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We equip your child with Knowledge For Life - the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive as a joyous child today, and a successful adult tomorrow.

LePort Montessori Broadlands is a dually-accredited, authentic Montessori school, offering high-quality programs for children ages 18 months through the 6th grade. Set in the Broadlands neighborhood in Ashburn and located off of Waxpool Road, we are just minutes from the Dulles Greenway. We offer a year-round program taught by trained and certified teachers. Discover the lifelong benefits that a LePort Montessori education can provide. Schedule a tour, visit our beautiful school, and learn more.

Mission: Our Goal: A Student who Flourishes as a Joyous Child Today, and as a Successful Adult Tomorrow At LePort, we help our students acquire the essential knowledge, thinking skills, and strength of character required to flourish as joyous children today, and as successful adults tomorrow. Our unique program emphasizes the relationship between the academically challenging material presented in the classroom, and the breadth of experiences children have in their lives outside of the classroom. With the wealth of knowledge they gain at LePort, students are able to understand and delight in both the wondrous world around them and their burgeoning personal identity within.

[03/21/18]   Loudoun County and Fairfax County Public Schools are closed tomorrow, March 22nd, 2018. In keeping with our inclement weather policy, all LePort Montessori Schools in NOVA are also closed.


A sneak-peak into the Parent & Child Toddler Class - LePort Montessori Schools

Curious as to whether Montessori is the right type of early education for your child? Parent & Child (Mommy & Me) Montessori is your chance to experience “Montessori in a nutshell.” You and your child will be in a Montessori classroom, experience some of the typical daily activities, and learn from an experienced Montessori teacher. Seeing is believing: if you are at all unsure if Montessori might be right for your child and family, you’ll have your answer after this class!If you'd like a "sneak peek" into the Parent and Child experience, check out our blog: http://ow.ly/QAZMU

To register for our Spring Parent and Child class which starts on April 7th, visit https://www.leportschools.com/…/parent-and-ch…/nova-classes/

leportschools.com When you enroll with your child in LePort’s Toddler Parent & Child class, you enter a beautiful room where everything has a place and a purpose. It’s an environment carefully prepared to enable toddlers to fulfill their urgent need to act independently and to explore with all their senses. Every...

[03/21/18]   School Closure Announcement: LCPS has closed school today, due to the Winter Storm Warning for snow. In keeping with our inclement weather policy, LePort Montessori Broadlands is also closed today, Wednesday March 21st.

We are so excited to be apart of the Broadlands Live Summer concert series!! Mark your calendars for some fun concerts on May 11th, June 8th, July 13th and August 10th! See you there!

Welcome to our Presenting Sponsor LePort Montessori Broadlands! Stop by and visit Leport Montessori and make sure to thank them for their generous support of our community at Broadlands Live kick of concert May 11th!

"There is a great sense of community within the Montessori classroom, where children of differing ages work together in an atmosphere of cooperation rather than competitiveness. There is respect for the environment and for the individuals within it, which comes through experience of freedom within the community."- Dr. Maria Montessori #MontessoriMondays #knowledgeforlife


A sneak-peak into the Parent & Child Toddler Class - LePort Montessori Schools

Curious as to whether Montessori is the right type of early education for your child? Parent & Child (Mommy & Me) Montessori is your chance to experience “Montessori in a nutshell.” You and your child will be in a Montessori classroom, experience some of the typical daily activities, and learn from an experienced Montessori teacher. Seeing is believing: if you are at all unsure if Montessori might be right for your child and family, you’ll have your answer after this class!If you'd like a "sneak peek" into the Parent and Child experience, check out our blog: http://ow.ly/QAZMU We hope you'll join us!

Sign up here for our Spring class, scheduled to run on Saturday morning's starting April 7th!


leportschools.com When you enroll with your child in LePort’s Toddler Parent & Child class, you enter a beautiful room where everything has a place and a purpose. It’s an environment carefully prepared to enable toddlers to fulfill their urgent need to act independently and to explore with all their senses. Every...

Pouring water from one pitcher to another, from a pitcher to a glass, and a pitcher to three glasses, prepares the child for more complicated work. It helps develop focus, concentration, and coordination. It also helps children become more independent and confident of their abilities, as they are able to pour their own drink when they are thirsty. #MontessoriMondays #KnowledgeforLife

The Pink Tower, Red Rods, and Brown Stair… these materials, along with many others, can be found in the Sensorial area of our primary classrooms. Sensorial activities are designed to reinforce the five senses and to help guide children in learning to discriminate, classify and compare. These activities allow the child to verbally define and refine his language with respect to color, texture, size, weight, shape, and smell. Early use of these materials help develop a sense of order in the child which he can apply to the world around him. Indirect benefits of sensorial work also include mathematical preparation, increased attention span, improved hand/eye coordination and the development of logical thinking. #MontessoriEducationWeek #knowledgeforlife

As with most #Montessori materials, this lovely horse puzzle starts as just that: a puzzle. Over the course of months and years, children revisit this material to learn the names of the parts of horse, write their own labels, draw and label their own horses, and eventually transition into language cards and reading. This puzzle is one in a larger set that covers animals from the major categories (mammal, amphibian, etc.) as well as those in botany (flower, tree, seed, etc.). #MontessoriMondays #LePort #KnowledgeforLife

Happy Staff Friday! Meet Ms. Lili, our other amazing Toddler Teacher!

