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Be More. Live Healthier. Succeed Better to hunt in fields for health unbought, than fee the doctor for a nauseous draught. The wise,for cure,on exercise depend;God never made his work for man to mend.

~John Dryden

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A Neuroscientist Explains Exactly How Awesome Exercise Is for Your Brain 06/22/2021

A Neuroscientist Explains Exactly How Awesome Exercise Is for Your Brain

A Neuroscientist Explains Exactly How Awesome Exercise Is for Your Brain An expert explains all the amazing things that happen in your brain when you work up a sweat.

Coca-Cola react as Cristiano Ronaldo stunt sees company lose $4BILLION in value 06/16/2021

Coca-Cola react as Cristiano Ronaldo stunt sees company lose $4BILLION in value


Coca-Cola react as Cristiano Ronaldo stunt sees company lose $4BILLION in value CRISTIANO RONALDO wiped $4BILLION off Coca-Cola’s market value after his press conference stunt on Monday. The Portuguese legend – who scored two late goals in a 3-0 win against Hungary… 07/25/2020

NSNG Summit - Crowdcast

This event is LIVE! Really great info about your health! :) Register now for NSNG Foods's event on Crowdcast, scheduled to go live on Saturday July 25, 2020 at 10:00 am MDT. 07/24/2020

NSNG Summit

If you're able to carve out some time for yourself and your health this weekend then park it in front of your computer screen (one of the few times I will encourage you to sit for long periods of time) and educate yourself! Did I mention it's FREE?? #NSNG #lowcarb #keto Join the top names in NSNG and Low Carb FREE, for the 2020 NSNG Summit 06/07/2020

Top Low-Carb and Keto Grill Recipes - Diet Doctor

The BEST of keto grilling! A summer night with a cool breeze... and the scent of steak or chicken on the grill... Quintessential summer magic, and barbecuing takes center stage. Work ahead on these low-carb and keto sides and dishes, and your summer celebrations will go off without a hitch. 05/13/2020

Here Are the Best Foods on a Keto Diet — Diet Doctor

Visual guides to the best keto foods! Bookmark this! Which fruits, vegetables, nuts, and snacks are the best on a keto diet? Learn what the best and worst keto options are for you with our visual guides. 05/11/2020

[04/14/20]   Hello! I am currently seeking a few volunteers (of varying exercise levels) to help me with a project of mine. I am offering my services free-of-charge for 2 to 4 weeks. The goal is to determine if remote/online personal training is something I can provide successfully. Please share with everyone. Thank you so much! 😊💪 03/01/2020

No, You DO NOT Need Face Masks For Coronavirus—They Might Increase Your Infection Risk

Basically, wearing the mask may actually increase chance of infection. Only wear if you are already ill in order to prevent transmission. Just a quick heads-up for those who are maybe considering purchasing. Wash your hands people! It sounds mundane, but washing your hands frequently and not touching your face goes a lot further to protect you than wearing a mask.


Merry Christmas from Team Sprinkles! So proud of the two of you and how much you've accomplished. It's a difficult road, but you've stuck with it and persevered. More than that even, you've succeeded! May you CONTINUE to succeed and see the results you seek! Glad it's me that's sharing this journey with you! We're gonna ROCK 2020!


...trying to describe my mood today...oh wait, here we go! 12/06/2019

Why Almost Everything You've Been Told About Unhealthy Foods Is Wrong

I simply can't share this enough...

After examining 72 academic studies involving more than 600,000 participants, the study, funded by the foundation [British Heart Foundation] found that saturated fat consumption was not associated with coronary disease risk. This assessment echoed a review in 2010 that concluded "there is no convincing evidence that saturated fat causes heart disease". All government dietary guidance should come with a to***co-style caution: Following this advice could seriously damage your health. 11/20/2019

Let them eat steak: Hold the shame, red meat is not bad for you or climate change Plant-based meat may enjoy the perception of being healthier than real meat, but it has more sodium and calories and can cause weight gain. 10/26/2019

Kellogg agrees to stop marketing sugary cereals as “healthy”

Sugar WILL be the new to***co in this country. Mark my words. A $31 million settlement in a California lawsuit will force Kellogg to significantly change its marketing.


