Super Kicks Karate

Super Kicks Karate


I’d like to challenge Master Don Alley to a Superman push up contest. Pretty sure last time I saw him do it was almost 10 years ago now!! I’ve been practicing.
Graduation day!
Some things take time but hard work Pays off
Tonight is Episode #1 of The More Than Just Karate Show!! 👊🥋😃 LIVE on our page tonight! Bully tip: The Gobbledygook Technique Live teaching from CIT student! And a free giveaway you won’t want to miss! Tune in at 8:30pm tonight!! 😃
Check out our newest CIT students!! 👊We have been encouraging these guys to join the ranks of instructors in training, and I’m STOKED!! We hand-select students, and teach them our secret sauce... how we teach, how we connect, and how we change lives.
Congratulations to the Beginners class!
First tournament and I think we're hooked.
Look at this awesome lady training hard today!! 😃 LEG HOLDS... building the precise muscles it takes to be a Super Kicker 😃 These are TOOOUGH, and she was working like a champ! Great job ma’am!
Benjamin. universal 7
Josh and Bob in his Halloween Costume.
Blade vs Robot
What is today graduation location?

Super Kicks Karate is a family martial arts school! All of our classes are family based, so moms and dads can train with their children, and we teach a variety of styles of martial arts, from Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Kali, and Krav Maga.

Come try the most exciting, empowering martial arts center in Ashburn, VA! We dare say even the best place for youth karate classes in Loudoun County, VA! Believe it or not, we are also offering all of our new students a FREE 30 Day Guess Pass! We are offering everyone a free 30 day guess and a free private one-on-one class. Come in, meet the instructors, take a tour and see if Karate is for your family! Visit our website to learn more. Right now we are offering a Little Leaders Class!! In addition to our Children, Adult and Family classes, our Little Leaders class is for ages 3 and up. It helps to develop the basic skills Little Leaders need to balance, express confidence and become a little black belt. We teach kid karate classes and adult karate classes in a safe, friendly, clean environment. We have classes specifically for kids and families who want to train a few times per week, and we also have an after school program to help working families. We teach adults only Krav Maga, Bootcamps, and Jiu-Jitsu, for those adults who want an amazing workout without kids around. Whatever program you choose, you're going to love Super Kicks Karate! We can't wait to see you!! So if you live in Ashburn, or are close to Brambleton, Leesburg, Sterling, Aldie....our karate and after school martial arts program is exactly what you are looking for! We also teach Krav Maga. So if you are an adult in Ashburn, VA, looking for an incredible workout and a great way to stay in shape, call or text now! Aprender Artes Marciales en Ashburn, Va Aprender Karate en Ashburn, Va Aprender Taekwondo en Ashburn, Va Campamento de Verano en Ashburn, Va Programas de Karate despues de la escuela en Ashburn, Va Se Habla Espanol Llama al 571-293-2467 o manda un correo electronico al [email protected] para recibir un mes gratis y entrenar con nosotros! After School Programs in Ashburn? You found the right one! Karate After School? See above :) Youth Karate Classes are our specialty!

Operating as usual

I saw this sign today and then I realized the only reason it caught my attention is because it has "kick" in it.🦵🏽🦿

It made me stop and think: How many other signs have I noticed only because it has a marital art technique in it?🤔

I honestly don't know. I do know that I am glad that martial arts is on my brain on a consistent basis.🥋🥋

So I am asking you, since beginning YOUR path to YOUR black belt, have you noticed more things in the world that are martial arts related, even when it's not?👨🏾‍🦲👨🏾‍🦲

This is how we feel about our Saturday mornings! 😃

"Master Holeman, I really want to show you my Transformers coloring book!"🤩🤩🤩

I am so HAPPY that our students think that highly of us. This young man woke up at 8:30 a.m. telling his parents that this is what he wanted.😁😁😁

I feel so privileged to be able to impact someone's life in such a positive manner. I enjoy the fact that our LEGACY is our students love and appreciation for all we do. 🥋🥋🥋

Super Kicks Karate

Super Kicks Karate

Want to be a black belt? Want to be an achiever? Want to accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself?

It starts in your head ❤️

"You are literally adding years to your life. This isn't your wife speaking to you, but a doctor." This is a quote from one of the dads who loves Super Kicks. You know who you are. 😉😉

As you all know by now, I have a young baby boy. I plan on being around for a long time, and martial arts has helped me to stay fit and in shape.👶🏽👶🏽

Being able to train, guide, and help others to earn their Black Belt is a truly rewarding experience. I am inspired and awed by the students who want to be better. They are not just looking to learn how to kick and punch, they are looking for fulfillment in all aspects of their lives. I am humbled that I get to help.👨🏾‍🦲👨🏾‍🦲

Train hard, Super Kicks family, train hard.🥋🥋

I was late to work this morning, and this is what happens when you’re late! 😂

Every second = a leg lift with the resistance loop 😊

As a team, we all decided this would be the punishment for tardiness. We all want to get stronger, and none of us want extra leg lifts. So we are usually all on time!

