Baltimore Breathwork

Baltimore Breathwork


This is us!!!!! Baltimore Breathwork People!!!! Join us Tuesday nights at 7:30pm for a series starting the New Year intentionally together. Info in bio with link to linktree. Happy New Year!!! Thanks for the cool image.
This is us!!!!! Baltimore Breathwork People!!!! Join us Tuesday nights at 7:30pm for a series starting the New Year intentionally together. Info in bio with link to linktree. Happy New Year!!! Thanks for the cool image.
Please go to my bio for link to sign up OR Eventbrite
This definitely feels like right place and right time. Feel so honored to hold a very special private session in my home today. So ready to do more private sessions with the fireplace going this winter. Love it!!!!
Making preparations and setting intentions for a very powerful healing private session tomorrow. This is my first private healing session where I have held space for someone since the pandemic. It’s energetically a different animal. I’m praying that God work through me to help this person who is trusting in me.
Looking for a Christmas Present that will make an impact? Give the 🎁 of a Baltimore Breathwork New Year’s Package. Five 75 minute ZOOM classes with guided meditation, breathwork, sound healing, and journaling homework. Link in bio to purchase one session for yourself. To purchase a session for someone else email me. 50 % discount on additional sessions.
I miss teaching in-person, in-side. Ah, I know inside is one word, but it feels likes it’s split in two. right now. As I live in Baltimore City we still wear masks 😷 so I’m not offering public indoor classes, but boy would I like too. Tuesday starts our four week Zoom series. And, next weekend Im hosting a small private Breathwork party for four persons at my condo. This weekend I was so lucky 🍀 to hold space for two Zoom classes where family and friends shared an experience together from across the country. So…yes I’m rambling. What I’m suggesting is that you join our Zoom group for Tuesday. 16 people are joining right now and I’m so excited!!! Link in bio to sign up. Window closes in 24 hours.
This photo is from my David Elliott Breathwork healer certification ceremony over four years. I would love to channel the magical energy of Joshua Tree into our four class Zoom series. The series starts this Tuesday night 11/23/21 at 8pm EST. I’m going to kick-off the series with my favorite Inner Child class that I’ve only taught once before. Followed by a class a taught this summer on Forgiveness. Plus two more session: 4 Tuesday nights in a row. Classes start out with guided meditation, followed by Breathwork to contemporary music, followed by a sound bath and/or poem. Afterwards you can journal on your own or draw. You can stay muted on your end. I would like to see your beautiful faces on the video camera at the start of class, but then you can turn your cameras off if you want privacy. I will hold space for you either way. I would just love to do this healing work with you. Hope to see you in class! Liz
I invite you to join my new Baltimore Breathwork Zoom Series
Start thinking about your home set-up for the Baltimore Breathwork Zoom series starting 8pm next Tuesday the 23rd. Tickets will be on sale later today on Eventbrite. There will be a link in my bio. Find a quiet private place where you won’t be disturbed. A place where you feel safe and can make some noise. Make a comfy nest for yourself but avoid big pillows under your head. Light some sage or palo santo. Get some smooth stones to hold, and eye pillow, and your favorite blanket. Maybe have an essential oil or two to put on your wrist or throat. Have a pillow close by to scream 😱 into unless there is no one nearby. Will you be using headphones and how will you connect that to your device? Do you want to journal or draw afterwards? Have some water and tissues handy? All set? Now you just need to sign-up in advance. You can email me to save a spot until the link is up breathworkinmaryland
One more photo from yesterday! Still working on getting info to post about next weeks new Zoom series.
Today was so awesome!!! Thank you!!! Next Tuesday starts the Zoom series at 8pm. Email me to sign up.

Elizabeth combines breathwork and sound healing to curate a healing journey.

At a Baltimore Breathwork session, Elizabeth combines deep rhythmic breathing, with a curated musical experience to create a healing experience many say is unlike anything they've ever felt. The more a person works with the breath, the more his/her energy will move and release blocks. At a Baltimore Breathwork group session everyone uses the breath as a tool to suppo

Operating as usual

Baltimore Breathwork Soundbath 01/01/2023

Baltimore Breathwork Soundbath

If you couldn't get a ticket for worries please come to the next in-person workshop!

