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Videos by Huntington Learning Center in Ashburn. We offer students grades K - 12 tutoring in: * Reading * Writing * Mathematics * Study Skills * Phonics * Vocabulary * Test Prep * High School Entrance Exam preparation * SAT/PSAT & ACT preparation

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Thank You Teachers!
Thank you to all teachers helping our children through this difficult time. Please inquire about the discounts we provide all teachers!

During these difficult times we want you to know that we have hundreds of centers around the country, owned by local members of your community who are continuing to provide the best education possible. We are ready to help you more than ever.

Keep your child on track with help from Huntington. Our personalized, online instruction with a tutor will ease the stress of remote learning and make it more engaging for your child. Call us at 1-800 CAN LEARN to find out more.

Is your child a natural-born leader? Whether they are or not, we have some tips to nurture those leadership skills. #HuntingtonHelps #TipsTuesday

Taking great notes is a crucial part of studying. Check out our 7 tips for effective note-taking. #TipsTuesday

There is always room for improvement when it comes to studying. This #TipsTuesday, check out some of our top tips for mastering study skills. For more information, view our free webinar:

In these final days of summer, let's make the transition from summer to school mode as smooth as possible. Check out our 4 tips for back to school. #HuntingtonHelps

If you missed this month's webinar, Making the Move to High School, this #TipsTuesday is for you! View our webinar to learn all 8 tips:

Anne Huntington is back to teach us all about Huntington's own Academic Evaluation methodology. Suggestions for a future #TipsTuesday topic? Tell us in the comments!

If you missed last week's webinar, Making the Move to Middle School, this #TipsTuesday is for you! View our webinar to learn all 8 tips:

Anne Huntington is here this #TipsTuesday to add a little *sparkle* to your family's time management strategy.

Do you worry about your student losing reading skills over the summer? Here are 5 tips to prevent the summer slide.

Our tutors work so hard to give Huntington students the best education possible. They sat down to tell us why they love teaching. #TeacherAppreciationWeek

A lot changes when students transition into high school and one skill that becomes more important than ever is that of note-taking.

This week's #TipsTuesday is #MathAwarenessMonth themed! Anne Huntington Is back to give us her top tips for using math in everyday life.

It's #TipsTuesday and Anne Huntington is here to give us some pointers on how to help children learn to love reading. Will you be trying any of these?

#HappyPiDay from Huntington! Let us know how you are celebrating today!

We're back with Anne Huntington to discuss the SAT vs. ACT for #TipsTuesday. For more information on these exams, view our webinar, "How to Prep for the SAT and ACT". You can find it here:

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