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JASON Learning founder off on a new adventure.
Last session at JNC... are you a scientist or an engineer and How to Build a better Building to withstand a hurricane. AKA leaf blower!
Fascinating day at FEMA! So informative. Our brains are full and ideas abound for our students!
Greater Houston area 2019 JASON Learning teacher and student argonauts. Thanks to Cypress-Fairbanks ISD for hosting the reception.
Dr. LeeAnn Fishback demonstrates how to don our mosquito insect protection gear. She is the principal investigator for the research we are doing with JASON Learning and Earthwatch.

Science education for the 21st century! Connecting kids to real explorers and real science to motivate interest in STEM fields.

We are a non-profit organization that connects students, in the classroom and out, to real science and exploration to inspire and motivate them to study and pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

We embed exciting STEM professionals and cutting-edge research into award-winning, standards-aligned in and out-of-school curricula. Live webcasts connect students with inspirational STEM role models. Student materials include reading selections with read-to-me functionality, inquiry-based labs, videos, and online games. For teachers and informal educators, we provide lesson plans, assessments, and comprehensive professional development programs.

Mission: The JASON Project inspires and educates kids everywhere through real science and exploration.


2:00pm EST TODAY join our second session of the AASA-JASON STEM Leadership Network!

2:00pm EST TODAY join our second session of the AASA-JASON STEM Leadership Network! - https://mailchi.mp/jason/200pm-est-today-join-our-aasa-jason-stem-leadership-network-411325



Jason Learning – District Leaders

Tomorrow join us for our second session in the AASA-JASON
STEM Leadership Network at 2:00pm (EST). Superintendents Tamara Sterling and Matt Montgomery will be speaking on Math and STEM Learning. Head to https://jason.extendedsession.com to join the session tomorrow!!! #STEMeducation AASA, The School Superintendents Association

jason.extendedsession.com Join Live Sessions and meet REAL STEM Role Models


Introduction: Supporting STEM Teachers and Students

TOMORROW Join us at 2:00pm (EST) for our first live event from the AASA-JASON STEM Leadership Network! Eleanor Smalley of JASON Learning and Bernadine Futrell of AASA, The School Superintendents Association will be presenting. Make sure to register in advance at https://jason.extendedsession.com/session/introduction-supporting-stem-teachers-and-students/

jason.extendedsession.com Bernadine Futrell, Director of AASA’s Leadership Network, and Eleanor Smalley, JASON Learning’s President and Chief Executive Officer, share the ways that their organizations are helping superintendents and their teams understand the urgency of increasing student interest in STEM fields, and the...


Introducing the AASA-JASON STEM Leadership Network

Introducing the AASA-JASON STEM Leadership Network - https://mailchi.mp/jason/introducing-the-aasa-jason-stem-leadership-network

mailchi.mp Take part in 19 live conversations focused on the proven STEM strategies that superintendents most want to share with their teaching and leadership teams. 


Join Dr. Diane Stanitski in TOMORROW'S LIVE EVENT!

Join Dr. Diane Stanitski in TOMORROW'S LIVE EVENT! - https://mailchi.mp/jason/shifting-landscapes-411297
Sign up for the Live Event at https://home.edweb.net/webinar/planet20200114/

mailchi.mp In this edWeb Series Dr. Diane Stanitski, Deputy Director, Global Monitoring Division (GMD), NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory and Amy O'Neal, Director of Education and Professional Learning at JASON Learning, will discuss how collecting and analyzing observational data from our ocean increa...


Climate Change and Its Impact on the Ocean - edWeb

Join JASON Learning and edWeb.net in our next LIVE Event:
January 14, 2020 from 4:00pm - 5:00pm EDT
Climate Change: Studying Its Impact on Ocean Ecosystems

In this edWebinar we are joined by Dr. Diane Stanitski, Deputy Director, Global Monitoring Division (GMD), NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory and Cindy McGlynn, National Trainer, JASON Learning. Sign up now https://home.edweb.net/webinar/planet20200114/

home.edweb.net Learn about the dependence of species on different variables that influence their survival and how intricately related are to our Earth.


We are grateful for our work and partnerships that help us provide innovative STEM learning!

We're thrilled to work alongside JASON Learning and U.S. Cellular who are working together to provide the next-generation of innovators with the #STEM skills they’ll use to change our world. Via @CNET: https://www.cnet.com/paid-content/news/thinking-by-design-expanding-opportunities-for-stem-education/


JASON Learning 2019 Year in Review

Thank you to our JASON Community for another great year. Take a look at our 2019 year in review - https://mailchi.mp/jason/jason-learning-2019-year-in-review

mailchi.mp Dear Members of the JASON STEM Community, We would like to thank everyone who contributed to JASON Learning in 2019. Since JASON is a non-profit, it takes all members of the community to support JASON in time, energy and financially.  As we provide more opportunities for the JASON community, your s...


