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Community Kids is the children's ministry of Community Church in Ashburn, Va. The Community Kids page is a place for parents to leverage the lessons being taught on Sundays and to stay informed on all things Community Kids

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Best of Parent Cue Live: How Serving Changes Kids

Check out this podcast by the parent cue on how serving changes kids! Visit the post for more.

Yesterday we learned that if there is a job that needs to be done we need to be active and go and do the job!

Check out the things going on in Ckids!

children's programing for your kids, renewal for you

Yesterday your child learned about taking initiative!

7p wed 5th

see you there

Worship is not just what we gather together to do for an hour on Sundays, but something we live every moment!!

Should You Make Your Older Kids Go To Church?

Hey Ckids families check out this article by the Parent Cue, dealing with a difficult question! I recently read an article about a family who loved to hike. Actually, not all of them loved it. One son shared how every weekend, rain or shine, he was forced to put on his hiking shoes (yes, forc…

This Sunday preschoolers heard how God told Gideon to do some things that Gideon didn't understand, but Gideon still followed God and Gideon's army followed him, because they knew God's way is perfect. Gideon chose to go God's way, even though he didn't know what the outcome would be. Watch the video on the PC App with your little one to see what Gideon did.

Yesterday we finished our series on Wisdom! Check out the bottom line!

4 Ways to Connect with Your Kid’s Teacher

Hey Ckids families check out this article by the Parent Cue, on connecting with your student's teacher. Do you remember your first grade teacher? I loved mine. I remember how Ms. Parker erased the board from left to right every day and then wrote the new date in the top right hand corner. I also reme…

You Arrr the Treasure

Check out this month's new preschool song!

As a reminder, our next child dedication event is coming up Sunday, September 9th.

If you are interested in participating, this is the last chance to register. Use the link below.…/498/responses/new

Young King Josiah helped an entire nation go God's way!

Reinforce this Sunday's preschool lesson that even the youngest can help others follow God by cuddling with your child this week and pray, "Dear God, thank You for loving us. You are so good and perfect. Please help me trust Your love and follow Your way so I can lead [child's name] to trust and follow You. We love You, God. In Jesus' name, amen."

A Checklist for a Successful School Year

Hey Ckids families, check out this article by the Parent Cue, as your family prepares for the new school year! Visit the post for more.

Preschool August Memory Verse

Naaman showed our preschoolers in Sunday's Bible story that we can do what God says, even when it's hard. Watch the video on the App to see how God's way is perfect.

Try some tub safe bath paint to reinforce the story. Have them count to seven with you then say, "God told Naaman to wash in the river 7 times. It was hard, but Naaman did it, and his skin was made all better!"

[08/11/18]   Hey Ckids Families! Reminder tomorrow 4th and 5th grade will be dropped off in the FE room! Their will be a new sign for 4th and 5th grade!

PCL 78: How to Raise Confident Kids

Hey Ckids families check out this podcast on raising confident kids! Visit the post for more.

Community Kids

Hey 4th and 5th grade! Reminder!!! This Sunday 4th and 5th grade will meet in FE, they will not meet in KGB!!! Please check the email that was sent out to all 4th and 5th grade parents for further instructions

Something new is coming August 12th!

[08/09/18]   Parent Challenge: What’s one activity or game your child LOVES that you might not enjoy so much? Stretch yourself this week by playing/doing this with them for at least 10 minutes. Reflect afterwards in a quick journal entry on how it made you both feel.

How to Be Okay When Your “Baby” Goes to School

When you send your kid to kindergarten, the world seems big and scary and full of anxiety producing scenarios. Here’s how to be okay when your “baby” goes to Kindergarten: Last week, my oldest child started kindergarten. I’ve never had my whole life flash before my eyes, but that morning, when we pulled up to the school for the first time, his whole life flashed befo…

This week preschoolers heard about how God sent a BIG fish to swallow Jonah and then spit him on dry land. This helped Jonah remember that he should go God's way because God's way is perfect. To reinforce this story with your little one, you can make this cute whale snack together at home.

