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We equip your child with Knowledge For Life - the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive as a joyous child today, and a successful adult tomorrow.

LePort Montessori Broadlands is a dually-accredited, authentic Montessori school, offering high-quality programs for children ages 18 months through the 6th grade. Set in the Broadlands neighborhood in Ashburn and located off of Waxpool Road, we are just minutes from the Dulles Greenway. We offer a year-round program taught by trained and certified teachers. Discover the lifelong benefits that a LePort Montessori education can provide. Schedule a tour, visit our beautiful school, and learn more.

Mission: Our intimate school community is dedicated to the principles of authentic, high-quality Montessori education. In our Montessori programs, we are proud to employ a constructivist educational method that speaks to both the heart and mind of a child. Guidepost Montessori at Broadlands is a growing community in a thriving neighborhood in Loudon County, Virginia. We serve families with toddlers through elementary-aged children, and we welcome your family to join our community. The Montessori method of education offers a knowledge-rich environment, through a child-led model. Children learn joyfully, through working with carefully-sequenced, hands-on materials. Your child’s enthusiastic exploration naturally leads to a solid foundation and advanced academics. We believe that an important part of our role is to serve as a support system for your family. We try to be here when you need us, with late pick-up hours and minimal school closures. And because the Montessori approach works best when manifested in a community of like minds, we hold regular campus events and get-togethers.

"I Don't Want to Go to School" | Guidepost Montessori

What to do when your child says, "I don't want to go to school!"
3-minute read: We've heard it before, and we'll hear it again. In fact, we sometimes may even think it ourselves in the form of, "I don't want to go to work!"

🙌 Montessori Material Spotlight: The Number Rods
4-minute read:
Pictured in the bottom-left corner of the photo, the Number Rods expose students to the concept of measurement. Instead of looking at two rods and saying, “this one is longer,” now the student is able to actually quantify exactly how much longer. While this might seem like a rather intuitive skill, it actually takes a fair bit of practice to be able to judge and compare quantities. The Number Rods are introduced to students of about four years of age, once the student has mastered the Red Rods and has expressed interest in the Number Rods.

Maria Montessori noticed that in each child’s development there is a moment, occurring at a slightly different time for everyone when the child suddenly becomes interested in written language. When this moment comes, if the tools are available to feed her interest, she will joyfully “explode into” writing, then reading.
A child’s guide watches closely for this moment, patiently building the foundation that will allow your child to experience reading and writing with confidence and joy.

Our Elementary Program | Guidepost Montessori

"The secret of success is found to lie in the right use of imagination in awakening interest...all correlated to a central idea, of greatly ennobling inspiration..." — Maria Montessori
An exciting lesson about the properties of a solid inspires these elementary children to think about why and how solids are different from liquids and gases.
Explore our elementary programs here: Guidepost Montessori

"Normal" in a Montessori Classroom | Guidepost Montessori

What we're talking about when we talk about "normalization" in our classrooms.
2-minute read: Normalization is one of those Montessori terms that doesn't have an obvious meaning.

What Makes Us Different—Why The Montessori Method Is Unique | Guidepost Montessori

Maria Montessori observed a century ago what we see in our classrooms every day: that children goes through “sensitive periods," during which they become suddenly fascinated by a certain sphere of exploration; for instance, speaking, reading, or numbers.
Modern scientists now hypothesize that this is because a discrete area of the brain is developing during that time. Our teachers (we call them Guides) are expecting these moments, which occur at different times for every child, and provide him or her with materials and lessons in order to "explode into" the subject.
You can learn more about a child's sensitive periods and our approach to capitalizing on them here: The Montessori Method of education, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, is a knowledge-rich, child-centered educational approach.

How the absorbent mind reflects capability in the infant | Guidepost Montessori

Children have so much to show us.
3-minute read: Montessori taught us of the absorbent mind. She helped us to see that a child has a tremendous capacity for processing things that is radically different from the reasoning mind of the adult. How are we nurturing this great achievement?

Anyone else order Panera as much as we do? Our favorite delivery woman, Linda, has us on her clipboard now!

Our classrooms are carefully prepared to have an abundance of materials to explore. Pictured here is one of our students choosing her next material and activity.
She may work on it as long as she may like. Upon finishing up with it, she'll return the materials to their place on the shelf and then continue enjoying other activities alone or with her peers.
You can explore some of our classroom materials and lessons here:

Guideblog | Guidepost Montessori

“Peace is what every human being is craving for, and it can be brought about by humanity through the child.”⁣ — Maria Montessori
Explore our blog: Guiding your family's Montessori journey: the blog at Guidepost Montessori.

