Bilingüitos - Spanish Immersion Northern VA

We are Bilinguitos - We offer Spanish Immersion Programs in Northern Virginia, as well as bilingual parenting resources for families worldwide!

Bilinguitos Spanish Immersion is a Spanish language school based out of Ashburn, VA. We offer fun, interactive immersion programs for kids, as well as other language services for learners of all ages! We believe that language learning should be fun AND effective. We incorporate teaching methods that benefit all types of learners and encourage our students to immerse themselves in the language. Our methodology takes into account the science behind language learning in both children and older learners (fun fact: it's different depending on learner's age!) Immerse yourself in the world of Spanish and gain essential skills for interacting with our ever-growing global community!

Mission: Our mission at Bilingüitos is to create a positive learning environment where our students love to explore and discover, to immerse them in a new language and culture, and to give them the self-confidence they need as they grow into future bilingual leaders. Language in context | fostering & celebrating bilingualism

While our morning Pre-K program is completely full, did you know we have a PM Pre-K Program? Spots are still open for next year's early afternoon Pre-K program! If your child attends morning preschool elsewhere but you'd love to get them in a Spanish immersion program that flows with their schedule, this program is for you! Choose between 1-day or 2-day option, Wed/Thur 12:15-2:15 pm (perfect timing so you can still make it in time to pick up elementary aged siblings). Pre-register here & then we'll get you more information:

☀️ We’re excited to release the PLAYVERANO bilingual playgroup summer schedule! I’m not kidding when I say these play dates were the highlight of my summer last year (besides getting married of course hahaha) so you bet I’m excited for June to come! Tag a friend in the comments that you want to bring along to a playdate this summer!
☀️ Parte de la visión de Bilingüitos es que los niños de familias de habla hispana puedan mantener su hermosa lengua materna. No tienen por qué dejar el español por el inglés…pueden mantener los dos idiomas!​
☀️ Nuestra visión especial para GrupoPLAY es que las familias hispanohablantes de nuestra comunidad que comparten la misma pasión por el español puedan hacer conexiones, formar amistades, y desarrollar un sistema de apoyo para la aventura que es el bilingüismo. Hay varios obstáculos que se presentan cuando uno quiere que su hijo aprenda una lengua minoritaria (i.e. el español), pero cuando los niños pueden ver que dicha lengua tiene importancia y valor social, ya empezarán a darle apreciación y considerarla una forma necesaria de comunicación. Este grupo ayudará en eso. Cuando su hijo ve que los otros niños también usan el español para comunicarse, desarrollará una apreciación más amplia por la lengua.
☀️ So join us this summer at fun spots around Loudoun County to cultivate and celebrate bilingualism in our community!
☀️ Families who are not Spanish-speaking are welcome to check out GrupoPLAY but must be actively learning Spanish in some way and willing to practice what they know in the group. GrupoPLAY is always, always free and is open to any families who are passionate about bilingualism for their families, at whatever stage they might be. All age groups welcome!
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Raising Dragons - Activities For Kids

¡Que chévere!

Lemon volcanoes 🌋age 3-8 🌋For this experiment you need lemons, food coloring, dish soap, baking soda and craft sticks (or something similar). Start by cutting the ends off the lemons so they will stand up. Then cut the lemons in half. Add a few drops of food coloring, a bit of dish soap, a sprinkle of baking soda and the fun can begin! Have the kids start stabbing the lemon with the craft stick and the lemon juice will mix with the baking soda creating the volcano effect. 👍🏻

Announcing our summer Spanish classes for Adult Learners!

Want to learn Spanish in a fun, stimulating learning environment with others that share your same goal? We are proud to announce our dates for the summer group class for adult learners at the beginner & intermediate levels! You will be learning from a language educators/Spanish enthusiasts who delight in seeing their students succeed in their language learning endeavors. Class atmosphere is fun and upbeat with plenty of ways to implement what you are learning.

Summer 2019 Term Dates: Week of Jun 10 - week of Aug 5
Registration: Register by May 31 + $65 deposit upon enrollment
Beginner Class: Thursdays 7:00 - 8:30p
Intermediate Class: Wednesdays 6:30 - 8p
Class Location: TBD (Ashburn/Sterling area)
Course cost: $165 (includes workbook PDF)

Message us or email us at [email protected] to request more info! :)

A fan favorite project from back in December for our Toys & Trains week in the after school class :)

Looking for one-on-one language instruction or immersion? We've got you covered! We are Bilingüitos, the Ashburn based language school, and we have a fantastic team of teachers & tutor available for private lessons and one-on-one immersion! Spanish, French, and ASL options available; serving ALL ages (kids & adults) throughout Loudoun & beyond.

Are you or your kids interested in learning or continuing a second language? We have finished assembling a fantastic team of teachers & tutors who are available for private lessons and one-on-one immersion! We have a variety of Spanish instructors and are now proud to announce that we are able to offer FRENCH as well! We're hoping to add ASL in the near future as well, which we're super pumped about too!

