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Jeffery Johnson & Team

Training company that teaches people how to solve tangible world problems using their gifts & expert

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Our page is growing! Thanks for listening to me passionately ramble about the nature of youth basketball!

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Kids are taught to “be realistic”….everything humankind has ever created came from within someone’s mind! Look up! Look inward! Chase that dream because if you shoot for the Moon, worst case you’ll land amongst the STARS!!

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Coach Hollins shared so many great lessons for our athletes. We chose 5 that stood out the most to us. Swipe >>>>>>>>


We’re excited to have Coach Lionel Hollins back speaking and encouraging word over our athletes! For our final day of our Mock Tryout Series, we’re working to make sure each athlete feels encouraged, prepared, and confident to tackle their school tryouts!

Sign up before 5pm tonight on our site at


Basketball is a universal language! It builds bridges and tears down walls. Don’t use it to destroy the hope and confidence of a child.

Be responsible with this powerful tool as the adult.


We are back this Thursday with the second day of our Mock Tryout Series! Last week was crazy and this week we’re bringing in a special guest! Don’t miss this Thursday 6-7:30 at the Singleton Community Center. Tap in! 🏀


Our second session for the Mock Tryout Series is this Thursday from 6pm-7:30pm at the Singleton Community Center! Click the link in the bio to sign up!


I’m dabbling in troubled waters on this one. Essentially, training is “programming”…I get that. We build up in athletes the tools needed to be successful both on and off the court.

But, we need to teach them “how” to make decisions during the game. Things change and athletes can’t look to the coaches for ALL of the answers.

Teach your athlete these things to help them out:

🏀 Read defenses
🏀 Identify mismatches
🏀 Who’s hot and who’s not
🏀 When to increase the pace and/or pressure
🏀 When to slow things down
🏀When to adjust when a play breaks down
🏀 How to read options (I struggled with this one growing up)

Lay these out for them and watch their IQ take off! 🚀


Hey Family,

As the school year approaches, I want to help fine tune everyone's skills before their tryouts and seasons. Starting tomorrow and for the next 2 weeks, we're covering everything your athlete(s) will need to know and master before their tryout.

I'm talking about drills, evaluations, competitions, feedback etc...This high intensity series will sharpen their skills and give them an edge going into the fall. Don't miss out.

Sign up at the link in our bio. See you soon!

-Coach Jeffery


YOU have the control to narrate YOUR story!

If you’ve experienced setbacks, been knocked down a few times, and can’t seem to make it in your industry, FIGHT BACK!!

Don’t settle for the story life is creating for you. Sure, life be life-ing, BUT we serve a MIGHTY God. Change your narrative and watch out things open up for you.


There are LEVELS to this!

Working out on your own.
Working out with a trainer.
Practice with a team.
Playing in a game.
Excelling at life!

You can’t skip certain levels and expect to be successful. 🏀 Get to work! ✊🏾


Self-explanatory right?…Nope. Sometimes, the coaches are the adversity. Too many good kids, good athletes, good scholars are quitting the sport because of BAD coaches.

✅ Teach them how to be eager to listen and not respond.
✅ Teach them to not take things personally.
✅ Teach them to differentiate between criticism and negativity.

They need your support on this!


You have to fully commit to your dreams because with God, all things are possible!

But, that doesn’t mean everything will be handed to you. YOU have to do your part in bringing your dreams to life. Get going! 🏀


Our Family is growing!! 🏀🏀

Tap in to see what we’re doing in the city!


Funny thing about this picture…one of the rules for our training is that every air ball constitutes 5 push ups. That means the TRAINERS!

We hold everyone to the same standards on and off the court! Lead by example coaches. I airballed and paid the price lol


🚨New Website Alert 🚨

Check out our site for all@of your booking and educational needs! 🏀


Roll Call 🗺️

✅ Bartlett, TN
✅Oxford, MS
✅Arlington, TN
✅Olive Branch, MS
✅Collierville, TN
✅ Lakeland, TN

Matthew 28:18-20 cites Jesus as saying ,” GO therefore and MAKE disciples of all nations, BAPTIZING them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you.”

That is what we’re on ✊🏾 Kids get a great workout with us..sure. 🤷🏾‍♂️

We REALLY care about creating an environment where their souls are thought of. They are spoken life over. They are prayed for. They are pushed. They are disciplined. They are encouraged!

Our program may not appease everyone, but it’s available to any youth looking to experience what it’s like.

Tap In!!


Check out our interview with Memphis Voyager! The link is in our bio!

Excited to share our story 🎙️


Our Home-Based Sessions are special!

