Kumon of Ashburn - Loudoun Station is part of the world's largest after-school math & reading program, helping children of all ages become self-learners.


Three Ways to Encourage Reluctant Readers - Kumon

Many reluctant readers say reading is boring or too hard, but sometimes they're just intimidated by the length or difficulty of a book.

It is important to figure out what may be discouraging your child from reading. We've outlined three ways you can encourage and best support reluctant readers this summer. https://bit.ly/3ejGdWT

kumon.com Getting a reluctant reader to pick up a book, let alone read it, is a big challenge for many parents. Here are three tips to help parents through the popular excuses.


What Exactly is Self-Learning? - Kumon

We often talk about how Kumon develops independent self-learners. But do you really know what we mean when we talk about self-learning? https://bit.ly/3g92Te8

kumon.com Kumon is known for developing independent, self-learners. But do you really know what we mean when we talk about self-learning? Discover the benefits of self-learning and how it helps your child navigate through Kumon and in life.

Kumon Math and Reading Center of Ashburn - Loudoun Station wishes you a safe and meaningful Memorial Day!


How to Take an Adventure from Home - Kumon

Zoos, historical landmarks, and museums alike have created innovative ways to allow children to take virtual field trips and escape to destinations around the world. Discover five ways you and your children can explore the world without leaving your living room. https://bit.ly/2ykc4aH

kumon.com Many parents are seeking creative ways to inspire and educate their children at home. Discover five ways you and your children can explore the world without leaving your living room.


How to Instill a Love for Reading in Your Child This Summer - Kumon

Combat summer learning loss by incorporating reading into your routine. Reading plays a pivotal role in developing valuable vocabulary and comprehension skills. 📚

Here are a few simple ways to encourage a love for reading this summer:

1. Set a good example
2. Create a reading-friendly environment at home
3. Match books to their reading ability and interest
4. Build excitement


kumon.com Consistent reading can improve vocabulary and comprehension skills. Encourage the love for reading by incorporating these best practices with your child over the summer.


Reading Program Completer Dreams of Becoming A Neurosurgeon to Help his Younger Sister - Kumon

13-year-old Joseph has learned that success doesn't come without hard work. With his drive and focus, we know that he will reach his dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon one day. Learn how Joseph's younger sister inspired his career choice. https://bit.ly/2zINnos

kumon.com 13-year-old Joseph has learned that success doesn't come without hard work. With his drive and focus, we know that he will reach his dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon one day. Learn how Joseph's younger sister inspired his career choice. #MondayMotivation


Kumon Offers Free Registration as Researchers Warn of a “COVID Slide”

Students across the country are facing the reality of an extended absence from the classroom setting.

Research suggests that because of the break from the classroom, students may face the "Covid Slide," leading to significant learning loss. Kumon can help keep your child on track this summer and beyond. https://prn.to/2WVZJBF

multivu.com Parents across the country have been faced with the reality of school closures and an interruption in their children’s learning.


What is the Kumon Recommended Reading List and Why is it Important? - Kumon

Reading has always been a key part of the Kumon Program. In the first installment of our Summer Reading Series, we explain why reading is so important for Kumon Students and answer frequently asked questions about the Kumon Recommended Reading List. https://bit.ly/2YViEiB

kumon.com Reading has always been a key part of the Kumon Program. Learn more about our Kumon Recommended Reading List.


Accomplishments Fuel This Reading Program Completer's Motivation - Kumon

Varsha's impressive list of accomplishments grows each year. The ambitious Kumon Student continues to reach for the stars and is up for any challenge that comes her way. Learn how Varsha's accomplishments fuel for her motivation. https://bit.ly/35EcVPu

kumon.com Varsha's glowing academic career and list of accomplishments continue to grow each year. Learn how Varsha's accomplishments act as fuel for her motivation.

Happy Mother's Day from Kumon Math and Reading Center of Ashburn - Loudoun Station! We appreciate all that you do!


Make Learning a Habit - Kumon

Advancing your learning doesn't have to take all day. In fact, doing a little bit consistently is more effective than cramming a lot of material at once. Here's how to make learning a habit by studying a bit every day. https://bit.ly/3fbmKcj

kumon.com Why Consistency is More Important than Intensity: Here's how to make learning a habit by studying a bit every day.

We always look forward to Teacher Appreciation Day. Kumon was founded by a schoolteacher, and we know that teachers play an important role in their students' lives.

This year, we want to give an even bigger thank you to all teachers. As schools closed across North America, teachers remained available for their students, quickly adapting to a new way of teaching. We appreciate your hard work and the impact you have made on your (and our) students. Thank you!