But sometimes Saturday mornings... ya just move a little slower! 🤪

I am left speechless. I am so HAPPY that I am getting to teach all of these beginners karate.😳😳

They come in ready to train. They follow our guidelines and restrictions without any discourse. They make me feel so lucky.😎😎

Register for in-person classes. Come in and train with the instructors. We miss all of you and can't wait to see you face-to-face (while still following state and CDC guidelines).🥋🥋🥋

➡️ Alley: checking the market.
➡️ Turner: studying systems.
➡️ Holeman: daydreaming.

All while training! 👊😎🥋

I truly LOVE teaching these little guys! They start my day off with a smile and cuteness.👶🏽👶🏽

We start them young so that they can learn how to be leaders. This is when we start to hold them accountable and teach them easy techniques, and test them so that they can progress. 🥋🥋

😂👇 Actual Conversation👇😂

“Don’t step back, step forward.
Try again. The foot you just used, step forward.
No no, the other foot.
Step forward.
No sir, step forward.
That’s backwards, step forward.
You just changed your guard completely. Please change your guard back.
Now, bring your knee and elbow together, and step forward.
Watch me. Like this.
Slap your leg.
No no, your other leg.
Yes sir, that leg.
When that leg finishes blocking, step forward, like this…
Understand? Let me see you try.
Do it again.
Nope, you stepped back again.
Step forward…”


In the moment, it could be easy to get frustrated with a conversation like this. You’re making perfect sense, explaining a technique and showing them. They “get” it… and yet they don’t.

It’s important to remember that students (read: YOU) learn in 3 ways:

➡️ Seeing: Some students can see the technique performed and immediately grasp it and do it.

➡️ Hearing: Some students need to hear a very technical explanation, and then they will be able to perform it.

➡️ Doing/Feeling: Some students need to just move their body (or in some cases, have their bodies moved) in order to learn.

Once you are aware of these three different learning modalities, compassion and patience come easily.

You teach and explain perfectly and they don’t get it? Try showing it to them.

You demonstrate it to them and they still don’t grasp it? Pick their leg up and position it the way it’s supposed to be done. (In a non-COVID world, of course)

Super Kicks is dedicated to not just teaching martial arts, but understanding how students learn.

That way we can truly keep our promise to change lives with martial arts. We live this stuff. We breathe it.

Ready to join our classes and take the journey to black belt?

✔️ Want your kids to develop more discipline, so they always make the right decisions?
✔️ Imagining your daughter with more confidence to stand up for herself, and stay safe?

Click the link below, grab a 30 day voucher, and schedule your first FREE introductory lesson!

Martial arts has made all the difference in my life. I know it will do the same for you and your family ❤️

How do you increase your skill level? How do you take it to the next step? How do you quantify your advancement?🤔

Find a like minded partner to train with. Having someone or a group to train with helps raise your own ability.🤨

Be sure that it is not a rivalry built on envy or jealousy. There needs to be a kinsmenship of mutual trust. You each must be willing to help each other succeed.😀

In martial arts, it is all about the journey. On that journey, you will come across others that want the same thing you do. Catapult yourselves together to get to a higher level of training.😁

Train hard Super Kicks family, train hard. 🥋

BOB needs your help. He’s doing his part, but it’s getting to him. He told us what he misses most:

👊 Punches in the face.

👊 Kids climbing on him.

👊 Arms. (I keep trying to tell him he never had any, but he keeps lumping it all together. We’re getting him some help, promise 🤞)

👊 Random strangers screeching to a halt in their cars, and jumping out to assault him.

👊 The outside.

👊 Spilled Starbucks drinks. (He has a sweet tooth, you’d never know.)

Send BOB some love! Let him know you’re thinking about him! 👇

⁉️ What’s your DOMINANT THOUGHT? 🤔

Ever considered why we put a black stripe through belts for students in the Leadership Program?

Those are the ones who set their goal to black belt, and we want to keep that goal in front of them.


I need you see to it everywhere.

I need you to think about it all the time.

I need you to become obsessed by it.

That way, we keep our promise. And you achieve.

Is the goal you want your dominant thought? Do you NEED it?

Yes or no?

If not, if it’s just a preference... you may or may not achieve it.

Make it a need. Make it a must.

Make it your dominant thought.

And you just might earn it 👊

Honor Your Body!

We love to train, and when we train, we train hard!

That’s awesome! 🤘🏻Until you can’t move!🤕

So, HOW CAN I continue to train, continue to grow..... and continue to sustain my body and keep injuries at bay?

Respect Your Body!

❓Lower back hurting you when you do a 360-Hook?

❓Hips hurt when you kick as high as you can?

❓Knees feel like they burn when you land any jump?

These DO NOT mean you’re weak or fragile. They are simply signs. Hints that, “Hey, I need some help!”

Ways to respect my body, and get the most out of it ⬇️

⭐️ Stretch! Stretch everything, and do it daily! Stretch twice on the days you train!

