Kumon of Ashburn - Loudoun Station is part of the world's largest after-school math & reading program, helping children of all ages become self-learners.


Clearing the Hurdles: A Runner's Road to the Olympics - Kumon

Former Kumon Student and professional steeplechase runner Colleen Quigley's road to the Olympics is a story of heart, strength, and confidence. Learn about Colleen’s journey with Kumon and the special moments she encountered on her way to the Olympics. http://bit.ly/30oozuM

kumon.com Olympic steeplechaser Colleen Quigley's road to the Olympics is a story of heart, strength, and confidence. She learned to overcome barriers in Kumon—and jump over them on the track.

Whether it’s in Kumon or scouting, Ryan takes any challenge as a learning opportunity. This boy scout used skills like self-learning and discipline to help him advance in ranking – the same way he continues to advance in Kumon. Learn how this Kumon Reading Program Completer is committed to reaching his goals. http://bit.ly/2WzWyhH

Happy Mother's Day! Kumon Math and Reading Center of Ashburn - Loudoun Station appreciates all of our Kumon Moms for all that you do!

Thank you to all of the teachers who make a difference in children's lives every day. Kumon Math and Reading Center of Ashburn - Loudoun Station truly appreciates all that you do for our students!

What helps you reach your goals? For Cara, it’s confidence. Whether she’s creating a work of art or working on a challenging math problem, Cara remains dedicated to daily practice. Learn how this young artist gained her confidence in Kumon. http://bit.ly/2WoYfOP

As a budding musician, Isaac applies the discipline and focus he developed in Kumon when he’s performing on the saxophone and piano. He even sees many elements of math related to rhythms and beats in music. Learn more about Isaac’s Kumon journey and how he gained confidence to overcome any challenge that is thrown his way. http://bit.ly/2LbSq6h

Varnica is an aspiring computer programmer and has embraced the value of STEM education. Having gained a sense of independence and confidence from Kumon, she forged a path for herself in exploring the world of computer coding and robotics. http://bit.ly/2VhLEje

[04/17/19]   Spring Break- Center is closed. The center will re-open on Tuesday, April 23rd.
Enjoy your spring break


Explore the Outdoors and Learn! - Kumon

Spending time in nature has many benefits for children's health and minds. Check out these four tips on how to boost your children's learning by exploring the outdoors. http://bit.ly/2Un6clY

kumon.com Spending time outdoors in nature is good for kids' health and minds. Here are four tips to take advantage of learning opportunities in nature.

It’s National Siblings Day! Siblings are often our best friends and our biggest support system. Celebrate the day by spending time with your siblings and remind them how important they are to you! Here is a look at Sohavi and Waris – siblings who share a common bond of Kumon. Learn more about this dynamic duo’s journey with Kumon. http://bit.ly/2GbMA0g

As an aspiring black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, Jake knows a thing or two about the importance of discipline and repetition. That same level of discipline is what Jake also discovered in Kumon and it continues to be the driving force in his success. Learn more about Jake’s Kumon journey. http://bit.ly/2OTn6aD


Encourage Creativity and Imagination through the World of Poetry - Kumon

April is National Poetry Month. Join the largest literary celebration in the world by reading a poem—or better yet, by writing your own! http://bit.ly/2H6E4hU

kumon.com Poetry is a form of expression that opens a new door of creativity through language. April is National Poetry Month, so encourage your children to express their creativity by exploring the world of poetry.

Motivated by the progress she saw in Kumon, Haley applied that same determination in the pool to improve her swim times. Her secret to success? It’s a combination of grit, focus, and goal setting. Learn how Haley excels in and out of the pool. http://bit.ly/2V9XsAG

Pragun, a Kumon Math Program Completer, enjoys participating in robotics and math competitions. He loves a good challenge, and knows that success is only possible with hard work. http://bit.ly/2OoPX6j

Whether she’s practicing her photography, traveling the world, or tidying up like Marie Kondo, Uma loves to try new things. Kumon gave her the confidence to tackle any challenge, opening up her world to a vast array of experiences. Learn more about her Kumon journey. http://bit.ly/2UISzyf


