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Science education for the 21st century! Connecting kids to real explorers and real science to motivate interest in STEM fields.

We are a non-profit organization that connects students, in the classroom and out, to real science and exploration to inspire and motivate them to study and pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

We embed exciting STEM professionals and cutting-edge research into award-winning, standards-aligned in and out-of-school curricula. Live webcasts connect students with inspirational STEM role models. Student materials include reading selections with read-to-me functionality, inquiry-based labs, videos, and online games. For teachers and informal educators, we provide lesson plans, assessments, and comprehensive professional development programs.

Mission: The JASON Project inspires and educates kids everywhere through real science and exploration.


JASON Learning | Keri Bean, Mars Rover Driver

Today! Let's talk Mars and space exploration with Keri Bean! 1pm EST!

jason.org Keri Bean, Mars Rover Driver Live Event: May 2, 2019 at 1:00pm Eastern (US) Keri Bean is a Systems Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) where she operates the Mars Rover Curiosity. She is also training lead for the future Mars 2020 rover. She uses her skills as an engineer to explore...


JASON Learning | Keri Bean, Mars Rover Driver

‪Join us Thurs 1pm & meet @PlanetaryKeri Keri Bean! She drives a rover... on MARS - what a cool career! Send in questions & see you then for some #STEM fun that’s... out of this 🌎. I said it. Not sorry. She drives a car on Mars! https://jason.org/keri-bean‬

jason.org Keri Bean, Mars Rover Driver Live Event: May 2, 2019 at 1:00pm Eastern (US) Keri Bean is a Systems Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) where she operates the Mars Rover Curiosity. She is also training lead for the future Mars 2020 rover. She uses her skills as an engineer to explore...

Join us on Thursday & meet Mars Rover Driver and Star Wars Enthusiast, Keri Bean! Read more about her and submit questions before and during the event! https://www.jason.org/keri-bean
Thursday, May 2 at 1pm


JASON Learning | Molly Curran, Deep Sea Engineer

"Engineering school was extremely challenging and I often find myself facing perplexing problems throughout my work, but when I am on a research vessel in the middle of the ocean off the coast of New Zealand deploying a deep sea robot to explore underwater volcanoes, I think to myself, it was all worth it." - Molly Curran

Join us in talking with Mechanical Engineer Molly Curran - Today at 1pm EST https://www.jason.org/molly-curran



JASON Learning | Molly Curran, Deep Sea Engineer

Tomorrow in your classroom!
Here’s your plan for the underwater robot builder live event tomorrow :
1) Watch this to prep/psyche-up your students - youtu.be/lwp3pCoyYMU
2)Send or write ??s to ask live
3)Tune in at 1pm EST for Molly Curran jason.org/molly-curran
4)Continue being a rad teacher 👩🏼‍🏫

jason.org Molly Curran, Deep Sea Engineer Live Event: April 25, 2019 at 1:00pm Eastern (US) Molly Curran is an Engineer at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution where she designs deep sea vehicles and cutting edge technology to explore the ocean. She uses engineering, math, and technological skills to help sci...

Molly Curran - This Week!

Join us LIVE on Thursday and meet Molly Curran - Deep Sea Exporation!
Live Event: April 25, 2019 at 1:00pm Eastern (US)
Molly Curran is an Engineer at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution where she designs deep sea vehicles and cutting edge technology to explore the ocean. She uses engineering, math, and technological skills to help scientists access the unexplored and hard to reach areas of our planet.


New Deep-Sea Robot Will Help Us Explore Oceans Throughout the Solar System

Our guest this week is STEM Role Model Molly Curran, Deep Sea Engineer... she makes robots to explore parts unknown in the deep sea, folks! Watch the video below and get excited for this opportunity for students to see there is so much left in the world to explore!! Real chills!!


Named for the Ancient Greek god of the Underworld, the Hadal Zone is the pitch-black part of our oceans below 6,000 meters. Now, imagine a fleet of robots ab...

All abooooard the ARGO Math!
Get the inside scoop on our newest curriculum, Argo Math, with an exclusive interview with curriculum development team member, Justin Maffei.

A STEM career online!! Join in tomorrow for a conversation with @dell Social Media Editor in Chief, Suzanne Doughty! Tap into her creativity at 1pm EST : https://jason.org/suzanne-doughty

How does STEM and Social Media go together? Join us in conversation LIVE on Thursday with Suzanne Doughty! Suzanne is the Social Media Editor in Chief @Dell where she combines technology and communication - tune in to find out about this creative career in STEM!
Live Event: April 4, 2019 at 1:00pm Eastern (US)
Learn more and submit questions before and during the event : https://www.jason.org/suzanne-doughty

Update! Add two new live events to your class calendar! Mars Rover Driver, what?? Deep Sea Engineer, who?! See you on JASON Live! Find out more : https://www.jason.org/live
NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover Transocean @Dell

Hey! Haley here to invite you to our upcoming event with Suzanne Doughty! Suzanne is the Social Media Editor in Chief at Dell where she combines technology and communication. She manages the top social media accounts with the goal to effectively communicate information on Dell’s products and stories about how people use these technologies. Live Event: April 4, 2019 at 1:00pm Eastern (US)

Keep it on your radar: Meteorologist @jefflindner joins JASON Live this week! Thursday, March 21, 1pm EST https://jason.org/jeff-lindner

Teachers : Current Event Lesson Plan Right Here!

