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Wow guys!! What an amazing production of Rent tonight! We loved every minute of it!!! Thank you so much!!! Your hard work was seen, heard and felt!
Can't wait to see another great production!
We were lucky to have our schedule open up to be able to fit in the closing encore performance of Bright Star. It will be a night that we will never forget. Congratulations to the entire cast, crew, and everyone involved for a job well done.
Can't wait ...
Hey Rock Ridge Performing Arts. Gateway Community Theatre, in Stone Ridge/South Riding area, is looking for a Charlie Brown for You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Rehearsals start in June for a July performance. They have auditions this weekend or you can send in an audition via email.
Thank you Sonabank for allowing us to perform downtown!
Hey! Rock Ridge Performing Arts! I got The Mary Poppins! Parrot Umbrella! as a prop! if you guys would like to use it for the show! but as long as you give it back to me after the show is over!!!
You might have seen many High School theater productions, but I guarantee that you have never seen anything like Rock Ridge Performing Arts. "Mary Poppins" an original Disney Musical is hitting the stage at RRHS this spring. This fantastic production is a show for all ages and will be RRPA's biggest production to date. With over 150 students involved, it will have the most costumes, biggest set pieces, and spectacular flying that you have ever seen at RRPA! Tickets are already selling! We have sold over 500 tickets to date. Just this past week, 300 tickets have been sold. Some of the best seats in the house are already gone! We encourage you, your family, and friends, to buy your tickets early to guarantee a great time with us this spring! We hope you purchase your tickets soon for this incredible musical! Rock Ridge Performing Arts
How's Rehershal for Mary Poppins!!! Can't wait for Her!!!!

Generating a theatrical community for Rock Ridge High School's Theatre Program, inclusive of participants, family members and supporters.

Mr. John Duellman, the principal of Rock Ridge High School met Mr. Cimino-Johnson a top the Administration Building for LCPS. Right away, the two of them agreed that the community of RRHS desired a strong, college and career ready program, that built community and served the students of RRHS. In its first year, RRHS produced "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" and "Beauty and the Beast". With the support of the community, RRHS has grown into a flourishing program. Most recently it was awarded "Outstanding School" from the Educational Theatre Association. Each year, RRHS strives to foster community, provide college and career ready opportunities, and challenge the students to create, innovate, and inspire one show at a time.

Mission: MISSION STATEMENT: Rock Ridge Performing Arts provides avenues for artistic development, creative and innovative problem solving skills, and inspiring social and emotional growth through a comprehensive theatre education program. VISION STATEMENT: Rock Ridge Performing Arts will achieve this by: 1. Providing a rigorous college and career ready program. 2. Creating opportunities that foster and build community locally, statewide, nationally and internationally. 3. Advocating for our students, school, and stakeholders through training, toolkits, and partnerships

[06/07/20]   The results are in... The winner of RRPA’s Show Showdown is NEWSIES! This show rounded out season 5 with a bang. Newsies was high energy with iconic dances, stunts, and songs that will go down in RRPA history. Thank you to everyone who participated in our Show Showdown! ❤️🗞#RRPANewsies

At RRPA’s virtual Rockies, we want YOU to help honor the seniors and the hard work done this year by recording performances to present! You can submit any kind of performance such as; musical theatre solo, group number, dance, or monologue. The link to the google form is available at! 🎭🎥

Our next superior IE showcase goes to Jacqueline Le!! Jacqueline performed the song “What Baking Can Do” from the Broadway hit musical the Waitress. We are so proud of you!!❤️ #RRPAIEshowcase

Mark your calendars! Our annual Rockies event is just around the corner! Throughout the night students will receive “Rocky” awards, seniors will receive Senior Awards and Gifts, thespian inductions will occur, student performances will be shared, and so so much more! You don’t want to miss this amazing virtual celebration on June 17th! More info at 🏆🎭

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Self-awareness, self-efficacy, self-management and perseverance, social awareness and relationship skills are central to any arts education activity. #ArtsEdIsEssential #ArtsAdvoc

Another HUGE congratulations to RRPA member Elizabeth for receiving a superior on her set design!! Elizabeth presented her scenic design for Peter Pan: A steampunk adventure, which came to life on our stage this fall!! 👍❤️

RRPA SENIORS! Scholarship applications close THIS MONDAY June 1st so get those in ASAP! There is an essay requirement and reccomendation forms, so don’t wait until the last minute. To submit you application and get more details, visit 👍

Senior power circle TONIGHT at 6pm! Seniors will share their speeches and memories, and we will close this chapter for RRPA’s class of 2020! Any and all RRPA members are welcome and encouraged to attend ❤️ The link to the meeting can be found on the calendar @ 👍

RRPA SENIORS! Our virtual senior meeting is TODAY at 1PM so don’t miss it 👍 If you would like to attend our virtual senior power circle and give your final senior speech TOMORROW, you need to attend today’s meeting! Access to the meeting will be posted shortly. See you @ 1! ❤️🤍

