Kumon of Ashburn - Loudoun Station is part of the world's largest after-school math & reading program, helping children of all ages become self-learners.


Kumon Student Aspires to Become an Entrepreneur like his Idol Mark Zuckerberg - Kumon

11-year-old Gaurav is inspired by Mark Zuckerberg. He is already working to achieve his long-term goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

With the help of Kumon inside and outside of the classroom, Gaurav is sure to achieve all of his goals. http://bit.ly/39Sn2Bd

kumon.com 11-year-old Gaurav is inspired by Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook. Gaurav aspires to also be a brilliant entrepreneur and create a very successful business of his own one day.


Three Tips for Easing Test Anxiety - Kumon

With proper preparation and study habits, your child will ace any test. Put these simple tips into practice to help reduce test anxiety for your child.

📚 Develop Efficient Study Habits
📋 Provide Proper Resources
🍎 Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle


kumon.com Easing test anxiety is very challenging and adds extra stress. However, with proper preparation and study habits your child can and will succeed.


Diligence and Perseverance Keep This Kumon Student and Volunteer on The Fast Track to Success - Kumon

Meet Mai. This competitive figure skater stays focused on gliding towards her goals both on the ice and in the classroom, and is determined to pay that mindset forward in her community.

“Kumon gives me the challenge and the fulfillment that I strive for when I advance to the next level,” said Mai. “I also enjoy volunteering and teaching at Kumon because it gives me the joy to give back to the community while re-learning and reviewing topics that I have mastered already.”


kumon.com Kumon Study Tips and Resources is a blog for parents looking for tips, news, and advice, that can help advance their children’s ability in math and reading.


Celebrate “Read Across America Day” with these Fun Activities - Kumon

Tomorrow is Read Across America Day, the perfect opportunity to celebrate the joy of reading. Here are some fun ways to mark the occasion. http://bit.ly/2Psibig

kumon.com Read Across America Day, the perfect opportunity to celebrate the joy of reading. Here are some fun ways to mark the occasion.


Leap Year Math - Kumon

Get excited to see an extra day in your calendar this February! Ever wonder why leap years happen? Discover why they occur every four years and try a fun activity with your child. http://bit.ly/2HEi13a

kumon.com Enjoy some leap year math with your child. Discover what makes up a leap year and take the Leap Year Test!



11-year-old Connor already has his sights set on someday leading a company as a CEO. The middle schooler is no stranger to hard work and determination and plans to leverage those skills, which he practices in Kumon, to reach his goals. http://bit.ly/2v6OV9R

kumon.com Kumon Study Tips and Resources is a blog for parents looking for tips, news, and advice, that can help advance their children’s ability in math and reading.


Developing Fine Motor Skills: How Kumon Helps Strengthen your Child’s Handwriting Skills - Kumon

As your child grows and learns, they will hit many significant developmental milestones. One of those milestones is the development of their fine motor skills. Did you know that handwriting is an important part of completing the Kumon Worksheets? Learn how Kumon can help develop your child's fine motor skills, giving them confidence as they head into kindergarten. http://bit.ly/2uGJa2r

kumon.com Handwriting is an important part of the Kumon Program. Kumon's Level Z worksheets help children develop fine motor skills that will set them up for success.


Reading Program Completer Uses Problem-Solving Skills on the Volleyball Court - Kumon

Elise's competitive edge and teamwork aren't the only things that set this young athlete apart from her peers. Learn how she applies her problem-solving skills beyond the classroom and onto the volleyball court. http://bit.ly/2vtcQjB

kumon.com 12-year-old Elise has developed a passion for the game of volleyball that stretches beyond the court. She has found that the problem-solving skills she developed in Kumon help her serve as an asset on the court.


Kumon Dual Program Completer Aims to Become an Assistant at her Local Center - Kumon

Nehal is only in 8th grade, but is already taking AP Calculus AB. After she completes the AP Calculus BC course next year, she will be done with all her math requirements—in her first year of high school!

“Having completed both the Math and Reading Program at Kumon, I’m looking forward to joining the Kumon team as a center assistant and helping other students,” says Nehal.

Nehal has gotten a head start towards her goal by helping her high school classmates with their AP Calculus AB course. http://bit.ly/2SraOs4

kumon.com Nehal is a dual Kumon program completer who wants to become an assistant at her local Kumon Center. She can’t wait to help students reach their maximum potential inside and outside of the classroom!


Why You Should Listen to Your Child Read Aloud - Kumon

Happy #WorldReadAloudDay! Reading aloud is an important activity to help children build reading skills. It's also a great way for parents to evaluate their children's reading ability. Here's how. http://bit.ly/2RYaKB7

kumon.com Reading aloud is a key part of building reading ability. It's also a great way to test your child's reading skills. Here's how.


Kumon Student on a Self-Paced Journey to Success - Kumon

Success looks and feels different to everyone. To 11-year-old Mimansa, success means accomplishing goals purposely and efficiently. Just like in Kumon, Mimansa appreciates the responsibility of advancing at her own pace in life. http://bit.ly/36xjjb7

kumon.com Success is defined differently by everyone. To 11-year-old Mimansa, success means accomplishing goals purposely, efficiently, and at her own pace.