Yesterday your student learned about the story of Jesus being lost from his Family in Luke 2:41-52...Also had Detective Know-it-all and Mr. Josh help tell this story!

Orange First Look Preview: Anchors Away (August 2018)

We hope to see you this morning!! We are super excited about our new theme as we leave dry land and head for water with Anchors Away. We’re even more excited about our bottom line as we set sail to teach preschoolers that God’s way is perfect.

Check out what your preschoolers will be learning in August here:

Watch Valerie preview the ideas behind the activities and stories told in the theme "Anchors Away" in the First Look curriculum. Preschoolers will learn…

PCL 31: 5 Adults Every Kid Needs

Hey Ckids families! Here is a great article on having great influences in a child's life! Kara Powell, Director of the Fuller Youth Institute talks about the 5 Adults Your Kids Need. While we as parents are the most important influence in a kid’s life, they need more than just us. You’l…

BEST OF PCL: Discovering Your Child’s Love Language

Parents, check out this top-rated, most-downloaded Parent Cue podcast on how to identify your child's love language! New York Times best selling author, Dr. Gary Chapman, joins host, Carlos Whittaker, to talk about how to discover the five ways your children interpret love based on insights from his popular book, Th

Our next child dedication event is coming up Sunday, September 9th.

If you are interested in participating, please use the link below to register.

God loves us so much, He gave us His Son, Jesus. You can remind your preschooler of Sunday's lesson by creating heart shaped treats together. As you enjoy the treat, talk about how much you love your son/daughter. Explain that as much as you love them, God's love is even bigger!

Hey Ckids families! Yesterday we finished up our series on Confidence!! Check out the question in this post!

PCL 11: Technology Through The Phases

Hey Ckids families here is a great article on teaching your kids how to be responsible with technology! Jon Acuff, Reggie Joiner, and Kristen Ivy discuss how to raise technologically responsible kids by imagining the end and giving clearly defined goals for parents at each phase of a kid’s life…

You can enforce this week's preschool lesson! They learned that God's family loves and cares for one another. Look at family pictures together. Ask your child to name the people as you point to them. Talk about how we have another family--God's family. God's family is the people we see at church. Jesus made a way for us to be a part of God's family.

4th and 5th Grade!

Something new is coming August 12th!

Ckids families, Check-out this article on being present with your kids!

God Loves You Preschool Worship Song

God loves us all the time! Now you can sing along with our newest preschool worship song.

This week our preschoolers heard that God loves us all the time. Cuddle up with your child this week and pray, "Dear God, thank You for loving us so much You gave us your Son, Jesus, to be our friend forever. I pray [child's name] will never forget how much [he/she] is loved by You. In Jesus' name, amen."

Peter Walks on Water

Yesterday your child learned about Jesus walking on the water....Questions to ask your child (1) How can we stay focused on Jesus (2) Does staying focused on Jesus give us confidence?
Check out
this video!

Animated Bible story for kids based on Matthew 14: 22-33.

The Busy Christian Family

Hey Ckids families! Check out this podcast on parenting through the business of life!! The Gospel Coalition is a fellowship of evangelical churches deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ

July 2018 Memory Verse

In July, preschoolers are learning that they can take God's Word with them wherever they go! Here is the memory verse so you can help your preschooler learn it.

9 Ways to Parent Well in an Age of Technology

Hey Ckids families, here is a great article on parenting and technology! With every generation, raising children takes on new challenges never before seen by parents.

Our preschoolers learned this week that every person is wonderfully made by God. Continue your child's learning at home. Sit with your child and make people with Play-Doh®. Talk about how God made people very special!

[07/09/18]   Yesterday your child learned about Philip in Nathaniel in John 1:34-35...Question to ask, "Who are friends that can help us trust Jesus?" "How can I be a friend who helps others to trust Jesus?"

PCL 70: How to Parent in a World of Social Media
Hey Ckids families! Check out this podcast on parenting in the world of Social Media!! Visit the post for more.

Check out what your preschooler will be learning in July here:

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