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At SpiderSmart, our teachers go beyond tutoring. They build upon strengths, help overcome weaknesses, and, above all, instill a sense of intellectual independence in our students. With an emphasis on planning, organization, and critical thinking, our teachers guide students to discover the inspiration that will spark their education.

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In today's SpiderSmart Guide to Writing video, we are going to learn how to write our body paragraphs, Smarties! Now that the persuasive essay introduction is complete, you can take the time to elaborate on what your book is about! Why people might want to go see a movie version of it, and what are some lessons the movie adaptation of the book might be able to teach viewers?

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This week’s SpiderSmart Current Events is on Veterans Day! Where did our holiday originate from and how do other countries celebrate it? Read below!


Key Words:


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In light of Veterans Day, today's SpiderSmart book trailer brings to life the Battle of Gettysburg, one of the most important and intense battles of the American Civil War! Thank you to those who have served and continue to serve our country!

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SpiderSmart specializes in Phonics and Early Reading programs to get your child on the right track learning how to read, write, and speak. Our instructors dedicate one-on-one time and attention towards meeting individual needs and guiding young students through early reading!

Original Testimonial: “I highly recommend this center for reading. My son’s reading skills improved significantly in a very short time span. The tutors dedicate one-on-one attention which is needed for younger students.”

Kenza K. about the SpiderSmart Tysons Center

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If 2 + 4 = 21 and 3 + 5 = 42, then what does 3 + 7 equal in this wacky numbers game? Can you discover the pattern and find the solution, Smarties? We know you can do it!

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Today’s SpiderSmart Guide to Writing is about the persuasive essay! Can you think of a great book that would make a good movie, Smarties? Get your thinking caps on and start writing!

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Today's SpiderSmart Current Events is all about another SpiderSmart fan favorite, author of the best-selling Harry Potter series J.K. Rowling! You will be happy to know that Rowling is still writing about magic, Smarties!


Vocabulary List:

tinsel town

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In light of Author’s Day this past Friday, we want to honor some of the most important authors at SpiderSmart! This week’s book trailer is about the five most popular authors at our SpiderSmart Learning Center!

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No matter where your child may have areas of improvement, SpiderSmart is here ready to help guide them! Watch your children reach their full potential with any number of our amazing educational programs!


"My 7 year old has been at Spider Smart Cinco Ranch for several months now. It is a great place to help my daughter reach her full potential.The director and teachers are very loving. Their teaching system is also highly recommended. I can't say enough about it!"

Christine Chen / SpiderSmart Cinco Ranch

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Happy Halloween, Smarties! Before you get ready to trick-or-treat, try this fun Math challenge that's oh so sweet! Our bats are playing with a number pattern! Can you figure it out and solve for the missing value below? Good luck!

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Happy SpiderSmart Current Events Wednesday! Halloween is almost upon us, Smarties! We all love to decorate pumpkins for Halloween, but did you know just how versatile pumpkins really are? Can you guess how much of your pumpkin you can eat after Halloween is said and done? Read the article to find out more!


Key Words:

Carbon dioxide

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For today's SpiderSmart Writing workshop, we will show you how to end your personal narrative story! Did you also know that writing a personal narrative is kind of like making a pizza? Watch the final clip of the series to learn all about it! Enjoy!

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Looking to get your children into the spirit with a fun Halloween read? "The Halloween Party from the Black Lagoon" tells the story of young Hubie and how he pulls off the perfect costume for Mrs. Green’s Halloween contest! Funny, silly, and Halloween-y, this book brings celebration and education together to create the perfect Halloween book for young readers!

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SpiderSmart offers individualized programs with collaborative opportunities. While our instructors help guide students and give them insight, they also encourage students to speak up about topics important to them. In this way, we help lay the foundation for current and future public speaking and debate skills!

"SpiderSmart is a great place for reading and writing enrichment as well as for having debate courses. The teachers here are high quality with abundant teaching experience. They are also certainly very responsible! My kids made obvious progress here. Recommend for kids who are struggling with writing or for kids who really love writing. Convenient location, easy to reach by highway 85."

Ye Josh / SpiderSmart Cupertino

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Happy Math Fun Thursday, Smarties! Do you love dogs? Then you'll enjoy solving this fun new Math riddle! Put your math skills (and dog breed knowledge) to the test and good luck! See the comments for the answer!

