[email protected] Family Festival

Mission: In search for a new location, we plan to bring the event back. The mission of [email protected] is to promote and celebrate environmental stewardship among county residents and businesses. This is accomplished through entertainment, exhibits, workshops and activities that engage and inspire the entire community, especially the next generation of environmental stewards. The event also creates an opportunity for local environmental organization(s) to connect with Loudouners.

Claude Moore Park

Breaking news at CMP! It's confirmed- a muskrat has been spotted living by the pond near the Claude Moore Park Recreation and Community Center! The muskrat gets its name from its resemblance to a rat (including a rat-like tail) and from the musky odor produced by its scent glands. It has brown fur and partially webbed hind feet. They range from 18-25 inches long (including the tail) and weigh between 2-4 pounds. They mostly feed on aquatic plants, including cattails and duckweeds. Sometimes they will eat crayfish, snails, mussels, frogs, insects, and slow-moving fish. These pictures were taken at the CMP Recreation Center Pond.


Edible and Landscape-worthy Native Plants of New England - Ecological Landscape Alliance

Edible gardening generally brings to mind beds of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, and other foods with origins in distant continents.

ecolandscaping.org by Ellen Sousa and Russ Cohen Edible gardening generally brings to mind beds of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, and other foods with origins in distant continents. As natives of often vastly different climates and growing conditions, many of these plants require a lot of time and attention to....


Bob Quinn: It’s time to break our addiction to farm chemicals

And wasting food too.

ehn.org Agricultural chemicals aren't helping us to be better farmers or make more money. Rather they are harming our health and undermining the economic and agronomic viability of our farms.


Crape myrtle trees aren’t native to the US, but hungry native birds still find them tasty

While there is a great need to improve our natural landscapes with native plants to support our eco-system, this tree is being planted almost everywhere and has become the single most used plant ever - IT'S EVERYWHERE!


insider.si.edu Each year from summer into fall, ornamental crape myrtle trees in the southern and central U.S. lay out a visual feast of vibrant flowers in …


A devastating report details a ‘monumental’ assault on science at the Department of the Interior

latimes.com The Union of Concerned Scientists shows how the Interior Department has been transformed under Trump from a steward of public resources into a front for fossil fuel industries.

Deep Look • PBS

What do you do if you are a tiny caddisfly larva growing up in a torrent of water and debris? Simple. You build a shelter out of carefully selected pebbles and some homespun waterproof tape.

Loudoun County Government

The #Loudoun Board of Supervisors has adopted the 2019 Comprehensive Plan, which will serve as a guide for future land use and transportation policy. Details here: https://www.loudoun.gov/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=5015


New York City Passes Law Requiring Green Roofs on New Buildings

When will #Loudoun start sustainability initiatives to be future ready? #futureishere

dwell.com The city's new green building legislation will result in the equivalent of taking more than one million cars off the road by 2030.


Boaty McBoatface makes significant climate change discovery on first mission

edition.cnn.com The British research submarine Boaty McBoatface has made an impressive debut in the scientific arena, discovering a significant link between Antarctic winds and rising sea temperatures on its maiden outing.

The Story of Stuff Project

There is no Planet B. 🌎


A Brief History of How Plastic Has Changed Our World | National Geographic

Think about it: What would you do without garbage bags or credit cards or headphones? #Plastic has been around for only about 150 years, but it’s hard to imagine life without it. This video investigates how it became a such an important part of modern life and when the tide began to turn against it.

We’re addicted to plastic. But how did the world become so dependent on it in the first place? ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe About National Geog...


United States Spend Ten Times More On Fossil Fuel Subsidies Than Education

forbes.com Amidst reports of a continuing climate crisis, an International Monetary Fund study released last month shows that USD$5.2 trillion was spent globally on fossil fuel subsidies in 2017. The United States has spent more subsidizing fossil fuels in recent years than it has on defense or education.

Piedmont Environmental Council

We often get questions like “What can I plant to attract pollinators?” There are many great resources available that showcase native flowering plants that are beneficial to pollinators. One of our best local sources is the guide Piedmont Native Plants: A Guide for Landscapes and Gardens.

This guide can be downloaded for free at: https://www.plantvirginianatives.org/plant-piedmont-natives

A hard copy can also be purchased for $10 at PEC's Warrenton Office (while supplies last) or at one of the following locations: the Monticello gift shop, Ivy Nursery, and the Wintergreen Nature Foundation, as well as the office of the Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District in Charlottesville (call the district office to make sure someone is there to help you - (434) 975-0224 x101).