Baltimore Breathwork Soundbath Baltimore Breathwork, Grotta Sonora Gongs, Essential Oils, Journaling, Self-Love, Fun Music

Baltimore Breathwork 12/27/2022

Baltimore Breathwork

In the New Year’s workshops, we use the power of guided meditation, breathwork, sound healing, and essential oils to honor the duality of what becomes present for us during this time of the year; taking ownership of what is no longer servings us, as well as setting purposeful intentions for the year to come. Utilizing the mind body connection to release stagnant energy and self-limitations, as well as, embodying our highest and best version of self.

I will guide you through powerful meditations that will invite you to call in your vision for 2023, align with the actions you must take to get there, and gain insight into what might be blocking you. This meditation will be the catalyst for your breath practice, allowing you to integrate what you envision deep into your system and move through the resistance being held in the body.

Sign up for all five sessions or any one date.

Baltimore Breathwork Baltimore Breathwork is an active self-healing meditation technique. Elizabeth combines deep rhythmic breathing, with a curated musical experience and energetically charged affirmations to create a healing experience many say is unlike anything they've ever felt. It's an opportunity to get out of yo...

Baltimore Breathwork and Sound Baths 12/15/2022

Baltimore Breathwork and Sound Baths

5 Baltimore Breathwork SoundBaths to bring in the New Year cultivating love, harmony, and health. Chakra essential oils to create flow, laughter; breathwork, and the magic of sound healing, guided meditation, and opportunites to journal, or draw.

Four Sundays in January
2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
January 1st, 15th, 22nd, 29th
Roland Park Community Center
Plenty of parking!!!!!!

Plus Zoom Class on January 8th
5 Sundays to Create Flow into 2023!!!!

I'm so excited to do this with you! You're invited to come to one or more of these special 90 minute sessions! I guarantee they will be a spectacular. Creating * Flow * Joy* and always some laughter!

See you soon! xoxoxox Liz

Baltimore Breathwork and Sound Baths A Breathwork Sound Bath in Baltimore, Maryland.

Photos from Baltimore Breathwork's post 12/11/2022

More pictures came in of when Baltimore Breathwork (Me) did a guided meditation for a grand fete 🥳 at the Engineers Club. My friend Tom helped me out by accompanying me with a Grotto Sonora Gong from my collection. This was such a spectacular evening. Have you thought about getting a ticket for the New Years package? It’s a pass to come to all classes or pick and choose and share with friends. Check it out on my webpage. Love, Liz


Held a huge celebratory class for Baltimore Breathwork Turning Five tonight!!! Thanks 🙏 for coming out tonight and for all the love and encouragement over the last five years!


I am so grateful to my Baltimore Breathwork family for the support they have showed me and this practice over the last five years. Especially to Ms Amanda who had been coming to breathwork since my second class ever! Thank you so much all of you! Whether you’ve been with me since the beginning ie. Amanda or just one class! I appreciate you! Liz


I am so lucky to have wonderful groups of people to do breathwork sound baths most lovely studio in Baltimore . At this studio I am booking private events up to 11 persons. Today 8 was perfect! And what a fun group!


BALTIMORE BREATHWORK is TURNING FIVE YEARS OLD on Tuesday December 6th at 7:15pm. Please come celebrate at the Roland Park Community Center! It would mean the world to me as all your support and love these last years in helping me do what I love most. Heal and help others heal. The venue is HUGE and there will be room for all who wish to attend however, please get a ticket via my website/Eventbrite as I’m leaning towards a model of pre-registration and it makes the sign in process much more streamlined. Thank you, Liz. Xoxoxo 😘❤️🎟❤️🎟❤️🎟❤️🎟❤️🎟❤️❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹🎂🍰🎂🎂🍰🎂🍰


I’m borrowing this image from . She has the best nutshell description of Breathwork on her page with this image. Check it out!