THANK YOU to our fabulous guest teachers, Savannah Sides and Elle Ouimet, for teaching two incredible dance workshops this weekend! Stay tuned for more alumni and student taught workshops in the future!!❤️👀

Congrats RYAN on receiving a superior on your technical IE!! Ryan created and presented his amazing model of the scenic design for Big Fish. We are so proud of you!❤️ #RRPAIEshowcase

Congratulations to Katie for committing to CAP 21, pursuing a BFA in Theatre Arts. Katie has been involved in many areas of RRPA beginning her freshman year. Taking part in tech, performing, participating as a member of the board, and serving as marketing director, she has become a hardworking leader in so many areas of the program. We are so proud and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you Katie!! ❤️
I joined RRPA the summer before my freshman year with the Annie Jr. camp. After this one show, I knew I had found my second home. Around 20 shows later, my love for this company grows every single day. I have had the honor of serving on the student board, directing, choreographing, performing, and leading marketing. I am forever grateful for the lessons and opportunities RRPA has given me, as well as the overwhelming support and love. Without RRPA and the mentorship of all of our directors I wouldn’t be where I am today! My mentors, directors, cast mates, and family have taken me on a journey that truly did impact my life one story at a time.

TODAY AT 2!! Join Savannah Sides as she teaches a super fun dance combination to a song from the hit broadway musical In the Heights! Swipe for the meeting ID. See you all soon 💕💃🏼
*sponsored by the RRPA drama boosters*

TODAY AT 2!! Join Savannah Sides as she teaches a super fun dance combination! Swipe for the meeting ID. See you all soon! *sponsored by the RRPA drama boosters*

Calling all RRPA seniors! We will be having a virtual senior meeting on Tuesday, May 26 so mark your calendars! In order to participate in our long standing tradition of a senior power circle the following day, we ask that you join this senior meeting! We can’t wait to see you all again and keep our traditions alive. ❤️ #classof2020 #RRPAseniors

[05/21/20]   Click through to RRPA’s 9th Weekly Cabaret. Has it been 9 weeks already?! The talent is always amazing every week, so go send these artists some love! ❤️🎭

DANCE WORKSHOP TODAY!!! TUNE IN at 2pm to participate in an amazing workshop taught by Elle Ouimet! She has prepared TWO amazing combos from the broadway hits, Dreamgirls and Jagged Little Pill.
We can’t wait to see you there!! Use the information below to join the Zoom meeting⬇️

Meeting ID: 814 7476 5610

Password: 1fETm1

Congratulations to Amanda for committing to George Mason University for a B.A in Theatre! Amanda has been a wonderful addition to RRPA, demonstrating a range of abilities and a wonderful work ethic. Thank you for all the joy you bring, Amanda!
RRPA has been a joy to be a part of, albeit being a short time in my life. My first RRPA show was Newsies, and since then I've been enamoured with the program, going on to do Peter Pan: A Steampunk Adventure, and help out with Big Fish as a quick change and hair & makeup artist. This wonderful company has helped me so much that I can't even begin to describe. Thanks for impacting my life, one story at a time.

Musical Theatre is a tight knit class that will teach you everything you need to know about pursuing a career in performance! From putting on a whole production, to creating your personal brand, to building the perfect resume, Musical Theatre will help you master both the performance, technical, and business aspects of theatre! Join this class to put on the show of your life, and gain lifelong career skills! 🎤📕#RRPAmusicaltheatre

Congratulations to Alex for receiving a superior rating on your musical theatre IE!! Alex performed the song “The Smell of Rebellion” from Matilda the musical. We are so proud of you!!❤️ #RRPAieshowcase

Congratulations to Collin Kilfeather for committing to CAP21 for a BFA in Theatre Arts! Collin has been a part of RRPA since his freshman year, and has been a wonderful leader in the company ever since. Collin will always be remembered as one of the hardest working and passionate students RRPA has ever had. Thank you for the years of dedication and joy you’ve brought, Collin! ❤️
I have been a member of RRPA for 4 years now with my first show being the spring musical Tarzan. I’ve had the opportunity to play so many roles, from Jack Kelly in Newsies- to a soldier in Aida. Now I’m excited to take my next step and learn as much as I can in New York! I found my passion for performing in RRPA, and I am so thankful for everything the company has taught me to get me to where I am today.

Make sure to clear your calendars!! RRPA will be offering TWO amazing virtual dance workshops on the 21st, taught by Elle Ouimet, and the 23rd, taught by Savannah Sides. Stay tuned for more information!