The Importance of Practical Life Activities Within the Montessori Method | Guidepost Montessori

The Importance of Practical Life Activities in the Montessori Classroom
4-minute read: One of the pleasures of watching a child grow is being shocked out of taking the mundane for granted. The most ordinary things that we seemingly know without thinking and can do without trying, are, for the child, joyous challenges.

Guidepost Montessori at Broadlands

[04/27/19]   ***Earth Day Festival Announcement***

Due to the forecasted Wind Advisory from 6am to 3pm tomorrow with possible wind gusts up to 50mph (and cancellations from event vendors) our Earth Day event tomorrow from 10a-12p will be rescheduled.

How to lay the foundations of literacy in preschool - LePort Montessori Schools

“The child’s explosion into writing is closely connected with his special sensitivity for language, and this was operative at the time when he began to speak. By the age of five and a half or six, this sensitivity has ceased to exist; so it is clear that writing can be learned with joy and enthusiasm only before that age. Children older than this have lost the special opportunity which nature grants them of learning to write without making special and conscious efforts of application and will.”—Dr. Maria Montessori

#MontessoriMonday What differentiates a child that learns to read joyfully, becomes a voracious reader and succeeds academically, from one that struggles to read at grade level, and falls behind? Decades of research provide a clear answer: for a child to become a reader, he needs three things (1) instruction in phoni...

Broadlands | LePort Montessori in Ashburn

Are you off next April 15-19th for Spring Break with your older child? Schedule a tour with our campus to learn more about enrolling your younger child in our Montessori program.

We start at 16 months and go all the way through 6th grade! Email [email protected] or call 703-723-3364 to set up your visit today! At LePort Montessori Broadlands, you will find one authentic, nurturing Montessori school children can attend from toddler daycare and preschool through elementary school.

Teaching Math Conceptually - LePort Montessori Schools

What's the deal with Montessori Math?

The Montessori approach, from Primary through 8th grade, enables students to not only master crucial math skills and concepts, but to develop into young people who are confident in their ability to tackle even the most challenging mathematical problems. The below article highlights how Montessori Math differs in three distinct ways from traditional math teachings!

#MontessoriMondays For many people, children and adults alike, mathematics is a bane to be avoided. “Math anxiety” or even “math phobia” is on the rise in elementary and high schools across the country, and perhaps as a consequence, U.S. students notoriously score very low among developed nations on internatio...

"A child in his earliest years, when he is only two or a little more, is capable of tremendous achievements simply through his unconscious power of absorption, though he is himself still immobile. After the age of three he is able to acquire a great number of concepts through his own efforts in exploring his surroundings. In this period he lays hold of things through his own activity and assimilates them into his mind." - Maria Montessori. #MontessoriMonday

Alumni student Azrin and her partners at Grow Greenly visited Elementary today to talk about their passion for gardening and their start up business. Grow Greenly will be back on April 27th at our Earth Day Festival.

Our annual International Festival is this Saturday, March30th from 10a-12pm. In addition to our classrooms transforming into various places on the globe and Elementary students showcasing their country projects, we will also be hosting two special cultural performances in the Great Room:

@10:30am: The Shaolin Temple USA Cultural Center will perform Chinese Martial Arts.

@11:30am: The Boyle School of Irish Dance will perform Irish Dancing.

Other event details:
*Front entrance doors open at 10am
*Food inspections will take place in the lobby (nut-free foods please)
*All children will receive a passport in the lobby to travel the world
*Families are welcome to dress in their native cultural dress and share foods with classrooms.

The Dual Purpose of Montessori Preschool Practical Life Activities - LePort Montessori Schools

Did you know? The practical life area is set up to be facilitate a smooth transition from home to school. The article below highlights typical practical life activities that you may see in the classroom. These types of activities provide children with skills for self-care, caring for the classroom environment, and all-around independence.

#MontessoriMonday Students new to Montessori preschool spend much time in the Practical Life area of the classroom, where shelves are filled with activities for dressing, food preparation, sweeping, polishing, and so on. In a variety of ways, Practical Life activities provide the preschool child with skills for self-...

The Sensorial Area in Montessori Preschool: Where Young Scientists Are Born - LePort Montessori Schools

"In the Montessori preschool environment, we help him organize his wealth of information into an orderly store of knowledge. We guide him to observe carefully and provide him with a systematic way of conceptualizing the world around him."

