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Innovative Ideas in Education, LLC is a tutoring business that provides private instruction, small group instruction, currently using Zoom for all sessions, which are tailored to meet the educational needs of your student(s).

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[09/18/20]   This young man posted on the Nextdoor App. I thought I would repost here in case anyone needs a math tutor.

Shika Singh Broadlands ( posted August 25, 2020)

Tutoring. Hello! I am a freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University! I am a math tutor for kids of all ages from any level of math. I have taken AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB and received a 4 on the AP Exams and I received a 33 on my ACT Math. So if anyone is interested in finding a math tutor, I am available on Friday/Saturday for Zoom Session! You can contact me at: (571)-577-5559

A New Alphabet for Humanity

I ordered mine yesterday and I"m excited to receive it. I'll share it with all of you once it arrives. A New Conscious Alphabet Book to inspire children around the world to be compassionate, kind and loving to people and the planet.

A New Alphabet For Humanity

Please get this book for the little loved ones in your life.

Join along with A New Alphabet For Humanity to join the heart centered educational revolution we so badly need!

For each book that is sold, a tree is planted.

I see... Animals Book Set (Printable PDF)

This looks fabulous. Builds Confidence In Your Pre-Readers I see Animals: 18 Book Set: 3 Differentiated Versions Per Book Peek Inside This highly engaging set of pre-emergent readers will give your non-readers the confidence they need to begin reading instruction by using repetitive and predictive story text. Each of th...

The Teacher Next Door



Blessed with good friends.

I'm praying for a healthy school year for all faculty and support staff, students and their families.

I'm available for phone call support if any parents need ideas for helping their students or just feel confused about how the year will look in their homes. PM with your questions or concerns. If I can't answer them, I will find someone for you that can.

Have a great 2020-2021 school year!

9 Empowering Books on Wellness for Kids Ages 9 - 12 | Brightly Guide tweens into a life of physical, mental, and social wellness with books that focus on each of these dimensions. Let me start off by saying that Sarah is a wonderful daughter.  She loves to laugh and play, but is also extremely shy and gets stressed out easily...

Picture Books That Celebrate Grandparents | Brightly The special relationship between a child and their grandparent is worth celebrating. These picture books make wonderful gifts that both grandparents and children will love for years to come.

Planning Playtime - Learning Through Play


This is a fun activity for the whole family. Search around the house for objects that rhyme and make your own rhyming game. Help children write the words for each object. Look at parts of the words that are similar. Some rhyming words do not have similar endings but some do. Make a list of those that have similarities and those that don’t. Listen for the like sounding parts. Think about what letters make those sounds. Here is my game.

Crafty Panda

3 ideas for painting in a new way
Credit: Wigglz' Art

Reading Simplified

Why do reading programs expect us to teach SO many skills in isolation? We don't have time for that❗️⏰

What if we could dump the instructional waste and instead replace oodles of activities with JUST 1 Word Work game❓

In just 5 minutes, the game we term Switch It simultaneously teaches:

1) left-to-right tracking;
2) the concept of the alphabetic principle;
3) phoneme segmentation;
4) phoneme manipulation;
5) consonant and consonant digraph knowledge;
6) short vowel knowledge;
7) sound-based decoding skill; and
8) spelling.

Why cover all these skills in SEPARATE activities--one after the other--when JUST 1 activity 💥 can teach them all?

Not only does this activity streamline instruction for YOU, it also ACCELERATES reading achievement for all readers. ⚡️

Truly in minutes or a couple of days, teachers witness students moving up levels of phonemic difficulty and gaining several new letter-sounds with Switch It alone.

Snag your own complementary guide and word list for Switch It here 👇🏾


[08/19/20]   Over the past 15 years tutoring has been my calling. Many wonderful families have walked through my front door and each student has brought with them individual talents and struggles. Yesterday, I received an email from one family who I met this summer. Zoom sessions offer their own set of challenges but together we made a plan that worked for this student. Here is the email from this incredible family.

Lenora is fantastic. In general, she has a lovely persona and very easy to work with and talk to. This made it very easy for our 5.5 year old daughter to chat with her. She is amazing with kids, even in the virtual context we were working in.

Before we ever got started, Lenora sent a list of questions for us to answer about goals for our daughter, as well as, her likes and interest. Then, Lenora put together a HUGE tub of materials including games, books, exercises, coloring sheets, etc. And then before each session, she would let is know what materials would be needed. And she would start things off with a song or dance for fun. Constantly complimenting or cheering her on, whether it was writing, spelling or learning about stories. Lenora was also very in tune with her needs, changing up the materials planned per her attention or mood or knowing when to call or quits for the day.

We had 2 - 30min - sessions every other week June, July, and August. Our daughter went from not even wanting to go through her ABC's to now proudly writing out her sight words and recognizing them in books. Now, she is ready for virtual learning for Kindergarten and having the basics of story time, feeling confident that she CAN do it.

Lenora, thank you so much. You are an amazing and gifted teacher.

11 Books That Embrace Disabilities and Differences | Brightly From the real life story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, who had a deformed leg and eventually became a cyclist, to John Green’s novel about a girl coping with anxiety, these books embrace the things that make us who we are.

6 Tips to Get Your Kids Focused on the New School Year | Brightly How can parents help their kids get back on track after those blissful weeks of summer relaxation and recreation? Here are six tips to get you started.

Ain’t Nothing But a Family Thing: Books About All Kinds of Families | Brightly From adoption to divorce to same-sex families, kids and parents can find books that explain how all sorts of families are formed in all sorts of ways.