Check out "Young Learners" or "Adult Learners" on our website (, and then indicate your interest here: and we will send over a tutor biography list and help match you up with a fantastic tutor!

Serving all ages in the following areas:
& online tutoring also available

Bilingüitos Spanish Immersion

Go check out the brand new website! We are so excited about this relaunch! Once you browse around, head over to the contact page and say hi 🙂 Cultivating & Celebrating Bilingualism

In T H R E E days we will be launching our website revamp! We have poured our heart into this so we can't wait to share it with you! Stay tuned!

CBS News

ASL is soooo beautiful 😍

WATCH: This 8-year-old deaf girl performs a Carrie Underwood song in sign language – redefining what it means to be a "champion" 🤟

Post Office week!

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Be right back, CRYING!!!

This 2-year-old girl is deaf, but loves to talk to people — so, her whole neighborhood is learning sign language for her 💞 Steve Hartman met her On The Road.

33 Reasons Why Parents Should Choose a Play-Based Preschool, Not an Academic One

“Limiting their conversations by having them sit still for long periods at circle time is counterproductive. When children are playing at preschool, they develop the fine art of conversation. They learn how to take turns, negotiate, state their argument, and defend their point of view. They discover words are powerful when working with others toward a shared goal.” Parents in the United States are enthralled with academic preschools, buying into the belief that earlier is better. However, research shows that play is how kids learn best. It enhances their imaginations, promotes exploration, increases vocabulary, and builds social skills.

Typically we focus on young learners BUT we have some exciting news regarding Adult language learning opportunities to announce soon! If you’re interested in learning a language this spring or summer, sign up for our Adult Learners email list to be notified as soon as we announce the info!

Looking forward to having bilingual Bombero Matt and his team visit our school again this week for Community Heroes Week! Last year they did an amazing safety demonstration in SPANISH here at Bilingüitos and the kids even got to go inside an ambulance and see a fire engine up close! Thank you Loudoun County Fire and Rescue for all you do!

Our Bilingual Parenting Podcast is officially live!!! The link is below, or access it on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc.

Once you listen, leave a review and let us know what you thought!

If you’re as excited as we are, drop an emoji in the comments below!

PODCAST LAUNCHES IN TWO DAYS - who is excited?!? This has been a heart and soul project I’ve had in the works for months and months and I can wait to share it with you guys! This is one of the first ways we can start to expand from just a brick and mortar location-specific business to a anywhere-anytime type of resource for bilingual families everywhere. If you’re excited, drop an emoji in the comments! 🤗


Preschool Jun 4 - 6: 3 spots left EDIT: 1 spot!
Preschool Jun 11 - 13: 2 spots left EDIT: FULL!
Preschool Jun 25 - 27: 5 spots left EDIT: 4 spots!

Elementary Jun 11 - 13: 5 spots left
Elementary Jun 25 - 27: 5 spots left

If you're interested in one of our summer camps, contact us at [email protected] :D

We are nearing capacity for 2019-20, specifically for preschool and pre-k, so if you are thinking of inquiring or setting up a tour, do so soon! We don’t want anyone to miss out! :D

Pre-registration and tour sign up here: (This form will close when we reach capacity and we will switch to a wait list)

HOMESCHOOLERS, where are you at?! We are so excited to be taking a huge homeschooler focus for the upcoming school year!!! We have TWO programs dedicated specifically to homeschooling families.

Check out the info here:

OR email us to get more info!

If you're a homeschooling family (or a future homeschooling family) - post a 🏡 emoji in the comments!

SPANISH IMMERSION SUMMER CAMP 2019 REGISTRATION IS OPEN! We are "traveling" to THREE countries this summer, a different one each week! Check out the dates below & email us ([email protected]) to request an info packet.

June 4 - 6 (Preschool Only)
June 11 - 13 (Preschool in AM; Elementary in PM)
June 25 - 27 (Preschool in AM; Elementary in PM)

Register Here!

Any guesses about where we're "traveling" to this summer? Comment a flag emoji of a country that you think we're visiting!

Summer Camp info goes LIVE tomorrow! Who’s excited about our Spanish immersion camps for preschoolers AND elementary schoolers? 🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏽‍♀️ Comment below if you want it sent to you personally!

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We were just talking about oso pandas this week! Hope you enjoy the snow days as much as this guy did!

❄️🐼 FUN IN THE SNOW! 🐼❄️ It snowed in D.C. today, and that means it was an awesome play day for our National Zoo pandas, Mei Xiang and Bei Bei!

(📹: Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute)

Registration for 2019-20 is open and is in full swing! Have you pre-registered yet? Do so here! Tour sign up is available through that link as well! Spots are filling up quickly, don't be left out - 2019 is the year to start your child's bilingualism journey with Bilingüitos!

T minus two days until official registration opens... have you pre-registered yet?

