Polaris Smart, Ashburn, VA Video August 22, 2014, 8:07pm

Videos by Polaris Smart in Ashburn. Polaris SMART focuses to complement STEM education with ARTS, which we believe is essential for the overall development of children.

Polaris Smart did the Lego #icebucketchallenge

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Kids practicing Komodo Abacus mental math

Kids practicing Komodo Abacus Mental Math

Check out our student, Nick's NXT creation. He created a safe that if it detects the blue ball, it doesn't do anything. If it detects a red ball, the safe will pop open and a little drawer will open up. If the drawer is closed, it will lock the safe again.

Sneak peak of our Piano and Guitar students practicing for their performance coming up on Dec 10, 2014 with Mr. Alvin and Mr. Manuel.

Polaris Smart did the Lego #icebucketchallenge

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