Nuf said 😉 09/29/2019

BRCES Hike - Hiking Track

Great hike this morning! :) Jaime Follows went hiking - 3.46 miles 13 hours ago


I got a kick out of this :) Thanks for sharing, Vivian! 09/27/2019

TruFit Hikes

The 2019 Fall Hike schedule is live! Click below for registration, dates, and info. Any and all are welcome to join! See you on the trail! Welcome to the 2019 Fall hiking season! Please check out the dates and hikes below and sign up for any or all you're interested in! Hikes will begin at 10AM sharp, so please do not be late or you may find yourself hiking alone. Remember to bring water or a sports drink and a snack just in case. All.... 07/28/2019

Cholesterol Does Not Cause Heart Disease

Count it! For the past six decades, the U.S. dietary advice has warned against eating cholesterol-rich foods, claiming dietary cholesterol promotes arterial plaque formation that leads to heart disease. We now have overwhelming evidence to the contrary, yet dogmatic thinking can be persistent, to say the leas...


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Top of the mountain! 06/20/2019

‎FAT: A Documentary on iTunes

I encourage all who see this post to pre-order and watch this documentary! Available July 30th #fatdoc You can also find it on Vimeo if you don't use/have iTunes. ‎Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy FAT: A Documentary directed by Peter Curtis Pardini.


TruFit In-Home Personal Training


TruFit In-Home Personal Training

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[02/04/19]   Starting 4 days tomorrow...see you on the flip! #intermittentfasting 02/01/2019

College Student Goes Viral After Seen Wearing Shorts in Brutal Cold

No...despite what you may have thought, I was not in Minnesota this week. I think only a few of you will get this, but I thought I'd post anyway 😜😜 A Minnesota college student’s photo showing him wearing shorts during brutally cold weather has gone viral. 01/30/2019

"Wild-caught," "organic," "grass-fed": what do all these animal welfare labels actually mean?

Excellent read, very informative. Does a good job of breaking it down for you. A shopper’s guide to the labels on meat, dairy, and eggs. 12/27/2018

How to Recover from Holiday Feasting

A great read for those of us looking to get back on track in the post-holiday season! It took a few years, but my friends and family are very supportive of my diet and fasting. In fact, most of them try to watch their intake of refined carbs and fast here and there throughout most of the year. Notice how I say MOST of 11/08/2018

The 9 Biggest Problems You'll Run Into When Trying To Quit Sugar (And How To Solve Each)

Must read! If you've tried to quit sugar and failed, you need to read this ASAP. 11/07/2018

The Definitive Guide To The Cleanest Plant-Based Protein Sources | Dr. Will Cole

For my vegetarian and vegan folks! The healthiest and most abundant plant sources of protein. 11/05/2018

The Crazy Drink This Functional Doc Orders At Starbucks To Reverse Aging

Earl Grey tea with Bergamot oil...might have to give that a try. Please read to see how else it might benefit you! Spoiler: best enjoyed while you're fasting You can get it at any coffee shop.


lol! Thanks for the tag Erin!

Burpees 👻 10/24/2018

Intermittent Fasting for Beginners – The Complete Guide – Diet Doctor

Beginner's guide to IF - big time fan - seeing a lot of success! Intermittent fasting can help you lose weight, increase energy and gain several health benefits. You can also save lots of time and money. There are, however, many questions about how to do IF in a safe and effective way.


The 2018 Fall hike schedule is here! Please join me for some solid outdoor exercise and then stick around for the brewery or winery afterwards! :)

History and Mission

I am an in-home personal trainer with a B.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in Applied Health and am ACSM certified. After graduating in 2006, I realized three years later there was a need for in-home training and haven’t looked back since. You can expect a new level of personal attention throughout my program. I work alone and limit the number of people I train at any one time. This allows me to truly focus on you and your personal fitness goals and needs. With an ever-growing field in the area, I am determined to remain a small business; personally dedicated to each and every one of my clients. Your health is important. Trust me to help you look and live better. Exercise is medicine!




I offer 30, 45, and 60 minute workouts in 1, 3, and 6 month packages.