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We hope you have enjoyed our 24 days of Speech & Language Gift Ideas for the Holidays! It's been quite a year for all of us, right?
We want to say a big THANK YOU to all of our families who have come through our clinic both in person and virtually. We love what we do and we truly have the most wonderful clients and their families.
We will be closed December 24th through January 21st. Enjoy the this time with your friends and families. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from our Sound Mouths family to yours!

Today's post is for all ages- a pass to an event for a day! New experiences provide new vocabulary, so treat your favorite little to a new experience!


UNO- This is the original uno but with a twist. This game targets social skills as well as same/different, colors, and numbers.


Monopoly Empire: With the same concept, Monopoly has made a version for children that no longer takes hours to play. This particular game not only encourages social skills like turn taking, winning/losing, waiting but also concepts of print, adding/subtracting and higher/lower.


NON-TOY gift: A monthly subscription to a magazine is a fun way to encourage reading and vocabulary. Plus, children LOVE to get mail that is addressed to them. Highlights now has a preschool version too!

Day 20 - Early elementary

Stomp Rocket: A great activity to get the kids outside! Works on gross and fine motor skills too if they are chasing after it and catching it.


Books: Preschoolers will sit and listen to longer stories now. They also really enjoy rhyming books (which are an important skill for children to acquire for reading).


SIMON: This toy has been a best seller for years! This lasting toy can exercise those eye hand coordination skills and short-term memory.

Drive safely.. Sound Mouths will be open today (December 17th) at 11:00


NON-TOY ideas: Give a gift that lasts for a season. Learning and fun all in one pass! If your zoos are currently closed to visitors, it can be a gift that is planned for a future visit.

❄️ ❄️ Today was a fun snow day.... both outside with my children and during my teletherapy sessions with my speech friends! Who else built snowmen today? ⛄️
(Thanks to The Speechy Paige for the snowman greenscreen activity.)


Science: Children are natural scientists. Expose them to science early and watch their natural curiosity bloom in addition to their problem solving, reasoning and predicting skills. Save a few of the experiments for a snowy day too!


Connect 4: This game is excellent for practicing fine motor grasping patterns, functional release, eye-hand coordination, visual perceptual skills, cognitive skills, and language/social development.

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Yes, yes, yes!!

Form follows function and function follows form. You cannot separate the two.....and you CANNOT treat one and ignore the other. This is often why orthodontic relapse happens.

To read Angie's full article on lip competence.......


Swing: Kids need their own space too! A little swinging can relax, realign, and rejuvenate your little one. They can even take a book and read in there! Whether it's an indoor or outdoor swing, your child will love it.

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Cash Register: I don't know a preschooler out there that doesn't enjoy ringing up items and opening and closing the register. A child could really exercise those future narrative skills by creating a whole story about going to the grocery store and what items they need to buy. Add in learning about dollars versus coins and counting change and your little one is learning kinder readiness through play!

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Mailbox: More pretend play that can also encourage early story skills. Have your child make up a story, draw a picture, sign it, and put in their mailbox. Love this particular mailbox because it also be used to teach concepts of size (small, medium, large) for the letter slots.

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Someone really got into character playing Go Fish during speech yesterday! 🎣 #soundmouths #preschoolspeech #loudpunaoeechtherapy #loudounspeech


Card Games: These non-toy items are travel friendly (think road trip, restaurants or waiting in doctor's office) and can be used to practice many skills. Social skills (turn taking, waiting, winning/losing), same/different, higher/low, number skills, and asking questions are just the beginning.

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Doll House: Pretend play is emerging during the preschool years. Play skills and language skills can be enhanced through this type of play. This toy has hours of open-ended play, which means each time the child plays it's different!

#25daysofxmas #giftideas #kidsgifts #languageskills #speechskills #helpingkids #santashelper #ashaigers #soundmouthsxmas

Dr David McIntosh



Balance Beam: While not a toy, this gift will last and can encourage developmental skills during play. Your child will play while practicing balance, coordination, and body awareness skills. When they grow tired of walking on it, it's a great "highway" or "freeway" for car play too!

