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Relevant Insight Coaching is designed to be your go-to service for landing the job offer through remarkable interview skills and using new skills to love and grow in the job you have. Helping you do YOU every step of the way.

I Speak, Train, and Coach teams, individuals, and especially young professionals who are hungry to maximize their potential in their career and increase results. Relevant Insight was started due to feedback on needed aspects of information to elevate team cohesiveness, individual performance in work life situations, and leaders in personnel development. Relevant Insight offers ebooks, training, and coaching on Interviewing UP, Receiving Useful Feedback and embracing Leadership Blind Spots - all to make positive change relevant to the increased bottom line of business.

Mission: To provide every individual the tools to value, strengthen, and be relevant in their own success. By inspiring, nurturing, and clarifying the positive mindset that gravitates an individual towards their own abundance in work and life, we lift up the world. Individual abundance is a truly relevant gift!

February tip #4

February tip#4. It is leap year! Take a leap of faith with me. Here are some thoughts to help you love what you do!

I have been asked- how did you start your business? Have you ever had an idea as you are sitting in a meeting - an idea that starts to bloom and gain evidence that it's a solid idea?

That happened to me as I was consulting with clients one afternoon. The question came up about coaching and for some odd reason, even though I was highly capable of filling the coaching role, they couldn't see me as anything other than their HR consultant. Hmmmmm - I had been successfully working with their team, successfully implementing programs that facilitated engagement, and I found myself coaching most of them as they embarked on new roles, responsibilities, and developed goals. I was coaching their future leaders - successfully - yet I was given credit as an HR consultant.

And then they hired an outside coach and - Boom! I knew I was not in the right space. I love my human resource background and it gives me a leg up in many cases with clients as I understand how to share best practices, steer them in leadership roles to understand their people and elevate their talent. Stepping into executive leadership coaching seemed as natural for me as stepping on a path in the woods that leads to new scenery and adventure. Turns out, I have a gift for this work.

The leaders I've been honored to call clients has been thrilling and while I will always relate with my HR professionals, my fellow coaches around the world have opened my eyes to how helpful and rewarding being a coach can be for the professionals of tomorrow. When I get to partner with a leader, it becomes the partnership that elevates them to where they want to lead, have influence, gain confidence, and rock their goals.

For the record - coaches do not tell people what to do! Coaches pull out of you what you really want to do - but are too hesitant or trained in a way that isn't working today. I'd love to discuss how you feel about coaches today - what you've heard, experienced, or just thought about when you hear the term. Let's bust some myths together!

Friday funnies...cats vs dogs. It's all about perspective!

When you hate the grind, how do you love what you do, enough to love the grind again? And what does this have to do with toilets???

February tip #3

Hello from winter wonderland! How can you make your workplace more interesting? Another tip for February to help you love what you do.

Great lessons can be learned from looking back through history. Enjoy this President's Day with a list of inspirational quotes from the 45 U.S. Presidents. Click here-

Got to meet a lot of interesting people who made me appreciate what others do for a living.
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Something to consider!

Friday funnies.....Happy Valentines Day! 😍

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February tip #2

What makes you tick? Learn how to connect your strengths to make your work more meaningful. Click here to schedule a free discovery session with me.

Friday funnies.....🤣

Jeep® | “Groundhog Day” | Bill Murray + Bushy-Tailed Buddy’s Off Script & Off Road Adventures Cut

This was my favorite commercial during the super bowl.

Game day is Groundhog Day. In this special edition Director's Cut Bill Murray takes us on even more adventures proving that living the same day over and over...

When the month of love comes around every year you hear a lot about romance. Consider pivoting away from romancing someone and consider romancing your career!🥰

February tip of the week

February tip of the week. Confucius probably has the best longstanding quote about “do what you love.” His words, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” have been repeated throughout history.

Happy Groundhog Day! The movie Groundhog Day is one of my favorite movies of all time. Murray's character is given a gift of having to repeat the same day over and over until he discovers his purpose. How would you act if there were nothing beyond today?

What is your prediction on the number of times an animal will appear in a Super Bowl commercial?

Friday funnies....are you ever secretly happy to blame something on your dog? Recently I forgot to unmute myself on a zoom call and I blamed it on my dog barking. But it was really just me forgetting! It sounded so much better when it was my dog's fault.

What is the one thought that always pops up that makes you hesitate? Even for a micro moment....

My favorite things are simple....a hot cup of tea, a great book, and a memory of someone sharing a story with me.

New Year, New You- tip 4

I learn so much from others that it is always a honor to do what I do! Thank you.

Take it from me – smiling can make your life grander than you ever imagined!
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Friday funnies...what are you an expert of?

Just Do It! You know when you need to do it- but you don't? Did you know that inaction = low confidence? Nike was right- to build confidence- Just Do It!

Success Strategy Group Coaching Program – RELEVANT INSIGHT

Group coaching starts today and I am so excited! This is an amazing group of professional superstars. You’ve always wanted to know how to maximize and rely on what you naturally do best. Here is a program designed to do just that! It has been proven that people gain results 20% faster when involved with a group coaching program; why not you? For the price of a cup of Starbucks coffee a day, you wi...

New Year, New You- tip3

What makes you smile without trying? 😃😃😃

The greatest heroes are out to change the world, one speech at a time, remembering this amazing man today and always. heroes


What do you like to do as a group? Group coaching starts in 5 days!

Friday Funnies....What would be your X-man super power?

What's one thing few people know about you that you find funny?

Group coaching delivers results 20% faster compared to individual learning. A new session is about to begin. Click here to learn more-

New Year, New You! Let’s find your stories that need to come forward. Click here to read the first blog of 2020-

New Year, New You- tip 2

Gallop found that people who use their strengths the majority of every day at work are 70% happier. Have you had your Strength Finder Assessment done? Here is a link to schedule a FREE discovery session with me!

Thank you to all the Amazon, UPS, FedEx, and USPS workers- they have stories!
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Something to remember when you feel stuck!

What has been your worst group experience at work? Here is what I found works. Click here to learn more!

Think you might want to increase your influence at work? There was a time when I needed this too. Click here to schedule a FREE discovery session with me to learn what I did.

Question of the Day....mine would have to be either I'm Not Dead Yet! or Amazingly Grateful.

New Year, New You- tip 1

Did you know mindfulness can help you at work? Here is an article featuring 10 ways to be more mindful at work!

I have a business spotlight on Radio America today from 10-11AM (EST)!
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Don't forget to recharge before charging into the the New Year!

Friday Funnies....if animals made New Years Resolutions. Do you make any New Years Resolutions?

Do you know how to Rock Your Confidence? Download our free guide!
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When you want to create a career of purpose, on purpose, I’m your coach!

I Speak, Train, and Coach on how to get, love, and grow in the job you want by communicating with influence. All designed for teams, individuals, and professionals who are hungry to maximize their potential in their career and increase results. Relevant Insight LLC started to offer coaching to elevate team cohesiveness, individual performance in work-life situations, and leaders in personal development and influence. Coaching, training programs, and speaking topics include ‘Interviewing UP’, creating ‘Limitless Feedback Loops’ to elevate performance and cohesion, driving ‘Compassion @ Work’ through judgement free curiosity, and embracing ‘Leadership Blind Spots’ - all to make positive change relevant to the increased bottom line of YOU doing YOU in your business.

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February tip #3
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New Year, New You-  tip 4
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