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Mission: School Nutrition Services supports the LCPS education mission by providing nourishment to all students while teaching them to make life long healthy choices.

One week until our favorite celebration of the year!!

Friday, May 3rd is School Lunch Hero Day!

Each year, this day allows us to celebrate our staff who proudly serve the students of The Official Loudoun County Public Schools each day!

Are you ready Loudoun Valley High School and Riverside High School?!?

Starting Monday, all students will have a new #LCPSLunch option!!

You can view the menu offerings on your FREE mobile app, via LCPS Go or by visiting www.lcpshealthycafe.org.

Thanks for helping our team promote Taste It Thursday!

Mrs Vasquez promoting Taste it Thursday in the Comet Cafe - today there are carrots to taste! Yum! Ask your Comet if they tasted carrots 🥕 today #gocomets19 #tasteitthursdays Loudoun County School Nutrition Services

Our teams don't stop representing school nutrition once the last lunch shift leaves, they are active in their communities as well!

The team at Woodgrove High School showing their support for National Autism Awareness Month by helping with activities in their school community.

#TBT to 2017 when we featured tricolor carrots for the first time! Did you miss that day? Don't worry! Today is #TasteItThursday so you can try them for FREE during #LCPSLunch! MS/HS can try them during #FearFactorFriday tomorrow!


We Carrot A Lot About Good Nutrition

Who's ready for another sampling this week?!
On the menu for Thursday and Friday are samples of tricolor carrots.
Click the link to learn more!

lcpshealthycafe.wordpress.com April’s Harvest of the Month are Carrots! This week, we are offering tricolor carrots for ALL students to try in our cafeterias. On Taste-It Thursday, elementary students will have the chance…

Get ready Loudoun Valley High School Vikings and Riverside High School PTSO Rams! Our popular Cafe+Teria concept is coming to the #LCPSLunch lineup on Monday!

It is the same menu we feature at Academies of Loudoun in Cafe Ignition! You can build your own bowl, salad or wrap and customize with a variety of fresh toppings.

Valley and Riverside will be the first schools aside from Academies of Loudoun to have this menu concept!

See you there!

WOW! Check out this beautiful #EarthDay garden bar spread at Horizon Elementary School yesterday! We proudly offer our students a rainbow of fruit and veggies daily!

We are celebrating #EarthDay with a no heat #LCPSLunch menu to minimize the amount of electricity and water we consume in our kitchens each day! Don't worry, we are still serving some student favorites in our schools!

School Meals That Rock No Kid Hungry Virginia School Nutrition Association Tray Talk No Kid Hungry VDOE School Nutrition

It might be spring break, but that doesn’t mean we can’t highlight this 📸 of our bacon cheese 🍔

These beef patties are topped with low-fat cheese and bacon and are placed on our whole grain bun, where students can venture to the garden bar to pile it high with their favorite toppings!


New vending program reinvents school lunch

Thanks Food Management for taking time to learn more about the meal vending program we launched at Academies of Loudoun - Unofficial and expanded to Rock Ridge High School this spring!

We are always seeking input from students, so stay tuned for a new menu lineup coming to the meal vending program after spring break!

Rock Ridge High School PTSO School Meals That Rock No Kid Hungry Virginia Tray Talk School Nutrition Association

food-management.com Virginia high school pilots vending machines with fresh reimbursable meals and a la carte options, expands to a second location.

Did you know May 3rd is #SchoolLunchHeroDay?!? It is one of our favorite days of the year because we know the almost 400 team members who make serving 6 million+ meals annually possible in The Official Loudoun County Public Schools, are being celebrated on this special day!!

's cover photo


We’re Grilled to See Cheese!

A childhood favorite is being freshly prepared and served in all of our school kitchens.
Click the link to learn how to get your hands on this popular menu item.

lcpshealthycafe.wordpress.com Happy Grilled Cheese Day! A classic favorite freshly prepared in our school kitchens! Grilled cheese sandwiches have been on the menu for several months and our students looooove them. We’re …


LCPS Staff named "No kid Hungry" Hall of Fame honorees

We are so proud of our team at Frederick Douglass Elementary School and Lovettsville Elementary PTO!

localdvm.com According to Feeding America, one in six American kids struggle with childhood hunger. 

We take student feedback seriously in our program. Whether we host official taste parties with select groups of students in our schools or we host sampling events during meal service, our team is always seeking input from our students!

This year, we embraced technology during our tasting events by allowing students to participate in surveys on our iPads or students have the option of using their personal devices to access the survey through our Instagram account!

Electronic feedback provides our staff with the realtime data needed to help us make menu decisions.

Who said tacos are only for Tuesday's?

Our elementary students had their choice of soft taco or taco salads today for #LCPSLunch.

This taco salad featured the 100% beef crumble with low-fat cheese, fresh lettuce and tomato with salsa and sour cream over baked corn tortilla rounds, complete with sides of Spanish rice, vegetarian refried beans, a fresh banana and milk!