Thanks to PEC's habitat & stewardship specialist, Celia Vuocolo, for helping produce this guide :-)

Plant Piedmont Natives, Ivy Nursery, Inc., Thomas Jefferson Soil & Water Conservation District, The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen, Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, Virginia Native Plant Society, Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy, Center for Urban Habitats, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, Piedmont Landscape Association, Master Gardeners of Loudoun County, Virginia, Jefferson Chapter Virginia Native Plant Society, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Loudoun County, Virginia Cooperative Extension - Culpeper Unit, Virginia Cooperative Extension Albemarle-Charlottesville, Fauquier & Rappahannock County Master Gardeners, Fauquier and Loudoun Garden Club, The Warrenton Garden Club, The Garden Club of Virginia


Cities Start to Question an American Ideal: A House With a Yard on Every Lot

A moment of crisis:While zoning remains invisible to many people, the problems it's connected to increasingly are not.

Townhomes, duplexes and apartments are effectively banned in many neighborhoods. Now some communities regret it. Loudoun 2019 Comprehensive Plan Piedmont Environmental Council Loudoun County Government

nytimes.com Rising concerns about housing affordability, racial inequality and climate change are causing cities nationwide to re-examine their attachment to the detached house.


Greenland lost 2 billion tons of ice this week, which is very unusual

cnn.com Over 40% of Greenland experienced melting Thursday, with total ice loss estimated to be more than 2 gigatons (a gigaton is equal to 1 billion tons).

HoCo Climate Action

#ActOnClimateBreakdown #Microgrids The report, New Strategies For Smart Integrated Decentralised Energy Systems, describes microgrids as the end result the combination of several technological trends, namely, rooftop solar, electric vehicles, heat pumps and batteries for storage. The key is that these technologies are decentralized—they can easily be owned by consumers and cooperatives in local systems.


U.S. Supreme Court upholds Virginia's right to ban uranium mining

richmond.com The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday upheld a lower court ruling that Virginia has the right to bar uranium mining on private property within its borders.


Dispersed Settlements | Future World Vision

According to The American Society of Civil Engineers
in 10 years - degradation in the quality of #urban life, driven by ineffectual policymaking and inadequate funding, leads to emigration from traditional cities into new, relatively-isolated settlements. Advances in telecommunications infrastructure enable widespread virtual commuting rather than actual #transportation networks, thereby decreasing the amount of overall travel. These new settlements are especially attractive given stagnating conditions in traditional cities. Loudoun 2019 Comprehensive Plan Loudoun County Government

futureworldvision.org In this scenario, degradation in the quality of urban life, driven by ineffectual policymaking and inadequate funding, leads to emigration from traditional cities into new, relatively-isolated settlements. Advances in telecommunications infrastructure enable widespread virtual commuting rather than....


Invasive grasses choke key bird habitat as Minnesota's climate changes

When the forest canopy gaps and shrinks, an aggressive, sun-loving invasive plant called reed canary grass takes hold, a species that thrives in areas disturbed by fluctuating water.

startribune.com Fluctuating levels on Mississippi, ushered in by warming climate, doom floodplain forests.

Nature | PBS


Happy World Sea Turtle Day! Did you know... 🐢🐢🐢

Veg Society of DC

Canada Passes Ban Making It Illegal to Keep Dolphins and Whales in Captivity.
The bill bans importing, exporting, keeping and breeding whales, dolphins and porpoises, as well as making the animals perform for entertainment. Lawbreakers could face a fine of up to $150,000 U.S. dollars.

NBC Washington

A Chinese citizen was arrested Saturday for allegedly "jabbing" a sea turtle nest with a wooden stake and "stomping" on the protected habitat.


BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2019: an unsustainable path | News and insights | Home

"The longer carbon emissions continue to rise, the harder and more costly will be the necessary eventual adjustment to net-zero carbon emissions"

bp.com 11 June 2019

Retrofitting Suburbia

Loudoun 2019 Comprehensive Plan let’s get Eastern Loudoun fixed!

We are at CNU.27 in Louisville, KY. See a nice summary write up of our presentation on the Public Square blog!


About | ICSI Conference

Make #Loudoun future ready now Loudoun 2019 Comprehensive Plan Given the global implications of burgeoning urbanization and the stewardship of existing and new public infrastructure, ICSI 2019 will focus on what is known and what is not known about the cities of the future. Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Loudoun NowLoudoun County Government #virginia #loudoun #ashburnVA

icsiconference.org Sustainable Cities for an Uncertain World


We broke down what the climate crisis will do to the United States — region by region.


Suburbanization is back at the worst possible time

archinect.com Author William H. Frey, senior fellow for the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brooking Institute, writes,

Casey Trees

“By restoring tree loss around the world, we’re making a significant investment in our collective future—paving the way for the health and well-being of people in this and future generations,” said Arbor Day Foundation President. The #TimeforTrees is now!