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Continuing the signatures of Fall, today's SpiderSmart current events is all about apples! They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Apples are known for their health benefits, and the good bacteria they host is no exception! Did you know that eating apple seeds may actually be good for you? Read the article below to learn more!


Today's Key Words:


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This week's SpiderSmart Writing workshop continues how to write the personal narrative! Last week, we learned how write the beginning to our personal narrative. Today we will guide you step by step on how to write a very important part of your story---the body paragraphs, or middle, of your story! Did you have time to think about your favorite present, Smarties? Now you can tell us more about it!

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What says Fall better than nature, leaves, and apple trees? Warm up to the Fall weather with the delightful tale of John Chapman, more famously known as Johnny Appleseed!

SpiderSmart's "Who Was Johnny Appleseed?" book trailer introduces the friendly American pioneer who helped spread the significance of apples and apple trees to many different states across America.

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Our SpiderSmart methods that we instill within our centers bring students and parents real results. We help a diverse community of students successfully excel in multiple subject areas, not just one. We thank you for the support and feedback!

"My 3rd grade son attended SpiderSmart over the summer and loved it. He was having trouble in Math and Reading. He looked forward to going to tutoring, learned so much, and gained a lot of confidence. Everyone that works there was a pleasure to deal with. Highly Recommend!"

Cheryl Weber
SpiderSmart Learning Center of Prosper

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Happy Math Fun Thursday, Smarties! If 2 + 5 = 25 and 4+5 = 45, can you solve the entire puzzle to crack the case? Good luck! When you think you have solved it, you can check the answer in the comments below!

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“America the Great!” “The Land of Opportunity.” “The Land of Freedom.”

Happy Columbus Day from SpiderSmart!
Today, we celebrate what events helped make America what it is today! You can start your child reading about important explorers with fun history books like “Christopher Columbus” in our Early Reading program!


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Today's SpiderSmart writing workshop introduces how to write the beginning to your own personal narrative! Our expert will guide you through starting the personal narrative story and how to write your topic or main idea. SpiderSmart wants to know, what is the best present you've ever gotten? Pick up a pencil and get writing, Smarties!


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At SpiderSmart, our students get to have fun learning in a way that builds both test scores and confidence!

Learn about the SpiderSmart Difference at https://www.spidersmart.com/about/difference

See our comprehensive list of programs at https://www.spidersmart.com/programs

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It's that time of week again— Math Fun Thursday! For today's riddle, take a look at these colorful triangles! Can you solve for the last triangle and figure out the missing value? Get ready, set, learn!

See SpiderSmart's Math Program here!

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Have you ever wondered what could happen if scientists develop the technology to edit human genes? Could we cure diseases? Could we finally have real-life superhuman abilities?

This week's Current Events features an article on human embryo editing:


Key Words for our SpiderSmart students to learn:

Forestall, Cognitive, In Vitro, Convene, Therapeutic

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Continued from last week, today's writing topic is How to Write A Personal Narrative! Enjoy our tutorial video!


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Why SpiderSmart? Watch this short video to learn more about our name!

Today we are celebrating our 7 year anniversary at SpiderSmart of Ashburn! Thank you to all the families, educators, and community members who have supported us over the years! 🎂 🎉 #spidersmart

Check out the classics at SpiderSmart!

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Find a SpiderSmart small group that fits your back-to-school schedule!

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Build critical thinking skills for the NNAT, CogAT, and more with creative lessons at SpiderSmart!

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Come see why kids love lessons at SpiderSmart!

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Need help getting started? SpiderSmart teachers show students how to pre-write, write, and edit!

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SpiderSmart starts working with students as young as four years old! Join us for phonics and early math today!

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See how much you can improve with just one hour per week!

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Every Smartie gets individual instruction at SpiderSmart!

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These Smarties had a blast learning Geometry vocabulary words and concepts at our Origami Workshop!

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Kids love learning at SpiderSmart because our lessons are hands-on, personalized, and FUN!

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Come to SpiderSmart to brush up on your multiplication tables before heading back to school!

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Make a friend at SpiderSmart!

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We know we have a Smartie hooked when they start doodling our logo!

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Check out these young students helping each other learn!

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There's always something new on the shelves at SpiderSmart. Check out your next summer read today!

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Kids love learning at SpiderSmart because they know they're growing and accomplishing more with every lesson!

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SpiderSmart small groups encourage Smarties to be more focused, more engaged, and get the most out of every lesson!

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