#MontessoriMondays A preschool child is fascinated by the world around him: eager to explore it, always asking questions, constantly getting his fingers into everything. As he does so, he acquires a tremendous amount of information – about animals, people, plants, common household objects, etc. He makes observations...

Biodegradable | United States | Grow Greenly

Grow Greenly, a team of students from the Academies of Loudoun Engineering & Technology in Loudoun County, will be visiting our Elementary Program on March 29th. They also plan to visit us on April 27th for our Earth Day Festival. We look forward to having this passionate team connect with our students about the environment. Grow Greenly LLC: Environmentally-friendly biodegradable plant pots that eliminate plastic pollution and give the plant a better start! Help us save the environment, one plant pot at a time!

The greatest sign of success for a teacher... is to be able to say, ’The children are now working as if I did not exist.’-Maria Montessori


Looking to enroll your child in our Montessori school? Great news!
Now is the perfect time to enroll your child in Montessori preschool. We have space for immediate enrollments in one of our Primary classrooms! Ms. Meyling looks forward to meeting your family!

Call 703-723-3364 or email [email protected] to schedule a tour and learn more!

How to help your four-year-old transition into Montessori - LePort Montessori Schools

A question we hear often, is it too late to start a Montessori program if my child is already 4? Great news: it is not too late! Read more for how your child can transition into this wonderful program.

We'd love to have your family in to tour our beautiful school and learn more about joining our Primary Programs! Call 703-723-3364 or email [email protected] to set up your visit.

#MontessoriMondays Some parents who discover Montessori when their child is four years old are concerned about joining the mixed-age primary room mid-stream. “Will my child be playing catch-up? Some of the other four-year-olds are already reading ”, you might wonder. “I’ve just learned about Montessori, and I ...

Event Registration (NoVA) - LePort Montessori Schools

Are you looking to have your child enroll in our Primary classroom? Stop by our Open House tomorrow morning and meet one of our Primary Head Teachers, as well as explore her classroom and our school.

RSVP and find out more info here:

Email [email protected] with any questions!

Weather Alert: LePort will open at 9:30am tomorrow, March 1st due to forecasted inclement weather overnight and tomorrow morning.

Virginia Montessori Association

Very exciting news...

It's Official! Governor Declares this Montessori Education Week -

How to Help Toddlers Become Independent the Montessori Way

How to help toddlers become independent the Montessori way at home!
#MontessoriMonday #Knowledgeforlife Children need to learn how to do things for themselves in order to be able to navigate life in the future

Weather Alert UPDATE: In keeping in line with LCPS, LePort will now be closed today, Thursday, February 21st due to road conditions.

Weather Alert: LePort Broadlands will have a delayed opening of 9:30am on Thursday, February 21st, 2019.

Sweet Photo Series Reveals What's In A Preschooler's Pockets

Capturing all those little "things" we find in our children's pockets into art. What did you discover? "These objects ... represent a chapter of boyhood, his imagination, and the magic of finding a 'treasure.'"

Weather Alert: Due to the winter storm warning in effect for our area, LePort will be closed on Wednesday, February 20th, 2019. Stay warm and safe!

To Share or Not to Share? (Part 1 of 3) - LePort Montessori Schools

We’ve all been there: our two- or four-year-old is at a playground, happily scooping sand into a bucket, when another child approaches and takes one of the sand toys he has been using. Our child is upset. He cries, “I was using it! He took it from me!” and tries to take the toy back. In such a case, what we you do?

#MontessoriMondays #Knowledeforlife Part One of Three: Sharing vs. Surrendering: What Are We Teaching? We’ve all been there: our two- or four-year-old is at a playground, happily scooping sand into a bucket, when another child approaches and takes one of the sand toys he has been using. Our child is upset. He cries, “I was using i...

Due to winter weather in effect for Tuesday, February 12th, 2019, LePort Broadlands will open at 9:30am.

Starting preschool in a foreign language: How the Montessori environment helps children transition when they don’t speak the classroom language. - LePort Montessori Schools

How does Montessori environment help integrating children who speak a foreign language into English? Read more about even the structure of our classroom facilitates language for your child! #MontessoriMonday Every year in our toddler and preschool rooms, we welcome children who do not speak the classroom language. Mostly, we’ve welcomed non-English speakers into our English-language rooms. Now, with our new Spanish and Mandarin immersion programs, we are also helping English-speakers to transition int...

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