Stone Hill Middle School 2018-19

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[08/16/18]   Retweeted MetroStar Systems (@MetroStarSystem):

Today we had the opportunity to show @StoneHillMiddle teachers around our HQ office and teach them a thing or two about MetroStar and the #tech industry.

Thanks for helping sculpt the great minds of our future! 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 We hope you enjoyed your time with us! 👋

[08/16/18]   Retweeted Matt Frye (@MrFryeLCPS):

Thank you to @Cisco in Herndon, VA, for showing us around this morning! It was exciting to preview all the tech tools and STEM programs they provide for students from K-12 to higher ed and beyond. #LCPS19 #SHMS19 @StoneHillMiddle

[08/16/18]   Retweeted Kelly Robucci (@KRobucci):

Awesome tech tour of Metrostar Systems and learning about their culture, team work, and skills our Ss need for the future! Thanks for such a great experience @MetroStarSystem @debbzees @StoneHillMiddle @kanneclark

[08/16/18]   Retweeted Kathryn Clark (@kanneclark):

Great day welcoming back our SHMS Superstars! We have such an amazing staff! @StoneHillMiddle @ShenaIBlcps @KRobucci @EdChiLCPS @D_Bauer12 @Royster_SHMS #SHMS19

[08/15/18]   Retweeted Neil Slevin (@nslev116):

Teachers from @StoneHillMiddle attend a tech tour @UnanetTech on their first day back #lcps19 #authenticlearning

[08/15/18]   Retweeted Jaclyn Royster (@Royster_SHMS):

And here we go off to our Tech Tours! So excited to see how @Cisco can support us in our PL journey this year! @EdElements @kanneclark @StoneHillMiddle #SHMS19 #LCPS19

[08/15/18]   Retweeted Kathryn Clark (@kanneclark):

Welcome Back SHMS Superstars! So excited for another amazing year! #SHMS19 #LCPS19 @StoneHillMiddle @Royster_SHMS @D_Bauer12 @KRobucci @EdChiLCPS @ShenaIBlcps

[08/11/18]   Retweeted Kathryn Clark (@kanneclark):

Students turn in their Rays for a chance to win amazing prizes! Great way to finish the week of Skill on the Hill! @StoneHillMiddle @ErinHal79807317 @ShenaIBlcps @EdChiLCPS

[08/11/18]   Retweeted Kathryn Clark (@kanneclark):

Great advice for new teachers this morning from our very own Mr. Frye! SHMS is so lucky to have you as a teacher! @MrFryeLCPS @ShenaIBlcps @EdChiLCPS @StoneHillMiddle

[08/11/18]   Retweeted SHMSspiritnight (@SHMSspiritnight):

Welcome ⁦@StoneHillMiddle⁩ 6th graders! Here’s how to open your locker. You can also become a happy stingray by attending #spiritnights . Our first is September 13th ⁦@ChickfilA⁩

[08/11/18]   Retweeted Shena Ivory-Brown (@ShenaIBlcps):

@MsOLearySHM planned and facilitated an awesome "Chill on the Hill" night to welcome our new 7th & 8th grade students and parents to the SHMS family!! Thank you PTO for your support! #YouraStingrayNow #SHMS1819 @kanneclark @StoneHillMiddle @Royster_SHMS @EdChiLCPS @Min_Brooks

[08/11/18]   Retweeted Kathryn Clark (@kanneclark):

So excited for some of our newest Stingrays to be with us this week! #skillonthehill @StoneHillMiddle @ShenaIBlcps @EdChiLCPS

[07/09/18]   Retweeted SHMSspiritnight (@SHMSspiritnight):

🍑⁦@StoneHillMiddle⁩ pick peaches or go camping 🏕⁦@Certifikid⁩ . Use code SHMS and the PTO receives $5 donation each time

[07/09/18]   Retweeted Ed Chi (@EdChiLCPS):

Stone Hill Middle School custodial crew is doing masterful work with the building! @ShenaIBlcps @EdChiLCPS @kanneclark @StoneHillMiddle

[05/24/18]   Retweeted Julie Gross (@JulieGross_LCPS):

@MrFryeLCPS is the Secondary New Teacher of the Year! Thank you for all you do for all of our students in LCPS! @StoneHillMiddle @khough70 @AppleFedCrUnion @pmhuffman @MiriamCheuk

[05/17/18]   Retweeted Annabelle Luebke (@MsLuebkeSHM):

De-stressing before SOL testing by building origami structures in Advisory! #teambuilding @StoneHillMiddle

[05/17/18]   Retweeted Shena Ivory-Brown (@ShenaIBlcps):

Ss were having a great time today practicing multi-step equations while playing Jenga! @StoneHillMiddle

[04/27/18]   Retweeted Kathryn Clark (@kanneclark):