RRPA SENIORS!! Scholarship applications are open NOW and can be found on our website. Answer questions thoughtfully and take your time, this is an amazing opportunity! Open until June 1st so get started! 👍

[05/15/20]   Time for this week’s Virtual Cabaret! This week features amazing performances, as well as a student written short play! Enjoy ❤️👍

RRPA’s Bright Star Reunion: The Sun is Gonna Shine Again

The company of Bright Star has reunited in order to tell a message that we all need to hear: The sun is going to shine again! As the days of social distancing drag on, we must hold onto what we know. As long as we have each other we know that the sun WILL shine again, and these times of hardship won’t last forever. Thank you all for going on the journey of Bright Star with us, and we hope this reuinion has brought some sunshine into your lives. Thank you to Edie Brickell, Steve Martin, and TRW for providing us the space to tell this beautiful message. It is times like these we need the joy of arts more than ever! Here at RRPA we will keep the arts flourishing, and continue to impact lives one story at a time ❤️ Thank you to all of the alumni, directors, and students for helping us share this beautiful message! #loverrpa #rrpabrightstar #wolftrapvirtualstage
Theatrical Rights Worldwide. Loudoun County Public Schools. Wolf Trap. Rock Ridge High School PTSO. Ellen DeGeneres.International Thespian Society HQ. Loudoun Times-Mirror. NBC Washington.

Our DE Intro to Theatre class is a wonderful course that dives deep into the foundation of theatre, earning students college credits for their work. This class is open to all grade levels- even seniors are encouraged to take DE Intro to re emphasize the foundations and building blocks of theatre. Consider adding DE Intro to your classes next year for a fun and safe space to explore your love of theatre! 👍 #Whydotheatre #RRPAIntroToTheatre

Happy teacher appreciation week! Here at RRPA, our teachers go above and beyond in order to give every single student a wonderful experience and training. They are not just our teachers, but they are our mentors. Without these wonderful people to guide us this time would be nearly impossible. Whenever we lose our way, they are there to help us towards the right path. Thank you all for everything you do, and for every sacrifice you have made for us. We love you! ❤️

Happy teacher appreciation week! Here at RRPA, our teachers go above and beyond in order to give every single student a wonderful experience and training. They are not just our teachers, but they are our mentors. Without these wonderful people to guide us this time would be nearly impossible. Whenever we lose our way, they are there to help us towards the right path. Thank you all for everything you do, and for every sacrifice you have made for us. We love you! ❤️

[05/07/20]   Click through to our Instagram for this weeks Virtual Cabaret! This week features two incredible soloists, a wonderful guitar piece, and a duet featuring an RRPA alum! 👍

Congratulations to Natalia Naugle for committing to The Cooper Union for Architecture! Natalia has been a vital part of RRPA since her sophomore year, and has been a designer and technician for many shows. Natalia is not only extremely talented, but a wonderful leader and hard worker! Thank you for your positive attitude and dedication over the years. You will be missed very much, Natalia! ❤️
I joined RRPA during my sophomore year and my first show was Mary Poppins and it was, to put it simply, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I have been lucky enough to be a part of the design team and/or build/tech crew for Aladdin, 9-to-5, Bright Star, Peter Pan, Legally Blonde, and Big Fish. RRPA and the directors showed me my love for design and for that I am beyond thankful. Thank you to my fellow seniors and EVERY SINGLE PERSON at RRPA for showing where hard work and passion can take you. Love you guys.

RRPA students! Make sure to fill out and turn in your ITS point sheets so you can receive points for the work you’ve done! The link to the sheets can be found on the main page of These are due no later than THIS FRIDAY so take a minute or two and do them NOW! Don’t know what ITS points are? Feel free to DM us with any questions 👍

At the Virginia Thespian Conference this year, 36 of RRPA’s students received a superior rating on their individual events. With these ratings, the students have earned themselves a spot to perform these IE’s at the national level. Because the International Thespian Festival has been moved to a virtual platform, we have decided to honor and showcase those with superior ratings over the next few weeks! Nothing can replace performing and presenting the IE’s live, but we hope that we can honor the time and artistry that has gone into our students work! Congratulations to all of our students, and keep a look out for our Superior IE posts highlighting our students work ❤️

Congratulations to Megan Hilbert for committing to Longwood University as a Business major with a minor in Psych! Megan has been a vital part of RRPA since her freshman year, and has been a wonderful performer and leader. She has brought so much joy and artistry to everything she has done, and we will miss her very much! Thank you for all you do, Megan ❤️
I joined RRPA my freshman year when I auditioned for Tarzan and got my first role as a butterfly. Through each and every role I learned more about myself and not only how to act but how to be a better person. I’ve met so many amazing people and I can’t wait to use my skills learned in RRPA to take me even further in the future!

VOTE RRPA! Rock Ridge Performing Arts has been nominated for THREE categories for the Best for Families 2020. Click the link below to vote for RRPA in these categories:

Best Arts Program

Best Children’s Theatre or Drama Instruction

Best Day Camp

Voting ends MAY 15TH so click the link to vote TODAY!! Thank you all for your continued support!

Inspired by Playbill’s quarantine posters, we decided to make our own- RRPA style! These times are very hard for all of us, but a lot of times humor is the outlet we all need to get through! Enjoy these hilarious quarantine themed musical posters of our past shows 😂 #QuarentineAMusical

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RRPA’s Bright Star Reunion: The Sun is Gonna Shine Again




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Each year, RRPA produces anywhere from 5 - 8 productions for the community.
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