another in the midst of so much change) is adaptation.


Attention, taken to its highest degree, is the same thing as prayer.
- Simone Weil

I love this quote, though I might turn it upside down. Perhaps prayer, at its highest degree, is as powerful, as pure, as attention.

One of my teachers from years ago (who is currently re-surging in my feed/my calendar/my mind-heart -- Douglas Brooks (who is not on here but very active on SubStack)) says that the main thing Krishna teaches Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita is ‘Pay attention, stop complaining.’

It's not an easy ask. It's hard to stop complaining; conditioning depends on complaint to maintain itself. And can we pay attention if we are marinating in our own complaints? We are so sure of ourselves; almost arrogant, when complaining.

Pay attention, Stop Complaining. I find this a tremendously valuable provocation. Training the mind is real work, and takes a level of personal commitment, a sangha (community) and method. Attention is a light that shines into the vagaries of the mind space and makes room in the more congested regions there.

You could say that attention, as a practice, is the core of spiritual "work". It sidesteps the arrogance of complaint, and carries far less risk of corruption than moralism.

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Random open house for the camera roll photo dump winner!


and Spring Clearing you might get a little laugh over this. Such a good spring clearing ride with you folks! Grateful for your positive aspiration, your willingness to explore somatics through this process, your heart, and your sense of humor.

PS somatics auto-corrects to some attics, schematics, or some addicts. Which I am happy to also explore with you :-)

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Don’t ask me what was happening in picture 1. Was trying to get the infinite knot pose in picture 2 (not a total win, nor a complete waste of time, methinks). Try it at home!!

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Weekend highlight: celebrating this beautiful human for her birthday. I love you, Laura! Thanks for being such a reasonable grown-up, and not jumping into the fishbowl for your birthday like we always used to! Those shenanigans of the old days were extra special, but I think Wilder is probably more my speed. You are the absolute best.


May he dissolve into oblivion.

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Vesak is often celebrated on the full moon in May. In Theravada and Tibetan Buddhism, Vesak (also called Saga Dawa Dűchen) commemorates the Buddha’s birth, death, and enlightenment.

When I think about the impact of this practice on my life it is just staggering. It has touched every perception.

This first slide here is the image of the Buddha taking the ‘earth witness’ mudra, referred to as Bhumisparsha, which translates into ‘touching the earth’. At the moment just before enlightenment, when he was assaulted by the demon Mara and all his demon friends, (a metaphor for the shadows in the human psyche, say some) the Buddha held steady, and essentially made a vow to sit, with the earth as his witness, until he found freedom from the confusions of samsara, cyclical, mind-created suffering.

The second slide reads: Better it is to live one day seeing the rise and fall of things, than to live a hundred years without ever seeing the rise and fall of things. - Buddha - from the DhammaPada, on impermanence, and also the insight into the reality of true nature, and the importance of devotion to this quest. Reality is not what we were indoctrinated to believe!

More in comments…


I was looking for an interview between Dan Siegel and Bernardo Kastrup, but it looks like they have not done one yet, so I asked Google Gemini to make one for me. I found it a bit dry and cliff-notes-y, so I really hope they actually talk sometime. Meanwhile, let's all enjoy this fake AI generated episode, which I'd dub: Reality is Not What You Were Told...

Here's the prompt and the transcript:

Prompt: Create a podcast between Bernardo Kastrup and Dan Siegel on non-duality, analytic idealism, and mind as an emergent property of relationship

The Mind: A Shared Space? A Conversation on Non-Duality and the Relational Self
Host: Welcome back to "Mind Meld," where we explore the fascinating intersection of neuroscience and consciousness. Today, we have two brilliant minds joining us: Dr. Dan Siegel, a renowned psychiatrist and author, and Dr. Bernardo Kastrup, a philosopher of mind specializing in analytic idealism. Gentlemen, thank you for being here.

Dan Siegel: It's a pleasure to be here.

Bernardo Kastrup: Likewise, Dan.

Host: Let's jump right in. Dan, your work focuses on the interconnectedness of the brain and mind. How does this relate to the concept of non-duality, Bernardo, which suggests a fundamental oneness of experience?

Bernardo Kastrup: Absolutely. From the perspective of analytic idealism, consciousness isn't something produced by the brain. The brain is rather a complex information processing system that allows us to navigate a phenomenal world. This world, all of our experiences, are fundamentally mental.

Dan Siegel: That resonates with my own work on the "social brain." Our brains are wired for connection. We develop our sense of self through relationships, through the back-and-forth interactions with others. This interconnectedness feels very real, doesn't it?

Bernardo Kastrup: Indeed. But is it the interactions themselves that create consciousness, or is it the underlying mental ground that allows for these interactions to be experienced?