There is no denying students like taco day. The biggest question is: does your child prefer the soft taco or taco salad?

Photo: Lovettsville Elementary School

Check out the updated serving lines in Cafe Ignition at Academies of Loudoun. This layout helped students get through the lines faster to maximize the time spent eating!

Make sure you take a look at the video we filmed yesterday talking about the new line if you have not already done so!

This week, we are wrapping up the project-based learning collaboration with the FACS students at Riverbend MS.

Since September, our team has worked with students to understand all aspects of #schoolnutrition from sanitation and forecasting, to costing, bids, recipe development, marketing and nutritional guidelines.

Each class voted on the student-developed recipe they would like to see featured on the menu for a day. With a few tweaks to make them compliant with our calorie, fat and sodium regulations, we were able to make them work! Today's featured item was a new breakfast sandwich and on Friday, the student-created wrap will be served during lunch!

Breakfast for lunch anyone? Our individually baked, crustless quiche are a hit with students!


Time to Bring Out Your Gardening Tools!

We're celebrating our school gardens across LCPS.
This week is Garden Week!
Click the link to learn the benefits of school gardens.

lcpshealthycafe.wordpress.com This week we are celebrating…   For more information about the Farm to School Program, contact Stefanie Dove, RDN, SNS at [email protected]

We are looking forward to serving Wegmeyer Farms 🍓 this spring!!

Do you like these warmer temps?! Strawberry plants do! We’ve had strawberry flowers in our fields now for about a week. Our Gilberts Corner field in Aldie has the most. Why? That field is the furthest south and has had consistently warmer day and night temps. Even the slightest degree difference is a big deal in the life of a strawberry plant.
We are hoping to be able to be open the 1st week of May!

What better way to kickoff the week than by sharing the smiles of our students enjoying their nutritious school meals!

Did you know we offer students a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables daily and we follow strict fat, sodium and calorie guidelines?

Curious about the ingredients in some of your child's favorite #LCPSLunch or #LCPSBreakfast options?

Visit www.lcpshealthycafe.org where you can view the comprehensive ingredient lists complete with nutritional information.


Loudoun County Public Information Office - Detail Page

We hope our elementary students have enjoyed our annual Loudoun Farms trading card promotion this year!!

lcps.org They are the nine local farmers who have been selected to grace the third annual Farmer Trading Cards. The Farmer Trading Cards are a collaboration between Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) School Nutrition and Loudoun Economic Development. The cards, which are released on the opening day for Maj...

Our new smoothie blender bikes were back on the road today at Lovettsville Elementary PTO for the #LoudounCounty Fuel Up to Play 60 summit where teachers, administrators, advisors and student ambassadors from across the county came out to see how the program can be implemented in their schools!

Our team talked to students about the importance of hydration and bone health. They got to make a student-created smoothie recipe, while learning about the nutritional value of the smoothies served at school!

Fuel Up to Play 60 - American Dairy Association North East Tray Talk American Dairy Association North East No Kid Hungry Virginia VDOE School Nutrition


Loudoun County Public Information Office - Detail Page

We are SO proud of our managers at Frederick Douglass Elementary School and Lovettsville Elementary PTO for being recognized by No Kid Hungry Virginia for their efforts to serve our students daily.

Way to go ladies!!

School Nutrition Services Dietetic Practice GroupSchool Meals That Rock School Nutrition Association Loudoun Now Leesburg Patch The Loudoun Tribune VDOE School Nutrition

lcps.org Foster was selected for her years of service, annual National School Breakfast Week promotions and her commitment to working with the Fuel Up to Play 60 team at her school. Fuel Up to Play 60 incorporates nutrition and fitness into her program.

Earlier this week, we spent the day at Frederick Douglass Elementary School with 40 of our teachers to train them on various ways they can incorporate nutrition education and school gardens in their classrooms! We even had a curricula "book fair" where our teachers could select materials to take with them to better help facilitate this in the classroom.

Thanks to our partners Virginia Cooperative Extension, Loudoun County, JK Community Farm Virginia Agriculture in the Classroom and Mrs. Cunningham and "Pop" from FDE who graciously provided a comprehensive tour of the garden lab and showed off their NEW QR Code garden stakes where students and teachers can scan to access information, lesson plans and student work featuring the items in each bed!

We strive to organize annual trainings for our teachers to help empower them to see how nutrition and gardens can help them achieve their PBL and SOL objectives!

Tray Talk National Farm to School Network No Kid Hungry Virginia VDOE School Nutrition School Nutrition Association School Meals That Rock


Agriculture All-Stars: Loudoun puts farmers on trading cards

Thanks WTOP News for highlighting our Loudoun Farms trading card promotion!

wtop.com Featuring “Sweet Potato Mike” to “Farmer Beth,” a new trading card program in Loudoun County, Virginia schools seeks to celebrate farmers and introduce children to the basics of agriculture.