Education Holds the Key to this Kumon Student’s Future - Kumon

The most valuable lesson Kumon has taught Kushal is to correct his mistakes. Being able to acknowledge his errors and try again has helped Kushal develop perseverance and become a more confident student. http://bit.ly/36418sD

kumon.com Kushal humbly recognizes how fortunate he is to have overall access to education. Here's how Kumon has helped him make education a key part of his life.

Happy Lunar New Year from Kumon Math and Reading Center of Ashburn - Loudoun Station! Wishing you lots of luck in the Year of the Rat!


Is your Child Ready for Kindergarten? - Kumon

Starting kindergarten is a big step for any child. Is yours ready to make the leap? Here's how Kumon can help. http://bit.ly/3aiAZJA

kumon.com No checklist can fully predict if a child is ready for kindergarten. But we've outlined several areas that are important for success, and how Kumon helps.


Hard Work is Among the Core Values of this Kumon Student | Kumon

Claire is driven by her grandfather’s story and motivated to create her own. She has embraced her family’s core value of hard work and applies it in all that she does, including at Kumon. Whether she’s competing in regional math competitions or participating with the Youth Orchestra of Charlotte, Claire always displays her true passion and effort. http://bit.ly/2SPmnet

kumon.com Hard work has always been a core value in Claire’s family. Her devotion to uphold these values allows her to give her 110% in anything that she does, including at Kumon.

[01/18/20]   Saturday, January 18th- The center will be closed due to possibility of inclement weather. We will resume classes next week.

The application for the 2020 Kumon Student Conference is now open! This year's conference will be held in Dallas, Texas and will be open to 100 students from the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Kumon Parents: If your child is in 4th grade or above, studying Level G or higher, and a platinum award recipient, they are eligible to apply. Speak to your Instructor for more information. Don't delay! The application closes on January 31st.


Intangible Skills Learned in Kumon - Kumon

Kumon is much more than math and reading. Discover how Kumon helps your child improve focus, concentration, confidence, and more. http://bit.ly/2N6loTE

kumon.com Kumon develops a solid foundation in math and reading, but it also cultivates important work and study skills necessary to succeed in today’s world.


Independence and Confidence are the Key to this Future Engineer's Motivation - Kumon

12-year-old Shrishant enjoys taking on any challenge that comes his way. Whether he's competing in a school spelling bee, entering a creative writing contest, or a participating in a speech competition, he always remains confident. Learn how this future engineer remains motivated as he works towards his goals. http://bit.ly/2FrEH5u

kumon.com Confidence and independence have fueled 12-year-old Shrishant’s motivation beyond the classroom. He credits Kumon for paving his path to success.


No, Kumon Isn’t Tutoring - Kumon

Is your child struggling in school? Here's why Kumon might be a better option than tutoring. http://bit.ly/37AXac9

kumon.com Unleash your child's potential with Kumon's self-learning method. Unlike tutoring, Kumon focuses on students advancing at their own pace to achieve success in school and beyond.

[01/08/20]   Wednesday, January 8th- The center will be closed today as we follow LCPS school closures. Students will resume at their next scheduled class.

Ellen's passion for fencing goes beyond competing. For ten years, she has experienced a boost in confidence and self-esteem from the sport. She was inspired to give other children in her community the same opportunity to experience those benefits. Discover how Ellen makes an impact in her community. http://bit.ly/2QieBs0

[01/03/20]   The center will reopen on Friday, January 3rd for normal center hours. We look forward to seeing everyone back and wish everyone a Happy New Year.

The start of the year is the perfect time to walk your child through goal setting. Make it an even better experience by creating a vision board together that can serve as motivation throughout the rest of the year. Check out this infographic to see how you can get started: http://bit.ly/2rIjEbL

Happy New Year from Kumon Math and Reading Center of Ashburn - Loudoun Station! Did you make any resolutions for 2020?

He’s traveled to 15 countries and 27 states, started a math club at school, and even completed his first triathlon in 2019. Meet Andy, a Kumon Student who is most inspired when he is fulfilling his purpose of helping others learn and grow.

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season. From our Kumon Family to yours, happy holidays!

She's mastered what most adults are still working towards: Productivity. Here's how 11-year old Mahek was able to develop impeccable time management skills using her Kumon experience.


Just because the weather is getting colder doesn't mean your child has to suffer from brain freeze! There are countless ways to keep your child’s brain active and engaged during the winter months. Discover fun and easy ways to beat the winter blues this season! http://bit.ly/34ay01D


Young Musician Achieves Maximum Success on the Stage and in the Classroom - Kumon

Whether it's learning a sonata, winning a tennis tournament, or advancing to the next level in Kumon, Jai always pushes himself to reach his goals. Thanks to his dedication, Jai was selected out of hundreds of applicants for his youth orchestra, where he plays as first violin. http://bit.ly/2qPfnD0

kumon.com Meet 11-year-old Jai, a young musician, who attributes much of his patience and passion to Kumon. He is committed to making ever performance count.

