Rehearsing "Part of Your World" from Disney's "The LIttle Mermaid." Register at #fieldtrip #SummerCamp #guitarlessons #pianolessons #guitarclasses #pianoclasses #musiclessons #artlessons #lionking #circleoflife #fitness #ashburn #Loudoun
Friends, Hope all's well. Here is an announcement of "Parthu's 2017 Singing Workshop" presented by Keerthana Academy of music(KAM india) in association with Notes n Beats happening in our northern Virginia area for all ages. Dates : July 30th 2017 - August 5th 2017 Venue : 44190 Waxpool Road, #162 , Ashburn , VA, 20147. Sri Parthu Nemani garu is a playback singer, a music director, a classical musician, the winner of Padutha theeyaga Season 1 and the list goes on. Please visit his website for more information. Sri Parthu garu has been conducting singing workshops at various places in USA and other countries for the past many years. Attached flyers have more information about the Singing workshop and Sri Parthu gari profile. This is a greatest opportunity to learn from the best. Should you have any questions, Please contact me or Notes n Beats. All the required information is available in the attached flyers. Good luck and looking forward to meeting you all once again. Thank you all. GopiNath

Music lessons in Western & Indian styles. Online classes and In-Studio Classes. Camps,Lessons,Recitals,Performances,Community Service through Music.

At Notes n' Beats music school, we believe that classical methods of teaching best lay a musical foundation for our students giving them a musicianship centered around classical pedagogy while exploring other genres like pop, rock, musical theatre and Indian music. During this period of cultural diversity in our society, we also find ourselves to have the unique fortune of bringing excellency in training in the Western and Indian styles of music for younger generations. Join us if you share our belief!

Mission: Why do we do what we do? At Notes n' Beats music school, we believe that classical methods of teaching best lay a musical foundation for our students giving them a musicianship centered around classical pedagogy while exploring other genres like pop, rock, musical theatre and Indian music. During this period of cultural diversity in our society, we also find ourselves to have the unique fortune of bringing excellency in training in the Western and Indian styles of music for younger generations, both via in-person lessons and ONLINE instruction. Join us if you share our belief!

Notes n' Beats ONLINE Music School for Voice, Piano, Guitar and Drums

Yes, there will have to be a few tweaks to adapt to this new life style but that's life, isn't it? Always presenting a challenge for us to fight and embrace!

This may be the new norm for you but Notes n' Beats has been offering online music lessons for VOICE for 5 years now. And with a few more tweaks, we are now able to extend them to Piano, Guitar, Drums. Best part of all - if there are new hurdles we face, we have NO fear to work extra and make music happen for you.

We still believe in the same philosophy and teaching methods that you have heard good things about - that are centered around Classical Pedagogy while providing the creative freedom to develop Classical or Pop or Indian Music.

Music calms us down and becomes a stress-buster during times like this.

Just be open to the idea and try out a free class for yourself. What do you lose anyway?

Call 855-MUSIC-20 or Visit:

For our teacher spotlight this week, we are highlighting Mr. Steven Velasquez! A native of the D.C. metro area, he was awarded the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award in both middle & high school for his musical achievements. Steven later went on to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, to pursue his studies in Drum Set Performance. While at Berklee, he was able to record & tour internationally with many different artists of various stylistic backgrounds. When asked about the most rewarding aspect of teaching music, he says, “It definitely has to be sharing the knowledge and emotion that music brings. Music has been passed down throughout the ages, and I think it’s extremely powerful to be part of carrying on that legacy and inspiring a younger generation.” 🎶 #musicteacher #drumteacher #percussion #drums #musiclessons #ashburnva #loudouncounty

This #tbt courtesy of @anika.ganesan at our Winter Recital in January perfectly sums up our motto during these difficult times: “I will survive.” 💕💫 #throwback #music #singer #voicelessons #musiclessons #ashburnva #loudouncounty

