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Hello everyone! The date is coming! April 7-8, 2018! The Cherry Blossom Permanent Makeup Workshop in Washington DC! The February 15th is the last day for early bird price! Hurry up and get $150off!
So don't miss out on the small and cozy permanent makeup workshop! We almost sold out! We have only 10 spots available and only 3 left!

Hello! Time is flying! We are almost sold out! Only 5 spots left! Our event is small in purpose to let you learn a lot like one-on-one training!
Cherry Blossom Permanent Makeup Workshop is coming to Washington DC area! 7-8 April 2018!

Detailed information on our website

Мандруй Дешевше

Do you like it? Impressive! You will have a chance to see the same beauty in Washington DC during “Cherry Blossom Permanent Makeup workshop”, April 7-8, 2018. Hurry up! We have only 5 spots left!

Весенняя Япония

Япония, экскурсионный тур с русскоязычным гидом за 2820$ с авиаперелетом. Подробности по ссылке

Registration is open!

Join us for our second Cherry Blossom Permanent Makeup Workshop in Washington DC where you will to learn the softest and the most natural PMU techniques from extremely talented experts!
This two-day event will take place in Washinton DC on April 7-8, 2018 and have 4 speakers giving presentations and demonstrations on their advanced permanent makeup techniques.

Take the opportunity to learn in small group class, to find out about secrets and tricks from the heads and founders of the schools of permanent make-up, recognized experts and authors of unique teaching methodologies, winners of the international PMU contests, judges of international Permanent Makeup championships, and frequent authors of publications in various PMU magazines.





As a bonus you will get introduction to:

Certificates of attendance will be provided!

Broaden your knowledge and improve your business!
Don't miss out on our highly acclaimed event!

We have only 10 SPOTS LEFT!


Permanent Makeup Workshops's cover photo

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome our last mystery guest-speaker Nina Shpak from Russia!

Nina is one of the most qualified specialists in the field of permanent make-up in Russia.

Work experience - 18 years.

- In 2011 she received the international certificate of "GOLDENEYE"
- The winner of the II Open Micropigmentation Championship in Volgograd 2012
- The active participant and couch of Permanent Makeup Forums
- The participant of the project "Beauty life"
- The speaker and the judge of the PMU contest within the framework of the conference for masters from Siberia in Novosibirsk
- The judge of the course within the conference "Permanent evolution"
- The Speaker of the I International conference on permanent make-up and microblading "Permanent Evolution"

Hurry up! We are not kidding! We have only 15 places available and only 11 left! People are very interested in participating and keep reserving the spaces!

And here we are! Welcome our 3rd mystery guest-speaker! Tatyana Shubina!

Tatyana Shubina(Russia)

Work experience - 16 years.

Tatyana is the head and the founder of the school-studio permanent make-up "Tatyana Shubina School-Studio". She is a recognized expert and the author of a unique teaching methodology, a professional teacher.

Graduate in International Class for permanent make-up and dermopigmentation.

- The winner of the international contest The National Alliance of St. Petersburg

- The numerous prize-winner of the international Contour of the Century competition.

- The judge of international championships.

- The speaker of international congresses on permanent make-up (Moscow, Kazan, New York, Minsk, Rome, Krasnodar, Stresa, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Rotterdam, etc.)

Please make sure to make reservation as soon as possible! We have only 11 spots left!

Hello everyone! I am happy to announce our second speaker. This is going to be me 🙂 Veera Gorlatova.
I was recently surprised to get so many private questions about correction of dark lips. I can say only one thing - it is not easy to do, I mix colors by sense (how I feel) and match individually in every single case.
I decided to perform the lecture with detailed information about specifications of ethnic skin and demonstrate step by step video demonstration with detailed information about lip procedure.

Please make reservations to Cherry Blossom Permanent Makeup Workshop online at

The best technicians will be participate and share their skills! Do not missed this! This is small group event!

Hurry up!

Welcome our first “mystery” guest-speaker at Cherry Blossom Permanent Makeup Workshop 2018 (7-8 April, Washington DC)!

Nadezda Derznikele

Nadezda is the head of the Latvian Centre of professional micropigmentation "PMC", leading specialist
2005-2009 Teacher of micropigmentation course, training center "Galateja"

In 2005. The winner of the international competition for professional permanent makeup Perfect Line (Tallinn)

In 2004. Micrpigmentation courses, professional training center "Galateja"

In 2006. Course Commercial make-up (training center "Poetica") In 2000. Telecommunications Engineer (Rīgas

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Permanent Makeup Workshops | Washington DC

Hello all my colleagues in USA!