[12/13/19]   Fri. 12/13- Kumon Loudoun Station will be closed today following LCPS closure. Students resume work at their next scheduled class.


Soaring Imagination Fuels This Young Writer’s Creativity - Kumon

One of 11-year-old Morgan's biggest strengths is her determination to reach her dreams—and she has a lot of them! She wants to be an inventor, a medical research doctor, a micro-biologist, and so much more. Her secret to reaching those dreams? Setting goals. http://bit.ly/2PtsSk4

kumon.com Get to know Morgan. With an imagination that soars, at only 11 years old, she allows her creativity to run wild in just about anything she does.


Stories for Snowy Days - Kumon

Sledding, building snowmen, and snowball fights can provide hours of entertainment on a snowy day. But sometimes you just want to curl up in front of the fire with a good book. Here are some recommendations for snow day reading. http://bit.ly/2LgZQTk

kumon.com Playing in the snow is a lot of fun, but some of the best snow days are spent reading. Here are some story suggestions for when you're trying to stay warm.


Young Hockey Star Strives for Continuous Improvement - Kumon

Whether it's in hockey or school, Hargoun never settles for just meeting expectations. He’s always seeking ways to be his best. Learn how this young hockey star strives for continuous improvement on and off the ice. http://bit.ly/2OGciht

kumon.com Hargoun thanks Kumon for helping him develop organizational skills. His superior time management skills allow him to dedicate more time to his passion, hockey.

Happy Thanksgiving from our Kumon Family to yours!


Fun and Easy Tips to Keep Kids Learning during the Holiday Season - Kumon

The holidays are a time for fun, but that doesn't mean the learning has to stop. Here are some easy tips to make the holiday season both educational and memorable! http://bit.ly/2qDcB3K

bit.ly Take advantage of fun activities during the holiday season by incorporating learning. Baking, traveling, and wrapping presents can be educational.


Hard Work and Focus Help this 10-Year-Old Baseball Star Dare to be Different - Kumon

10-year-old Jessica is the only girl on her team in an all-boys travel baseball league. She often faces a puzzled crowd as she steps up to the pitching mound, but uses that as motivation to strike out every batter that comes her way. http://bit.ly/2DbqqJj

kumon.com 10-year-old Kumon Student Jessica is the only girl on her team in an all-boy's baseball league. Kumon taught her to persevere, no matter the challenge.

Kumon's Mission states, "By discovering the potential of each individual and developing his or her ability to the maximum, we aim to foster sound, capable people and thus contribute to the global community."

Kumon Associates and Instructors work tirelessly to help children discover their true potential. We believe that empowering children can change the world. Today, and every day, we celebrate World Children's Day!


Slowing Down in the Face of Challenge is the Key to this Student's Academic Success - Kumon

He may be just 11 years old, but Gavin has his sights set on a successful future. The Kumon Student doesn't idolize Bill Gates or Warren Buffet for their wallets, but for their affinity for giving back to the community. He hopes to have a similar impact when he grows up, and already dedicates a portion of his busy schedule to volunteering. http://bit.ly/35bRAeN

kumon.com Like many 11-year-olds, Gavin strives to be successful in life. With his long list of activities and ability to overcome any challenge, we're sure he will be..


Meet Gitanjali, a Former Kumon Student who Is Changing the World - Kumon

Gitanjali was named America's Top Young Scientist, a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, and a TEDx speaker—all before entering high school. Her inventions to detect lead levels in water and early opioid addiction could potentially solve huge, societal issues. See how Kumon helped her develop the perseverance needed to overcome challenges. http://bit.ly/33O2FTa

kumon.com Former Kumon Student Gitanjali was named America's Top Young Scientist, a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, and a TEDx speaker—all before entering high school.


Young Basketball Star is Shooting for the WNBA - Kumon

For 11-year-old Ava, basketball is much more than just a sport—it’s her passion. With her sights set on a future with the WNBA playing for either the Chicago Sky or Toronto, Ava is determined to reach her dreams. Learn how Ava is shooting for her dreams. http://bit.ly/2X17NRp

kumon.com For Kumon Student Ava, basketball is more than just a sport–it’s her passion. With her sights set on a future with the WNBA, Ava is determined to reach her dreams.


Mistakes Make the Student - Kumon

Perfection isn't all it's made out to be. Making mistakes—and learning from them—can lead to long term success. Here's why. http://bit.ly/2pJs7ug

kumon.com Making mistakes is a big part of the learning process. Even minor errors can have a big impact on how you—and your children—learn.


This Regional Spelling Bee Winner is Motivated by Success - Kumon

In 2018, Vihaan became the youngest student to ever win the Central Texas Spelling Bee. Ahead of the regional spelling bee, Vihaan challenged himself to read one million words, and dedicated early mornings to practice spelling them. Learn how this regional spelling bee winner stays motivated to compete. http://bit.ly/2JOPAB5

kumon.com In 2018, Vihaan became the youngest student to win the Central Texas Spelling Bee. He credits Kumon with giving him the confidence to take on challenges.

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