#incaseyoumissedit we are offering FREE online classes to our students next week! Our studio was scheduled to be closed for LCPS Spring Break next week, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak we have decided to offer our current students a week of free classes. See you online next week! 👋🏻 #music #musiclessons #ashburnva #loudouncounty

Our students are definitely having fun with their online lessons...some have even figured out how to change their Zoom background to pictures of food 🤣 #voicelessons #musiclessons #music #ashburnva #loudouncounty

Looking for a mid-week pick me up? Check out this performance of “Ocean Avenue” from “The Fire” charity event last fall! #ashburnva #loudouncounty #music #band #rockband

For today’s teacher spotlight, we‘re doing a #flashbackfriday courtesy of Mr. Joe Carbone! Joe began playing guitar at age 14, and his eclectic taste in music has allowed him to become fluent in many styles of music such as rock, pop, jazz, blues, and classical! He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance in Guitar from Rowan University, and is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Music degree in Classical Guitar at Shenandoah Conservatory, studying with Julian Gray. He’s performed in master classes with Jason Vieaux, Richard Provost, and Ruben Gonzales. Joe’s favorite musical artists include The Dave Matthews Band, Lotus, Pat Metheny, and Keith Jarrett, among many others 🎶 #music #musicteacher #guitar #guitarlessons #guitarteacher #musicislife #ashburnva #loudouncounty

We are loving this pic of Mr. Thomas (@strumtadum)‘s in-home set up for online lessons! Our teachers instruct students from all across the globe through online lessons 🌎 If you’re looking to learn a new skill online such as guitar, piano, voice, or drums/percussion, give us a call at 855-687-4220! ☎️ #music #musiclessons #musiclessonsonline #musicislife #ashburnva #loudouncounty

Thank you to our community of Notes N’ Beats students, parents, and staff for sticking with us as our music classes transition from in person to 100% online lessons! The past few days have been filled with both big challenges and big victories for our team, and we are very grateful to have the opportunity to continue making music as a community. We are currently teaching both private & group music lessons online—for more information, please reach out to us at 855-687-4220 or [email protected]. Stay safe, be kind, and keep sharing your music! ✨#music #musicislife #ashburnva #loudouncounty

Our percussion ensemble has done it again—check out their dynamic performance of “Drums. Loud. Good.” by John R. Hearnes on YouTube! #percussion #percussionensemble #music #musiclessons #loudoun #loudouncounty

Thank you to all that came out to our Guitar Seminar event this past Saturday! Stay tuned for future seminar dates 🎵 #guitar #guitarlessons #guitarclass #music #musiclessons #musicislife #ashburnva #loudouncounty @ Ashburn, Virginia

Our student spotlight this week is Karthik Jayanthi! Karthik has been studying Indian (Carnatic) vocals for 3 years with Umarani Pandiri and Veena Pandiri. He has had the opportunity to sing in eminent Tollywood & Bollywood singers' shows such as Chitra Garu's & Sonu Nigam's, has sung on various musical albums such as “Naada Nivedana”, and also composes his own music. He is a versatile performer who sings in different languages such as Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, and English! View more of his performances at RAYSUN productions on YouTube and follow him at @karthikjayanthi8 🎵 #carnaticmusic #carnatic #india #bollywood #tollywood #musiclessons #music #ashburnva #loudouncounty

Don’t forget—our guitar seminar is happening THIS SATURDAY at the Notes N’ Beats studio! Join us as we begin our exciting seminar series with this event 🎶 #guitar #guitarlessons #music #musiclessons #ashburnva #loudouncounty

Notes N’ Beats is looking for more students to join our bands, chorus, guitar and percussion ensembles as we prepare for our annual fundraiser in August! If you’re interested in auditioning for one of our ensembles, please fill out the following form for an audition request: 🎼 #musiclessons #music #guitar #guitarlessons #ashburnva #loudouncounty

Our How-To Friday feature today includes @stevenvelasdrums giving us his three tips in preparation for a recital! Leading up to our Annual Recital weekend on April 24th-26th, we’ll be sharing more tips from our other teachers, so stay tuned 🎶 #music #musicislife #musiclessons #drums #percussion #ashburnva #loudouncounty

