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Shankar Mahadevan's Breathless by Karthik..

Karthik enjoying the Breathless song performance.
Karthik Jayanthi

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Percussion Ensemble Debut At Notes n' Beats
Who can deny wanting to be part of this FUN!!!!! If you came to "THE FIRE" charity event this past Sunday, relive this experience! If not, enjoy this creative arrangment with wonderful closeups on our percussionists and their magic that drove the audience crazy. Watch till the end....The Encore presentation too! Crank up those speakers..

What is Bohemian Rhapsody?
Many words in this song are bizarre. Nonetheless, this is one of the greatest songs of all time with a meaning so deep and complex, that only Freddie Mercury could create, but many of us can relate to! The fantasy that we are living in... Here is a choir arrangement of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody performed by Notesnbeats. We are so proud to have performed this with such calibre(ALL-LIVE). No computers, no gimmicks! Just pure live sound. Performed at the 2019 benefit show, "THE FIRE", to raise funds for music education to those that cannot afford it at the Sitar Arts Center in Washington DC.

"THE FIRE" Charity Event on Sep 29th
If you heard anything about Notes n' Beats events from the past, you don't want to miss this one. The local talent from our music school will impress you with one unique experience at the "FIRE" Charity event on Sep 29th. And Notes n' Beats shows are relevant to our generation and our kids gen as well. Get familiar with our song list for the show - Piyu Bole, All I wanted, Jiya Re, Bohemian Rhapsody (!), Sultan title song, Oceans Avenue, Hercules, and many more! Buy tickets ($15 early bird) at

When you love a song..
You don't stop singing even after the class is over!! Yes, even during play time, the boys kept singing - our newest and young budding singers from summer camp.. I am excited to see their performance this Friday.. of Love You Zindagi from Dear Zindagi.

Ghantasala gari "Siva Sankari" by Tarun
A feat (I mean, feast) that not everyone will even dare attempt. Congratulations to Tarun (Chandra Donipati and Suvarna Guthala) for humbly attempting this feat and congrats to his teacher, Umarani Pandiri for notating every gamakam there is, in the song. Sorry for the distractions at the back. The curtain would not close fully :(

Shankar Mahadevan's Breathless by Karthik..
Karthik enjoying the Breathless song performance. Karthik Jayanthi

"Stray Cat Strut" at our recital..
"Stray Cat Strut" by the SSS team (Surya, Sumanth and Sunny) at Notes n' Beats recital! Enjoy the song..

Jiya Siri..

Dedicated this song to those that fight Autism..
It is Autism Awareness Month and our hearts go out to the families who fight with this day in and day out. This song was performed at our event of 2018, Destiny, which was centered around giving encouragement to those that fight Autism, and for the rest of us, to draw hope and inspiration from seeing those that fight Autism and spectrum challenges every day. PS: Please pardon some music related imperfections that are present in the song. I still want to share it because we feel the cause and this entire performance, like it was yesterday.

Song Writing (6/24-6/28 and 8/5-8/9) and Other Camps PLUS Extra Group Lessons for campers. Early Bird Registration ends: Apr 30th Check out our schedule:

Yentha Sakkagunnavey...Lachimi on guitars
Rangasthalam's Entha Sakkagunnavey song on the guitars..

A new feat - Dancing while singing
Karthik and his singerlings - the naughty boys group of Notes n' Beats put this presentation. Please forgive our dance moves. We are not dancers. We are singers. But who is to stop us from dancing while singing. At Gwtcs event.. #raisethebar #showchoir #musicisfun

A pop medley on just 2 guitars!
Who can guess what popular songs are in this medley on guitars? Anushka and Shreya nailed this medley in our 2019 Recital! So enjoyable, it was!

A pop medley on just 2 guitars!
A pop medley on just 2 guitars! At Notes n' Beats Recital 2019 - post recital actually. We had a mini- recital afterwards at the studio.

Disney's Circle of Life Live Performance
Crank up the volume and listen to this song - CIRCLE of LIFE. Opens with a BANG! And also a perfect clean ending. Children got so many reviews on this song performed ALL LIVE. Hope you like it too. Performed in the DESTINY fundraiser event by Notesnbeats and Mason Music orchestra. DESTINY was an effort to draw inspiration from families with Autism on a daily basis and to support them.

