Super Kicks Karate

Super Kicks Karate is a family martial arts school! All of our classes are family based, so moms and dads can train with their children, and we teach a variety of styles of martial arts, from Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Kali, and Krav Maga.

Come try the most exciting, empowering martial arts center in Ashburn, VA! We dare say even the best place for youth karate classes in Loudoun County, VA! Believe it or not, we are also offering all of our new students a FREE 30 Day Guess Pass! We are offering everyone a free 30 day guess and a free private one-on-one class. Come in, meet the instructors, take a tour and see if Karate is for your family! Visit our website to learn more. Right now we are offering a Little Leaders Class!! In addition to our Children, Adult and Family classes, our Little Leaders class is for ages 3 and up. It helps to develop the basic skills Little Leaders need to balance, express confidence and become a little black belt. We teach kid karate classes and adult karate classes in a safe, friendly, clean environment. We have classes specifically for kids and families who want to train a few times per week, and we also have an after school program to help working families. We teach adults only Krav Maga, Bootcamps, and Jiu-Jitsu, for those adults who want an amazing workout without kids around. Whatever program you choose, you're going to love Super Kicks Karate! We can't wait to see you!! So if you live in Ashburn, or are close to Brambleton, Leesburg, Sterling, Aldie....our karate and after school martial arts program is exactly what you are looking for! We also teach Krav Maga. So if you are an adult in Ashburn, VA, looking for an incredible workout and a great way to stay in shape, call or text now! Aprender Artes Marciales en Ashburn, Va Aprender Karate en Ashburn, Va Aprender Taekwondo en Ashburn, Va Campamento de Verano en Ashburn, Va Programas de Karate despues de la escuela en Ashburn, Va Se Habla Espanol Llama al 571-293-2467 o manda un correo electronico al [email protected] para recibir un mes gratis y entrenar con nosotros! After School Programs in Ashburn? You found the right one! Karate After School? See above :) Youth Karate Classes are our specialty!

Hey Super Kicks family! Master Holeman here inviting you to the Wushu (Kung Fu) seminar this Saturday at 3:30 p.m. in Ashburn. See you there. 🥋🥋🥋

Super Kicks Karate's cover photo

If you live in Ashburn, and you’re dealing with the CRAAAAZY snow storm right now, remember that we stay open for camp days on days like this! It’s only $49 for the day unless you’re in our after school program. Those kids get it free 😎👊

Register online, or come to Suite 192 and register there! Here is the link to use if you need to pay for camp!

Super Kicks Graduation, Dec. 2019!

🥋Students and instructors at our last graduation ceremony in December! Keep training hard everyone! ❤️

What can I say? Kids... they absolutely love us.

I LOOOOVE being a martial artist! The things that the human body is capable of is AMAZING. Getting to train with like minded people only makes the experience so much more rewarding. Let's train Super Kicks, become the best martial artist YOU are capable of becoming. 🥋🥋🥋

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, the staff at Super Kicks Karate train 🥋

As instructors, we know it’s absolutely vital that we continue to hone our skills. Becasue when we improve, our students improve. And we want them to be AMAZING! 👊

🦠It’s that season!!🦠

We love you.

We love teaching karate.

We want our students safe.

PLEASE, stay home and take care of yourself if you are sick, 🌡 it’s far too easy to spread illnesses in a martial arts school.

Be proactive. If you are coughing, or have a fever, or just can’t make it too long without feeling terrible.... wait till it passes. 😁

Much love fellow humans.

How Does Karate Work for a 2-4 Year Old?!

We don't have favorites...but our Little Leaders class is our FAVORITE! ❤️

The students ages 2-4 years old take class with a parent, and it's one of the most special classes--EVER.

Hope that everybody had a joyous time with their families over holiday break!

So good to have everybody back and training again! 🙏

Check out the Advanced Class working hard on one of the new warmup exercises, squat and knee strike.

If you know this young man, you’ll agree with us... He is one of the most special human beings—EVER. And we couldn’t be more proud of the progress he has made! ❤️❤️❤️

Congratulations on your new rank, sir! We love you and are PUMPED about your growth!

⭐️So much awesome!⭐️

We teach a weekly class at Center Stage Preschool ......

And these kids rock!

Spreading karate everywhere we can!🥋

We at Super Kicks love getting love from the families. We cherish and care about you all. Have a good, safe holiday. Come back in one piece to train. 🥋🥋🥋

In our CIT portions of class we are teaching the format for how to start classes.🚦

So that when an instructor needs assistance leading for whatever reason, a CIT student can easily step up to the plate. ⚾️

It's important to always project your voice so that the parent in the corner can hear every word.💬

Keep practicing the lineup procedure for classes everyone!

Family that kicks together, sticks together 🥋

Black belt 🥋🥋🥋

Years of hard work. Focus. Discipline. Effort. Ups and downs. And then, it happens. 👊

Congratulations, sir! We are incredibly proud of you!

Board Breaking!!!

We are focusing on breaking boards this week in the beginner level to develop our power and aim!

We train in the mirrors to develop form and technique, we hit pads and break boards to get power!!