Are you a guitar player looking for tips on how to improve your playing? Our fantastic guitar staff will be holding a seminar & workshop on March 7th from 6-7:45pm at the Notes N’ Beats studio! Following the seminar class portion of the event, several students will have their guitars re-stringed by our staff. If you’d like your guitar re-stringed, please sign up here (limited spots available):!/showSignUp/904094aafa82fa3f85-guitar 🎸 #ashburnva #loudouncounty #guitarlessons #guitar #music #musiclessons #musicislife

Want to make a difference through music that is both rewarding and FUN!? Audition to be a part of our 2020 Annual Fundraiser event! We are looking to add new members to our existing chorus, band, guitar, and percussion ensembles, in preparation for this year’s event. To set up an audition, please email [email protected] today! 🎵#ashburnva #loudouncounty #music #choir #band

Interested in attending our guitar seminar & workshop on March 7th? Our guitar teachers will be re-stringing guitars of FIVE lucky students during the workshop, and would like to invite you to sign up! For $20, teachers will provide strings and re-string the guitar for you. If interested, please sign up here by March 5th: 🎸 #guitar #guitarlessons #music #musiclessons #ashburnva #loudouncounty

Western Vocals Promo

It does not matter where you live on this planet - If you want to learn "technique" to sing better, ask us how we can help via Online or In-Person classes.

See our message to the Indian audience.

Looking to learn to sing English songs? Or any kind of music but just want to sing better? Or want to reach those high notes with ease? Or want to modulate y...

Our aftercare students are loving their weekly piano class! If you’re still looking for an aftercare program that your child will love, it’s never too late to sign up. Call us today at 855-687-4220 for more information, or to set up a tour of our studio! 🎹 #aftercare #ashburnva #loudouncounty #music #piano #pianolessons

Did you know that we are having a guitar seminar for ALL guitar students on March 7th? Come watch your friends and fellow students perform, and gain some tips for re-stringing your guitar. You don’t want to miss this interesting and educational event 🎵 #guitar #guitarlessons #music #musiclessons #ashburnva #loudouncounty

Our student spotlight this week is Harlow Stanley! Harlow is a 7th grader at Belmont Ridge MS, and currently studies piano & voice with Mr. Gabe. She has been taking lessons at Notes N’ Beats for the past two years, and during that time has performed with the @pixxystx at various events including “The Fire” fundraiser this past fall. When asked as to who her favorite singer is, she said, “It’s a tie between Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande!” 🎵 #music #piano #voice #pianolessons #voicelessons #ashburnva #loudouncounty

We LOVE our teachers, and are looking for new teachers to join our Notes N’ Beats family! We are currently hiring dedicated instructors for all instruments—voice, guitar, piano, and drums/percussion. We offer competitive pay and flexible scheduling. If interested, please email your resume to our owner, Veena Pandiri, at [email protected] 🎵 #music #musicjobs #ashburnva #loudouncounty #gmu #shenandoahconservatory #shenco #uva

The weather outside is gloomy, but this performance of James Arthur’s “Say You Won’t Let Go” by Ananya Dandemraju is sure to brighten your day! ☀️ #guitar #guitarlessons #singing #singinglessons #ashburnva #loudouncounty

For our first How-To Friday, we have Mr. Thomas giving us some tips on how to tune your guitar! Check it out, and view the entire video in our Instagram stories 🎸 #guitar #howto #guitarlessons #music #ashburnva #loudouncounty

Our very first teacher spotlight is Mr. Stephen Gliatto! Mr. Stephen is one of our newest piano teachers, and also teaches at Potowmack Elementary School in Loudoun County. He has played piano for 21 years, and earned his Bachelors degree in Music Education from West Chester University, PA. Fun fact: in his spare time, he draws cartoons! If you’d like a piano lesson with Mr. Stephen, give us a call at 855-687-4220 🎶 #pianolessons #musiclessons #loudouncounty #ashburnva