JASON Learning | 2020 Recycling Video & Poster Contests

Last chance to submit for the Recycling Video & Poster contest! Submit your video or poster to https://www.jason.org/2020-recycling-contest


Give the Gift of Learning by Donating to JASON Learning This Holiday Season - https://mailchi.mp/jason/give-the-gift-of-learning-by-donating-to-jason-learning-this-holiday-season


JASON Learning | JASON’s Argonaut Program

ONE DAY LEFT!!! The deadline for JASON's Argonaut Program is tomorrow! Apply at jason.org/argonauts and check out our up coming expeditions!



More science, more fair

"JASON Learning is really focused on leveling the playing field and making it more fair." U.S. Cellular in partnership with JASON Learning, discusses the need to make STEM education fair for students and teachers. While highlighting the work in Milwaukee Public Schools. CNET

cnet.com The JASON Learning Project provides millions of students around the country with cutting-edge STEM curricula and real-life role models, helping bridge resource disparities and funding shortfalls.


Give the Gift of Learning; Donate this #Giving Tuesday to JASON Learning

Don't forget to give the gift of learning; donate this #GivingTuesday to JASON Learning (jason.org/donate) - https://mailchi.mp/jason/give-the-gift-of-learning-donate-this-giving-tuesday-to-jason-learning

mailchi.mp JASON is at the forefront of providing unique STEM curriculum for the 21st century and bringing learning to life in the classroom, the school and the community. With your support JASON Learning will continue to inspire students, create cutting edge STEM learning resources, raise expectations for all...


JASON Learning | Donate to JASON

JASON Learning’s mission is to inspire and educate students everywhere through real STEM and exploration. We place students in challenging real-world situations where they are connected with and mentored by leading STEM professionals. Give the gift of learning this #GivingTuesday and together we can educate the next generation of STEM leaders for future success. jason.org/donate

jason.org JASON Learning has engaged and empowered more than 15 million students and teachers with exciting and unique STEM curriculum and programs for more than 25 years. We are guided by our mission to inspire and educate all students, particularly those in underserved communities where providing truly effe...

Amazon Sign-In

Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. Please consider JASON Learning to help us in our mission in achieving better STEM education for Students, Teachers, and School Districts. https://smile.amazon.com


A Thanksgiving Message From JASON Learning: Please Help Us Grow By Donating Now - https://mailchi.mp/jason/provide-students-with-authentic-and-effective-stem-curriculum-donate-now-to-jason-learning-411261


REMINDER: JASON Learning's Argonaut Deadline is December 13th

Reminder the deadline for our Argonaut Program is Dec. 13th! That is less than a month away!!!! https://mailchi.mp/jason/reminder-jason-learnings-argonaut-deadline-is-december-13th?e=0e4b20445c



ONE MONTH LEFT of the Recycling Poster & Video Contest!

ONE MONTH LEFT of the Recycling Poster & Video Contest! -https://mailchi.mp/jason/2020-recycling-contest-411233



Global Consequences of Antarctic Climate Change - edWeb

Don't forget TOMORROW is our Antarctic Climate Change Live Event with edWeb.net in the Preserving the Planet #edWebinar series. It begins at 5:00 pm EST register at https://home.edweb.net/webinar/planet20191119/ #STEMeducation #ClimateChange

home.edweb.net The goal of the course is to give a primer on why Antarctic geoscience is critical to understanding the present and future consequences of climate change.

Our last stop on our Design Thinking expedition was at Nybll. Our host and the CEO Keven treated us to a tour of the facility where they prepare amazing food that goes to most of the major sports teams in the area. Keven shared how he and his wife started the come and how it is growing and will be growing in the future. #jasonlearning #nybll @ Nybll

The all female Design Thinking team had amazing experiences this morning with the team at 360Labs. Alex, Heather, Peter and their amazing team really coached the Argonauts through some practical ideas for furthering their ideas for projects to take back to their communities. We were impressed with their support of women in tech start ups and true genuine support for our ideas. #jasonlearning #360labs @ San Francisco, California

Robotics! This afternoon we got to spend time with the team at Kindred Robitics learning about how they use artificial intelligence, aka AI, to develop robots to solve real world problems. It is amazing what they can do with simple air pressure and smart software. #jasonlearning

This morning we treked over to Google headquarters to meet with Daniel Gierl who is a software engineer. He shared how coding is behind all the things you love and some of the multiple career paths that computer science can lead to. He also challenged us with some mind games to show us how the magic of algorithms is used to manage billions bits of data. #jasonlearning @ Google Headquarters


Preserving the Planet

NEW BLOG POST: We have partnered with edWeb.net in an edWebinar series called Preserving the Planet. The article goes into detail about the series and the presenters, check it out! Don't forget the next live event is next Tuesday Nov. 19 at 5 p.m. EDT!! Register at https://home.edweb.net/webinar/planet20191119/ https://medium.com/jason-learning/preserving-the-planet-ac819eaadee4

medium.com An edWebinar Series

While the Design Thinking team was on the Stanford campus we connected with a JASON student Argonaut alumni Marshall Hartung! It was great to catch up and he gave the student Argonauts some tips on college life, applying for college and shared a couple of stories from his Argonaut experience four years ago. #jasonlearning @ Stanford University, Stanford, California