When board breaking you have to remember 2 things that are SUPER important. First, you have to BELIEVE that you can do it. Second, you must penetrate THROUGH the target.😁😁😁

There is nothing more SATISFYING than when you break the board and it is a clean break. Train hard Super Kicks family, and change the world. 🥋🥋🥋

(She is breaking 2 boards by the way.)

This is Bob.

Bob is the hardest worker on our team. He stands outside rain or shine, warm or cold

Never complains, and greets every student that walks through our door.

And the best part is... he likes it when you punch him.

⭐️Years of practice.

🌟Years of sweat.

⭐️Years of putting in the work.

Black Belt is just the beginning. Never stop. 🥋

We know that when we achieve a goal we have two options. ✌

We can either...
1. Do nothing.
2. Set another goal.

Its important to set your next goal. If we stop setting goals, then we stop growing.

Keep growing. 🌱 Set your next goals everyone!

Building on success is the life skill this week 🤩
Many of our students earned their next rank towards their black belt 🥋
We work hard 👊
We succeed 🤩
We celebrate 🎉
And then we set that next goal 🥋
You’re doing great! Let’s build on that momentum!

We’re not supposed to have favorites buuuut 😄
Our Little Leaders (2 & 3 year olds) class is adorable 😊 AND they learn a ton 🥋
✔️Listening Skills
✔️Social Interaction
✔️✔️✔️ and so much more

A special shout out to these students who earned their 1st degree black belt over the weekend! 😃 We’re so excited to have you move in to our black belt classes🥋
You set the goal, did the work, CELEBRATE, and now on to the next goal 💪

If you missed graduation, here’s some of the curriculum our black belts have been training 🤩🥋
Don’t forget that black belt is just the beginning of the adventure!!!

🤩🥋 Our black belts post-test picture!! We have new black belts joining the ranks tonight at graduation 😃 Congratultions everyone!

I love weeks like this!!

When we commit ourselves to something.... we end up getting the gear...

If we are golfers, we have the gear🏌️‍♂️

If we are horse riding folks, we have the gear🐴

If we are martial artists, we get the gear!🥋

This makes me happy. 😁

I just wanted to thank all of the students that came to the Dodgeball night. We had such an AMAZING time! There were laughs, pizza, and a ton fun. If you have not been to a Parent's Night Out, you don't know what your missing. 🥋🥋🥋😁😁😁

This week in our classes we are talking about Failure.

As martial artists, we learn that failure is actually a GREAT thing.🙏

Failure is absolutely necessary in order to accomplish our goals.⭐

It gives us the opportunity to start again, this time better prepared and with more experience for the challenge ahead.

This week our life skill has been on failure 😱
It happens to students in class when they don’t pass a test for their next belt rank and we’re learning to see failure as an opportunity to grow 🤩
Keep up the hard work! Graduation is coming 👊🥋

This!!! 🤩 This is why we need to get strong! 💪 So we can jump over wavemasters and be ninjas 🥋🥋🥋

Super Kicks Karate's cover photo

Dodgeball Parents’ Night Out!
As instructors, we were thinking we were going to space out dodgeball with other games and activities. Here’s what the kids voted for instead:

- Dodgeball🟣🔵
-Dodgeball! 🔴🟡🟢
-A little karate🥋
-Pizza 🍕

I saw this and it made me take an honest look at myself. Do I train hard? Yes. Do I set a GREAT example? Yes. Do I train even when I don't feel my best? Yes. Push to be the best you can, not just for yourself, but for those around you. 🥋🥋🥋

This week our life lesson is Safety. ⚠️

It's important to always be aware of your surroundings everywhere you go.

This is called situational awareness.

Stay aware out there! 👀

Everyone is getting SO CLOSE to having all their stripes!!

Such hard work 💪

So much determination👁



Super Kicks Karate wants all of our students to become leaders. We use martial arts to change lives in a positive manner. Regardless of age, training in martial arts improves all aspects of life. You will feel stronger, faster, more alert, and confident. Train hard Super Kicks family. Change the world. 🥋🥋🥋

The difference between a dream and a goal...

A goal is a dream with a deadline

Writing down your goal and giving yourself a time frame that you will accomplish it is an important step in achieving what you want

We practice the way we preform!👊

Getting grabbed in real life would be scary...

We train our brains and our bodies to be READY... if the time ever came! 🤘🏻

We had lot of fun breaking boards last night! 😁

The upcoming black with brown belts and Blackbelts have 18 techniques required to pass their boards breaking test. 🥋

Every class we work our flexibility

More flexibility means higher kicks...

Who doesn’t love being able to kick above your head?

And maybe someday we can be as flexible as this:

We love our community ❤️

Even when we are at our lowest point of the day. We can always count our small reminder about what we love 🤟🏽

When we see the magnets on the cars it makes us realize how big our family actually is🌎

The family that kicks together sticks together ❤️

📜Our student oath. 📜

Our reminder of what we want to be like.

To strive for more from ourselves.

Teach your brain 🧠 what you want from it.

⚡Earn your Black Belt
⚡Become an Instructor
⚡Create A Legacy

Forging tommorrow's Leaders.


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Super Kicks Graduation, Dec. 2019!
How Does Karate Work for a 2-4 Year Old?!


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