Here’s something to brighten up your Monday—student Shravya Raj & Mr. Joe’s performance of Khalid’s “Better” at our Winter Recital last month! 🎵 #pop #guitar #guitarlessons #musiclessons #loudouncounty #ashburnva

This week’s student spotlight is Manya Mamidi! Manya currently studies Western voice with Miss Veronica and Indian Vocals with Miss Veena. Recently, she was ranked 3rd chair-Soprano 1 for the All-County Chorus! She is very involved in chorus at Eagle Ridge Middle School, but also enjoys singing musical theatre and pop music 🎼 #music #voicelessons #ashburnva #loudouncounty

Raise your voice with our Notes N’ Beats chorus ensemble! Whether you are an experienced singer or are just looking to have some fun singing with others, our chorus group is the place for you. Call 855-687-4220 to set up an audition with us today! 🎵 #chorus #choir #ashburnva #loudouncounty #musiclessons

Check out this soulful clip of student Ashika Ganta singing Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie” at our Winter Recital! Woo! 👏🏻👏🏻 #musiclessons #voicelessons #ashburnva #loudouncounty #leesburgva

Testimonial from Tarun Donipati - An ONLINE Voice Student of Notes n' Beats

Our student said this about us.

@Tarun Donipati (son of Suvarna Guthala) is a winner of TANA National Level Competitions 2019 in both Classical and Non-Classical categories. Tarun worked his way up here after many other wins (and many losses too) and he never gave up! Congratulations to him and Best Wishes to him from all of us here at Notesnbeats.

#testimonials #notesnbeats #thankyourteacher

Looking for an aftercare program that truly ROCKS?! Look no further than Notes N’ Beats! We are proud to offer a diverse after school program consisting of weekly music, math, critical thinking, and STEM classes. Give us a call at 855-687-4220, or email us at [email protected] for more info 🎵 #loudouncounty #ashburnva #music #afterschoolprogram #afterschool

Our student spotlight this week is Abhigna Yanaganti! ✨ Abhigna has been a student of Notes N’ Beats for 2.5 years, studying Indian Classical voice & Light Music as well as Western voice study. She has studied voice with Umarani Pandiri, Veena Pandiri, and with Christina Ortiz. In 2019, Abhigna won 3rd place in the Carnatic Classical category at the TANA National Competition. Additionally, she was selected to the All County Chorus! 🎶 When asked about her favorite musical memory at Notes N’ Beats, she said, “When we recorded the music video for “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, and we shot it outside, I got to learn a bunch of techniques like how to sing in a studio professionally.” #singer #music #musiclessons #loudouncounty #voicelessons

Thank you to all that came out for our Winter Recital yesterday! Check out this awesome clip of “Moth Into Flame” performed by one of our students, Arnav Nanduri 🎶 #recital #musiclessons #music #drums #drumslessons #loudouncounty #ashburnva

Are you ready to ROCK?! Our Winter Recital for intermediate/advanced students is TOMORROW at the Potomac Club House, with recitals at 10am, 1pm, 3:30, and 6pm. Please visit our website, for event details 🎶 #musicrecital #musiclessons #ashburnva #loudouncounty #rocknroll

Still looking for an aftercare program for your child that really “rocks”? 🎸 Notes N’ Beats offers an after school program that not only includes music, but also the benefits of math instruction, STEM education, AND critical thinking classes! For more information, please contact us at 855-687-4220 or at [email protected] 🎵 #afterschool #loudouncounty #loveloudoun #music #musiclessons #guitarlessons

Our Student Spotlight of the week is Anika Ganesan! 🌟 Anika has been taking lessons from Notes N’ Beats since 2016, and has studied both voice and guitar. A member of the band @pixxystx , she says that her favorite song that the band has played is “Ex’s & Oh’s” by Elle King. Anika is currently a freshman in choir at Briar Woods HS, and most recently made the 2019 All County Chorus! She is also very active in musical theatre and will be performing in Briar Woods’ upcoming production of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”. #music #musicschool #musiclessons #briarwoods #ashburn #ashburnva #singerlife #rockband #loudouncounty

