Huck Finn School, Awendaw, SC Video June 13, 2018, 3:27pm

Videos by Huck Finn School in Awendaw. kids summer camps and year round programs with a focus on woodworking, art, music, metal forging, survival skills, and more! knife making, survival skills, mountainman camp, world war two camp, build things camps and art and music camp.

Mountainman industry.

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Mr. Bronco is hard at work building the tools that accompany our "virtual camp" kits!

Making hand-carved knives.

Some of you may recognize this ancient sound.

Bowmaking at mountainman camp.

Inspiring the next generation.

Sounds that stand up to time: the ring of iron.

Viking melee!

Viking wars!

LOVED this group of woodworkers!

Preparing a fish oven at SPARTA! camp.


Fresh caught shrimp cooked on a hot rock. #Spartankids

This! Is! SPARTA!

This is SPARTA!

Sparta kids in training.

Sparta training!

What's World War Two camp without "craps?"

Making rings from nickels.

First morning of WWll camp on Sullivans Island.

Bark weaving

Our neighbor at Mountainman camp.

Mountainman industry.

Old-fashioned baseball with a homemade bat and ball. #perfect

At the forge. Nothing like the smell of a coal fire and the sound of an old Champion crank blower.

Connor Martin started learning at Huck Finn when he wasn't much older than this student. #passingitalong