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Children’s Learning Adventure® offers the highest quality infant, preschool and afterschool programs for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years.

Children’s Learning Adventure offers the highest-quality infant, preschool and after school programs for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years. Our high-quality programs utilize brain-based curriculums with specialized learning areas. Our facilities contain amazing indoor amenities and expansive outdoor playgrounds. Transportation to and from local elementary schools is provided.

Children learn to respect and care for the Earth by learning the importance of preserving our planet’s resources. Teaching children a few simple habits will help them to grow up preserving the environment through their daily activities. Children will learn to care for the Earth in the following ways:
• Planting in the garden, discussing how plants help the Earth to be healthy
• Reusing and recycling
• Conserving water
• Turning off the lights
• Not littering

Children explore the concept of humor and how to use it to be socially and emotionally successful.
Humor is what makes something funny; a sense of humor is the ability to recognize it. A good sense of humor is a tool that can help children be socially successful in the following ways:
• Seeing things from many perspectives
• Being spontaneous
• Developing critical thinking skills by understanding situations beyond the surface of things
• Enjoying and participating in the playful aspects of life
• Not taking themselves too seriously

Summer camp is quickly approaching and spots are filling up fast! Theres still time to register, give us a call at 877-797-1417 and reserve your spot today!

April is the month of Creepy Crawlies!
April brings fun filled activities surrounding children’s most intriguing and interesting friends—insects! The enthusiasm displayed when a child spots a bug is refreshing. This month, children will have many opportunities to understand the life cycle of bugs, how they impact our environments, and why insects are important in many different aspects. April is also the month we celebrate Earth Day. Understanding how Earth Day became and what it means for our community will be a focus throughout the month.

We’re rolling out the red carpet for your child at our "Hooray for Hollywood" summer camp, find out why this year's summer camp is the place to be! See more information here: or call us at call us at 877-796-3273!

Our “Hooray for Hollywood” summer camp is going to be our best summer camp yet! Don’t just take our word for it, hear it from Children’s Learning Adventure's real stars! We look forward to watching our campers create more memories this year. To learn more about our “Hooray for Hollywood” summer camp, call us at 877-796-3273.

Give us a call to find out how our flexible scheduling options can work for you and your family this summer! (877) 797-1417

Manners and etiquette for your child is ranked as a highly important quality to nurture. Good manners are essential for every child’s self-confidence and success in life. Practicing and modeling manners is an important part of the learning process for children.

This month children learn a great deal about the many helpers and service workers in our community. Using various literature selections, your child will make connections with the text by making the information relevant to their world. When was the last time they saw a firefighter? What was he/she doing? What days does the garbage collector come and why is his/her job so important? Children will learn how service workers help the community. Your child will develop an appreciation for the important work that service workers do; by writing thank you letters with the class and brainstorming ways that they can help the community as well.

Don't forget come join us on tomorrow at 5:30 for our Pre-Kindergarten Information Session to take a look at our 2019-2020 goals and learn more about our high-quality Pre-Kindergarten program!

There's still time to RSVP here:

Here's a behind the scenes look at what we have planned for weeks 3-6 of our "Hooray for Hollywood" summer camp. Campers will experience their most entertaining summer camp yet, packed with fun curriculum and interactive STEAM-based activities!

Forgiveness means letting go of hard or hurt feelings like anger, sadness, or frustration that happen when someone else makes a mistake. Saying, “That’s okay,” when someone apologizes and not staying upset about what they did is often difficult for children. Learning patience with others and recognizing that no one is perfect—everyone makes mistakes.

Ultimately, we want children to understand that forgiveness is letting go of hurt feelings and moving ahead. Forgiveness is an important coping skill for children.

This month, children will participate in activities and discussion to help teach this important life skill.

March is the month of Tropical Adventures!
During the month of March, your child will experience a tropical adventure into the rainforest and the jungle. Children learn about different animals and plants, as well as the weather and climate in the rainforest and jungle. In math, they will work on mathematical operations such as adding and subtracting, counting skills, patterning, and measurement. In science, children will learn about plant ecology, while investigating plants, moisture, and soil.

[02/28/19]   Attention Families!

To ensure the safety of our staff and families due to the weather conditions in the area, we may be opening late tomorrow. We will keep you up-to-date with any closures or scheduling changes. Thank you!

ATTENTION PARENTS: Advanced Pre-K/ Navigator Information Session will be rescheduled for Thursday, March 14th.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing you.

Join us in creating amazing summer memories at our “Hooray for Hollywood” Summer Camp! This year’s camp offers a specialized STEAM-based curriculum centered around all things Hollywood and movie magic! Make sure to reserve your child’s spot today! Call us at: 877-797-1417

[02/20/19]   Hello,
To ensure the safety of our staff and families due to the weather conditions in the area, we are closing our center at 12:00 today and will remain closed for the rest of the day. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Come join us at our open house this weekend! Find out more information here:

This month’s life skill focuses around children making healthy food choices to ensure healthy bodies and minds. Adopting healthy eating habits protects children from developing chronic diseases later in life.

Come join us on March 7th at 5:30 for a Pre-Kindergarten Information Session where you can learn more about the components of our high-quality Pre-Kindergarten program and get a closer look at our 2019-2020 goals!

RSVP here:

In February, our children will demonstrate friendship by creating Valentine’s themed goodie bags for a local senior center. This community connection seeks to help children develop friendships.