Celebrate Mathematics With These Three "Pi-Tastic" Activities! - Kumon

Happy Pi Day! Celebrate one of our favorite days of the year with these fun ideas! http://bit.ly/2lEe5Xt

kumon.com Every year on March 14th, math lovers around the world celebrate Pi Day. Pi games are not only fun, but will also improve your child’s understanding of Pi

Unlike many students his age, Abhinav enjoys public speaking. The confidence he developed in Kumon helps him tackle any challenge, including presenting in front of a group. His philosophy? Always give 100%! http://bit.ly/2NY44iK

Kumon students develop the ability to self-learn, something that Suhani is grateful for. When her classmates struggle with a concept, she uses her deduction skills to figure it out. See what else she's learned in Kumon. http://bit.ly/2GRi51b

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Celebrate Read Across America Day with these fun ideas. http://bit.ly/2GPv1oq

Our brains continue developing as we age—a concept called neuroplasticity. Children's brains, however, are particularly impressionable. Learn how you can take advantage of neuroplasticity to help your children's development with these tips. http://bit.ly/2onbAYj

Resilience, confidence, and adaptability are just a few of the traits that Nathan has developed in Kumon. These come in handy whether he's training for the track team, participating in robotics competitions, or completing a problem in the classroom. Whatever the challenge, he faces it head on! http://bit.ly/2Xm0V0q


Ask the Expert: How Books Can Treat Growing Pain - Kumon

Growing up is tough. Our kids often face challenges that we as as adults can struggle to understand. Luckily, reading the right books can help them navigate these obstacles. http://bit.ly/2GWpKus

kumon.com Being a child is sometimes tough. As children develop emotionally, they sometimes face conflicts that we, as adults, have long forgotten. Books can help.

Meet Alex. The former environmental scientist is now following in his father's footsteps as a Kumon Instructor in California. Learn what he enjoys most about being an Instructor. http://bit.ly/2NfeZ7s

Zoha believes that the organizational and time management skills she developed in Kumon have been instrumental in helping her learn how to play the guitar and piano. We're sure they will also be key as she works towards her dream of becoming an oncologist for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital! http://bit.ly/2BC7q6q

Kumon Student Davis has been baking since he was a toddler. He's developed his skills so much that he was invited to compete on the sixth season of the Food Network's Kids Baking Championship. We've enjoyed watching him compete so far, and wish him luck in the rest of the competition!http://bit.ly/2X7ljCx

Kumon Students develop confidence and independence in the program, but that doesn't mean they never need help. Justin has learned to ask for assistance only when he truly needs a nudge in the right direction—after he's already worked hard at finding the answer on his own. See what else Justin has learned in Kumon. http://bit.ly/2SpTbfq

Reading aloud is one of the keys to developing reading comprehension. Work reading aloud time into your children's daily routine with these 6 tips - and see how their reading ability improves! http://bit.ly/2HYilwI

Happy Lunar New Year! Today we welcome the Year of the Pig. Those born during the Year of the Pig are said to have a gentle and accommodating personality.

Looking for a way to celebrate Lunar New Year with your children? Why not read "The Cable Car and the Dragon," a book set during the holiday! It's featured on Kumon's Recommended Reading List: http://bit.ly/2vKTsLK

Nikita, a Kumon Reading Program Completer, credits the program with helping her develop focus and confidence. Her advice to other Kumon Students? Just keep persevering through! http://bit.ly/2t2PrRT


The 2019 Kumon Student Conference Application Period is Now Open - Kumon

The 2019 Kumon Student Conference application closes in one week! Speak to your Instructor to learn more about this exciting event and how to apply. http://bit.ly/2DctdCI

kumon.com Kumon Study Tips and Resources is a blog for parents looking for tips, news, and advice, that can help advance their children’s ability in math and reading.

