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Your source for quality AHA CPR/AED/BLS and Safety Training. Serving the entire Eastern Seaboard-we offer Training at Your Location--at your Schedule.

Also offering ECSI Hands-On Skills training. Check our Calendar and Events page for upcoming CPR classes. If you don't see what you need, call us-we are always happy to help. Open-enrollment courses offered in Ashburn, VA, with a Mobile Unit that will travel throughout MD, DC, and VA. We are an Authorized American Heart Association Training Site. All Instructors are Official American Heart Association Instructors. We are an Authorized ECSI Training Center - our go-to source for BSA, Intermediate and Advanced First Aid. Our instructors have either taught for or teach for the major ILCOR. ECC providers (AHA, ARC, ECSI, HSI, & NSC)

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Philips Home Defibrillator ❤️

FYI, any AED can be a "home" AED. Get trained, learn how to maintain your AED and be prepared.

[04/07/21]   A Saint for CPR: Saint Giuseppe Moscati (1880-1927) was a dedicated single layman, a doctor who served the poor for free and risked his life to rescue elderly patients during a volcanic eruption. He was a pioneer in the field of biochemistry whose published research led (among many things) to the discovery of insulin as a treatment for diabetes. He was among the first to use CPR and his innovative patient-centered method influenced the field as a whole and encouraged a more holistic approach to medicine.


Foot CPR is now being suggested to First Responders. Yes, FOOT CPR.

Foot CPR rears its' ugly head. Again.

[02/27/21]   Updates for Heartsaver 2020: The AHA has authorized additional course paths so that we may tailor your class to your time constraints. For instance, if your office would like training, but does not need it for a license (like a personal trainer/teacher), we can shorten your class time. If you have a babysitter in the family, we now have a special class option just for our babysitters! Three cheers for flexibility. While this will likely not affect costs (our fees to the AHA are going up), it will allow for a more efficient use of your time. Virtual training options are also available. Simply take the first part of the course online, we drop-off your manikins, and, using a webcam, we can check your skills while maintaining maximum distancing.

Tourniquet the Limbs, Pack the Junctions, Seal the Box 02/25/2021

Tourniquet the Limbs, Pack the Junctions, Seal the Box

Tourniquet the Limbs, Pack the Junctions, Seal the Box ​So, let’s talk a little bit about tourniquets, hemostatic agents and chest seals. Tourniquet the Limbs, Pack the Junctions, Seal the Box SIMPLICITY UNDER STRESS

[02/18/21]   For our clients and students waiting for certification ecards: Ecards have been ordered. Due to the unprecedented weather situation in Texas (where the AHA is based), ecard issuance has been delayed. Once our ecard bank is replenished, ecards will be issued.

Photos from Safety Education Specialists's post 02/11/2021

Dakota says "Thank you" for the K-9 tourniquet. Safety Education Specialists loves to help out our local K-9 partners. #K9TQ #LCSO


Sheepdog Response

SGM Matt Smith walks us through the proper way to store a combat tourniquet...

#SheepdogResponse #TQ #Tourniquet #TCCC #TECC #Training


And this is just 1 more reason why CPR compressions should be done on bare skin...


US Tactical Medicine

*Training video*

Everything you can do wrong on a scene.

Found on multiple sources, for credit please pm.


Savage Paramedics

[12/14/20]   We have pending winter weather for Wednesday. For our students, if you do not wish to attend your session, please reschedule. Your safety and comfort is paramount. We will not charge a rescheduling fee for weather. We will be open, but you decide what is best for you. 12/11/2020

Safety Education Specialists LLC Services | Vagaro

In light of the updated Virginia Governor's Executive Order 73, we have decided to limit open-enrollment classes to 2 participants. We strongly encourage students to use our appointment setter in order to schedule a 1-on-1 class/skills session. All class and skills types (BLS, Heartsaver, Pet, etc...) is available as a 1-on-1 appointment. Check out Safety Education Specialists LLC’s services here, including Safety Education Specialists LLC, and more!


