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Videos by Williams Martial Arts and Fitness in Ashburn. Williams Martial Arts & Fitness promotes excellence and success in each individual by providing the highest quality Martial Arts and Fitness Training in a disciplined and professional environment. WMAF operates a Sh*to-Ryu Karate dojo in Ashburn, VA.

Happy Mother’s Day from WMAF! Thanks for sharing your babies with us each and every day!

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Happy Mother’s Day from WMAF! Thanks for sharing your babies with us each and every day!

Spring has been a blast with field trips to Clemyjontri Park, Bunny Bonanza and the Air & Space Museum!

Spring Break camp is kicking off to great start with kids making their own “Frog Blower” Games! Check it out!!

After reading “Bartholomew and Oobleck” we made our own Oobleck aka slime!! We learned how the boric acid in the contact solution works as an activator in turning the glue into slime. Who knew that Dr. Seuss could teach is about science too?!?

An example of the fun we have with STEAM in our after school program! Children voted on what worked faster-water at room temperature, warm or hot. What’s your vote? Looking forward to more fun in 2019!

What was popular in the 70’s and 90’s is back - rollerskating! Many of our campers had never skated before and did a great job yesterday. Tomorrow’s camp? Swimming! #activecamps #winterbreakcamp

Tuesday Camp - a fun STEAM lesson; making popcorn! It was pajama day with movie, popcorn and fun and games!

Monday’s Camp - How high can I jump? How many somersaults can I do in a row? How much pizza can I eat at CiCis buffet?! We had so much fun here at our October 22 camp we had to come back!

After schoolers got a treat Friday as Loudoun County Fire and Rescue brought an ambulance, pumper truck, gear and practiced “stop, drop, cover and roll”! Thanks Moorefield Fire and Rescue, Company 23. You rock!

We took advantage of probably the last few warm days available for some outdoor fitness fun: football, frisbee, helicopter, jump rope, and just simply soaking up some sun!

It was “Apples & Johnny Appleseed” week! Who knew making applesauce could turn into a STEAM project! Children learned the Science of lemon juices acidity keeps apples from turning brown; cooking uses Math as they learned basic fractions; human powered machines explored Engineering (Which was easier, the food press and pestle or crank with spiral and screen?); and the Art was in the applesauce!

Is that a monkey or a child making that noise? (It’s both!) Campers had a blast spending the day at Pumpkinville! Check back for our photo album of the days adventures. #fallfun #pumpkinville

After schoolers cut lose on the dance floor as they tried out some breakdancing moves! Classes on Thursday @ 3:30 begins next week! Be sure to register your child today and let’s see what moves they come up with! #bboylooner #breakdance

It’s Farm Animal Week! Children love tactile learning. So when children learned about cows, they got to simulate milking with gloves and water. STEAM project = fun!

Our first week of school was Aviation Week! Our STEAM project was to make and test paper airplanes-one launched manually, the other mechanically engineered with a rubber band. Which do you think flew further?

Children say they had a great first day of school! We are excited for another fun year with our after schoolers!

Our last week of Summer Camp took us to try out some good old fashion roller skating! Good bye summer!

Our summer reading program with Loudoun County Public Library is finishing up this week. Several of our campers earned a free ice cream! Great job kids! The last program we attended was Japanese Drumming where campers - and adults - learned the culture of taiko drumming!

Great day at the Loudoun County Fair! Lots of animals and impressive circus acts entertained and educated campers. Ask your child what was their favorite animal.

It was a special day today - game tournaments, prizes and birthday cake! Happy birthday Shihan!

Tuesday, we hiked Algonkian Park and learned how to skip stones across the top of the water. Wednesday, campers had fun avoiding the huge pirate bucket dumping water on their heads! Today, we rest at the movie theatre...

We checked out famous floats and cooled off in the caverns today. Ask your child what the temperature was! #fourthofjuly

Today was a special treat for our library day - Wild Rumpus Circus was in town. Ask your child what was their favorite circus act!

Last weeks STEAM project brought to life how the water cycle works. You can try this at home!

Our karate class includes not only martial arts but a variety of activities! Students working on their agility and gross motor skills. #karate #martialarts

Did you know that yoga is a form of martial arts? Do you recognize any of the stances in your kata?

We had a “Board Games” (and Wii) tournament yesterday! Campers competed for prizes in Chess, Checkers, Trouble, Connect 4, Wake boarding, Boxing, Ping Pong, and Sword fighting.

Campers today did all things “bunnies” - bunny hop, bunny craft, petting bunnies at the Bunny Palooza! Register by Friday for the next, and last, camp of the school season- Monday, April 9th, and let’s see what fun we can have!

Campers today learned about “Fun and Games” of historic times with Sully Plantation. They even made their own marble and maze - STEAM made fun!

Campers found many fun, exciting and educational activities at the Port Discovery Museum today! Check back each day for highlights of camp. Final album will be ready when camp is over.

We took advantage of the 60 degree weather to capture some fun in the sun! One would never believe snow is in the forecast tomorrow!

“Painters Point”! Having fun at the Discovery Elementary and Moorefield Station Showdown! Proud to sponsor this school spirit filled event! And Discovery Elementary is the winner!!

We had the kids hopping during our Presidents Day Camp! More fun is in store for our Spring Break Camp - March 26-April 9. Registration due 3/19.

This week we studied various artists. Children got to explore work by American artist Jackson Pollack. Check out their “action painting”. Be sure to revisit our page to view our art gallery from this weeks creations.

Our breakdancers had fun showing off what they learned during their classes! The rest of our after schoolers couldn’t wait to give it a try! Classes start next Wednesday, January 10th. Sign up today and let’s find the inner dancer in your child!

A sample of one of the many activities at today's field trip - circus act!

This is how we stay cool at WMAF - and how we celebrate Shihan's birthday! #summercamp

Campers had a blast swimming today and taking advantage of 7-11 free Slurpee day!

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