Essentially Jodie: The Mystic Next Door

Essentially Jodie: The Mystic Next Door


Shocktober isn't possible without our amazing sponsors! THANK YOU EssentiallyJodie!! Here's why she supports The Arc of Loudoun and Shocktober!

Visit her website here:
🎉 Join us in thanking our American Pharoah sponsor, EssentiallyJodie ! Jodie Howard, doTERRA Gold Wellness Advocate and mother of a therapeutic riding student shares why they are proud to support Loudoun Therapeutic Riding.

“We are honored to Sponsor the
10th Annual Preakness Party. My family has been blessed to be a part of the LTR community for over 12 years. Our daughter, Rosie, is a long time participant who looks forward to each and every opportunity she gets to ride. The herd, which is at the heart of this beautiful organization, fills her up and continually showers her with love, acceptance, courage, and confidence. She is mentally, emotionally and physically stronger because of the time she spends here. We are so grateful to this team of instructors
and volunteers that help keep LTR running at its best so that it can continue to do the most good!”

Jodie Howard
doTERRA Gold Wellness Advocate

🌻 To learn more about Essentially Jodie visit

🎉 AND if you haven't claimed your free ticket yet to join us on October 3rd at 4:30 PM for the 10th Annual Preakness Party, click here:

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💜 Loudoun Therapeutic Riding relies on support from individuals and our community to continue to help those living with disabilities through the healing power of horses.

Among the many ways to support LTR is through sponsorship! One of our sponsors is EssentiallyJodie, owned by mother to our long-time participant Rosie (photo below)!

Join us in thanking EssentiallyJodie for being one of our 10th Annual Preakness Party Seattle Slew level sponsors.

While the Preakness Party has been "Reinchecked" due to the pandemic, we cannot forget all of those who continue to support Loudoun Therapeutic Riding in our community. 💜 We are truly blessed.

Please stay tuned for how you can get involved in our "Reincheck Challenge", our virtual FUNdraiser to support Loudoun Therapeutic Riding with emergency relief!

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Do you know if the Terra Shield spray has any contraindications with nursing?

I help women experience a happier Home World through healing. I access Quantum Healing, Akashic Record & Energy Work to facilitate healing from within for deep personal fulfillment.

DM me about my 1:1 transformative HomeWorld Healing Program Join my FREE FB group: It's for women who are ready to explore a more purpose filled life and have fun along the way!

Cleanse and Rebalance Your Chakras 03/23/2022

Cleanse and Rebalance Your Chakras

Which of the following have you experienced lately?

🥱Exhaustion at the start of the day

🙅🏽‍♀️Lack of Trust in Life and the Process

🙇🏽‍♂️An Inability to Enjoy all Aspects of your Life

🟧Creativity Blocks

🙀Trouble Letting Go

🗣Challenges with Expressing Yourself

🙈Lack of Clarity or Purpose

These are messages, indicators from your physical self, reminding you, that it's time Energetic Hygiene.

Your energy is your life force.

It's up to you how you access, cleanse, rebalance and revitalize it.

The great news is you can now address, cleanse and restore your energetic system in minutes!!

During my Chakra Cleanse and Rebalancing Audio Series, you will learn to identify, cleanse and let go of the energetic blockages in your 7 main chakra points: from root to crown.

This is the perfect way to begin or expand your Energetic Hygiene Routine!

🌈Once this cleansing has occurred, you will then refill and reactivate your entire energetic system and expand into the deepest, truest version of YOU!

If you're ready to balance your chakras centers easily and effectively check out my Audio Series here:


Cleanse and Rebalance Your Chakras Chakras


“We spend so much time searching for the things we’ve always been”

This message came through a while back and hasn’t left me, I keep circling back to and would love to hear how it lands with you.

✨What are you searching for?

✨What has always been inside you that is ready to be uncovered and rediscovered?

✨What have you always known to be true about you?

✨What aspects of your inner self are you ready to breathe new depths of expanse into?


On one of our numerous house hunting searches, back when we were still in the Navy, there was a lovely house for sale BUT it was riddled with attachments.

In every room, large and rather official looking tags, awaited me
The tags read: “Does not convey”
These tags were hanging from light fixtures, ceiling fans, built-in shelving, appliances. Outside they were attached to plants, shrubs and even trees.
I’d never seen anything like it. The universe was propelling the owners of this house to *literally* move in a new direction.

It was moving them along a new path, inviting them to step forward, to uncover their next set of lessons and the goodness awaiting them.
BUT they were *literally* attaching themselves to their current surroundings.

Somehow, they were planning to unearth, disassemble and disrupt much to their current surroundings just to carry it with them.
As silly as this seems the simple truth is: We all do this.

How often do you find yourself carrying stories from past relationships into your current one?
How many different attachments have you created to ALL the things in your life? And how often do you INSIST on bringing the past with you time and again?

✨When the universe is ushering in a new experience, do you attempt to step into it with wonderment and curiosity OR are you so busy, running around attaching, “Does Not Convey” tags to the failures, mistakes, heartaches, frustrations of the past that you miss all the possible goodness that awaits you?
✨There is a misinformed comfort and misguided safety that lies in clasping so tightly to our past. ✨In truth, our innate safety and deepest soul comfort lies in surrender, in trust and in letting go. ✨It lies in cutting those cords and releasing all the “Does Not Convey” tags once and for all.
What can You release today? Which “Does Not Convey” tags can you cut loose once and for all?
Where can you lean into trust, surrender and love so that the next step of your journey can unfold with ease, with joy and glory✨


What’s it like working with Quantum Healer and Channel?