Dan Siegel: That's a fascinating question. Perhaps it's both. Maybe consciousness emerges from the dynamic interplay between the brain and its environment, a constant dance between internal states and external stimuli.

Bernardo Kastrup: That's where analytic idealism comes in. It posits that this "environment" you speak of, the world we experience, is ultimately mental. It's all an appearance within a fundamental field of consciousness.

Dan Siegel: As a neuroscientist, the idea of a non-material reality is challenging. But the concept of the mind as an emergent property does hold weight. Perhaps consciousness arises not just from individual brains, but from the interconnected web of minds.

Bernardo Kastrup: Exactly. Imagine a vast ocean, and individual minds like waves on its surface. The waves are distinct, yet inseparable from the ocean itself.

Dan Siegel: That's a beautiful metaphor. It suggests a level of unity underlying our perceived separateness.

Host: This conversation is mind-bending! Is there any evidence to support this idea of the mind as relational?

Dan Siegel: Neuroscience is uncovering the power of interpersonal neurobiology. Mirror neurons, for example, fire when we observe another person's actions, suggesting a blurring of self and other.

Bernardo Kastrup: And quantum mechanics throws a wrench into the materialist view as well. The observer plays a role in shaping reality.

Dan Siegel: True. Perhaps consciousness isn't confined to individual brains, but extends outward, creating a shared mental field.

Bernardo Kastrup: This doesn't diminish the role of the brain. It simply suggests the brain is a "window" onto a deeper reality.

Host: This is a lot to unpack. Let's take a short break and come back to discuss the implications of this view on our understanding of self and reality.

(After the break)

Host: Welcome back. Dan, how does this non-dual perspective impact your work on mental health?

Dan Siegel: Profoundly. If the self is ultimately interconnected, then fostering compassion and empathy becomes even more crucial. Understanding our shared experience can help heal the divisions that lead to mental suffering.

Bernardo Kastrup: Absolutely. If we see ourselves as fundamentally connected, it changes how we relate to others and the world. It fosters a sense of responsibility for the collective good.

Host: Concluding thoughts, gentlemen?

Dan Siegel: This conversation has challenged my assumptions about the nature of reality. The idea of a relational mind offers a powerful framework for understanding the interconnectedness of self and others.

Bernardo Kastrup: Science and philosophy can converge in beautiful ways. Exploring consciousness through both lenses allows us to paint a more complete picture of the mind and its place in the universe.

Host: Thank you both for this mind-expanding discussion. Join us next time on "Mind Meld" as we delve deeper into the mysteries of the human mind.

Dr. Dan Siegel and Bernardo Kastrup and Google Gemini


WONDER. Keep it alive.

Timeline photos 01/27/2024

At the Power of Meditation Summit, I got the chance to speak with the brilliant and ever-inspiring yogini, Sianna Sherman.

Sianna says, "We're passionate about honoring the roots of yoga, which has always been a tradition about the sacred alchemy of union holding the potential to transform our whole being."

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Yesterday in the Power of Meditation Morning practice we practiced Tonglen, and talked about digesting difficult material. Today we continued that conversation, and did a fantastically promising and weird practice for the titration between positive anchors, and difficult material.

We've built up to this... during all the prior days of the summit our practices have focused on refuge and intention, anchoring in the positive, getting into the body and increasing interoceptive awareness, and straight up mindfulness techniques -- all core foundational practices.

But without a practice that allows us to face our deepest fears and deepest aversions, our spiritual lives are anemic. So a couple of days back we started working on “digestion” practices, some traditional, some more modern, like today’s.

At the root level of all aversions, according to the dharma, is ignorance of our true nature.

In some way this is obvious. Certain fears, like performance anxiety, or shame, or any fear of what others will think or how we are perceived — are obviously rooted in an attachment to this very conditioned identity, and this very conditioned and temporary form.

It’s said that the deepest fear - under all fears - is the fear of death. AND, death is not what we think it is! The source of the fear of death is the ego’s fear of its own insubstantiality. And the incredible promise of these practices - which today’s poem addresses — is that when we get beyond all that armoring and defending, we find a place that is full of light — aortal light, as Mary Oliver so beautifully says.


Timeline photos 01/24/2024

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At the Power of Meditation Summit, I spoke with Jacob Kyle, Founding Director of Embodied Philosophy.

Jacob in Tarka Journal: “The meditation cushion is thus a seat of heresy, for orthodoxy and dogma have no place here."

The Power of Meditation Summit is happening now! You can still join FREE:


During the Power of Meditation Summit, I had the opportunity to connect with Chris Tompkins.