Reading Through It Together: Educational Resources & Activities to Use While the Kids Are at Home | Brightly Whether you’re looking to keep them focused on learning, just need some peace and quiet, or a little of both, we’re here for you.

14 Books to Help Kids Get Ready for the New School Year | Brightly If your child is anxious about moving to the next grade or a new school, these books will help ease their fears and remind them of all the fun they’ll have.

Kid-Approved Books for Struggling Second and Third Grade Readers | Brightly These tips, along with kid-approved book recommendations, will help parents and educators who have a reluctant second or third grade reader on their hands.

Books on Growing Up for Teens | Brightly Many young adult books are about growing up — finding yourself, love, and leaving childhood. These nine books put the experience of growing up center stage.

[07/31/20]   “Lenora we love you SO much. You were a beacon of light when our family needed it most. You taught me to be a better &more patient mom. My boys are better for having known YOU. It wasn’t just the milkshakes and organic lollipops.”

This is a note that I came across in a box of keepsakes that I have kept over the years. The box contains treasures from students and parents. In uncertain times and when negativity seems to be rampant, I pull out this box and read the notes I’ve been given or texts I’ve been sent and that I’ve printed. Here is one such text that I will always treasure.

To the author: I hope You don’t mind me publicly posting this. I’m pretty sure You will recognize it if you are following my posts. Your family was a blessing to me and I’m forever grateful for knowing you.

Being a teacher is a blessing and having the privilege to affect change and work with families is a gift. It’s been a fulfilling career and although education has gone through many changes over the past 40+ years that I’ve been a teacher both in the classroom and as a tutoring business owner the most important aspect hasn’t changed. It is a privilege to teach and an enormous gift.

Whether in person or virtual, educators possess the patience, persistence and creativity to weather the challenges ahead. Be brave, be honest, be creative and be patient. We can take what seems like impossible circumstances and make the moments we are given count.

Take a deep breathe and do what we’ve been trained to do. I am a Virginia certified reading specialist. I love teaching students how to learn and I strive to make the experiences exciting, challenging and rewarding.

Virtual tutoring sessions for grades K-8 are available, Monday through Thursday from 8:00am -6:00pm. Please contact me for more information. I make sessions hands-on by providing materials to your child which we use during our sessions. This is particularly important for elementary students. Middle school students have binders which I create for their specific needs. They learn organization and time management with my guidance.

References are available upon request.

Best Learning Workbooks for Pre-K and Elementary Students | Brightly Whether you’re a parent or caregiver looking to prevent the dreaded summer slide or simply trying to fill in the time that would usually be taken up by other activities, here are some of the best workbooks for kids in preschool and elementary school.

15 Books for Kids About the Immigrant Experience in America From picture books to YA nonfiction, these books inspire readers to think deeper about our fellow Americans, their stories, and their experiences.

10 Books About Mindfulness and Meditation for Younger Kids | Brightly These 10 books will help younger kids learn how to slow down, focus on their breathing, and become more mindful of big emotions swirling around inside them.

15 Books for Kids About the Immigrant Experience in America From picture books to YA nonfiction, these books inspire readers to think deeper about our fellow Americans, their stories, and their experiences.

Happily Ever After: 17 Multicultural Fairy Tales to Delight Every Child Today's fairy tales present young readers will all kinds of characters, cultures, and stories. Here are 18 magical retellings for kids and adults to enjoy.

Game Idea for addition and subtraction practice

Draw a large apple on heavy white cardstock and color it red. Cut a slit in the top left corner as shown in the video. Make worms and write math problems on them. Write the problem on one line and the answer on the next line just below it. Wrtite the problems in a sequence so that the answers increase in value for addition or decrease in value for subtraction. As your child pulls the worm through the slit have him/her recite the problem aloud and say the answer. This can be created to practice subtraction in the same manner.

Here is a Math game idea you can make that will help your child practice addition, subtraction or multiplication and division.

Cut triangles from colored paper. Write the numbers in a fact family in the corners of the triangle. Help your child write the problems associated with these numbers. Example: 5 + 4=9, 4 + 5=9, 9 -5= 4. 9 - 4=5

For multiplication an example might be to write the numbers 24, 6, and 4. Math sentences include 4 X 6=24 24 divided by 6= 4 and 24 divided by 4=6.

10 Picture Books to Inspire Children to Get Outside and Explore | Brightly Brimming with adventure and joy, these tales will make your whole family want to put down the screens, head outdoors, and explore the beauty of nature.

Practicing simple addition and subtraction can be fun and challenging with this easy-to-make ice cube tray sorter.

How to Make the game: Write the numbers in the tray sections. Write addition and subtraction problems on white pieces of construction paper. I write addition problems in red ink and subtraction problems in blue ink. Make the cards self-correcting by writing the answers small and lightly in pencil on the reverse side of each card.

How to Play the game: Spread the cards out problem side up on a flat surface. Have your child/student read each problem aloud. Provide counters if necessary. Use food like chunks of carrots or goldfish, where appropriate, for counters. You can use Legos or macaroni for counters too. Anything that is not a choking hazard and tactile can be used for counting. It’s important children/students visually make the sets and see the sets being joined together or taken away. This helps with understanding.

Tell the child/student to find each cards’ answer and place it in the section that contains the number that represents the answer to the problem. Variations: This can be done with other mathematical operations such as multiplication for example .

Helping Students Cope with Change and Disruption Our country, our schools, and our students are facing incredible adversity right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has already produced the largest disturbance our school system has ever seen. Schools shut their doors to in-person learning this spring, quickly entering the tumultuous, uncharted territory o...

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Game Idea for addition and subtraction practice
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