A massive chemical fire out of Deer Park, TX has been burning for days, creating a plume of smoke for miles. Students can follow the story and interact LIVE this week with meteorologist Jeff Lindner, who is tracking/predicting the movement and possible impacts of the smoke plume. This is a great opportunity to have students involved and thoughtfully interacting in current events as they unfold.

Meteorologists, other scientists, government groups, private entities and the public are all working together to tackle this problem with health and safety as a number one priority. Students will critically think through this large scale issue with complex parameters, assess the situation from different viewpoints and formulate a plan utilizing all resources to solve the problem with care and humanity.

Live TV Press Conference Updates and some backstory : https://abc13.com/big-deer-park-fire-could-take-2-days-to-burn-out/5202297/

Here's the Lesson Plan :
1. Follow Meteorologist Jeff Lindner on FB or Twitter for real time updates regarding the smoke plume and use this and other news sources for research. https://abc13.com/big-deer-park-fire-could-take-2-days-to-burn-out/5202297/

2. Students evaluate the hazards & health risks associated with smoke and fire from the chemical plant. What kinds of science and technology is being used to monitor these risks?

3. Students evaluate what resources and groups are currently working on the problems.

4. Students formulate a plan to address the issues at hand, keeping health and safety as the priority. How would they decide what to do? Who should they listen to is they were making the decisions? Are there more groups or resources needed?

5. Send any questions for Jeff Lindner & Join in and interact LIVE with him on Thursday at 1pm EST : https://www.jason.org/jeff-lindner

When Hurricane Harvey was pounding Houston, Texas, a hero arose! Meteorologist Jeff Lindner kept the people of Harris County informed in 2017, and now he will do the same for us when JASON Live welcomes this STEM role model on Thursday. Keep it on your radar; tune in on March 21st at 1:00 pm Eastern!

Join your Host Haley A Chamberlain Nelson, Producer Melissa Salpietra & Moderator Lauren Ray Burn Live Mar 21 at 1pm EST - asking your questions to STEM Role Model Jeff Lindner, Meteorologist & Dir of Flood Operations in Houston, TX. We love bringing you live science!
Join and ask ?s here : https://jason.org/jeff-lindner

Last night we were lucky to be able to attend one of the Discover Science Lecture Series offered by the University of Nevada Reno. The researcher who gave the lecture was Dr. Karen Lloyed who spoke on “ Microbes in Weird Places” What Life is like deep in the Earth. “ We were also privileged to get to meet her after the lecture.
We were also invited to meet Dr. Mick Hitchcock who noted biomedical researcher who played a key role in developing a groundbreaking HIV drug that provides patients with easier dosing and fewer side effects than its predecessors in addition to having helped develop Tamiflu and other well known medical products

Interesting wasp we found while helping sort. It appears to be a wasp.

360 view of the lab where we are working.

This is a time lapse video taken with a 360 camera the first day Nevada Argonauts were in the field.

This morning we went to a new location to try our luck looking for caterpillars. No luck. Student Argos got to help fly the drone to take photos of some of the juniper trees that we also leaf counted. The highest leaf count was 1.7 million leaves. How did we do that? First we found a small batch of ten then 100 then 1000 and then you could use that as a reference to estimate the rest of the leaves on one tree.

Moving caterpillars onto the prep diets with extracts added.

Live Event: March 21, 2019 at 1:00pm Eastern (US)
Jeff Lindner is a Meteorologist and Director of Flood Operations where he forecasts weather events and helps design and construct flood damage reduction projects across Harris County, TX. He maintains and operates the Harris County Flood Warning System, a network of 175 real time stream and rainfall sensors that monitor data cross Harris and surrounding counties.

A little video showing the process of mixing the extracts with caterpillar food.

Today we are working with Dr. Lora Richards creating bioassays. Yesterday we learned the process of creating extracts. Now we are helping to weigh out some extracts to mix with the caterpillar diets. The question they are trying to answer is what parts of the plants (read plant chemistry) are having effects on the caterpillars.
We are using three different extracts from the Piper kelleyi which is a mid canopy tree found at higher elevations in rainforests.
We are creating a total of 14 different diets for the caterpillars. There are three main diets; chromene, tannins and pigment. Half of the containers will also be exposed to UV light because some of the extracts are photoactive.
The mixing of the extracts with the food, which involves boiling water, had to be done very quickly. To facilitate getting a lot done we created an assembly line, of sorts... mix food in a blender, then pour about 27 grams into containers with the extract and then rush to the stirrers in order to mix well before cooling.
The final part of the process involved moving some of the diet that now contains the extract to smaller containers and add in several caterpillars.
We will check on them tomorrow.