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Our favorite Toddler Reads. A great non-toy idea! Reading out loud to your toddler builds vocabulary, language, and listening skills. In addition, you are fostering a love for reading!

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Mop Set: Yes, little ones LOVE to imitate mom and dad. Gross motor movement and language (actions) are easily targeted with this toy. Bonus: you don't have to share your broom anymore!

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Bowling Set: Tire out your energetic toddler with some gross motor play! Bowling also targets language such as prepositions (up, down), actions (fall, roll) and concepts (some, all, few).

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Blocks: If you had to purchase only one toy for your child this would be it. Don't ever underestimate how important this "simple" toy is for your child's development.

Play with blocks can encourage social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills. Blocks also encourage problem solving, symbolic thinking, and math concepts. Not to mention blocks help develop spatial skills, logical, mathematical skills, planning, construction and social dramatic play opportunities.

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Peek-a-boo Eggs: Toddlers love playing peek-a-boo. These eggs help little ones in the areas of fine motor skills, cause and effect, and object permanence. Of course, tons of language practice: open, close, match/same, different, push and squeak are just a few examples

#25daysofxmas #giftideas #kidsgifts #languageskills #speechskills #helpingkids #santashelper #ashaigers #soundmouthsxmas


Stacking toys: Toddlers love to put on, take off, and push over. Stacking toys are fantastic for creating an easy language routine such as "up,up,up.. Knock it down"

#25daysofxmas #giftideas #kidsgifts #languageskills #speechskills #helpingkids #santashelper #ashaigers #soundmouthsxmas

Cleaning out the office and stumbled upon this gem hiding way back in the cabinet All the little ones like to feed him cookies.

Our words and kindness matter.. what a beautiful tribute to his speech pathologists! ❤️❤️

A post for my speech-language pathologist followers: Remember what you say during your session with your client matters. For example, I remember my SLP’s happy faces before and after the session. I remember their attitude, and their positivity rubs off on me. I remember their empathy; I remember when mine even validated my feelings; that meant a lot to me. Even after one session with your client, they can remember it for years to come. I remember mine, a fellow named Andrew, who cared so passionate and deeply for me at the UNCG Speech and Hearing Center. Always remember to look at the whole picture, and see the client for who they are- a person.
Post inspired by: SLP mommy of Apraxia/Dyspraxia/Dyslexia💙 #apraxia


WOW toys: Created to last and have tons of open-ended play. These vehicles move by friction motors so all your little one has to do is to push and watch it go! There are many different types of vehicles for both boys and girls. These great toys will exercise your child's problem-solving skills, fine motor, and play skills

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To kick off the holiday season this year, we're bringing back our 25 days of Christmas gift ideas! Every day we will feature a Christmas gift idea for toddlers, preschoolers and early elementary that promote speech and language skills. Without further ado....


Shape sorters: An excellent way to foster fine motor skills, cognitive skills, and language all at once. We like this one because it also makes sounds when placing the shape in the appropriate slot. Great way to work on prepositions "in" and "on" and matching all while using those little muscles in those hands!

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“Wear gratitude like a cloak, and it will feed every corner of your life.” — Rumi
Happy Thanksgiving from the Sound Mouths Team!

Following up on our last post about the signs of tongue thrusts, there are several reasons that a tongue thrust can occur. If a tongue thrust is suspected an orofacial myofunctional evaluation can find the underlying problem, and often collaborate with other professionals, to fix the issue

#wednesdaywisdom #orofacialmyology #myofunctionaltherapy #breatheright #helpingkids #airway #respiratory #tonguethrust #soundmouths (source: International Association of Orofacial Myology)

TummyTime Method

#tummytime contributes significantly to baby’s developmental repertoire. Early experiences influence later experiences, so let’s give baby all the opportunities for tummy time !


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We believe that in this busy world, sometimes we just need to stop, take a breathe and get back to the basics. Interaction, connection and play are where it all starts.

We believe our clients thrive in therapy when they connect with their therapist.

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