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I help women receive the messages of their soul so they can experience a life of deep fulfillment. Are you ready to hear the messages of your soul?

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“I don’t know the last time I felt that relaxed...I think I'd forgotten how.”

This was the immediate feedback after a recent energy session with a new client🥰

☝🏼She was deeply aware of the stress she's been experiencing and how it had been mounting, especially during the past year BUT she wasn’t at all sure how to ease this intensity, or if it was even possible to do so, or if this 'energy stuff' would make any sort of difference🤣

During her session, we uncovered specific energy had been pent up within her for so long, and at first, it seemed like it didn’t want to let go....

It was as if this pent up energy wasn’t sure that it could let go, or how.

But as the session continued, the stress was coaxed out of her and gently released its hold on her.

She let out a deep exhale followed by a beautiful flow of energy that released and then totally Re-energized her!

💛By the end of her very first 1 hour session, she was finally able to breathe.... it was like a huge damn of pent up frustration had been easily released and she was finally able to let go.

She just kept repeating, almost in disbelief : "I don’t know the last time felt this relaxed, I just finally felt an exhale and now, it's like I'm floating" 🥰

Yep, it happens that FAST! and it lights me up everyyyyy time!
That's the beauty of energy and it's where I come in 😎

👋🏽 I'm here to facilitate this release; to assist with and create a safe space to let go.

I am always so thrilled to watch this happen!

And it happens each and every time, no matter how the client starts the session, they end up in the most magical space ✨

Even when a client doubts their own ability to let go or if they are 'brand new' to energy work; I am aware that the magic is gonna happen bc of 2 basic things:

1. Clogged, pent-up energy wants to let go!
Energy doesn't want to be trapped or stifled inside of you. Energy is ALL about flow BUT sometimes we just need a little support in letting it go, in releasing the damn.

2. The client was open to the experience.
That's ALL that is required of a client...being open and watching the magic unfold

Are you ready to experience deep relaxation, to remind your body of its own ability to release and heal?

Send me a DM or email today✨


When was the last time you felt truly connected?
With your partner, your kids, your career, yourself?

🧚The truth is, you are totally capable of feeling more connected; to experience wholeness and joy, in ALL aspects of your life.

When you pause and think about it, you’ve filled your days with attempts to do just that.

They often show up on your To-Do list, but that list grows and grows, leading you straight into exhaustion, burnt out or frustration.

You’ve found yourself feeling:
🤹🏻‍♀️Scattered: juggling too many balls at the same time.
⛑Fragmented: you wear so manyyyy different hats mom, wife, business woman
🙇🏼‍♀️Exhausted: at the end of most days, despite all you did, you feel disjointed and blah.
☝🏼This is why happy hour starts earlier and earlier 😜

You’ve even added: ‘Find your joy’ and ‘Feel more connected’ to your To-Do list- yet, they never seem to get checked off.

🤫By now, You’ve begun to wonder: “Will I ever experience a life of deep fulfillment?’

OR is that just some idealistic notion reserved for ‘others’?!

Maybe you’ve been thinking...
💁🏼‍♀️it’s better to settle in with what you have
🤷🏼‍♀️makes more sense to just squash any of your desires to experience greater wholeness
🙎🏾‍♀️it’s somehow easier to do more online shopping than you intended
🤷🏼‍♀️it’s alright to keep binging more online streaming services than you really want
🙇🏼‍♀️it’s just all too much and it’s not like anything you’ve tried so far has worked.

The truth is: You’ve been coming at this from the wrong direction.

Pilling more onto your To-Do list isn’t the answer.

And sure, there are lots of useful endeavors out there: getting routine massage or mani-pedi, enjoying Girls Night Out(or In) but these will never get to the heart of your concerns.

Online shopping, man-pedi’s, and wine - as much as I LOVE ALL of these - sadly, they will never be able to bring about the satisfaction you crave; the fulfillment you deserve

Believe me, I've tried! 😂🍷💅😅

Either you decide to go within, to uncover and reclaim the truths that are lying latent within; or you don't.

I’ve created my 1:1 program ‘Fulfilled’ for those ready to rediscover those truths.

‘Fulfilled’ is a personalized healing journey that facilitates your powerful choice to go within.

In ‘Fulfilled’:
First, you’ll easily release old energies that no longer serve and make room for new possibilities.

Then, you’ll receive a personalized inner journey to magnify the unique inner essence of you

And lastly, you will begin moving into the space of deeper fulfillment and greater purpose.

‘Fulfilled’ accesses gentle energy work that reconnects, rediscovers and magnifies you and your wholeness from within.

I have a few select spots for my 1:1 healing program.
🧚‍♂️DM if you’re ready to hear more


Are you ready to release the struggle?

Are you willing to believe that it can be easy?

‘It’ being whatever you are currently struggling with:

We live in a world that encourages us to create solidity and permanence around the struggle. One that wants us to cherish our grievances and live in constant comparison of them.

We are often told that we must live our lives from that space of struggle and that the struggle is the foundation we must build upon: that there is some nobility in doing so.

"Life Is Hard" - how many times have you heard (or said) that?!

🤨It's almost as if, when we’re 'going through hell', we are being encouraged to stay a longgggg while; build a house there, decorate it, landscape, have a pool installed out back, insist all your friends come stay with you for a very long while and be sure everyone knows allllll about it 🤪

But what if there is another way?
What if there is a choice?
What if life is EASY?!

🧐What if you chose, instead, to build your foundation upon ease and flow?

To be clear, this isn't some sort of Pollyanna invitation.

Quite the contrary, this is an invitation to experience the struggle and the pain. It's not about pretending it doesn't exist, rather, it's an invitation and a choice to learn how to relax into the struggle.

When we learn {and yes, it takes practice and some unlearning} to relax into the struggle; we give ourselves the most precious gift of allowing the pain, the discord, the anger, the frustration to wash over us, through us, teach us and then, ultimately leave us.

When learn how to allow the struggle to leave us, we find ourselves living in the present moment rather than bringing our past grievances into the here and now.

☝🏼I am quite certain that we are here to experience ease and joy.
👉🏽We are here to love and to create, to laugh and to cry, and to experience all aspects of life.

Everyday, we are given the choice to release our grievances rather than cherish them.

👋🏽I am here to help facilitate with this release, the unlearning process and the expansion into ease and flow!

Would you like to join the convo? I'd love to have you!
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