The JASON Learning Team Nevada spent the afternoon with Dr. Chris Jeffery and Alex English in a lab located in the Center for Chemical Ecology learning the procedures for making extracts that will be added to the diets fed to caterpillars in order to understand the impacts on caterpillars. This will all make more sense as we learn more as we go through the week.

This morning we are working with Dr. Jane Dell who is a fire ecologist. We are helping her to separate insects from plant matter that was collected in Florida as part of her PhD work. Everything will be part of a collection and stored in the Nevada Museum of Natural at the University of Nevada in Reno.

This morning the JASON Learning team is learning about Arthropods and Fire from Dr. Jane Dell who is a fire ecologist

The Nevada JASON Learning team hit the slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mtns. in the Great Basin Desert to look for some caterpillars. Everyone learned how to use a beat sheet, did some leaf counts within a plot we set up. We did not have any luck finding any caterpillars but did find a couple of galls that contained some larvae. After a quick lunch, we learned more about the curation of insects in the University of Nevada Reno museum from Santiago Villamarin. Dani Salicido, another scientist, has been our guide, main organizer and amazing facilitator to the start of an amazing learning experience.

The JASON Learning Nevada team is in the field. It took most of yesterday for the entire team to get to our research location but we are all here now and starting our research with Dr. Lee Dyer on caterpillars and parasitoids.

The Wisconsin JASON Learning team is ready for take off. We intercept the rest of the team in Denver.✈️ backpacks 🎒 stuffed


Kris Ludwig, Hazards Scientist: JASON STEM Role Model

Thank you students & teachers who asked great questions yesterday. If you missed the interview live with @USGS Hazards Scientist Kris Ludwig, fear not! https://youtu.be/zb01gcL8sfE Find out why golf on Mars would be a disaster, rather than a hazard:)

Kris Ludwig is a staff scientist at the United States Geological Survey where she is part of a team that responds to natural disaster events. She has partici...

Live with USGS Natural Hazards Science
Dr. Kris Ludwig at 1pm EST! Hazards! Natural Disasters! Bring questions - and see you there! https://www.jason.org/kris-ludwig
USGS Volcanoes U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) USGS Coastal and Ocean Science


JASON Learning | Kris Ludwig, USGS Hazards Scientist

Tomorrow's live event is going to be a total disaster... https://www.jason.org/kris-ludwig

jason.org Kris Ludwig, USGS Hazards Scientist Live Event: March 7, 2019 at 1:00pm Eastern (US) Kris Ludwig is a staff scientist at the United States Geological Survey where she is part of a team that responds to natural disaster events. She has participated in the response effort for Hurricane Sandy and the K...

Mark your calendars & be on the lookout for updates and classroom ideas - Our Spring Live Events begin this Thursday 1pm EST! First up: Disaster is in the air with Kris Ludwig - @USGS Hazards Scientist! USGS Coastal and Ocean Science USGS Volcanoes USGS Natural Hazards Science U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

Choose your own disaster! This Thursday at 1pm EST, you and your students can interact LIVE with Scientist Kris Ludwig of the USGS Natural Hazards Science! Kris responds to all kinds of natural disasters, from erupting volcanoes to hurricanes.
You can prepare students with Expeditions from Tectonic Fury or Monster Storm Curriculum - or use the live event to kick off your study. Either way, you won't want to miss talking to someone who has been at ground zero in this many extreme disaster scenarios!

Live Event : https://www.jason.org/kris-ludwig
You can submit questions before or during the event!

Curriculum :
Tectonic Fury - https://www.jason.org/geology-tectonic-fury
Monster Storms - https://www.jason.org/weather-monster-storms
USGS Coastal and Ocean Science
USGS Volcanoes
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

Join us for our first spring live event with Kris Ludwig! Kris is a staff scientist at the United States Geological Survey where she is part of a team that responds to natural disaster events. She has participated in the response effort for Hurricane Sandy and the Kilauea eruption, among many others. Kris is also an affiliate assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington.

Hey! Here comes a season of scientists you will not want to miss! Mark your calendars and look for updates about these brilliant people with compelling science careers.

Season Details for Live STEM Role Model Events Here : https://jason.org/live

The Molecular Frontiers Journal Award is inviting students from around the world who are excited about helping the planet to get creative and submit their thoughts on challenges or opportunities that they see for the planet.

-Open to students from around the world of high school ages 13-18.
-Topic: To identify opportunities and challenges ahead for our future earth and come up with solutions for these.
-Entries must be submitted by February 28th, 2019 to https://www.planetearthsymposium.org/submissions/
-Top winners will receive a cash prize and certificate.

For further details, visit: https://www.worldscientific.com/worldscinet/mfj


Building a Community of Innovation – JASON Learning – Medium

Are you ready to build a community of Innovation with JASON? Find out what we've got planned for the JASON National Educators' Conference in Houston.

medium.com “Education is the foundation of our economy. What (and how) we learn in school determines who we become as individuals and our success…

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Molly Curran - This Week!
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