This month’s character development traits are compassion and empathy. The ability to understand other’s feelings and be responsive is an important life skill.

Our new toddler curriculum shapes the foundation for your child’s successful academic career by providing learning opportunities that will prepare them for preschool, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and beyond! Learn more about the toddler curriculum here:

Join us for our Kindergarten/Advanced Pre-K Information Session for the 2019-2020 School Year 👉

Our Kindergarten curriculum is based on an integrated approach to learning. This approach encourages students to discover, process, and refine academic content in a relevant context.

Our national and state aligned standards-based curriculum promotes independent learning and creating a real-world connection. Students can transfer learned knowledge across all content areas while discovering connections and preparing them for academic success.

One Loudoun Families: Due to the weather the center will be closing today at 5pm and re-opening tomorrow at 8 am.

Thank you and stay safe.

Spring Break Camp is officially here!!

From STEAM-based experiments to yummy snacks, this week proves to be a week of wacky combinations and unbelievable solutions!

Campers will learn, explore, and engage in exciting hands-on projects and innovative activities in a safe and fun learning environment.

Find out more and register here 👉

[01/14/19]   Attention Families:
We will be closing early today at 5:00 pm, due to weather conditions. Please stay safe! We apologize for this inconvenience, thank you!

Join us for a sneak peek at our most entertaining summer camp yet and give your child the spring break of a lifetime at our Hooray for Hollywood Spring Break Camp! Our creative and curious campers can expect a week full of exploration and adventure. Reserve a spot today:

[01/13/19]   🚨 Attention Families: Due to snowfall in the area, we will be opening our doors later at 9:00am Monday to ensure the safety of staff and families. We apologize for this inconvenience. Thank you and stay safe.

Is your preschooler ready for Kindergarten?

Multiple learning environments ensures daily exposure to STEAM-based learning, which uses a hands-on, systematic approach to teach science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics while developing both problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Find out more about preparing your preschooler for Kindergarten here 👉

Come join us at our open house this weekend! Find out more information here:

This month we will be reinforcing the social skill of taking turns. Students are not born knowing how to take turns, it is a skill that they learn. Taking turns can be hard, to obtain this skill students will participate in role playing activities, read books about turn taking, and practice turn taking through everyday interactions with adults and peers.

Children’s Learning Adventure® will be collecting gently used and new books! Students are encouraged to bring in books and help decorate boxes to be placed outside of classroom doors in which books may be collected. Donations will be presented to a local women and children’s shelter.

This month is dedicated to learning all about transportation and things that go. We are excited to give our families the chance to get creative and learn more about transportation by hosting our Annual Box Car Show!

Please contact us for specific dates and times. We look forward to seeing all of your box car creations!

This month we will be teaching students about the critical value of respect - and in doing so, we’ll be imparting crucial lessons in kindness, consideration, honesty, open-mindedness, and gratitude.

During the month of January, we will learn about transportation. This will take the children to new environments and on exciting journeys! As the children learn about graphing and comparing machines from various modes of transportation, they are also strengthening their math skills. They practice mathematical operations in sorting, patterning, and measuring. They will also learn how this applies to the science exploration of machines. Children are also presented with great opportunities to construct, create, and discover!

Come join us for an entertaining, engaging, interactive adventure including exciting and dynamic activities about the virtual world and the real world! You won't want to miss out on this fun winter camp experience, sign up while there's still time!

Children will work on self-help skills such as buttoning, zipping, and tying. These skills are necessary for children as they prepare for kindergarten, where they will be expected to be very independent. Practicing these self-help skills will also help children with their dressing skills. Children will also develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they practice these actions.

This month’s character focus is on caring and providing the connection to real world opportunities for children by considering how animals need to be cared for. Children will participate in showing the act of caring for others by collecting and donating change for animals in need. The needs of animals that are in shelters and adoption centers will be discussed and explored. Students will create posters to identify the needs of the animals in these centers and to rally support for the drive. Each week students will count and graph the progress of their classrooms.

Come join us at our open house this weekend! Find out more information here:

This month, children will be talking about how to show acts of caring. Children can learn how to be caring by practicing this every day throughout the year. Developing an understanding that other people have different perspectives is the first step to learning how to be empathetic. When children can think of others and how they have different needs and challenges, it will lead to them having empathy. Empathy is a powerful motivator that often leads to caring acts.

Our Before and After School Program provides an active school environment for students before and after a long day at school. Our classrooms are specially designed with a school age child in mind. Although our program is structured, students have time to spend with their friends.

Holiday camp programs for school age students keep campers active and engaged during school breaks. Each camper is exposed to a variety of activities that present opportunities for personal development. STEAM activities incorporate learning opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics.

Find out more at our website

During the month of December, we will celebrate Neighbors Around the World and learn about animals from the forest, the arctic, and the desert regions. As children learn an appreciation of all cultures, they also learn about caring for those in our schools and communities. Mathematical operations are introduced in everyday activities, including simple addition and subtraction. Taking the math learning home by incorporating discussions about first, second, and third helps support the mathematical concepts implemented this month. Additional learning in self-help skills will focus on independence with buttoning, tying, and zipping.

Happy Thanksgiving from our team at CLA. We are so thankful for all of our amazing families and hope you enjoy this day together!

Check out the little 🦃's around campus. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Check out the little 🦃's around campus. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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