⭐️ Eat clean, and drink water. Our body can ONLY give us as much as we fuel it for. Cut the sugar, the bread, the soda, and juice.... fuel your body with clean foods.

⭐️ Strengthen the muscles AROUND the part of the body that hurts.

⭐️ Take REST days.... move around and warm up for 10 minutes, then stretch.... but have some days that you don’t beat your body up!

Let’s make this a forever thing, not just a, “How hard can I go right now?” thing.


I forgot how much technology has made life easier for us all. I also forgot how to do all of the technical things needed to run the computer table. 😅😅😅

Thank goodness for Mr. Gomez and his tech wizardry.💻💻

The evolution of our Super Kicks patch!

1989 through 2020! ❤️ Get your new school patch next time you come in!

As COVID continues to affect families in our area, we are doing what we can to ensure everyone’s safety. And, we are grateful for the opportunity to be open, even with restricted capacity. Distance Learning will be new for everyone, and here is a list of what we will be doing.

❤️ Regarding martial arts, those students who don’t feel comfortable to train with us in person, don’t forget we have online classes!

Live and On Demand! Get a 14 day free trial by clicking the link below!


❤️ Check out this HAPPY CAMPER! (Literally 😂)

We really do try our best to be professional, caring, and go the extra mile. And it feels amazing when your families see it!

Aaahhh. Good job team!


30 days

30 workouts

1 way to BOOST your fitness to the next level!


😁Classes are filling back up!🥋

Thank you to all of our AMAZING students!

Ever wonder where we find the energy to teach classes and pour our hearts out every night?

From you.

YOU give us energy.

The moment that people start coming in, the moment that we start teaching, something comes over us. And we explode.

We turn it on, and we give our all. It could be 10 hours into our day, but it’s like it’s a new day, it feels like the beginning of the day, and we are ready to rock.

Thank you for allowing us to teach. And give our gift. And serve your family.

We feel like the luckiest human beings alive. ❤️

Kickboxing classes are back ✋🤚

Another intense workout today with our HIIT-style kickboxing class 🥊🥵

So excited to see our black belts able to train in the studio again 😁 while still continuing our online classes 🖥

This has been a tough time for many. We’re so grateful to see our students persevere 🥋

“Look at this, somebody come look at this”


9 people who didn’t let COVID stop their goals to their next degree.

9 people get an embroidered gold stripe on their Black Belts.

I love this place. 🤘🏻🥋🤘🏻

Phase 2 starts FRIDAY!!! Which means we are cleaning our school, and getting ready for our amazing students! 😃

We have had these on the mirrors for a while now. Time to take them down, but we will always remember the cards, posters, and notes given in appreciation of our online classes during the closure.

We love you guys! ❤️

⭐️⭐️PHASE 2⭐️⭐️

We are excited. No, no no, we are elated. Nah, we are beside ours......

¡quiero llorar!

I want to cry!

We have missed our students, we want to do the only thing in this world that we care about... teaching karate to amazing human beings.


We know it is still scary and uncertain, we will continue to serve our community online each day if you do not want to come to class in person!

Here is how we are doing our part to keep each other safe!

Guidelines for Class:
🥋Students must maintain 10 feet of distance from one another and the instructors. We have our tape line’s rearranged to keep everyone safe!

“Are you feeling good today?” will be asked when we sign you in, and we trust our people to be honest with us.😇 An instructor or CIT student will be signing each person in on an iPad, so students won’t be touching the screens 🤘🏼

We are allowed 20 students in each class, per the 30% occupancy rule, and students must up for each class they plan to attend. This will allow us to control how many students show up.

1 Parent/Guardian will be allowed to watch class, and we will keep a close eye on occupancy of each area of the school.

We are responsible for each other, and as instructors we are committed to our students. If anyone is showing signs of illness as described in the CDC’s guidelines, we will ask them to leave, with love.

We have professional cleaners each night, we have stocked our shelves and are prepared to keep the studio cleaned and safe through your training.

As we continue to learn about this illness, we will keep our Tribe as safe as possible! Come join us!

Picture for effect 🙂

This has been us 🙂 Online classes 🖥

We’re still looking at what Phase 2 means for our classes but online classes will continue and for now we have our outdoor classes for 9 students at a time!

We’ll share our plans for Phase 2 soon 🥋

Parking Lot Classes?! 🤯
A big thank you to our shopping center! 🙏

We have been able to create an outdoor classroom that works to safely train during this phase of reopening! 🥋🥋🥋

So glad to welcome some of our students back while still continuing the online classes 🖥

We are excited to get some students in here. Once we are able we will be in full gear. We miss you all and we can’t wait!

🥋 Meeting our new students!! 😃
We’re so excited to work with you online 🖥
AND we can’t wait until we have students in the academy again 🥋🥋🥋🥋

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Teach Your Kids How to Set & Achieve Goals and Persevere! Click Here for More Info! 👉


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