Yeshivas Doresh Video May 22, 2017, 12:26am

Videos by Yeshivas Doresh. Yeshivas Doresh is for learning challenged high school aged young men, who have challenges with reading, comprehension, or classroom attention.

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Musical Hallel with Jimmy Ya'akov-Yisrael Costello! Chodesh Tov!

Funky Time

Lipa live

Generations of Israel
Last week, we hosted a delegation of college students from Israel that were in Miami with Generations of Israel. Shout o...

Slichot concert cont.

Slichot concert

Yeshivat Doresh was very glad to have David Packouz as a guest speaker this past Friday.David is a former arms dealer, i...

Purim in Doresh 2016!

Rabbi Arush and Rabbi Brody in Doresh.
Rabbi Arush and Rabbi Brody in Doresh.

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Happy Chanukah! From Rabbi Zaidenberg's Class!

Last nights event with Generations of IsraelHeshy Glick on KeyboardRabbi Daniel Behar on Drums

We had a great time last night celebrating Lag Baomer at Beit David Highland Lakes Shul and the Brestlov Center!

Come see Aryeh's Works of Art on Sunday, May 17 at our Brunch!

Every Friday night, Doresh has a Carlbach Kabbalas Shabbas! It's geshmak! Join us at our Brunch Sunday May 17 where the ...

More of the Friday night action!

Shabbas Cleaning Prep in Doresh!

The Doresh Newsletter written and edited by the boys comes out every week and is available in Shuls all over Miami Beach...

Chag Samech! Happy Birthday Israel from our token Israeli, Moshe Mermelstien!!!!