Here’s a great quote from him: “The universe seeks to expand itself as an order, as a cycle, as a chakra. We are part of the cycle of circling, the circular expression of Shiva-Shakti energy consciousness." The Power of Meditation Summit is happening now! You can still join FREE:

🌟 Embrace the Power of Connection 🙏✨ Dive into the profound wisdom of the nondual traditions 🌌✨

Timeline photos 01/23/2024

I have so much to say about this poem and I'm too exhausted to say any of it!! I've had a flu and I'm really getting better but still tired and can't seem to shake this body ache.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts, if you see this. I know my Power of Meditation constant blasting of social media posts is excessive! Sorry to be such a feed dominator! It feels important to honor every guest with a post highlighting their beautiful work. So grateful to all the brilliance and graciousness of the folks I got to interview. And the guided pratice leaders! Amazing practices!!

And the poems! Getting to be with folks for the morning meditations has been a treat. I have canceled pretty much everything in my life as I get better -- except these sweet meditations/poetry readings/dharma chats with you all.

So I'm out, but enjoy! .com

Timeline photos 01/23/2024

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At the Power of Meditation Summit, I got the chance to speak with Ameet Aggarwal.

Check out this quote from him: “The moment you give attention to the breath, you suddenly feel a bit more vulnerable and in truth with your own body's experience. That truth is more real than the narrative that we're hooked on to."

The Power of Meditation Summit is happening now! You can still join FREE:

Transforming Trauma: Finding the Best Remedy for Healing ✨✨✨


At the Power of Meditation Summit, I got the chance to speak with Andrea Cairella. Andrea dives deep into the realms of physiological, spiritual, emotional, and mental healing with the perspective-shifting of plant medicine and ketamine. 🌍

The Power of Meditation Summit is happening now!
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During the Power of Meditation Summit, I had the opportunity to connect with Lorin Roche, PhD & Camille Maurine.

Here’s a great quote from Lorin: “Because you are relaxed in meditation, your residual tensions come to the surface to be reviewed, evaluated & released. To heal a painful memory, you have to relive it while in a safe & relaxed state."

Join Lorin and Camille and I to discuss the meditations from the Vijñana Bhairava Ta**ra: Taking in Life’s Beauty in simple moments 💕 From sneezing, to the rush of joy when seeing a friend, 😍✨ cherishing the tingle of love, the longing for a past land, and the indescribable joy of our favorite music — this text captures it all! 🌟💖 -duality **ra

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🧠 Discover the Equation: Fulfillment = Pleasure x Mindfulness 😌💖 Suffering = Pain ÷ Mindfulness 😔
🌟 Bringing Awareness to Difficult Sensations = Minimizing Stress 🌿✨
🌈 Amplify Positivity through Mindfulness 🌸💫

During the Power of Meditation Summit, I had the opportunity to connect with Hannah Grajko & Toby Sola.

Here’s two great quotes from them:
“I believe in the ability of each of us to shift our perceived setbacks and struggles into opportunities for growth and learning." --Hannah Grajko

“Make it as simple as possible, but no simpler." -- Toby Sola.

The Power of Meditation Summit is happening now! You can still join FREE:


At the Power of Meditation Summit, I got the chance to speak with Michael Stone.

Check out this quote from him: “In other words, eventually through this practice, we can begin to experience feelings as feelings - impersonal phenomena - as opposed to feelings in the form of explosive dramas of "I, me, and mine." Feeling is the key to the present moment. It anchors us in experience.”

The Power of Meditation Summit is happening now! You can still join FREE:


During the Power of Meditation Summit, I had the opportunity to connect with Joe Loizzo, Harvard-trained Psychiatrist, Buddhist Scholar, and founder of Nalanda Institute.

Here’s a great quote from him: “We now know that the overwhelming majority of the harm done by stress is not directly caused by external events, but by the internal cascade of responses those events can trigger in our minds and bodies.” The Power of Meditation Summit is happening now! You can still join FREE:

Timeline photos 01/21/2024

This poem accompanied today's meditation practice, a "tracking perception" practice. It would probably be classified as a straight-up mindfulness practice, but I find it perforates reality and gives a whole new pathway into understanding the mind.

Recordings available on the Power of Meditation summit. Link in bio.


Timeline photos 01/21/2024

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Join me for an inspiring conversation with Wambui Njuguna for the Power of Meditation Summit.

We explore parenting, intersectionality, yoga philosophy, buddha dharma, and different perspectives on the causes of suffering.

Check out this quote from her:
“We are world makers, and it’s not for us. We're not making the world for us, right? We're looking down the line, down the line. So we get to expand our concept of time and essentially disrupt our reference to the “me”, in this particular time-space construct. That softens the urgency and the constricted-ness around interacting with samsara."

The Power of Meditation Summit is happening now! You can still join FREE:

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