Ms. Lili grew up in a Montessori environment and began working with children at a young age. She began with babysitting jobs that came her way from around the age of ten-years-old, and had many opportunities to volunteer at her mom’s Montessori school throughout her youth. She was born and raised in Peru, but at the age of 15, she decided to take the path into a new country and culture by moving to the United States.

Ms. Lili followed her passion for working with young children by completing her Montessori training for ages 0-3 at the Center for Montessori Teacher Training in North Carolina in 2016, and completed her internship at LePort Montessori Broadlands. Prior to her training, Ms. Lili studied at Pensacola Christian College in Florida, where she earned her degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering. She is continuing her schooling at Liberty University, working toward her Marketing degree. Ms. Lili’s passion for teaching knows no limits. She views each of the children in her care as if they were her own and it is her goal to provide an environment where they feel welcome and safe. She looks forward to working with children each day and watching them grow.

Stop in for a group tour today at 9:30 or sign up for a 1 on 1 tour with our Director of Admission for you and your family! Email [email protected] to set up your tour today!

[03/02/18]   School Closure Notice: LePort Montessori will be closed today, March 2nd. Loudoun County and Fairfax County Public Schools have closed due to extreme weather conditions. In keeping with our inclement weather policy, we will also close.

How to Pack Lunch with Your Kids!



Develop your parenting toolkit with LePort's Parent and Child classes! The toddler years are exciting, but also challenging. Montessori principles can help you make the most of this precious time. Each week, our trained Montessori guide will offer thoughts on topics that are on every parent’s mind. Leave with practical tips for applying Montessori ideas at home.

Our Spring class starts on April 7th! Class will run on Saturday's from 9:30-11am.

Sign up here! https://leportschools.infusionsoft.com/app/storeFront/showProductDetail?productId=1278

#Montessori #ParentandChild

leportschools.infusionsoft.com Registration for a LePort Montessori Toddler Parent & Child class, held at LePort Montessori Broadlands - 42945 Waxpool Road, Ashburn. Classes start on Saturday, April 7th and run through Saturday, June 2nd No class will not be held on 5/26.

[03/01/18]   Tune it today at noon for a special Facebook Live Presentation about engaging your child in packing their own lunch! Come learn the secrets to setting your kitchen up for success with our very own Ana Rivas!

#Montessori #KnowledgeForLife #FoodPrep #HealthyEating


A True Learning Community: the Mixed-Age Montessori Preschool Classroom - LePort Montessori Schools

Why wait to learn more about Mixed Age Group Classrooms? All of our programs contain children within a certain age range, and most distinctly, our Primary class is made up of children ages 3, 4 and 5 year olds- yes we include the Kindergarten year! Read more here: https://www.leportschools.com/blog/a-true-learning-community-the-mixed-age-montessori-preschool-classroom/

#Montessori #KnowledgeForLife #MontessoriEducationWeek



A Day in the Life: A Visual Tour of Your Child’s Montessori Toddler Experience - LePort Montessori Schools

Toddler Tuesday is up next for Montessori Education Week!

Ever wonder what goes on in the Toddler Classrooms? Check out this great blog post on the day to day of a toddler in Montessori!


leportschools.com Discover your toddler's day in an authentic Montessori program via a picture diary: it's much more than just childcare; it's an educational experience

Happy Montessori Education Week!! To kick the week off, we're starting today with our own beginnings.... Dr. Maria Montessori herself!

Dr. Montessori was a brilliant figure in education whose methods have truly stood the test of time. In recent years, the way of teaching and working with children she developed has been shown to align even with the most current research into child development. We are indebted to her and the work that she did, and are privileged to be able to carry that work on in our school today.

#Montessori #MontessoriEducationWeek

Looking for an elementary summer camp program that will stimulate your child's mind and keep him actively engaged throughout the day? Register your child to be a part of an amazing, fun-filled summer with LePort Montessori!

Our camp is designed to meet the needs and interests of children ages 6 to 12 years of age. Led by our own, highly-trained, professional staff, your child will engage in activities such as outdoor learning, STEM-based activities,
cooking and meal preparation, games and sports, the arts, and creative play. Outings and field trips will also be a regular part of our summer camp curriculum.

Camp will be held at our elementary school locations beginning June 18th through August 17th with weekly rates starting as low as $200! Spaces fill quickly, so don't wait to register! For more information and to receive a camp application, contact us at [email protected].


Movement, Montessori and Active Children - LePort Montessori Schools

Elementary in a Montessori school looks a bit different than the typical public school. This is a great blog post to learn more about how we incorporate movement for our kids!