✅ Convenience to handle other things will your athletes train.
✅ Save time & gas from travel.
✅Pop in and out as you please.
✅ Safe and trusted by families across Shelby County

Our ABC’s for our home-based sessions are:


Tap in to see why our training program has served families in 4 states, 18 communities, and over 5,000 one-on-one training services since 2015.

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My young ones are growing up! I was looking forward to these teenage years, but I didn’t expect to get emotional!

Swipe to see their growth! ➡️➡️➡️

2 of my young have been training together since they entered middle school! Now, they both are in high school and I’m so proud of their growth and development.

Keep growing young sirs.


We’re living in a time where young people have more opportunities to influence our culture! Take advantage of that by being an example to those around you.

Go to class.
Do your chores.
Return home on time.
Limit phone time.
Honor your parents.
Work diligently.
Praise God our Father.
Train hard.

These are things we can control.


Basketball is a universal language! It connects us in ways other mediums can’t possibly attempt to do.

Shouldn’t something so powerful be used to build up instead of tearing down?


Sure, we have been given FREE WILL from God. That doesn't mean we should live a life without discipline and structure. Training focuses on becoming a disciplined person. Regardless if you ever play your particular sport again, you should always strive to grow and to get better. That starts with a commitment to discipline.


Forever our motto: “Training Is Discipleship-Making.”

Let’s be honest for a second…many of us have been scarred by sports. Whether it was an overbearing parent, and inadequate coach, an aggressive opposing fan base, or injuries, sports have been hard on us. But it shouldn’t always be a daunting experience.

Especially when you can build lifelong relationships with others, and a disciplined life for yourself.

As we train, we are fighting to improve our weaknesses. We are molding young men and women. We are providing a sense of hope. We are focusing on the process and not the destination.

We should be making mini versions of ourselves that will grow to become beautiful new creations. That’s what Christ did for us, so we should extend that to others.

One day, we’ll all retire. What will be left afterwards?


Next Up! ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

Our group sessions every week brings in kids from all over the Mid-South!

-West Helena, AR
-East Memphis
-Olive Branch
-Rossville, TN
-Atoka, TN

More to come ➡️


You could potentially be one of three people to win a FREE personal training session from me. Follow us on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok for a chance to win.

Our handle is

The deadline is June 30th! 🏀

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Congratulations to our very own for graduating high school. Coach Ben was the first person to complete our Junior Coaches Internship Program.

We are so excited for you as you take your talents to Oklahoma State University. Thanks Coach!


The greatest game on the planet!! 🏀🌎


Calling all personal trainers and fitness content creators 🚨🚨🚨

This will be a gym for trainers and fitness influencers specifically to run their own businesses out of. Coming in early 2023, you’ll be able to train your clients in a clean, safe , and affordable facility built specifically for personal training and content creation!

DM us or email us at [email protected] for more information.


This is how we will change our immediate sphere of influence!


True power isn’t having control over other people, but having the ability to control one’s own thoughts, actions, habits, and destiny! ✊🏾


Don’t take it from me….check out what one of our clients had to say about their experience….✨

This is what we are building and you can be a part of that!


Big Announcement Alert!🚨🚨🚨🚨

You know how I've devoted the past decade to improving the skills and confidence of the young ones I train?...Carrying the burden of knowing that of the 44 million youth that plays sports in the US, 90% of the coaches have no education in youth development. They sometimes damage our kid's experience with sports. 🤕

Well...Mandie and I are in the process of building our own basketball training facility. Not a gym!! This facility will have the holistic elements needed to develop each athlete's game, physical condition, coordination, mental toughness, and spiritual well-being. ❤️‍🩹

Today starts our fundraising campaign that will help us in our mission to change lives. Our goal is $20,000 which will cover the following:

-Athletic flooring (turf, weight room, basketball court.
-Weight & cardio equipment.
-Basketballs, goals, and training equipment.
-Branded App for operations
-Working capital

We've also adopted two neighborhood schools to partner with as an alternative discipline method for students endangered with high risk behaviors.

Will you labor with us in sowing into this ministry? We have 3 amounts worth considering in giving a one-time donation of $50, $100, or $250. The more of us that can faithfully sow these smaller amounts, the more likely we are to reaching our goal within the next month. Click the link below to donate on this .

Click the link in our bio to sow into this initiative! Or, go to www.train

-Jeffery D. Johnson


Life can take you through some unexpected changes. Be open to those changes.


Once you believe in your dream, your actions will follow.


Forward thinking promotes progression, and progression is 🔑


Do you believe this to be true?
Comment 🔥 if this has been true to you.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Bartlett?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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