I am happy to announce that the upcoming "Cherry Blossom Permanent Makeup Workshop" will be held during the time of the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC.

This is a great opportunity to learn many new interesting things as a part of our informal PMU workshop and enjoy the cherry blossoms in Washington DC.

As the organizer of this event, I am very pleased to announce that the guests-speakers will be talented masters, who are highly experienced specialists and are also founders of established PMU schools, ready to share their secrets and help you improve your skills.

Unlike other big venues, we keep our events small with only LIMITED SEATS available, so that you have an opportunity work closely with the masters in workshop format to focus on the areas where you need improvement.

You will also have a great opportunity to collaborate with speakers and colleagues in a friendly and uninhibited environment. Working in SMALL groups, you will be able to share and discuss your problems in work, and have an open discussion about the most interesting topics in the field of PMU.

Instead of live-model demonstrations, which take too much time and are not the most efficient way to learn a new technique, all demos will include detailed and up-close video explanations. We will engage in an in-depth review of important steps in the technique, and Q&A opportunities to enhance the learning experience.

Each technique will be practiced on latex pads with your equipment. Each hands-on practice session will take about 2-3 hours under direct instructor supervision. SO YOU WILL GET 3 MASTER - CLASSES with almost one-on-one training.

In addition to the thought-provoking lectures and small group master-classes, you will get an opportunity to learn more on how to become more business savvy in this profession!

Reserve your spot now while you still can! Seats are very limited!

I WILL OPEN OUR SECRET VERY SOON! Permanent Makeup educational workshops, training, master classes, seminars and conferences.

Permanent Makeup Workshops's cover photo

Permanent Makeup Workshops's cover photo

Permanent Makeup Workshops's cover photo

Permanent Makeup Workshops | Washington DC

Within the framework of the Cherry Blossom Permanent Makeup Workshop in Washington D.C, the II workshop will be held with the participation of some of the largest specialists in the field of permanent makeup, coming from countries all over the world. We promise that the topics of the event will be engaging, and the acquired knowledge will be useful, informative, and brand new! In addition to the thought-provoking lectures, you will get an opportunity to learn more on how to become business savvy in this profession and how to increase your income through divulging marketing secrets!

Reserve seats now while you still can! Spots are very limited! (The venue will be located near the IAD airport)

Please register online at

Permanent Makeup Workshops | Washington DC Permanent Makeup educational workshops, training, master classes, seminars and conferences.

The cozy and very interesting event is coming to Washington DC area! The topics and demonstrations are going to be very informative! As organizer of event I can promise you the best of experience with learning from the best in Permanent Makeup industry! Stay tuned!
The event will be organized during Cherry Blossom Festival day’s in Washington DC! Do not miss out the opportunity to see the beauty of Virginia spring!🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 #permanentmakeupeducation #education #pmueducation #pmuclasses #pmuacademy #pmusformoreinformation #permanentmakeup #permanentmakeupevent #permanentmakeuptraining

Going Skin Deep: The Culture and Chemistry of Tattoos - inChemistry

Interesting article and YouTube video to refresh memory:) Ever wonder what's in tattoo ink or how the colors stay etched in your skin permanently?

Can You Get A Tattoo If You Take Accutane? | Permanent Makeup and Skin Care | Sterling, VA Accutane (isotretinoin) is a retinoid drug that inhibits sebaceous gland function and keratinization. Retinoids are related to vitamin A and help control epithe...

Soft shading with single needle is the most comfortable and soft procedure ever. Oily skin is perfect for this technique!

Permanent Makeup Workshops's cover photo

This post is for technicians who uses tattoo inks for hairstrokes and shading or planing to use. Please do less passes at the first time. Tattoo inks are very coverable and can heal darker than PM pigments. They will loose warm colors faster than PM pigments because of the size of molecules.
If you would like to I can give you examples: Pm pigments particles are like sugar, tattoo ink particles are thin like sugar powder. Please, be careful to use it for hairstrokes and Microblading. Always add modifiers, warm it with warm colors. Hairstrokes and microstrokes are much deeper, and can turn cooler by time because of depth. I stopped doing hairstrokes 4 years ago because I do not like even the single hair turning blue or ashy. It looks like "dead" hair for me. I do only shading now. It is only my opinion regarding to my work only. But please try to achieve nice and real looking hairstrokes. If they turned gray or blue especially on the tails - check your pressure and technique first. Slow down the speed. Use Vaseline for smooth sliding movements (especially for dry and alopecia skin). On the parts that supposed to be lighter (top and front) go from darkest to lightest, one direction only, not back and forth. I did mistakes, and I know this is about technique only. Thank you for reading this. ❤️
p.s. Healed result with Eternal after one session.

