Kore Self-Defense & Krav Maga, Ashburn, VA Video March 20, 2020, 3:54pm

Videos by Kore Self-Defense & Krav Maga in Ashburn. Expert Krav Maga combined with the reality of self-defense. We are Loudoun's premier facility led by an Expert-Level Instructor certified in Israel. We offer a flexible training schedule and kids classes starting at age 5!

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February Foundations Membership Cohort FAQ


we'll be back on the mat soon "in person" and we'll get in all those hidden reps while we shake off the quarantine 😊

Thank- you Loudoun County-

We take our training seriously- we don’t take ourselves seriously. In preparation for the shelter in place orders, we f...

Community Check-In. NOVA, how are you??

how you doing, Loudoun County? here are a few ideas to keep you sane : )

today's mental health support 🥊

work from home - managing our minds
Loudoun County peeps - the little things make a huge difference right now.

wellness check in
Loudoun - we are in this together. How you doing today? oops -forgot to record the WHY this exercise works...short vers...

sage advise
Today's wellness post from Asst. Instructor Jacob (degree'd in forensic psych)-

Update to Kore's programming for the week of March 16th - please watch -important!

Our current state of affairs- have a listen 🥊

there are a lot of ways to let the physical universe teach valuable lessons - fun drill in our striking endurance class ...

A week of testing, 4 months of preparation and a commitment to leadership development = our Leadership Party, Earned by ...

Shrimp races. A little competitive fun. #koretribe

1730 people getting rid of the holidays!

Great group showed up for today’s holiday member seminar... Stabby Holidays!

supporting loudoun hunger relief
Starting Today - Dec 20th we are collecting for the tiniest in need here in Loudoun. We'll take whatever you bring, but ...

Final drill at the close or today’s noon class...what do YOU do with your lunch break?

🥶PSA: Quick Tip #1 Cold Weather Situational Awareness

Kore Self-Defense & Krav Maga Black Friday Event
Friday November 29 We release 25 trial class tickets eligible for our Holiday Sign-Up Event. If you want a chance to sta...

Littles on footwork this morning 💙

We are “off” today - but tomorrow is a normal schedule. If YOU have tomorrow off, come in and train!