Bee Informed Partnership - National Management Survey Map

VDACS is addressing the problem by encouraging people to become new beekeepers and existing beekeepers to add to their existing hives. The department also encourages homeowners and apartment dwellers to plant pollinator gardens and window boxes. Border plantings of bee friendly plants around crop fields provides needed forage particularly in hot, dry summer months and into the fall. Beekeepers are encouraged to monitor Varroa mites in their hives in July and August; and to take appropriate steps to reduce damaging levels of this honeybee parasite.



Judge rules against Big Oil, sends Baltimore climate suit to state court

A federal court judge ruled on Tuesday that Baltimore’s climate liability suit against more than two dozen #fossilfuel companies belongs in state court. The city filed the original case there last July and argued against the companies’ attempts to have the case heard in federal court. #climatechange #globalwarming

climateliabilitynews.org A federal judge says Baltimore's climate liability claims fall under state laws and rejects the oil industry's argument to keep them in federal court.


Wildflower Planting Project Is Saving Taxpayers Millions in Mowing

This is how you save tax dollars Loudoun 2019 Comprehensive Plan Loudoun County Government Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce The Official Loudoun County Public Schools #virginia #loudoun

radio.wosu.org If you drive Ohio highways you may have noticed more flowers and taller grass on the side of the road. The Ohio Department of Transportation has begun


Dream Big Engineering Our World

Here is a great movie - "A HEARTFELT STORY OF HUMAN INGENUITY" for all ages to watch and get inspired to build a better world.... #engineering #stem #sustainability #actnow #dosomething


Round Hill will officially become an Appalachian Trail Community this weekend

loudountimes.com Round Hill is officially becoming an Appalachian Trail Community.


Trudeau announces Canadian ban of single-use plastics as early as 2021

thehill.com “Canadians are tired of seeing our beaches, parks, streets, and shorelines littered with plastic waste,” Trudeau wrote on Twitter after the announcement.

Plant NOVA Natives

Come to our training session on June 29 to learn about working with HOAs and other groups to promote native plants and home habitat.


Maryland Pesticide Education Network - MPEN

Here we go #cleanwater

Pennsylvania’s latest water quality report found 40% of its 85,000 miles of streams & rivers are violating the state’s water quality standards in some way, with agricultural runoff and acid mine drainage mostly to blame: http://bit.ly/2wDLCV3


Appellate Judge Sees Criminal Neglect In U.S. Response To Climate Change

"You present compelling evidence that we have a real problem. You present compelling evidence of inaction by the other branches of government. It may even rise to the level of criminal neglect," Hurwitz told the children's attorney in a Portland, Or. courtroom yesterday. "The tough question for me—and I suspect for my colleagues—is, do we get to act because of that?”

forbes.com One appellate court judge was impressed enough Tuesday by the case brought by 21 children, some now adults, suing the U.S. government over climate change that he said it may show criminal neglect.


Fertilizer plants emit 100 times more methane than reported

How about that!

sciencedaily.com Emissions of methane from the industrial sector have been vastly underestimated, researchers have found.


It was 84 degrees near the Arctic Ocean this weekend as carbon dioxide hit its highest level in human history

No need to be alert about this!?!?!?

msn.com The carbon dioxide milestone and unusual warmth in northwest Russia blend into the portrait of human-induced climate change.


The Great Insect Dying: Vanishing act in Europe and North America

Do your part - don't use toxic pesticides....

news.mongabay.com The insects of the EU and US are the best studied in the world, and it is here that a strengthening case can be made for an alarming insect abundance decline.

BBC Earth

These seadragons are dancing together in a courtship ritual - and it's absolutely beautiful.



Robert Downey Jr. Announces Footprint Coalition to Clean Up the World With Advanced Tech

variety.com Robert Downey Jr. used his part of the opening keynote for Amazon’s Re:Mars conference in Las Vegas Tuesday evening to announce the launch of a new organization that is committed to using advanced …


Get your ticket to the 5th Annual Eat Drink Local! Eat and drink your way through fabulous bites and divine libations from more than 30 of the DC area’s best chefs, food crafters, mixologists, beer makers, wine makers, and liquor distillers, featuring incredible local ingredients from the farmers and producers of the Mid-Atlantic region.

Non Toxic Communities

Choose native trees, which provide the best wildlife habitat. For help in selecting the most bird-friendly species, consult Audubon’s Native Plant Database. (link in article)

Potomac Conservancy

Some good news for #OceanWeek- Rockville may soon be following DC's lead and banning plastic straws. After all, plastic straws cannot be recycled and #allstreamsleadtotheocean.

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