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Happy birthday, Megy! Our earth-loving Primrose Friend has so much fun teaching students easy ways they can help take care of the planet. Simple habits like recycling bottles and cans can help your child practice conservation and be environmentally-conscious. Read our blog for more ideas inspired by activities we do in our classrooms. 🌎🌷🌱🌻☀️

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A foundation for learning starts with a foundation of love. Through the Balanced Learning® curriculum, nurturing classroom environments, a caring community and more, Our teachers make the most of a child’s first five years. Discover the Primrose difference!


This month at Primrose School of Brookhaven, we’re celebrating the following teachers anniversaries with us!

Ms. Poole, 5th year
Ms. Grace, 2nd year
Ms. Shania, 1st year
Mr. Mosely, 2nd year
Ms. Samiyra, 2nd year

Thank you for bringing joy to our school every day, our community is so lucky to have you. 🥳

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April 15th is National ASL day! Sign language is a simple way to communicate with your infant or toddler while they’re still learning to speak. Children as young as 6 months old can learn the signs for words like “milk”, "more" and "all done". Teaching your little one how to sign not only improves their communication skills but also helps build their confidence. At Primrose, students learn these words and more with help from sign language word cards. Visit our blog for tips on teaching sign language to your child!

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Congratulations to our Family of the Month, The Rodriguez Family! We appreciate all you contribute to Primrose, and we are happy to have you as a part of our school. Here's a message from The Rodriguez Family below🥰:

"Hey everyone, we’re Wolfe’s parents! David is a chemical engineer for Georgia-Pacific and Lauryn oversees a corporate video team for Koch Industries.

Shortly after getting married, we both found opportunities in Atlanta and got settled in Brookhaven. Since moving to Atlanta we’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by great neighbors, who quickly became an extension of our family, and they all had great things to say about their collective experiences at Primrose.

Since joining the Primrose family, we’ve been extremely grateful for the kind teachers and caring staff. Wolfey looks forward to going to school to see his teachers and classmates.

After school, we enjoy cooking, coloring, singing, playing with bubbles and getting outside. When possible, we like to explore new places but more often than not we try to make a point to travel back to Miami where our story began and most of our family members reside. "

- The Rodriguez Family


One million! That’s how many new neural connections form every single second in a child’s first few years of life, so being little is kind of a big deal. There’s a lot of science behind the first five years and a lot of love that goes into helping children make the most of it. Read more about the importance of this time.


Congratulations to Ms. Kamilah, you’re the Apple of Our Eye for the month of April! Thank you, Ms. Kamilah, for all that you do for us each day. We are so lucky to have you! 🍎

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Peanut the pony encourages Primrose students to always tell the truth, even when it's hard. In honor of Peanut's birthday, read our blog for tips on how to teach honesty to your child – like thanking them when they tell the truth!


This week at Primrose School of Brookhaven, we’re celebrating Ms. Yvette’s 3rd year with us, as well as Ms. Pat's 4th year with us! Thank you for bringing your dedication and kind spirits to school every day, our community is so lucky to have you. 🥳


Happy International Women's Day! At Primrose, we celebrate influential women like Malala Yousafzai, Mae Jemison and Mary Blair all year long as we read books about groundbreaking women in history. When students see themselves represented in books like these, they too can dream of being an artist, an astronaut, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and more!

Here are a few impactful ideas for celebrating International Women's Day with your child:

🌟Draw or paint a picture that celebrates the women in your lives

🌟Talk with your child about the importance of this holiday

🌟Read a book about a famous female figure together


Congratulations to Ms. Tonya, you’re the Apple of Our Eye for the month of March! Thank you, Ms. Tonya, for all that you do for us each day. We are so lucky to have you! 🍎


A message from our Family of the Month 🥰:

"Our immediate family is what I would describe as ‘small but mighty’, a tight-knit unit that thrives on love, adventure, and sharing special moments.

As the leader of this small pride, I find joy in spending time with my almost 4-year-old son, Asher. Our family extends beyond just the two of us; we're deeply connected to our extended family, including Asher’s grandma, Edith, my brother Reggie, his wife Lesli and their two daughters Leia and Renee.

