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Creating Joy, Ease and Consistency for Runners and Walkers of all Abilities. Sarah Richardson, is a certified educator, health and distance running coach, and Master ChiWalking/ChiRunning® Instructor.

She is also the best selling author of the book From Sidelines to Start Lines: The Frustrated Runner's Guide to Lacing Up for a Lifetime and has been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Running for Good. Sarah has made it her life’s work to help new runners; struggling, injured, and burnt out walkers/runners find the daily discipline to take back their power and honor their walker and/or runne

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 04/28/2022

Let's hear what's working really well for you in your life today.... so we can we help you celebrate 🌟🎉🌟🎉

Post below!!!

My celebration is: I'm up to ChiWalking a full mile and feeling good!!!

Timeline photos 04/27/2022

Timeline photos 04/25/2022

Wherever you are in your journey, you are doing amazing and I am proud of you!


What does a instructor do on a Saturday night? Super psyched to be on date night at the RunNation film festival!!! @lebanonoperahouse

Timeline photos 04/22/2022

This statement is true, running can be quite accessible and you don't "need" a lot of gear to be a runner.

However, it's also a loaded statement as I talk about in my book, From Sidelines to Start Lines: The Frustrated Runner's Guide to Lacing Up for a Lifetime.

You see, there are so many runners who are just going out and not feeling great. They get injured, they feel tired, and just don't love it. They criticize themselves and end up losing confidence in themselves. I've seen it, I've been that person.

My goal is to help runners, and those who want to be runners, learn how to ignite a love affair with running!

In 2009 I sprained my ankle and ended up in a downward spiral as the injury progressed and I compensated for it. It took 4 years to get out of that slump.

This year, with a broken ankle and sidelined once again, my spirits are up, I'm still in love with running and know how to care for my body and mind. This time, my love affair and confidence stayed intact. I'm walking slow and appreciating by body day by day, not forcing it to perform in a way it's not yet ready for.

If you're looking for a smooth re-entry to running, grab yourself a copy of From Sidelines to Start Lines. The link is in our bio!

AAAAAAAND, I'm really happy to share that it's NOW on AUDIBLE TOO! Thank you @robertplank for the facilitation and to his wife Katie Plank, narrator extraordinaire!!!! I've listened to it twice while healing this time around and I'm so grateful. It's been the perfect tool to keep me energized and motivated :)

You'll too can learn step by step how to position yourself for success as you re-enter the sport of running, even if you're not running yet!

Timeline photos 04/21/2022

What can you do today to take a micro-step into your dream life?

Choose something that is small enough to be repeatable over and over and over, day in and day out. That's how we create a habit. Not by changing everything at once, but with tiny, incremental level-ups that withstand the test of time.

With beginning runners, it might be getting out for a short walk every day. Once you're used to getting out there for that walk, you've created that block of time for future runs.

Building your practice block by block and using gradual progress will help you practice stepping into the life you want... and become the runner you want to be!

Looking for support with your running practice? I help folks get consistent, while staying safe through proper running technique. Send me a DM if you're interested.

Timeline photos 04/20/2022

Rock on! The week is halfway over!

Timeline photos 04/18/2022

When I think about "flying," I think about running, and the breeze in my hair with a smile on my face... freedom through motion.

Right now I'm weighed down by a healing ankle. Today I have a lymph draining massage scheduled which will help improve circulation and decrease swelling in my foot and ankle joint. And tomorrow I have my first PT appointment. These decisions were intentional to help me release the weight of not "flying."

In other phases of my life it was my running form that weighed me down. Learning to ChiWalk and ChiRun helped me become more efficient and feel light on my feet. An incredible way to feel free and effortless while moving.

Other times, it's my mindset that held me back from running and moving with with a smile, and feeling the freedom I crave so often.

This week, think about what is weighing you down and what decision you can make to feel free and fluid in your life.

Timeline photos 04/16/2022

When your sweet and zesty Biz BFF sends you an equally sweet and zesty >>> Lemon Crunch cake

Timeline photos 04/15/2022

Yum!! What's your favorite running snack?

Timeline photos 04/14/2022

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Photos from Rise And Shine Running's post 04/12/2022

What a difference 24 hours can make!!! Yesterday a cast, today I’m free and able to begin flexing and contracting my calf. I’m beyond happy and know I have the tools to heal properly!!!! PS. I’ll be wearing the boot when I’m up and mobile (and soon incredibly pleased).

Timeline photos 04/11/2022

Despite everything going on, it's okay to be optimistic and hopeful.

The biggest denial is thinking that small, tiny actions will not lead you into the bright future you desire.

The truest optimism is:

→ accepting your current conditions without judgement

→ valuing yourself deeply enough to embrace the change you want and setting a realistic plan given your current conditions

→ taking loving steps toward your goal and celebrating each and every effort along the way

With running, most people think it's a straight line from one mile to 5 miles, from 5 miles to 10 miles, etc.

It's not. It's run and listen to your body. Run more and listen to your body. Rest and recover. Run and listen to your body....

You may find a training plan that says you'll be running that 5k in 6 weeks. The reality is you may or may not. If your conditions are such that your body gets there in 6 weeks, you'll achieve the goal.

However, if your body sends you messages of discomfort and needs more time, it's critical that you listen or you risk an overuse injury.

As a serial optimist, I truly believe that you can achieve any goal given proper knowledge, time, and patience. Body sensing is a huge piece of that knowledge.

Enjoy your walks & runs this week and make today a part of your bright future!!!!

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