Tara T. Stallings

Tara T. Stallings


Dexter Peggins Jr.
Dexter Peggins Jr.


Dexter Peggins Jr.
Dexter Peggins Jr.


Enjoy your Birthday week. We'll celebrate all year for the next one! Love you more😘😘

We offer Life Coaching,Counseling and Consulting Services.We offer a non traditional approach to traditional therapy and Coaching, helping individuals Rediscover, Revive and Relaunch their Life..We help you Manage,Empower and Improve your life.

The first therapist that many women talk too is while sitting in their Favorite Hair Stylists chair. I began my pursuit of helping women transform their lives, build self esteem and heal emotionally as a Licensed Master Cosemolgist 31years ago, and I have been helping women overcome obstacles ever since. I have helped thousands of women over the years overcome issues related to health and beauty,

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We tend to think that our mental health struggles is something to be embarassed about and we shouldn’t let other people know. SCRAP THAT NARRATIVE OUT OF YOUR HEAD. Your pain, your emotions is not something to hide and keep away. It is something we can embrace and share once we are ready. Spill everything, shout what you need to say, and express those mixed emotions you are currently feeling and then you can finally breathe and let go of all your worries.

This mental health month, let’s all reach out to those people who are struggling alone. Let’s lend a hand to those who need it the most but are afraid to reach out first.

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Hey Ladies!

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A Mother's heart, a Mother's faith, and a Mother's steadfast love were fashioned by the Angels and sent from God above.

We wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day! 🌸


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“Though moms might not be holding your hands forever, she will hold your hearts until the end of your lives.”

Here's to all mothers out there, we appreciate all your hard work. We are truly grateful for your sacrifice and we hope that this month of May, you may finally take time to relax for yourself as well.

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We love you. We appreciate you. Happy Mother's Day!

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If you are someone who is seeking a life coach who is there to help you figure out your life issues and help you gain new insights, then Tara T. Stallings is the person for you!

As a Coach, I am here to help you:
💛 Gain Clarity in Life
💛 Overcome Obstacles
💛 Explore Yourself
💛 Live free from Anxiety
💛 Understand and Develop your Spiritual Self
💛 Make Dexisions
💛 Develop a Different Attitude
💛 Find your purpose in life
💛 Achieve the best for yourself
💛 Discover your true sense of self

If these are something that you need, then I am definitely here to help.

Book a Call with Me: https://www.taratstallingsinc.com/personallifecoach

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Tara T. Stallings updated their info in the about section. 05/04/2022

Tara T. Stallings updated their info in the about section.

Tara T. Stallings updated their info in the about section.

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If you are a strong woman who is struggling to find internal clarity, personal mission, emotional healing, interpersonal growth, and regain a balanced synergistic life of total confidence, success, freedom, and financial increase, then WISE WOMEN WIN MEMBERSHIP GROUP is the right solution for you!

Wise women win is a coaching group just designed to help women identify how to value, it educates empowers, and inspires them to increase the value of their personhood creating personal success, that produces consistent public wins.

What you'll get:
✅ 6 week interactive course
✅ 2 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions
✅ Facebook Group Access
✅ Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
✅ Weekly Live Q&A via Facebook Group Live

HURRY AND JOIN THE TRIBE OF WOMEN WHO HAVE LEARNED HOW TO LIVE A SYNERGISTIC LIFE! Wise Women Win Membership will help you create balance and synergy to live the life you dream of.

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See you on 📆 May 9, 2022 at 7pm EST!

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“Mothers are like a book’s beginning. She’s how everything begins.”

The moment we open our eyes, it's our mother that we first see. She's there from the beginning and she'll always be there for you until the end. Let's all appreciate our mothers who are there for us physically and spiritually.

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✨ Successful mothers are not the one’s that have never struggled but they are the one’s who never give up despite all the struggles. ✨

Here’s to all the mothers out there who are standing firm on their ground. We waiver but we will never give up. 💪🏽

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Sometimes people lack a clear vision about on where and what they want in life. Tara will help you understand what is important, evaluate your values and beliefs, and discover your inner strengths.

Do you need help doing life? Do you need help from a personal life coach? As a personal life coach, I am here to educate you, empower and inspire you to your next level of happiness, success, wellness, and prosperity.

It's just what you've been asking for, ✨ A PERSONAL LIFE COACH! ✨

Book a call here: http://taratstallingsinc.com/personallifecoach


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Here's a little checklist for your everyday Self-Care :)

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The more we look at things positively and strive to become better than we are, we then surround ourselves with the same positivity and purpose. We tend to gravitate towards those things and people that will motivate us to become better and that's what we need right now in our life.

Want to surround yourself with the same positivity? Join our group of women who are striving to become better and let's motivate each other through my wise women win membership group --> https://www.taratstallingsinc.com/wwwmembership

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Are you a Life Coach who is seeking to start, scale, and attract clients to their business, or if you are a coach who needs 1:1 training to better help your clients then the 1:1 BUSINESS COACHING SESSION is for you!⠀

What are the Benefits? ⠀
✅ Coaching techniques to better help Clients achieve goals⠀
✅ Techniques to help clients identify unwanted cycles⠀
✅ Techniques to help clients create a Blueprint of Success⠀
✅Receive Coaching Downloadable documents to effectively operate Your Coaching Business (client contracts, questionnaire, consent forms, etc.)⠀
✅ Learn how to Brand your Business ⠀
✅ Learn how to Market your Business to your ideal clients⠀

Learn from a Master level Counselor, Master Certified Life Coach, Board Certified Mental Health Coach who has been a certified Life Coach for over 12 years and has helped hundreds of individuals recreated their life; practical coaching techniques and examples; monthly live Coach the coach session and access 120- day access to the recorded course and 3 months access to my private WWW for Coaches only Facebook Group and MonthlyCoach to Coach client assessment Group.⠀

Join me on 📅 Monday, April 11, 2022 at 7pm EST

About me

I’m here to help women rediscover, revive and relaunch their life after divorce.

As a victim of sexual assault, I often struggled with feelings of low self-esteem, self-worth and finding my way in life. These feelings left me feeling helpless.

However, after going thru a painful divorce, I realized that I needed to rediscover who I really was if I was to be truly happy.

I made a decision to make the necessary changes, learn to love me for who I am (flaws and all) so that I live a life of fulfillment.

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Wisdom Wednesday
Life, Lies, Love & Relationship Seminar
Wisdom Wednesday “ Too many voices detour your destiny





3062 Damascus Rd
Augusta, GA

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Monday 10am - 7pm
Tuesday 10am - 8:30pm
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Dexter Peggins Jr. Dexter Peggins Jr.

Helping people get clarity concerning their purpose, overcome life's what-ifs, and win in difficult situations is the personal mandate of Dexter Peggins.