Join me and a fun group for community breathwork next Sunday at 4pm. This will be my final class in the series at the Motion Collective. All welcome. Sliding scale donation or $15-$20. Doing the community class has been a great way to introduce breathwork to people here in Hampden. I will be continuing to offer the breathwork sound bath at the RPCC and I have an arrangement with Helia Health to start offering private classes for clients. Hope to see you soon! Love, Liz


Spent the morning with Hannah from the organization Nature Sacred and the amazing Maria from the Mt Washington Preservation Trust. Fingers crossed there just might be a grant for some classes next year! In early stages…but one can have hope!!!!


Hi This Sunday night I’m doing breathwork at St. Luke’s church In Hampden at 7pm. Use the courtyard door on 36th street. Thank you


🤩 that was a great day! Full house for a Baltimore Breathwork Sound Bath with Essential Oils. Doing this again in two weeks Sunday the 23rd doors at 1:45 and then will try to do one more this year. The size of the room was perfect for 16 peeps and we had room for about them more. Community breathwork and guided meditation is in Hampden this coming Sunday night at 7pm—no RSVP needed. Tickets on sale for the 23rd and selling like hot cakes.


I’m turning 54 on Sunday!!! Come celebrate with me at my Baltimore Breathwork Sound Bath Sunday at 2pm and then all invited to hang out at a spot I have picked out in Hampden after class. It will also be the last outside breathwork class of the season.


Feeling so grateful for such a nice review. Thank you! Means the world to me! Love, Liz


You do you together. Yup. Bring those happy feet to class every Sunday in September at the Mt Washington Arboretum. Tomorrow is 11:30 am, and then the next 3 Sundays at 2pm. And, the class on the 25th is my birthday and I can’t think of any way that I’d rather spend it then with you. Indoor classes start September 30th on a Friday night and I’ll be rotating between some different locations, dates, with a range of pricing from community classes to a fancy rose ceremony. So come see me this month on Sundays. I post classes that are upcoming but try not to get too far ahead so you can always go to my website link in profile if you get confused. Exciting but being at so many places and times always changing doesn’t have to be confusing I hope. Xo


This is from last Sunday after Baltimore Breathwork. See you tonight at 7pm Thursday! 💕


See you all for the Thursday night 7pm breathwork soundbath. This is the last Thursday outside class for the season. Then this Sunday at 11:30 am and the rest of the Sundays in Septmeber at 2pm Liz 😘


Just love this quote from my friend Erin. Change your life. Do breathwork.


Baltimore Breathwork did an event for city teachers at this high school preparing for the first day of school. Next up ⬆️ is this Sunday and next Sunday at the Mt Washington Arboretum at 11:30 am and this Thursday night at 7pm. This Thursday night will be the last week night outdoors for the season as it will be too dark.


Today I had to honor of facilitating breathwork for a group of student leaders at It was such a pleasure to be with students to celebrate new beginnings as they embark on a new school year!


Good times today with some of the Baltimore Breathwork Crew! Next up this Thursday at 7pm and next Sunday at 11:30am!!!! Who is in like Flynn? Yes, I really talk like this—I’m old and 🌽 corny as they used to say in the old days !!! Hahhahaha. Just my humor. In a great mood after a full class today. We had a blast!!! See you next time!


I’ve had the most wonderful expansive time, but now I’m looking forward to coming home and having class with you this Sunday. Xo Liz


Years ago I became certified through David Elliott to teach breathwork and yesterday I had the pleasure of experiencing my first breathwork class taught by his wife Lara. It was angelic and magical. Photo [email protected]

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Are you all ready to have a Baltimore Breathwork Party?  Come on out this Thursday night for the 7:15pm or Sunday for th...
Yes! Let’s book your private session or group with the discounted price for March!!! Can’t wait to see you and I’m hopin...
This definitely feels like right place and right time.  Feel so honored to hold a very special private session in my hom...
I miss teaching in-person, in-side.  Ah, I know inside is one word, but it feels likes it’s split in two. right now.  As...
Thank you for coming out!  Next free class is Thursday August 19th at 7:15pm
I hate hot humid Baltimore summers but I love doing breathwork outdoors with you!!  Especially when we have a grant and ...
Our gorgeous class today!  #breathwork  #breathworkinmaryland #baltimorebreathwork #mtwashington





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