Our son and logistics specialist for the past 3 years, graduated US Navy boot camp today. Congratulations, Fair Winds and Following Seas.

Congratulations to the newest and sharpest Sailors in the U.S. Navy who graduated December 4th. Divisions 039, 040, 042, 043, 044, 045, 046, 047, 048, 049, 050 and 805 are the graduating divisions in this training group. Well done Sailors! More than 40,000 recruits train annually at the Navy's only boot camp. 12/04/2020

Safety Education Specialists |

Back from Thanskgiving break and starting on the 2021 schedules. Overwhelmingly, clients have loved the 1-on-1 appointment system, so we will provide more open times in 2021. Yes, we will still have open-enrollment classes, but in a reduced number in order to accommodate appointments. View our Classes page for open-enrollment sessions, including BLS Provider, Heartsaver First Aid, CPR and AED, Skills Sessions (Online Parts 2 & 3/Hands-On) and BLS Heartcode (Parts 2 & 3/Hands-On). Don't see a time that works for you? Call or e-mail and we can set up an appointment. (Valid credit c... 11/26/2020

Safety Education Specialists |

We will be closed tomorrow to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday with our families. Appointments will resume on Friday. Everyone, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! View our Classes page for open-enrollment sessions, including BLS Provider, Heartsaver First Aid, CPR and AED, Skills Sessions (Online Parts 2 & 3/Hands-On) and BLS Heartcode (Parts 2 & 3/Hands-On). Don't see a time that works for you? Call or e-mail and we can set up an appointment. (Valid credit c...


We have made our Turkey Day shopping list. We will be open on #smallbusinesssaturday but will be closed Thanksgiving and that Friday.


My office for the day


North American Rescue

Small Limb Bleeding Control 101 with @nardoctor

How To: Bleeding Control in the pediatric population. Similar to adults, pediatric patients can have life threatening bleeding from the extremities. Below I review how to control the bleed.
Anatomy-In the Upper extremity the brachial artery (Pic 2) is the major vessel and runs along the medial(inner) portion of the upper arm. The major vessels of the lower extremity are the femoral artery and the deep femoral artery which both run along the medial(inner) portion of the leg. The circumflex artery runs on the outer portion of the leg.
Direct Pressure- Direct pressure should be your immediate response to bleeding in a child. Apply direct pressure with your fingers or palm at the site of bleeding and direct pressure to the bone below. Alternately, you can grasp the limb at or just above the site of bleeding and squeeze until bleeding stops. This method often works with small children as their limbs are small enough that getting pressure to the bleeding source is relatively easy. This may be all you need to get them to the hospital with minimal blood loss.
Packing- You can pack a wound in a pediatric patient using hemostatic gauze or packing gauze (if hemostatic is unavailable). Hold packing material in place for minimum of 3 minutes and then secure with a pressure dressing.
Tourniquets- Tourniquets are effective in children for major bleeding that cannot be controlled with direct pressure (or circumstances prevent holding direct pressure). The CAT tourniquet has been successfully used on children as young as 1 year old. Tourniquet should be placed 2-3 inches above (closer to the heart) the source of bleeding and rechecked frequently. To make it easier, bend the base plate of the CAT as you tighten the strap.
For full powerpoint presentation with graphics and references, go to

#bleedingcontrol #stopthebleed #pediatrics #emergencymedicine #nardoctor

[11/02/20]   Our classes this morning have been full of old friends. These students have been with us for over 8 years - it is great catching up on memories and sharing where our journeys are taking us now.


Loudoun County Sheriff's Office

On this #NationalFirstResponderDay the #LCSO would like to take a moment to thank all the dedicated first responders who work tirelessly to make #Loudoun the best place to live, work, and visit.


