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Music School Located in Ashburn, VA, the Piano Xpress Studio is one of the largest private studios in the metro D.C. area. Our ongoing commitment is to teach music in the most inspiring, creative, and enjoyable way possible.

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Connecting to The Piano Express App 06/04/2021

Connecting to The Piano Express App

Connecting to The Piano Express App


Yellow level winner!


Purple level winner!


Red level winner!


Blue level winner!


Silver level winner!


Gold level winner!

[04/16/21]   Happy Friday everyone! Here's our 5th practice tip for everyone :)

“Break it Up” 2 short and focused bursts of practicing can be more productive than 1 longer session. Try breaking up practice times and achieve smaller goals more consistently.
Just remember, we are what we practice! Have fun, be patient, and strive for consistency! We hope these tips can help make practice less of a chore, and more towards all the rewarding feelings that come through music making.

[04/15/21]   Here's today's practice tip. Stay tuned for our final tip on Friday, and then for featured videos!

"Piano-Free Practice" Practice doesn’t have to be just at the piano. Even accomplished concert pianists practice on tabletops when in a pinch. The advantage here for younger students is the potential to practice good hand shape and touch without having to think of notes. Good technique can be practiced on the kitchen counter! 😉

[04/14/21]   Practice tip for your Wednesday!

"100% Notes" Don’t worry about rhythm and speed. Concentrate on accurately striking each note slowly to feel how the piece works in the hands. Once tricky areas become easier, slowly reintroduce rhythm and speed.

More tomorrow!

[04/13/21]   Today's practice tip:

2.) “Jump around” All too often, students start practicing just at the beginning of the piece. Makes for a strong intro, but what about the rest of the song! Being able to start and play anywhere in the song deepens understanding of the content. Try to start anywhere besides the beginning!

More tips to come :)

[04/12/21]   Today's practice tip:

“Say-n-Play” Saying the letters out loud while playing the notes is a very helpful way to practice for students in all levels. This practice technique aids with note recognition, developing tonal memory and betters concentration. Tip #2 tomorrow!

[04/10/21]   Lastly, our winners for each level. These students will have performances featured here in the coming weeks.

Yellow: Hannah O'Brien
Purple: Hailey Adams
Red: Niranjan Rajasekaran
Blue: Smeera Gandi
Silver: Ava Goncharov
Gold: Helen Zhao

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you again for participating in our event!
Lastly, this week we will post a practice tip each day to help guide home practice. Stay tuned!

[04/10/21]   Our top 3 students all came in with over 1000 minutes of practice. (over 16 hours in March!)

Helen Zhao, 1674 minutes
Ashwin Senthil Kumar, 1546 minutes
Sreshta Chanda, 1171 minutes.

We would also like to acknowledge 3 students who passed the most songs in March:

Thomas Gray, 88 songs
Leana Paradkar, 67 songs
Niranjan Rajasekaran, 53 songs

[04/10/21]   Thank you Piano Express families for participating in the March Madness practice event! Winners will be sharing their videos in the coming weeks, and for today we just wanted to give some shout outs to some awesome students!


Vande Mataram

Here is a video of Ananya playing Vande Mataram. Ananya is one of our students and we are proud to have her featured on this video.

You can learn more about the book she is playing from at:


Jana Gana Mana (Indian National Anthem) arranged for piano students.

Special shout out to our student Vedanth for performing in this video! So proud to share this!


So excited to announce that this book Timeless Music of India finally has its own website! Check it out, and while you're there, go ahead and order a copy! Profits from book sales are going toward nonprofits in India. It's a great book and a great cause.

Authentic cultural music from India. Arranged for piano students. Pick up a copy today at our website:


Timeless Music of India

Authentic cultural music from India. Arranged for piano students. Pick up a copy today at our website:



Because of our commitment to social distancing during the pandemic, we are not using our small classrooms in our studios. The class rooms are 12 x 12 (144 sq feet). We were recently granted permission by our landlords to sub-lease the spaces to anyone interested. This would be ideal for anyone who needs a room to work from out-of-the-house. Rent is $500/month - and we will provide internet, heat, AC, and utilities at no extra cost. Private Message us if you are interested!


The Piano Express

Caring teachers. Innovative tools. Nationally-recognized program. The Piano Express is a new standard in music education.

See how our one-of-a-kind program works with a FREE session. Now available at the comfort of your home, online!


The Piano Express

Looking for music lessons your kids will actually enjoy? At Piano Express, students learn to read music right away, unlocking the power to play anything... from Mozart to Disney.

With classes now available online or in-person, your child won’t miss a beat!
Register today to get more information or sign up for a free, no-obligation session.


Hey, that guy on the bottom left... I know him!

Meet our 2020 Teachers of Distinction:

This distinguished award has been given to 16 teachers from across North America who are:
✔️ Leaders in the field of music education
✔️ Influential in creating a brighter future for music education
✔️ Instilling a lifelong love of music in their students
✔️ Mentoring other teachers and inspiring others


NVMTA Sonata Festival Honor Students

This year the NVMTA Sonata Festival was held online. Only the top students in the reigion are able to participate in this event, and only a fraction of the participants are awarded. We are so happy to announce that this year, a total of SIX students from our studio were awarded a blue ribbon for their outstanding work. Congratulations!!!


On the other side of this pandemic, our studio is going to have fresh paint!!!


Since the shelter in place, our online tools have been a LIFE SAVER. Shout out to our developer Andrew Jackson and our video production manager Ben Toalson for their collaboration! 🙏🏻


Congratulations to Christopher!! One of only 18 students from the region selected for the NVMTA honors recital. Unbelievable performance!!


1st grader Richard at the NVMTA Bach Baroque competition. Richard made it to the semi finals. Needless to say he was one of the youngest in the region to get that far. Congratulations!


The new sign’s first night.


Coming soon to Sterling VA!! Open house every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday in March.


3rd grader Ray. Only three days before the Level 4 RCM exam and he sounds all set!


Christopher preparing for his level 10 RCM exam.


So excited to release this book!! Authentic cultural music from India for piano students. Early beginner through intermediate level. $15/copy. Our studio will be donating all profits from book sales to non-profits working in India.


AlphaGraphics Loudoun

Our Job of the Week highlights the great work AGL’s Graphic Designer Erin Bennett did for local small business owner Greg Genter.

Greg needed help recreating his children's piano textbooks and workbooks. We started by joining Greg at The Piano Express studio. Erin gave Greg a crash course on the tools that would help him build his books, like Adobe InDesign. Once she got Greg up and running, he was able to load content into the InDesign templates we created for him. Our staff then took these files, and prepared them for professional printing! Greg gained the skills he needed to build future books, and now has professional templates and finished files to print for years to come!

We have printed over 6 books for Greg and counting!

[06/11/19]   Ray is in 2nd grade. Already playing challenging sonatinas... what will the future hold?? Keep up the good work Ray!!

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Yellow level winner!
Purple level winner!
Red level winner!
Blue level winner!
Silver level winner!
Gold level winner!
NVMTA Sonata Festival Honor Students
Congratulations to Christopher!!  One of only 18 students from the region selected for the NVMTA honors recital.  Unbeli...
1st grader Richard at the NVMTA Bach Baroque competition.  Richard made it to the semi finals. Needless to say he was on...
3rd grader Ray.  Only three days before the Level 4 RCM exam and he sounds all set!
Christopher preparing for his level 10 RCM exam.
Listen to Vasudev play at our May Performance Day!




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