Weekends are our time to explore and create memories. When we’re not at swim practice or on the T-ball field we love immersing ourselves in museums, attending local festivals, and soaking up quality time with family and friends. One of our favorite pastimes is riding bikes and playing outdoors with our amazing neighbors.

When it came time to choose the perfect place for Asher’s early education, we embarked on a journey fueled by a desire for excellence and unwavering commitment to his growth and development.

After careful consideration and research, we found ourselves drawn to the unique and holistic approach offered by Primrose Schools.

From the moment we stepped foot into Primrose Brookhaven, we were greeted with warmth and enthusiasm.

What initially captivated us was that the curriculum was designed not only to nurture Asher’s intellectual curiosity but also his emotional, social, and physical well-being.

From promoting kindness and empathy to fostering independence and resilience, Primrose is giving Asher the tools he will need to navigate the complexities of the world with compassion and confidence."

- Stephanie

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🐳🐬🐋 We are so grateful for the support of our families to dedicate the day to our growth and learning! Yesterday we had the opportunity to gather with 700 other Primrose teachers from the Atlanta area for a day of learning and service. Dr. Kimberly P. Johnson was so inspiring and motivating. Our cups are full! ❤️


Literacy is at the core of our Balanced Learning® curriculum. Our Primrose students develop a love of books by reading in their classrooms every day and share this love with their community through events like Og’s Bountiful Book Drive. Check out our blog for how you can encourage this passion for reading at home!


During February, our students are celebrating the achievements of important figures in Black history! By learning about and respecting others, we can help everyone feel a sense of belongingness. Join us in honoring the courageous people who have strived to make the world a more accepting place.

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Today is Og's birthday! Our bookworm friend teaches Primrose students the importance of caring for others every day. One of the ways you can teach your little one about the importance of caring is by modeling compassionate behavior like Og. Read our blog for more tips!


Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is the perfect time to spread love and joy to those around you. Share this valentine from the Primrose Friends to make someone's day! 💌💕

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Out with the old and in with the new! At the Primrose School of Brookhaven we are continually reinvesting in your school to ensure that we are providing a premium experience for families and children. Check out the new play pads in our infant classrooms, and library couches and classroom chairs in Early Preschool. Preschool received new couches and reading chairs for their libraries. Private Pre-K is next on the list!


Congratulations to Ms. Keera for being the Apple of our eye for February! Thank you for the teaching gifts you bring to our Toddler Program!


Hi, we're the McGowan family! We chose Primrose Brookhaven because we could see how involved the owners and staff are in the children's everyday lives. Jarrad gave us the tour, and each class we walked into, the kids were excited to see him - they knew who he was. That spoke volumes to us of how involved Jarred and Olivia are with the program. Dillon started in November 2020 and Grant and Abbey started in August 2023. When we hear 'I love school' as we are driving home from pick-up, we know we made the right decision by choosing Primrose Brookhaven. Thanks for the leadership team, teachers and staff for letting us be part of your family.

We enjoy spending family time together on the weekends. You will always catch us going for walks around the neighborhood while Dillon rides her bike or scooter, or listening to music since the kids love having a 'dance party'. Grant & Abbey love running around in the back yard and playing on the swingset. Dillon loves gymnastics and wants to try different sports each season. Every day is an adventure with this crew, so we enjoy getting out for a fun trip or simply spending time building a couch fort in the basement!


It’s almost time to pre-register for 2024! Listen as Chief Early Learning Strategy Officer Amy Jackson shares how Primrose School of Brookhaven can benefit your child’s life for years to come


Out of an abundance of caution and an awareness for the safety of our teachers and families, we will operate on a delayed opening tomorrow, Tuesday, January 16th. We will open at 10:00 am. Please use caution on roads and sidewalks!


"Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education." – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today our Primrose students are honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by learning about Dr. King’s bravery and compassion and talking about ways they can be courageous like him.

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Happy early birthday, Billy! Our music-loving friend teaches us how we can make and keep promises to our friends and family. See how Billy's friends did a great job keeping their promise to throw him an amazing birthday party with a freshly baked cake! For tips on how to help your child keep their promises, visit our blog.​


Congratulations to Ms. Niara for being the Apple of our eye for January! Thank you for the teaching gifts you bring to our Preschool Program!