Deep Purple - Smoke on the water
Performing at the Moorefield station was one of our best memories. The crowd was awesome and our spirits were high. This was from 2017 - our band was still very young! :)

John and team rocking on stage this past summer..
Don't miss the energy this weekend. It is going to be 10 fold as compared to this video here!

"Hysteria", by Muse. Performed by John and the Teacher's Band! (Matthew Harris, Gabriel Evangelista, and Curtis Park)

Rehearsing “Circle of Life” from the Lion King! Register at #fieldtrip #SummerCamp #guitarlessons #pianolessons #guitarclasses #pianoclasses #musiclessons #artlessons #lionking #circleoflife #fitness #ashburn #Loudoun

Phadke Sisters, Guitar Duet.

Friday Recital!!! Great job to our students on performing "Don't Worry Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin. Register at #fieldtrip #SummerCamp #guitarlessons #pianolessons #guitarclasses #pianoclasses #musiclessons #artlessons #fitness #ashburn #Loudoun

We provide multiple piano, guitar, drums, and art classes throughout the week! Register at #SummerCamp2018 #SummerCamp #guitarlessons #pianolessons #guitarclasses #pianoclasses #musiclessons #artlessons #fitness #ashburn #Loudoun

Western & Indian Music Classes - Overview & Testimonials
Music is an experience and it should be done the way you want. See what our classes are for our children and also listen to what our students say in their testimonials at the end.

Loudoun kids create a STRESS BUSTER! Get off your seats, put ...
Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop the feeling" meets Indian Classical Mohana Ragam.

Celebrate LIFE with Saahore!


Celebrate Life with Music
Join the fight! Help promote mental and physical fitness to fight cancer! June 4 | 5-7pm | Leesburg | Music Event featuring Beethoven to Vidya Vox to Baahubali! Buy tickets at

Vedam from Sagarasangamam
Karthik Jayanti - You wanted to learn one of the songs that was a stretch for you and you were determined to master it. And you did! Kudos to you for your hard work and the song - you rendered it beautifully!

Just came back after a looong band practice after a loooong school day for kids!!! They truly rock though with their energy and enthusiasm!! The girls wanted to practice more but I was done :) Do come and see us on the 22nd at Live Well Loudoun Festival.

Sankranthi recital

Mom and twin daughters TRIO playing "Papa Kehthey Hai" at our winter recital 2016. Teacher/Guide: Mr. Gabriel E.


Outdoor time, Music Performances, Arts - Summers can't be more fun! Join us for the last few weeks of summer and have fun! 855-MUSIC-20. PS: AfterSchool program resuming from Aug 29th.

Classic Rock and Indian Rock - Back to Back
Listen to these kids singing and jiving (more like jumping!) to LIVE ORCHESTRA (Not tracks, not recordings) from our Notesnbeats Recital (Jun 5). Back to Back Song - Classic Rock and Indian Rock. Dont' miss the part of 2:10 and also the 2nd song at 3:40.. Hope you share this energy on a lively Monday morning and carry it through! Enjoy!

Music & Art Summer Camp - The only one camp that brings CONFIDENCE, CREATIVITY and TEAMWORK together in children and develops life-skills. Starting 15th of June. Call us at 855-MUSIC-20. Refer to:!summer-camp/kbjbk

Summer Camp Last Year
Summer camp 2015 was packed! We look forward to more learning this year. Make sure you avail the $25/week off. Offer ends Apr 30th.!summer-camp/c1jfj 855-MUSIC-20.

Campers having a good time and enjoying some music and art and sunshine this break..

Botany Paatamundhi from Shiva
Tarun, Shruthi, Ananya, Prajanya, Manya, Harshini, Mallika and Vaishnavi on stage for NATA DC. Singing the popular "Botany Paatamundhi Maatanee Aata Undi" from Shiva.

A.R. Rehman's Vande Maataram
Enjoy a fresh dose of A.R. Rehman sung by kids of Notes n' Beats at Greater Washington Telugu Cultural Sangam - GWTCS. Tanuja Gudiseva Radhika Pachipulusu Sujay Jacob Ramya Rakky Sirisha Thatakula Tezeswari Nettimi Nandamuri Malini Puli Sandhya Bayireddy Ashburn Desis DC Desi's Indian Association of Frederick Indians in DC metro (D/M/V) Northern Virginia Desi community Desi moms

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