Nova Capoeira, Ashburn, VA Video July 17, 2015, 3:41pm

Videos by Nova Capoeira in Ashburn. We are a family business who want to share our passion for Capoeira in our community. A place is only as good as the people in it, we're waiting for you!

All groups did a great job today!

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First Roda 2016🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉

Can I take credit for this amazing little girl or should I give it to him?!!! Nice training you two!

A cold Saturday but a hot Roda!

Doing what they do almost as good as capoeira ⚽️❤️

David vs Goliath

We want to thank everyone who showed their love and supported our event this year. We appreciate all of you and wish w...

A little maculele to get everyone on their feet!

So wonderful to have Mestre Jelon with us this weekend and feel his love and passion for capoeira. It's a true honor t...

The Roda fun begins! Celebrating 2 years of Capoeira in Ashburn, Va and 40 years in the USA!

Dylan the youngest of our campers this summer made his grand appearance the last week of camp and did a phenomenal job i...

Missing all of our summer campers and wishing the best for them this school year!!

Contramestre Bohasha always has something up his sleeve.... Today it was water guns :-)

Che Che

Feliz aniversario Matias!!

Roda at the End of last week's camp was hotter than Vegas!!

The atabaque is hard at work!

Brazilian Capoeira Warrior :-)

All groups did a great job today!

Ring around the Rosie's or Capoeira?!?!

The winning choreography ! Good job Mark leading your team!

Our youngest camper "Bumblebee" after just 3 days of capoeira classes!

First week of summer camp was a success!! Thanks Peniah for helping out this week and giving CM Bohasha some fun compet...

The kids volleyball skills have improved since last year that's for sure!

The day is coming to an end and I love these kids more every minute!

Brotherly love

After a batizado everybody needs a little............... SAMBAAAAA!!

Capoeira Luanda in San Antonio

Yesterday was the last class for three weeks. Academy is closed for summer vacation. I'm watching these videos now as ...

Come join the fun we'll be here until 8Dominion trail elementary ashburn village

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