Awesome time had by all at the Nifty Fifties Community Event!! @StoneHillMiddle @StruderHazzard @MsOLearySHM @EdChiLCPS @ShenaIBlcps @KRobucci

[04/27/18]   Retweeted Shena Ivory-Brown (@ShenaIBlcps):

Nifty 50s Night @StoneHillMiddle! What a great night going back into time! @kanneclark @KRobucci @Royster_SHMS @EdChiLCPS @StruderHazzard @MsOLearySHM

[04/27/18]   Retweeted kelly Robucci (@KRobucci):

Art show at the Nifty Fifties night @StoneHillMiddle! Stunning painted vinyl covers from some of our kids favorite bands from then and now! @kanneclark @ShenaIBlcps

[04/22/18]   Retweeted kelly Robucci (@KRobucci):

Our Stringray Ss showed up for the battle of minds at the Academic Decathlon and did not amazing job representing Stone Hill! Congrats to the team and their coaches, Ms.Sheaffer and Ms.Jackson! @StoneHillMiddle @kanneclark

[04/19/18]   Retweeted Dave Shaffer (@Shaffer_LCPS):

#LCPS18 MS Academic Decathlon 4.21.18 at RBMS @BelmontRidge @BRMSbulldogs @BAM_MS_Official @LCPS_EagleRidge @LCPSFarmwell @HarmonyMiddle @HPMS_Official @JML_MS_Official @JLSMS_Official @LCPS_MercerMS @SRMS_Official @Smarts_Mill @SterlingMiddle1 @StoneHillMiddle @TrailsideMiddle

[04/07/18]   Retweeted Annabelle Luebke (@MsLuebkeSHM):

So proud of these singers for representing @StoneHillMiddle so well at All-Virginia Chorus. They are rockstars!

[04/07/18]   Retweeted kelly Robucci (@KRobucci):

Our amazing Ss passed out notes of inspiration today created by our Touching Heart club sponsored by our amazing teachers. They all exemplify today's words of inspiration "Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi @StruderHazzard @StoneHillMiddle @kanneclark

[04/02/18]   Retweeted Shena Ivory-Brown (@ShenaIBlcps):

PD Breakfast & Collaboration with the Eagles! Thanks for your warm welcome and hospitality! @kanneclark @PrinPhillipsERM @StoneHillMiddle @LCPS_EagleRidge

[03/06/18]   Retweeted Kathryn Clark (@kanneclark):

SPLASH congratulated Anoushka on winning the Regional Spelling Bee! @StoneHillMiddle @EdChiLCPS @ShenaIBlcps

[02/07/18]   Retweeted Ed Chi (@EdChiLCPS):

SHM Ss team building in Advisory #cupstackingchallenge @StoneHillMiddle @SHMSPTO @ShenaIBlcps @EdChiLCPS

[02/07/18]   Retweeted Ed Chi (@EdChiLCPS):

Jennifer L. Miller works with SHM English Ts on Units of Study @jenny_miller16 @StoneHillMiddle @SHMSPTO @ShenaIBlcps @EdChiLCPS

[02/07/18]   Retweeted Ed Chi (@EdChiLCPS):

SHM English Ts conference with students using progress measured by MAP @jenny_miller16 @StoneHillMiddle @SHMSPTO @ShenaIBlcps @EdChiLCPS

[01/25/18]   Retweeted Annabelle Luebke (@MsLuebkeSHM):

We could not be more excited for our brand new risers! Thank you @LCPSMusicDept for making this happen!! @StoneHillMiddle

[01/20/18]   Retweeted Kathryn Clark (@kanneclark):

Congratulations to our amazing SHMS counseling department on being awarded the designation as a certified RAMP school counseling department! @StoneHillMiddle @ShenaIBlcps @EdChiLCPS @nslev116

[01/05/18]   Retweeted Kathryn Clark (@kanneclark):

Welcome to our newest SHMS family member...SPLASH! Congratulations to Mrs. Nicewarner’s class for coming up with the winning name! @StoneHillMiddle @SHMSPTO @ShenaIBlcps @EdChiLCPS

[12/11/17]   Retweeted Kathryn Clark (@kanneclark):

Awesome time at the Holiday Singalong! @StoneHillMiddle @MsLuebkeSHM @ShenaIBlcps @MrFryeLCPS @RockRidgeSings

[12/11/17]   Retweeted Shena Ivory-Brown (@ShenaIBlcps):

Our awesome Ss created holiday cards during advisory to give to staff members! @StoneHillMiddle @kanneclark @EdChiLCPS

[12/11/17]   Retweeted Ed Chi (@EdChiLCPS):

SHM Band Ss performed tonight at Rock Ridge HS! What a show! #SHMONETEAM
@StoneHillMiddle @kanneclark @ShenaIBlcps




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