From the moment they enter our classrooms, children are given opportunities for purposeful work. Their activities intentionally develop the fine motor muscles of the hand - muscles that will allow the child to write with ease when they're ready. #MontessoriMondays #knowledgeforlife

[02/19/18]   School is closed today for President's Day. We will see you all back tomorrow!

Happy Staff Friday!! Meet Ms. Beth, a Primary teacher in our school!

Ms. Beth Burton was born and raised in Northern Virginia. From a very young age, she knew she wanted to work with children. She began by taking on babysitting jobs, then worked at a child care center for several years. In college, Ms. Beth worked as a nanny and substitute teacher. After graduating with a B.A. in English from George Mason University in 2010, Ms. Beth joined The Boyd School and worked for several years as an assistant teacher. It didn’t take her long to realize that she had found her calling. Witnessing the “lightbulb moment” in her students, when after trying again and again to master a work or a lesson they finally see it click, was one of the best feelings in the world. She obtained her Primary Montessori Certification from the Northern Virginia Montessori Institute at Belmont Green, and has been a Head Teacher in the classroom ever since.

In her free time, Ms. Beth enjoys reading, working on crafts, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.

Come tour our school or join our next Group Tour on 2/23 and peek into Ms. Beth's class! Email [email protected] to schedule your tour today!

The math materials and sequence of lessons alone is worth sending your child to an accredited Montessori school. Starting in preschool, children learn about place value and the four operations of arithmetic into the thousands - using concrete, hands on materials that allow for an unsurpassed depth of understanding.

#Montessori #KnowledgeForLife #Math

Because everything in our #Montessori classrooms belongs to the children and they are empowered to care for it, it's not uncommon to find children happily organizing, tidying, or rearranging their environments simply because they see a need. #Montessorimondays #knowledgeforlife

In Lower Elementary, children typically work on new concepts with a wide range of scientifically designed Montessori materials. Over time, by Upper Elementary, children begin to “let go of the materials” and move into abstract understanding of how numbers work. At its heart, our elementary mathematics program is about flexibility and fluency with numbers. We want children to visualize patterns, develop number sense, think critically and logically, and propose solution paths that others can see, discuss and critique. It is these core cognitive skills that will aid children in many areas of their adult lives.

Here, two elementary students work with fraction circles. Our concrete fraction materials allow them to physically hold and compare the parts of a whole so that they can add, subtract, divide them and easily see equivalencies as well as differences.

Interested in learning more? Click below! https://www.leportschools.com/programs/elementary/mathematics-and-geometry/

#MontessoriElementary #KnowledgeForLife

Uninterrupted time is something we value highly in our classrooms. By minimizing adult-imposed transitions, we allow for children to focus on and engage deeply with their work until they reach natural stopping points. Within their uninterrupted classroom time, children also find varied opportunities for social development.
The morning snack is one such opportunity, during which children find great enjoyment in their time together and practice many important skills in context. #montessori #montessorimondays #knowledgeforlife


A Montessori Toddler Morning

Ever wonder what your child could accomplish at 1-2 years of age in a Montessori classroom? Watch the video below and find out!

A Montessori morning work cycle in the Toddler Community at Dundas Valley Montessori School. (c) Lindsay Palmer | http://www.lindsaypalmer.ca Want to learn m...

Happy Staff Friday! Meet Ms. Mona, a Primary Teacher at our school!

Ms. Mona Mir has 15 years of experience in education. She graduated from the University of Bridgeport, CT and received her master’s degree in Elementary Education. It was in college that Ms. Mir decided to become a teacher after studying Child Psychology. After working in both traditional and Montessori classroom environments, Ms. Mir was encouraged to pursue her Montessori training. She feels passionate about teaching and building trust with each individual child. Outside of the classroom, Ms. Mir loves to spend time with her family and loves being a part of the LePort family.

Come tour our school or join the group tour coming up on February 9th. Ms. Becca, our Director of Admissions looks forward to showing you our beautiful campus! Email [email protected] to set up your tour today!

Older children may choose to research a specific country or region and give a presentation to their peers on it, or create a timeline of an area's history, as this seven year old in our lower elementary class did.

They learn to observe, categorize, and integrate their knowledge, guided by the Montessori Five Great Lessons. These lessons, revisited at the start of each school year, progress from the origins of the universe and life, chronologically to the development of writing and the explosion of knowledge it made possible.

Interested in learning more? Click below!

#MontessoriElementary #KnowledgeForLife

Carefully selected art materials are displayed in our Upper Elementary classroom, and available for use throughout the day.

Art often is woven into the very work children do in language arts, science, geography or history. Lower elementary children make maps—and paint them with watercolors, or shade their elevations carefully with colored pencils. They draw prehistoric animals on timelines of life. They paint the sabre-tooth tiger they are researching on large-scale paper, after they write down their research on the animal in their best cursive handwriting.

Interested in learning more? Click below! https://www.leportschools.com/programs/elementary/enrichment/

#MontessoriElementary #KnowledgeForLife

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