JK Community Farm

Thanks Loudoun Now for highlighting one of our favorite promotions of the year! We love being able to celebrate the rockstar farmers in Loudoun!

Farm manager, “Sweet Potato Mike” was selected for the 2019 farmer trading cards a great program with Loudoun County School Nutrition Services and Loudoun County Economic Development. This program allows students to meet local farmers and get excited about agriculture!


Sorry, We Only Have SB & J Here…

Have you gotten your hands on our delicious SunButter & Jelly Sandwich?
What is SunButter Sunflower Butter, you may ask?
Click the link to learn about this yummy alternative to peanut butter.

lcpshealthycafe.wordpress.com Today is PB & J SB & J Day! We know lots of people LOVE peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! However, we have many students who have a serious food allergy to peanuts. As a result, we are a …

LIVE from SullyElementary to kickoff our Opening Day Loudoun Farms farmer trading card promo!


All-Star Farmers on Loudoun Trading Cards - Loudoun County Economic Development, VA

We are THRILLED to announce our 2019 Loudoun Farms farmers featured on this year's trading cards!

Students can start collecting them today during #LCPSLunch!

biz.loudoun.gov This year, the public was asked to nominate Loudoun farmers to be featured on the trading cards, and members of the community weighed in with glowing recommendations.

#OpeningDay2019 is FINALLY here!! Tomorrow students get the chance to start collecting our Loudoun Farms farmer trading cards during #LCPSLunch! Be on the lookout for the reveal of our 2019 mystery farmers tomorrow morning!

We love being able to celebrate #LoudounCounty farms w/ our friends at Loudoun County Economic Development!

#LoudounPossible #VASchoolMeals #FarmToSchool Tray Talk School Meals That Rock No Kid Hungry Virginia Loudoun Times-Mirror Loudoun Now Loudoun Hunger Relief The Loudoun Tribune Loudoun County Health Department Northern Virginia Magazine Posh Seven Magazine for Moms School Nutrition Association School Nutrition Services Dietetic Practice Group

LCPS teachers: we have 2 gently used tower gardens that need new homes in our schools. If you are interested in receiving one for your classroom, please contact [email protected]

#lcps19 #schoolgardens #farmtoschool

Today's mystery farmer raises Holstein heifers and Brown Swiss dairy cows. He hosts the 4-H dairy students on the farm and is also a #LoudounCounty Veterinarians.

Do you know who this mystery farmer is?

#LoudounPossible #LoudounFarms #VAschoolmeals


Don’t Wait. Hydrate.

You hear over and over again to properly hydrate your body...
But what does that really mean?
Click the link to learn more about proper hydration and how to avoid dehydration.

lcpshealthycafe.wordpress.com Happy National Nutrition Month! Today on the blog, we’re talking hydration. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Do you have any tips fo…

This farmer has been farming for 5 years. He grows chemical-free salad greens, vegetables and topsoil. He views farming as a way to give the gift of food.

Can you guess who this mystery farmer is?

#LoudounPossible #LoudounFarms #VAschoolmeals

Today's mystery farmer has been farming for 6 years. She grows vegetables & also has lots of different varieties of gourds! She likes to grow vegetables because unlike animals, they do not need to be tended to 3 times per day.

Guess who?

#LoudounFarms #LoudounPossible #LCPS19

Today's mystery farmer has been farming for 45 years. He raises cattle, chickens, turkeys, lamb and also installs MiraFount animal waterers and agricultural fencing.

Do you know who this mystery farmer is?

#LoudounPossible #LoudounFarms #VAschoolmeals #lcps19

Our Manager at Guilford Elementary School, Mrs. Miller, took time to demonstrate how the smoothie bike works for students and parents.

American Dairy Association North East Tray TalkSchool Nutrition Services Dietetic Practice GroupSchool Meals That Rock School Nutrition Association

Our team had a great time at the Guilford Elementary School Family Fitness Night!

We launched our new smoothie bike program and highlighted the fantastic Breakfast in the Classroom program while also talking to students and parents about the importance of drinking water!

School Nutrition Services Dietetic Practice GroupSchool Nutrition Association No Kid Hungry VirginiaAmerican Dairy Association North East Tray Talk Dayle Hayes

Today's mystery farmer has been farming for 14 years. She raises Alpacas and produces fiber products such as socks, hats and dryer balls. She also oversees the #LoudounCounty 4-H Alpaca Club.

Can you guess who this mystery farmer is?

#LoudounPossible #LoudounFarms #VASchoolMeals


Loudoun County Public Information Office - Detail Page

We are so proud of our team! #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork

lcps.org Marketing Award: John Feist, manager at Cedar Lane Elementary, for his after-school cooking clubs, which are very popular. He received a plaque and $100 to go back into his program

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THANK YOU to our friends at JK Community Farms for helping us kickoff the PBL project with the 4th Grade students at Sanders Corner ES!!!
Mr. Feist Tasty Thursday%October 18 2018





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