Cherry Blossom Permanent Makeup Workshop

Hello, dear friends. I am planning to organize few permanent makeup 2-days workshops in nearest future.
Could you please help me to create the most informative and useful event by answering to the following question?

1. What is the best month for you to come to Virginia?

2. What would you like to see and what is your weak part in your permanent makeup routine?

3. Who would you like to see as a guest speaker from Russia, Estonia or other countries?

4. What should the guest speaker be experienced in?

5. What is the most important part of the event for you?

6. Based on your experience what was the worst part of attending another event?

7. What the reasonable price would you pay for 2-days event (with no hands on practice on life models, latex, and big skin only)?

Enjoy watching the video from our last event "Cherry Blossom Permanent Makeup Workshop" in Washington DC.

Permanent makeup. What you should know before procedure.

Please share to your pages to let your friends know what is the permanent makeup. Thank you!

This video has been created for introductory purposes by owner of Permanent Makeup & Esthetics,llc (, Veera Gorlatova (Licensed and Certi...

Instagram post by Veera Gorlatova • Mar 10, 2017 at 4:22am UTC

0 Likes, 1 Comments - Veera Gorlatova (@veera_pm) on Instagram: “How to make the beginning of eyebrows soft and transparent? This is very popular question I get…”

Hello, everyone! We started creating permanent makeup MODELS database. If you, your friend or even your mom would like to become a permanent makeup model for our experienced students for advanced master classes, please email us your information and a photo to [email protected] or leave your contact information in comments. Model pays only $100 for procedure instead of $450 (Two visits included in $100). Please share and like the post. Thank you.

Dear ladies, colleagues, friends. I am getting ready to start taking small videos of permanent makeup. Actually not exactly about permanent makeup, but I would like to share with you my point of view about techniques, pigments, devices, my experience, some of my thoughts. Videos will not have any educational information, only the way how I do it and why, based on my mistakes and years of working. I am waiting for light and camera holder, because nobody can help me during the process of videotaping and explaining. As soon as I will get it I will be ready to start. I live and practice in Virginia near Washington DC. But English is not my first language and I am apologizing in advance for some mistakes I can make.
Please send me the most important questions about your experience in Pm? I would like to be prepared to answer to all your questions. Thank you. Please type your questions in comments :)
#permanentmakeupvideo #pmutraining #permanentmakeuptraining #makeupartist #permanentmakeupdc #permanentmakeup #permanentmakeuplips #videos #videotaping# #sharing

Do you know what if you will learn the right way to work with single needle you will be able to work on every zone: eyebrows,lips, eyeshadows. The single needle is very gentle! Yes, it could pe*****te the skin deeper, but we can help you learn how to work light and superficial. Another important thing about single needle - the healing process goes much faster and lots of pigment will stay after healing. The single needle doesn't leave a solid harsh line, so you may always correct your mistakes at the touchup!
Would you like to see step-by-step progress of the lip blush procedure without outlining? Using single needle? Maybe video? Please type "yes" in comments and I will try to make one :) 👄👄👄 What else would you like to know?
#lips #lipgloss #lipblush #liptattoo #lipstattoo #permanentmakeup #permanentmakeupdc #permanentmakeuplips #permanentmakeupartist #microblading #microbladingacademy #passion #semipermanentmakeup #semipermanente #video #permanentmakeuptraining #permanentmakeupvideo #learning #makeup

Dear colleagues, could you please share with me the most hard part for you in soft shading? What makes it too difficult? What could I help you with taking small videos and detailed explanation?

Permanent Makeup Workshops's cover photo

Permanent Makeup Workshops's cover photo

Lipstick look permanent makeup 💄
Learn how at

Permanent Makeup Workshops | Washington DC

New schedule is on. Please check the website for more details. Permanent Makeup educational workshops, training, master classes, seminars and conferences.

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