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Founded by a single mom of three + a bachelor = one hell of a motivated pair. We help individuals find their strength, UNLOCK their potential to be EXTRAordinary.

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It’s Sunday so for me that’s means Meal Prep Day! I meal prep 2x week for ease of planning and time.

5 Benefits to Meal Prepping:

1. Lose Weight: planning meals in advance is key to weight loss as you can control WHAT and HOW much you are putting into your body.

2. Save Time: an upfront investment is needed to plan meals and to prepare them but you will save time overall by doing so.

3. Reduce Stress: stress can affect the immune system, cause digestive issues, and disrupt sleep patterns. Coming home after a long day at work and trying to plan a healthy dinner can stressful.

4. Willpower: by consistently eating healthy, you will gradually stop craving sugar and other fatty foods. A solid routine is key to eating healthy.

5. Investment in Your Health: choose ahead of time WHAT you will eat. You will eat cleaner by planning ahead and won’t be at risk for scrambling to find something to eat and choose something unhealthy.

Comment below “Ready” if you are ready to learn how to invest in your health!


Hi All! Who would be interested in doing a cardio session with Angie and Rob!

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Let’s burn it up!


If you sweat more during a workout you burn more calories?


Today’s Core Workout of Five!

9 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible)

Comment your scores below!


30 seconds on
30 seconds off

The magic combo for this core burner!

Tag a workout buddy to add this into your workout routine and there is more to come every


This is truth. Wellness comes in all shapes and sizes - begin your wellness journey now by sending us a message with your short term and long term goal. Personally, Professionally, Physically.

Let’s do this.

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4 weeks 💪🔥

This amazing woman realized cardio and Nutrition would only take her so far and decided to add strength training to her fitness routine ♥️💪

- feeling stronger
- building lean muscle to sculpt her body
-Strong NOT Skinny

I can't wait to see the end result as we are just 30 days in of her 90 day strength program 🔥🔥

In just a couple more months she will be the BEST version of herself both physically and mentally because she took ACTION 🔥

UNLOCKING her True Potential 💪

She has lost .5 inches on her waist, thighs and chest while gaining lean muscle and definition in her biceps and shoulders 🔥


What is the blocker keeping you from unlocking your potential?


Deadlifts - A common movement or what people call a part the BIG 3!

Target Muscle Groups:
Posterior Chain

Growing up I always heard lift with your legs not your back. Y’all remember this?

It’s true. A cue I use with our clients at is push and spread the floor away with your feet.

Now it doesn’t have to be heavy, remember Time Under Tension build muscles...

yes that is right weight on the bar doesn’t mean jack.

(Yes I know I am not following this technique - I am doing a maximal strength phase in my program)

It is crucial that you activate the muscle groups we are working so the prescribed warmup is:

1. A deep goblet squat for hip mobility

2. Hip airplane for hip coordination and rotation stability

3. Bridges for priming glute strength/activation

4. Bird dog for core stability

5. Infinity Band Good Mornings

Perform 3-5 good sets of these focusing on truly activating that muscle group.

Want more tips? Check us out on facebook or book a complimentary consult with or I (.jerk.snatch)


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Meet Rob and Angie - Founders of , we believe that each individual can UNLOCK the potential of a warrior.

Areta comes from the Greek language meaning - unlock ones true potential.

We promise just that.

In today's world life in very uncertain. Through the undulating day to day habits we sometimes just need an extra push.

That is where our programming comes in.

You could purchase a generic program by some beefed up bro or some chica... Usually it is designed for their needs not yours.

takes into account your body, your mobility, your nutrition and YOUR habits to develop a CUSTOMIZED 1 on 1 fitness and nutrition plan FOR YOU.

Our clients receive coaching just as they would in the gym, we walk by your side and keep you accountable for everything you do.

At the end of the day we are

Book your FREE consultation today at:

See you there!


As we approach the end of February, how are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions?

Are you crushing it or are you at a standstill and need help?

Don’t wait another day. Results come with ACTION!

Kickstarting Healthy Lifestyles 02/18/2021

Kickstarting Healthy Lifestyles

Be sure to check out our new and updated website!

Kickstarting Healthy Lifestyles Let's work out together!


#onebadassmom, #onefitbachelor... One Common Goal

Welcome to Areta.

Areta Fitness and Nutrition updated their business hours. 02/18/2021

Areta Fitness and Nutrition updated their business hours.

Areta Fitness and Nutrition updated their business hours.

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Today’s Core Workout of Five!9 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible)Comment your scores below! #coreworkout #fitness...
30 seconds on30 seconds off The magic combo for this core burner! Tag a workout buddy to add this into your workout rout...
Deadlifts - A common movement or what people call a part the BIG 3! Target Muscle Groups:GlutesHamstrings CorePosterior ...
#onebadassmom, #onefitbachelor... One Common Goal





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