Whoa! We are at the mothership for Design Thinking...the d.school at Stanford University. The team got to enjoy a slightly different design thinking experience with Prof. Melissa Miranda. She was inspiring as another amazing person following her passion and exemplifying what it means to be a woman leader. #jasonlearning @ Stanford University

This morning our Design Thinking adventure took us to All Power Labs which hosts Community Submersibles. Everyone got to climb into one or both of the resident submersibles. The goal of this project is to make these submersibles (these are not submarines) available to anyone who is interested in them for research. The bonus was we also visited with a wholistic systems designer who shared how fungi were used to help design the Tokyo subway system. #jasonlearning @ Berkeley, California


JASON Learning | 2020 Recycling Video & Poster Contests

Celebrate in America Recycles Week by particapatiing in JASON Learning's 2020 Recycling Video & Poster Contest! #STEMeducation #contest

jason.org Participate in a national recycling video and poster contest sponsored by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) and JASON Learning, and you could win a trip to ISRI’s 2020 Annual Convention and Exposition to be held April 27-30 in Las Vegas, Nevada!

The Argonauts on the Design Thinking team got to enjoy riding on a couple of cable cars and had some new food experiences with sushi! #jasonlearning @ Fisherman's Wharf. Note...all the "hanging" pictures were taken when the cable car was not moving.

This afternoon the Design Thinking team had the pleasure is spending some time with Tracy at the IDEO company learning fist hand about the design thinking process by designing a game for future space travelers. @ IDEO San Francisco

This afternoon the Design Thinking team had the pleasure is spending some time with Tracy at the IDEO company learning fist hand about the design thinking process by designing a game for future space travelers. @ IDEO San Francisco

The Design Thinking team spent the morning with the founder of HireClub. The focus was on how to advocate for yourself and follow your passion. “You don’t have to wait for anyone’s permission to succeed.” Ketan Anjaria. We thank Lisa and Ketan for taking the time to share their passion for helping others and being successful at it. #jasonlearning @ Downtown San Francisco

After a challenging day of travel the Argonaut team is all together and ready to embark on our Design Thinking Expedition. #jasonlearning

AASA-JASON 2019 Consortium has come to a close. Thanks to all the Superintendents and leaders who came out this year! It was a great event for education and STEM. @aasahq #nationalstemday #stemeducation #superintendents @ Portsmouth, Virginia

Happy National STEM day! JASON Learning supports the education of STEM learning and those in the STEM fields. We have designed a innovative and unique curriculum to better STEM education. Please help us provide students with authentic and effective STEM curriculum- Donate Now to Jason Learning - https://mailchi.mp/jason/provide-students-with-authentic-and-effective-stem-curriculum-donate-now-to-jason-learning

The AASA-JASON Consortium has been inspiring and motivational experience! We have heard from leaders, superintendents, and students about their passion in STEM. We thank everyone who participated in the event! #nationalstemday #STEMConsortium @aasahq @ Portsmouth, Virginia

On November 19th JASON Learning in partner with edWeb.net will be hosting a Live Event! don't miss Antarctic Climate Change with Andrew Christ -

Today is our AASA-JASON STEM Consortium. We are looking forward to an exciting day and discussing ways of building STEM literacy in districts and communities from all over. Thank you to all the Superintendents that are participating today! #STEMconsortium #JASONLearning
AASA, The School Superintendents Association


JASON National Educators' Conference - Houston, TX

Registration has opened for our 2020 JASON National Educators Conference in Houston, Texas! The conference will be March 24-26 use this link to register https://jnctx2020.eventbrite.com and head to jason.org/national-educators-conference for more details. #STEMeducation #educators #JASONLearning

eventbrite.com K-12 Educators and Leaders are invited to join JASON Learning for three days of STEM learning, collaboration, and adventure!


JASON Learning | 2020 Recycling Video & Poster Contests

Don't forget there is only a little over a month left to apply to The 2020 Recycling Video and Poster Contest, the deadline is December 13th!!! Need some help check out our resources at https://www.jason.org/2020-recycling-contest #recycling #STEMeducation #ISRI


Inspire and educate the next generation of STEM leaders give the gift of learning by going to our donation page and selecting an amount. Together we can ensure a skilled work force for the future
- Donate Now to JASON Learning - https://mailchi.mp/jason/inspire-and-educate-the-next-generation-of-stem-leaders-donate-now-to-jason-learning

Next week is AASA, The School Superintendents Association-JASON Consortium.Superintendents will be meeting in Portsmouth, VA Nov. 7-8. We are looking forward to next week! go to jason.org for more information. #superintendents #STEMeducation

JASON Learning's cover photo

Wow! We found Ricardo this morning here at Ceiba Tops. He was one of our guides during the JASON X expedition in 1999!

We were off line for a couple of days where there is no WiFi doing our own research questions and encountering some amazing rainforest critters. The Amazon Canopy Walkway is simply breath taking. We were able to get joy and sunset and sun rise form this wonderful resource. @ Ceiba Tops Lodge, selva amazónica, Perú.

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