The Braining Center, Ashburn, VA Video December 20, 2018, 9:00pm

Videos by The Braining Center in Ashburn. Coming to a Senior Living Center near you!

Other The Braining Center videos

Sorry we missed Brain Buzz yesterday, but we had to train all these new Power Braining instructors! Looking forward to starting a lot of new classes. Brain Buzz will be back next week.

Being Thankful - The Power of Gratitude
Brain Buzz 32: Being Thankful - The Power of Gratitude

POWER BRAINing at Tribute
Fantastic turnout at Tribute's Lunch and Learn. Everyone Loved POWER BRAINing! Learn more at

Intro to Empowering your Subconscious Super Computer
To watch full video, goto:

Intro to Stress and Memory and 4-7-8 Breathing. To see entire session, goto:
Intro to Stress and Memory and 4-7-8 Breathing. To see entire session, goto:

Power Braining Demo to a Packed House at VHC
Power Braining Demo was a huge success and Virginia Hospital Center had a packed house on Wednesday night! Mike Harrigan gave a fantastic overview of Neuroplasticity and Power Braining prior to demonstrating this revolutionary program to the nearly 50 enthusiastic participants. There are only a few spots left for Power Braining classes at VHC, Carlin Springs Campus. Don't miss your chance to register for classes starting next week: for Tuesdays and for Fridays.

Is Stress Contagious?
Mike explores whether stress is contagious. Very interesting.

Growth Mindset vs Change Mindset
Mike discusses the differences between a Growth Mindset and a Change Mindset and how the Growth mindset is better for your brain. He also discusses how to change and get that growth mindset.

Leg Exercise and the Brain
Leg Exercise and the Brain. Mike discusses how leg exercises enhance your cognitive ability in many ways. Using the legs can help with the production of neural cells.

Aerobic Exercise and the Brain

Brain Buzz with Mike - Brain Hacks for Better Sleep
Some tips on how you can get better sleep. Sleep is vitally important to every aspect of your life!

Brain Buzz with Mike - Sleep Apnea
Sleep Apnea and the improtance of sleep

Brain Buzz with Mike - How Light Affects Sleep
Discussion of how light affects sleep. Some positive and some negative affects.

Brain Buzz with Mike - The Importance of Sleep - May 15, 2018

Chunking - The Memory Technique - May 8, 2018

Brain Buzz with Mike - Mindset: Dualism vs Physicalism
Mindset: Dualism vs Physicalism - May 1, 2018

Power Braining Demo for WFAHA at Amen Clinics
Thank you to the Amen Clinic of Reston for inviting us to the WFAHA meeting on Tuesday. Everyone had a great time with our Power Braining demo and we met some wonderful people.

Brain Buzz with Mike - The Ben Underwood Story - Example of Neuroplasticity
Mike discusses Ben Underwood, a boy who because blind as a young child, whose brain used Neuroplasticity to use echo-locating to learn to "see".

Fantastic tournout on Saturday at our Power Braining demo at Amen Clinics. Everyone really enjoyed the class. Be sure to register for free classes in April at

Brain Buzz with Mike - Link between Oral Hygiene and Dementia 04/10/18
Hello people... 😀We'll be starting in just a couple of minutes...

Brain Buzz with Mike Series 6 - Brain Body Connection
Mike discusses the article Unhappiness is a Palette Cleanser ( and discusses how this phenomena works in our brain.

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