PRE-REGISTER for a 2019-20 program TODAY before Official Registration opens on Feb 15th.

Pre-registration is a required first step of all enrollment, even once official registration is open, so do it today so you can be ready to rock and roll once registration opens! Tour sign-up included in pre-registration for those wanting to get in and see us :)

2019-20 program lineup includes Mommy & Me, Preschool, Pre-K, PM Pre-K Enrichment, After School, homeschool programs & more!

Link here:

PRE-REGISTER for a 2019-20 program TODAY before Official Registration opens on Feb 15th.

Pre-registration is a required first step of all enrollment, even once official registration is open, so do it today so you can be ready to rock and roll once registration opens! Tour sign-up included in pre-registration for those wanting to get in and see us :)

2019-20 program lineup includes Mommy & Me, Preschool, Pre-K, PM Pre-K Enrichment, After School, homeschool programs & more!

Link here:

Pocket of Preschool

What a cool idea!

Giant letter dot it! Putting this on my lesson plans for tomorrow.

Bilingüitos Spanish Immersion | Pre-Registration / Application for the 2019-20 School Year

For all families considering Bilinguitos programs for 2019-20, please fill out this pre-registration link! It's non-binding, but it gets you in our system so we can have you come in for a tour and will grant you access to registration when it opens this month!
~Pre-register today!~ ¡Hola! We are so thrilled that your family is interested in Bilinguitos Spanish Immersion and pursuing bilingualism for your child(ren). This application form is our school's form of pre-registration and serves as the first step in getting involved in the Bilinguitos community and being able to reg...

Learning a language means failure, embarrassment and the enrichment of your life

“The position of prominence that English has in the U.S. is in no danger, but some room is now being made for other languages,” he wrote. “This can only lead to a person's personal enrichment, increased ties between generations and cultures, and more diversity in job opportunities.” You've always wanted to learn French or Mandarin? Don't be afraid. Do know that it's not easy, but it is life changing.

Barnes & Noble

Parents, mark your calendars: The next #BNHangout is Saturday 2/9 at 2 PM! Bring your readers ages 6 & up to discover their next favorite book, play fun games, and get FREE book swag (while supplies last)+ 20% off all Young Reader titles!. Learn more and sign up:

61 Common Spanish Phrases to Use With Kids - A Printable List - Spanish Playground Common Spanish phrases for daily routines. Vocabulary for meals, play, bedtime and to tell kids how wonderful they are! Printable list and audio included.

2019-20 PROGRAM SCHEDULE (Pre-Registration is officially open!)

~Mommy & Me~
T 10:50 - 11:40 am

~Preschool & PreK~
T, W, Th 9 - 11:45 am

~PreK/K PM Enrichment~
W, Th 12:15 - 2:15 pm

~After School Immersion~
T, W 3:15 - 5:15

~Homeschool Class~
T 12:15 - 1:30

~Homeschool Adventure Group~
Thurs early PM

Second & Third Saturdays AM

Website relaunch coming ASAP! There you will find all the details! For now, email us for pre-registration link!

Official Registration opens 2/15/19, mark it on your calendar! It will fill quickly!


Want a kind kid? Reading books about kindness is a powerful parenting tool! What are some of your favorite books that teach kindness?

[01/07/19]   The new website is still underway but will be launched next week! Pre-registration for next school year also opens next week! We will be responding to all email and voicemail inquiries this week. Thanks for the patience!

If you love Bilingüitos, show us the love by voting for us in Hulafrog Ashburn-Leesburg, VA's "Most Loved Preschool" contest for the area! :D

We love all our preschools, but which one will be Hulafrog's Most Loved? Help your preschool win the honor of Most Loved 2019.

Bilingüitos - Spanish Immersion Northern VA

[12/17/18]   Coming January 15th... pre-registration for 2019-20 opens, plus a BRAND NEW WEBSITE!

Why the Spanish Dialogue in 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' Doesn't Have Subtitles

Hooray for bilingual homes being represented in mainstream movies!

“It was important for us to hear Spanish and not necessarily have it subtitled,” said Lord. “It’s just part of the fabric of Miles’ community and family life.” We talked to Cuban-American writer Phil Lord and actors Shameik Moore and Luna Lauren Velez about 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.'

Want happier, calmer kids? Simplify their world.

“In the tapestry of childhood, what stands out is not the splashy trips... but the common threads that run throughout and repeat: the family dinners, nature walks, reading together at bedtime, Saturday morning pancakes.”

A great article on how to simplify your child's life so they can really just be a kid. As you decrease the quantity of your child’s toys and clutter, you increase their attention and their capacity for deep play. When we simplify, we gain physical and mental space.

First semester of the 2018-19 School Year at Bilinguitos Spanish Immersion. Mommy & Me, Preschool, Pre-K, and After School.

First semester of the 2018-19 School Year at Bilinguitos Spanish Immersion. Mommy & Me, Preschool, Pre-K, and After School.

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