#tbt to our aftercare students’ rendition of “Ode to Joy”! 🎵 This spring, our aftercare students will be learning piano & guitar! 🎸 It’s not too late to sign your child up for an enriching after school program that includes music, critical thinking skill building, math, AND science! We offer free pick up from Loudoun County schools, and offer 3, 4, or 5 day options. Call us today at 855-687-4220 to sign up or schedule a tour today! #ashburn #loudouncounty #musicschool #music #musiclessons #afterschool #aftercare #northernvirginia

Happy New Year to our Notes N’ Beats community! ✨ We can’t wait to see what 2020 brings for our studio. How are you celebrating the New Year? #music #musicstudio #ashburn #ashburnva #northernvirginia #musiclessons

Our teachers are “jazzed” for the holidays! Mr. Matt, one of our drums instructors, shares some “Chesnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” as a groovin’ holiday jam, in preparation for winter break. How will you be making music this holiday season? #music #jazz #drumlessons #musiclessons #virginia #ashburnva #holidayseason

Learn music JUST the way kids like

At Notes n' Beats, music is the language of different cultures coming together. At this time of cultural diversity around us, we find ourselves to have the fortune of bringing the Western and Indian styles of music together and creating a powerful experience for our younger generations. Notes n’ Beats offers classes in voice, keyboards, guitar and drums, year-round to students in the Ashburn area. Contact us today for more information!

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Notes n' Beats ONLINE Music School for Voice, Piano, Guitar and Drums
Percussion Ensemble Debut At Notes n' Beats




44190 Waxpool Rd, Ste 162
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Monday 14:30 - 21:00
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We teach guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals along with group performance and summer camps! Come rock with us!

Kindermusik at The Little Gym of Ashburn Kindermusik at The Little Gym of Ashburn
43330 Junction Plz, Ste 180
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Kindermusik at The Little Gym is a place to let your child tap into their creative spirit with song, dance, and instruments.

The Vocal Arts Institute The Vocal Arts Institute
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We are located in Ashburn, VA and work with students throughout the greater Baltimore/Washington area, with programs suited to all levels of singers.

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We are a private music studio with over 40 years of combined music teaching experience in piano, voice, cello, and beginner violin.

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Studio Bleu is proud to announce our vocal and theater arts programs!

Ashburn Kid Central Ashburn Kid Central
Ashburn, 20147

Your neighborhood source for the best programs and businesses offering music lessons, tutoring, sports, art and other specialty programs for children in and around the Ashburn, Virginia area of Loudoun County.

Opus School of Music and Conservatory Opus School of Music and Conservatory
43469 Lucketts Bridge Cir
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Inspiring students of all ages to learn and love music in a fun, engaging environment.

Tuning By Bill Tuning By Bill
20290 Glenrobin Ter
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Established in 1977, and in Loudoun County, VA, since 1986, Bill is back in the piano tuning and repair business after an absence. References on request.

Kamston Kids Music Kamston Kids Music
44075 Pipeline Plz, Ste 125
Ashburn, 20147

Kamston Kids Music is a fun filled music program for children ages 0-5. We offer two wonderful programs, Musikgarten and Makin' Music Rockin' Rhythms.

Little Wing Loudoun Little Wing Loudoun
20660 Ashburn Rd
Ashburn, 20147

Teach Your Child to Love Music with this Innovative Program for Pre-Schoolers! We combine music, science and fun to help your child get a great start on their musical journey. Year Around Classes & Summer Camps too!

Mintons Academy of Music Mintons Academy of Music
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Mintons Academy of Music is a great place to learn everything from Music Performance to Music Theory! Our mission; To give students the tools & abilities to make music on their own. To empower students through education, confidence building & goal setting

RJM Clarinet Studio RJM Clarinet Studio
43370 Greyswallow Terrace
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Private clarinet lessons in Ashburn, VA for all ages and playing abilities.