Helping Others is in the Nature of This Dual Program Completer - Kumon

13-year-old Apphia gives back to others in any way that she can. Whether she's helping her peers with their homework or teaching younger kids a new technique in taekwondo, she's eager to help. Learn why Apphia credits Kumon with shaping her into the person she is today. https://bit.ly/2Smxv1y

kumon.com Apphia has a long list of accomplishments, including a first-degree black belt in taekwond. Learn how Apphia's true nature and spirit are helping others.


Learn at home with Kumon. Preschool-High School.

Concerned about the disruption to your child's learning? Kumon's worksheet-based program can help. Enroll at Kumon Math and Reading Center of Ashburn - Loudoun Station by July 15th and receive free registration. http://bit.ly/2s4rKaY

campaign.kumon.com At-home worksheet-based program. Builds math, reading & writing skills. Daily assignments. Structured routine. Unlimited advancement.


Young Published Artist and Writer is Passionate About Serving Her Community - Kumon

Siddhi is a young artist and writer who has received significant recognition for her talent. Alongside her commitment to art and education, Siddhi is also passionate about serving the community. https://bit.ly/3eNl3RS

kumon.com Get to know Siddhi, a creative figure in her community who is humble, genuine and always willing to lend a hand.


5 Ways to Help Your Kids be Green - Kumon

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Each year, people around the world join together to make a difference and save our planet. Promoting healthy habits at an early age encourages children to make a difference and protect our environment. Discover five fun and easy ways to help your kids be green. https://bit.ly/3btSdEb

kumon.com This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Discover five fun and easy ways to help your kids be green.


Dedication to Practice is the Key to this Young Student's Success - Kumon

Whether she's mastering a new song on the flute or strengthening her skills on the tennis court, 10-year-old Priyana always gives it her all. With her confidence and perseverance, she feels like she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to. Learn how Priyana discovered the key to her success. https://bit.ly/3bc1rVD

kumon.com Priyana's confidence has even given her an advantage outside of the classroom and she feels like she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to thanks to Kumon.


What Skills Does Your Child Need to Develop Before Learning to Read? - Kumon

Did you know that everyday activities, like having conversations with your children and encouraging them to draw, can help them begin to read? Learn more about these important pre-reading skills and how you can help your kids develop them. https://bit.ly/2XAFz2c

kumon.com Before your child can read chapter books or even a single sentence, they must develop pre-reading skills. Here are six key pre-reading skills children must develop before becoming proficient readers.


Math Program Completer Invited to Audit University Courses at Seven Years Old - Kumon

When Jose was only four years old, he began teaching himself various subjects like astronomy and chemistry. He even learned how to speak four different languages fluently! His passion and unique desire to learn caught the interest of professors at the University of Victoria. Learn how this Kumon Math Program Completer got to experience university courses. https://bit.ly/3c94Swq

kumon.com Jose, a Kumon Math Program Completer, was auditing university courses at the age of seven. His passion for math was further ignited when he joined Kumon and since then he's been inspired to share his learnings with the rest of the world.


National Siblings Day – Kumon at Home - Kumon

Happy National Siblings Day! To celebrate the holiday, we spoke with two Kumon Parents about how their kids do their Kumon together—and what's changed now that they're at home. https://bit.ly/2UVrwlP

kumon.com In honor of National Siblings Day, we asked two Kumon Moms to share how their kids are adjusting to their new Kumon-at-home situation. Here’s what they shared.


How to Help Your Kids Through This Challenging Time - Kumon

These are difficult times for everyone, and parents are facing unique challenges. Here are some tips to help your kids through this unprecedented situation. https://bit.ly/2RmHxzc

kumon.com There’s no denying it. We’re all having a difficult time right now. Here are some tips on how to make this uncertain time a bit more comfortable at home.


Is your child ready for Kindergarten?

Starting kindergarten is a big step in any child's education. Do you know if your child is ready? Kumon can help prepare preschoolers for a classroom setting by:

Advancing academic ability
✍️ Developing motor skills
️️ Sharpening social development
🎯 Increasing focus and attention

Contact your local center today to learn more about Kumon's at-home options and study plan!


Kumon can help!


First Degree Black Belt Sets Goals to Reach her Dreams - Kumon

14-year-old Alexandra has developed a passion for numbers. She hopes to become either an engineer, chemist or actuary and put her skills to the test.

Alexandra is confident that she will reach her goals no matter how big or small they may be. Learn the secret to this black belt's motivation. https://bit.ly/2xQuy1O

kumon.com 14-year-old Alexandra has developed a passion for numbers. She hopes to become either an engineer, chemist or actuary and put her skills to the test.


Kumon At Home: A Parent’s Guide for Implementing the Proper Study Approach [Infographic] - Kumon

Implementing the proper study approach is essential for your child's success in Kumon.

Check out our “Parent’s Guide for Implementing the Proper Study Approach” Infographic for best practices when establishing a working study strategy.