I was asked this question recently and thought it’d be fun to share the answer here

🔮For me, I used to think energy healing with a channel would involved exposing all my trauma and pain while someone is chanting at me from a trance like state🤣 And it would be super heavy and exhausting.

This is not my experience at all😜

For me, Quantum Healing + Channeling is about being able to uncover, release and transmute the root causes of my client's deepest blocks.

It's about sharing with them what, in their energetic system, is currently holding them back and ready to be released while they experience a deep replenishing light bath 🤍

🌠This looks like being able to assess which of their 7 main chakra centers are open, closed, or have experienced a disruption

🌠 This looks like creating and holding the safest of space so that their central nervous system can relax and receive the healing and messages they require

🌠This looks like allowing support and guidance from only the highest frequencies of angels, ascended masters, beings of light and guides

🌠This means allowing their loved ones to participate, at an energetic level, so that a soul to soul conversation can occur for my clients highest good

🌠This means releasing karmic patterns and unfinished business from current, generational or past lives that is ready to unwind

🌠This means invoking the ancient Usui Reiki symbols for transmuting and clearing the energy that is ready to be moved.

🌠This means sharing direct messages of love, support and guidance for my client's next steps as they walk the path of their divine purpose
All of this occurs while my clients sit comfortably in their space and receive a divine, activating, relaxing energetic light bath.

Clients experience the parts of them that are ready to heal along with their highest vibration during sessions.

✨Working with this Quantum Healer + Channel means healing and expanding through wholeness into the deepest, most expansive aspects of your being.

Chakra Cleansing and Rebalancing Series 03/08/2022

Chakra Cleansing and Rebalancing Series

Did you know that each of your energy centers {aka chakras} can get blocked by a specific emotion??

🎈Root is blocked by Fear

🍊Sacral is blocked by Guilt

🌕Solar Plexus is blocked by Shame

💚 Heart is blocked by Grief

🌀Throat is blocked by Lies

🧘🏽‍♀️ 3rd eye is blocked by Illusion

🤍Crown is blocked by Attachment

AND the easiest way to unblock those energy centers is to address the emotion, gently release and then replenish them?

👉🏽 Did you know I just released a self guided audio series for Chakra cleansing and balancing?

👋🏽Yep, I got you covered!!

👇🏾Check it out here

Chakra Cleansing and Rebalancing Series Cleanse and Revitalize your main Chakra Points in minutes. Download all 7 sessions today!


I saw this Reel the other day.

The caption read “Universe Hotline”

{Cue Ace of Base- I Saw the Sign}

The Operator answers the Hotline.

The Operator listens to the complaint + request from the caller.

She then hollers to the Universe, which is off camera🤣 “She’s asking for ANOTHER sign!!”

The Operator then goes on to list ALL the signs that the Universe has ALREADY sent but that somehow, they weren’t enough.

Reflecting the Universe's energetic response, the Operator expresses exasperation and disbelief

Then goes on to state that
"YEP. This caller needs more, they need MORRE signs!"

Is this you? 🤣
How Many Signs do You require?🤪

Does the Universe send you signs, and still you don’t see them, or you don’t trust yourself to recognize the signs, or do you just want more signs to increase your confidence?

I feel you! I really do!

And I'm here to let you know that THIS is your SIGN!
{Cue Ace of Base again please}

This is your sign to pause, take a look around and allow ALL the signs that are right before your eyes to be seen and trusted and acted upon!!

🥰The Universe LOVES to use social to send you the signs you’re looking for.

When you’re scrolling and you find yourself wondering is this a sign?

Is this the sign I’ve been looking for?
😎Odds are, yes! It is!!

And if you’ve been looking for a sign to work together and explore my 1:1 Light Body Activation Sessions….

Then YESSSSSS THIS is most Definitely Your Sign!! 😂

If you’re ready to lean in, learn to trust your own intuition and listen, with confidence, to the guidance that is all around you, DM me today and we can explore the sessions that are the best fit.


My client was dealing with lots of life stress & some heartache.

As I opened the space for her LightBody Healing session, it became clear that today’s healing was aiming directly for her heart space.

Her father made his loving & caring presence known immediately. This man had a larger than life presence & even since he’d passed, it was amazing, and unsurprising, to see that his energetic blueprint hadn’t changed.

He was just there to support his little girl & I could feel & see him sitting right next to her. She was lying on her bed & he was sitting with his back to the head board, legs stretched out, ankles crossed & looking down at her.

He was simply there, holding space for her as her heart healing was taking place. Energetically, I could see that her heart was encased in & wrapped round & round with a vine of sorts, this vine had stiff thick thorns attached all over it.

Her angels came in & were all around her heart space, delicately yet effectively unwinding the vine, removing any & all thorns. They pulled away all the debris from her heart space. They had much work to do, but being they’re angels in the quantum realm- they made quick & painless work of it!

Her father had a message that he wanted me to pass along to her: “I am always right here with you, next to you. Why don’t you lean on me more? I am so ready to assist you at even the slightest invitation. I am here to assist you in all things.”

As I shared all aspects of the session with my client, she was touched by her Dad, his message but mostly his gentle, loving, guiding presence.

She went on to explain to me: “There is no way you could’ve known that but that is EXACTLY what he would always do. When I was sad or struggling or upset & I’d just need to lie down or sit by myself on the couch, he would always come & sit with me. He wouldn’t ask me to explain myself or talk if I wasn’t ready, he would just sit with me for as long as I needed.”

✨Ah my friends, your loved ones are still here, with you now and they are ready & willing and eager to support you however they can.
✨They long for you to check in with them, to connect with them & to include them in your life. Your healing & health is paramount to them.
✨They are rooting for you & loving you now more than ever.

If you're ready to experience deep, peaceful healing. Comment or DM me for more info.

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