Congratulations to the Nettesheim Family, our Family of the Month! Ali, Crew and Kyle enjoy spending time together as a family on weekends with our dogs Louis and Lola, including attending our nephew's/crew's cousin's sporting events, going on family hikes, boating together on the lake, and traveling to visit family and friends. Crew has already been on over a dozen flights and will be visiting his third continent in this month! We chose Primrose Brookhaven due to the fantastic teachers who treat and teach Crew like he is one of their own children!

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Primrose little ones across the country are making a big impact! ​

Students and families at Primrose schools are giving back to their communities through coat, clothing and toy drives. Check out some highlights from their Winter Holiday Giving Events. ❄️🧥🪀


2024 is finally here, and with it come fun opportunities for your little one to learn about responsibility and independence. Read our blog to see how making a New Year's resolution can help your child build important life skills.


2024 is finally here, and with it comes fun opportunities for your little one to learn ways they can be responsible. Read our blog to see how making a New Year's resolution can help your child build important life skills.

The Primrose Friends New Year's Eve Countdown 2024! 12/31/2023

The clock is ticking, but midnight is still far away for little ones. So, gather your loved ones, get comfy, and join the Primrose Friends for an exciting early countdown! Be sure to save this video or visit our YouTube channel to make your New Year's Eve celebration extra special! 🎊🥳

The Primrose Friends New Year's Eve Countdown 2024! Looking for a fun way to ring in 2024? Join the Primrose Friends for an early celebratory countdown.​ Primrose ...


The clock is ticking, but midnight is still far away for little ones. So, gather your loved ones, get comfy, and join the Primrose Friends for an exciting early countdown! Be sure to save this video or visit our YouTube channel to make your New Year's Eve celebration extra special! 🎊🥳 ​


Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2023 Food Drive in November!​

Primrose schools across the nation collected and donated over 400,000 food items to families in need. That's 43,000+ more than last year. Congratulations to Primrose students, families and teachers for all their hard work and for embracing the spirit of giving this season. We are so of your generosity!

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It's holiday sweater day and everyone is dress so festive! Our holiday cookie decorating parties put us right in the holiday spirit. Thank you to Flour + Time for making delicious nut & dairy free cookies to celebrate all of the holidays!

Photos from Primrose School of Brookhaven's post 12/22/2023

As we enjoy the holiday season together, students at Primrose schools are learning how different cultures celebrate around the world. They’re reading books about holiday traditions and sharing how their own families make the holidays special. Visit our blog for a list of holiday book recommendations! 🎉⭐ 🕯️


Happy holidays from all of us at Primrose Schools! 🎁❄️️🕯​

No matter which holiday you celebrate, we hope this season is full of love, laughter and time shared with family and friends. To get the joy started, here’s a holiday jingle from the Primrose Friends!


When it comes to Primrose schools, Amanda H. has done it all: parent, teacher and now area director of three schools in Georgia. It’s not just the support and growth opportunities she looks back on with fondness, but the fact that the parents of her students still remember her 20 years later. Read on to see what makes Amanda believe so strongly in what Primrose has to offer.


Happy birthday, Libby the lamb! 🎉 At Primrose, Libby helps children learn about fairness and how being fair helps you build better relationships with others. To keep the learning going at home, check out these fun games to help your little one understand fairness.


Cold and flu season is coming. While you can’t always skip the sniffles and forget the fevers, a little preparation and some simple steps can go a long way in helping your family stay healthy. Check out our tips!

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The Primrose Support Team and Atlanta-area schools recently donated over 38,000 canned goods to The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta as part of the 41st annual 11Alive Can-A-Thon! CEO Jo Kirchner spoke in a live interview about how Primrose nurtures and the importance of giving without expectation in young children all year long, a concept that’s embedded in our Balanced Learning curriculum.


As part of the Food Drive, Primrose students as young as 3 years old learned about giving without expectation and how to help others. They did chores to earn money then purchased canned goods to donate to their local community organizations.

Watch the special interview at this year's 11Alive Can-A-Thon with Primrose Friend reporter Benjamin the bear and Primrose Schools CEO Jo Kirchner as she speaks about the amazing efforts of Primrose schools across the nation.​

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