💡 Study with concentration
🔍 Read the worksheets carefully
✏️ Write neatly and carefully
❌ Erase only what is necessary


kumon.com Our Parent's Guide has best practices to help develop the proper study approach is essential for your child to build focus, concentration, and efficiency.


Developing A Reward System At Home - Kumon

Whether it’s for doing chores, finishing at-home learning activities, or completing a Kumon Level, recognizing your child’s success plays a big role in their enthusiasm and motivation.

Download our At Home Reward System chart and follow the steps below to get started:

📝 Set Objectives
👍 Words of Encouragement
📊 Keep Record
⭐ Reward Your Child
👏 Share Excitement


kumon.com Implementing a reward system at home can keep your child determined and fulfilled. Download our At Home Reward System chart to begin tracking and recognizing your child's progress at every step.


Youth Orchestra Violinist With Remarkable Collaboration Skills - Kumon

Iris has been playing the violin for seven years. Her love for music continues to grow.

Learn how the decorated youth orchestra violinist and Kumon Student practices her collaboration skills with her peers to promote music education.


kumon.com Iris, a dedicated Kumon Student, has been playing the violin for the past seven years and her love for music has only continued to grow.

Dear Kumon students and families,

With the daunting rise in numbers of the coronavirus cases hitting closer to home than ever before, including the recent news of faculty members at a nearby school, Waxpool Elementary, contracting the virus, we have decided to temporarily close our center for the month of April. This in hopes to preserve the safety of our Kumon students and families above everything else. We hope and pray that all of our students and their families are healthy and are taking all precautionary measures so that they are kept out of harm's way of this pandemic outbreak. And we thank the many parents for their overwhelming support in these difficult times and the outpouring concerns about my and my families' health and well being.

Effective April 1st, 2020, our Kumon center and all center operations (which includes pick up/drop off of Kumon worksheets) will be placed on HOLD for one month in order to do our part in minimizing or preventing further spread of this pandemic outbreak of covid-19 virus. April tuition will not be charged.

We will be providing updates on a regular basis including our future plans of reopening. Should you feel the need to reach out to me for any reason, I will be readily available via email or center phone 703.995.9950. Please let your children know that not a day goes by without keeping them in my thoughts and I cannot wait to see them soon. I love all my students as if they were all my own children and these difficult decisions were made solely to keep them protected.



Kumon At Home: A Parent's Guide for Home Grading [Infographic] - Kumon

Home grading can be a key component of your child's success in Kumon. By grading your child's worksheets at home, you will not only establish a routine, but also enable your child to learn from any mistakes by correcting errors on the same day.

Check out our "Parent's Guide to Home Grading" Infographic for best practices.

kumon.com Our Parent's Guide to Home Grading outlines best practices, grading symbols, and overall benefits of grading your child's work at home.


At Home Learning Activities - Kumon

There are many at-home learning activities that can help increase your child’s learning and independence.

Try these five learning activities to keep your child engaged and motivated at home:
1. Flash Cards
2. Kumon Worksheets
3. Books
4. Puzzles
5. Workbooks

kumon.com There are so many fun at home learning activities that can help increase your child’s learning and independence. It’s important to be creative and choose exciting activities that will keep your child engaged and motivated.


Aspiring Hockey Analyst Stays In It to Win It - Kumon

11-year-old Anwit exhibits an attitude and wisdom that many would claim is far beyond his age. The aspiring hockey analyst works every day to improve his knowledge of the sport, but doesn’t let that take away from his focus on academics and other passions.

“As the legendary hockey player Wayne Gretzky once said, ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’” said Anwit. “I try to follow that advice in my everyday life, and work to upkeep the perseverance to reach my goals.”

kumon.com The aspiring Kumon Student and hockey analyst has a goal of turning himself into an encyclopedia on the sport. He has also won numerous mental math competitions, is trilingual, plays competitive soccer, and is dedicated to perfecting his singing skills.


What is Kumon? - Kumon

How much do you really know about the Kumon Program? Kumon is:

📄 A worksheet-based program
🏠 Completed mostly at home
Individualized for each student
❌ Not tutoring

Learn more about how Kumon develops independent self-learners.


kumon.com Kumon was designed as a home-based program, and most of your child’s work will be completed at home. Here's all you need to know about The Kumon Method.


Kumon At Home - A Parent's Guide: Best Practices [Infographic]

Our "Kumon At Home" Parent's Guide was created with our Kumon Parents in mind. We know that parental involvement and support at home is key to the success of our students.

Follow these best practices to ensure you are properly implementing a Kumon routine at home. http://bit.ly/2UgqFL8

kumon.com Our Kumon At Home Parent's Guide is the perfect tool to drive Kumon Student success. Incorporate parent involvement and support at home for your child.

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