11-year-old Noki loves basketball and understands that consistent practice is the key to success in the sport. He thanks Kumon for helping him develop the dedication and mental toughness that make it easy to stay committed. Learn how Kumon has helped him excel beyond the court and the classroom. http://bit.ly/2COdtUX


Ask the Expert: 5 Reasons Your Child Could Benefit from an Academic Enrichment Program - Kumon

Can your child benefit from an academic enrichment program? Dr. Mary Mokris, manager of the Materials Team at Kumon North America, shares five reasons why an enrichment program might be right for your child. http://bit.ly/2Ufj265

kumon.com There are many reasons why parents seek out academic enrichment programs. Here are five reasons your child may benefit from one.

Impa, a 12-year-old Kumon Reading Program Completer, credits Kumon with helping her develop grit and dedication. These traits have certainly come in handy, as Impa is active in several competitive sports and was the only student at her school selected for a prestigious STEM program. http://bit.ly/2T3ZbGT


The 2019 Kumon Student Conference Application Period is Now Open - Kumon

Kumon Parents: Is your child in 4th grade or above, studying Level G or higher, and a platinum award recipient?

If so, apply now to attend the 2019 Kumon Student Conference in Chicago, Illinois! Speak to your Instructor about how to apply. We hope to see you in Chicago this July! http://bit.ly/2DctdCI

kumon.com Kumon Study Tips and Resources is a blog for parents looking for tips, news, and advice, that can help advance their children’s ability in math and reading.

Kyler, a 13-year-old Kumon Reading Program Completer, hopes to become a computer engineer someday. The ambitious student and accomplished violinist is on the path to complete the Kumon Math Program, recently joined a competitive robotics team, and even placed in the top-10 nationwide in the 2016 Verizon App Challenge. With his drive, we're sure he will achieve his dream! http://bit.ly/2TNRtQS

Ava has only been enrolled in Kumon for about two years, but she has already completed the Reading Program. The native Hawaiian credits Kumon with helping develop her perseverance and patience, both traits that help her improve in one of her favorite hobbies, hula dancing. http://bit.ly/2VDkfWv

Happy New Year! We look forward to helping all of our Kumon Students achieve their goals in 2019!

Happy Holidays from Kumon Math and Reading Center of Ashburn - Loudoun Station!


Meet Elina, a Dual Program Completer Who Has Developed Independence in Kumon - Kumon

Meet Elina. The Dual Program Completer credits Kumon with helping develop her independence, and for giving her the skills to complete high school math classes while still in eighth grade. Due to her long list of accomplishments and strong drive, Elina was chosen as the Inspirational Student Speaker for the 2018 Kumon Instructors Conference. http://bit.ly/2Cmnytt

kumon.com Elina is a Kumon dual program completer who developed independence in the program. The black belt in taekwondo is also an accomplished dancer.

Not many 6th graders know what they want to be when they grow up. Somya, however, already has her future figured out. The violinist and dancer, who also holds a black belt in karate, plans to be a software developer for Microsoft. With her drive, she can accomplish anything! http://bit.ly/2EsIuQH

Sebastian is a strong student with a long list of accomplishments. But when it came to completing the Kumon Reading Program, he needed some extra motivation. http://bit.ly/2B6fRpf


Meet Jessica, a Kumon Reading Program Completer Who Has a Way With Words - Kumon

Jessica is a decorated rhythmic gymnast, an award-winning violinist and pianist, and a Kumon Reading Program Completer. She also speaks three languages and dreams of becoming an author and songwriter. Check out her story. http://bit.ly/2EgEJyO

kumon.com Meet Jessica, a young Kumon Student who has a way with words. The young musician speaks multiple languages and dreams of becoming a fiction writer one day.

Like many middle school students, Sarvagna has a busy schedule. She credits Kumon with helping develop her focus so she can better manage her time. http://bit.ly/2RwqKHQ

Laiba has only been enrolled in the Kumon Math Program for two years, but the 11-year-old is already on the last level, studying differential calculus. She credits Kumon with helping her develop the confidence and independence needed to succeed. http://bit.ly/2zrKLIN

Happy Thanksgiving from Kumon Math and Reading Center of Ashburn - Loudoun Station! We wish you a safe and happy holiday.

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