#OneTeamLoudoun #FirstResponderDay

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Leesburg Police Department NOVA Community College Loudoun County Animal Services Virginia State Police Middleburg Police Department Purcellville Police Department Loudoun County Fire and Rescue


Nine Line Apparel

Join us in celebrating the men and women of the United States Navy past and present!!! 🇺🇸 #NavyDay

[10/26/20]   Just ordered 10 STAT tourniquets. We are putting together a testing scenario to see if these are really "bullet-resistant" and "self-healing" as the manufacturer claims. We ordered them directly from the STAT manufacturer to ensure we get a genuine product. What would you like to see us shoot it with? SW 500? AR-15? .22? M4? We will have options.


North American Rescue

🎃👻 great post from @thetraumaguy

Bet you thought this was a @mrs_angemi post, lol!
Which department do you think made this....Trauma/ER, O.R, ICU, Recovery or the Medical Examiner? Lol
Reminder, Halloween is 1 week away 🎃 And while I have your attention remember to apply reflective tape on you and your children's costumes and candy bags and carry a flashlight to prevent Halloween-related pedestrian injuries and deaths among children.
According to a study done by the CDC the number of childhood pedestrian deaths increased fourfold among children on Halloween evenings when compared with all other evenings.
The findings found that during 1975-1996, the number of deaths among young pedestrians was fourfold higher on Halloween evening when compared with the same time period during all other evenings of the year.
Just some facts to think about. Now have a safe Halloween! I've worked the past few Halloweens on nightshift so I'm looking forward to spending it with my wife and kids this year. And yes I'm going to bubble wrap my kids after reading this article and seeing the things I've seen in the trauma unit the past few years, lol.
#showmeyourshears #miamitrauma #TraumaNinjas #traumalife #traumaVida #traumaJando #traumabae #TraumaTraining #traumacenter #ER #emergencyroom #nursing #nursingstudent #studentnurse #medicalstudent #medstudent #medicalschool #firstresponder #criticalcare #paramedic #emt #medic #fireRescue #flightnurse #flightmedic #crna #anesthesia 10/21/2020

2020 AHA HS FA Update SES Students - new First Aid, Happy CPR Lady and Pumpkin Spice

The final 2020 AHA Update video. Pumpkin Spice, Wound Cubes and Everything Nice! This one is my favorite 2020 AHA Guidelines update. Heartsaver First Aid students - this one's for you! Tourniquets, Aspirin and Wound Cubes, oh my!! (This i... 10/21/2020

2020 AHA HS AED Update SES Students - Heartsaver CPR and AED students - a special appearance by Max!

2020 AHA Guidelines Updates for Heartsaver CPR/AED students is LIVE Here is our promised AHA 2020 update video for Heartsaver CPR and AED students. We have some important updates for you! (and the cutie-pie Max makes a grumbl... 10/21/2020

2020 AHA BLS Update video SES Students - the summary of the awesome

AHA 2020 Guidelines Update video for BLS students is LIVE This is the AHA 2020 Guidelines updates for SES students. I promised that I would give you a quick summary of the meat and potatoes - here you go! This video...

[10/21/20]   One more webinar and then I will record update videos for my students.

[10/21/20]   For the neonate - skin to skin is paramount and the cord does not need to be immediately clamped in most cases.

[10/21/20]   Thank you #AHA for recognizing that survivors need support (sometimes for years) following their trauma.

[10/21/20]   For my ACLS friends - No shockable rhythm? Break out the EPI!

[10/21/20]   Adding guidelines for Cardiac Arrest in pregnancy.

[10/21/20]   The #AHA is adding a 6th step: Follow-up. They are recognizing that mental-health recovery is essential.

[10/21/20]   Wound packing is in! I can't wait to share my wound cubes with my students. #woundpacking #makeithurt


Ready for the first of my day-long webinars for the AHA 2020 Guideline updates. This is gonna be good.

Our Story

On September 09, 2009, Safety Education Specialists was incorporated in Virginia. Our story, however, starts many years before.

In 2004, Allison and Fred met at the USNA. Allison was a DOD administrator, Fred was Security. After writing Allison up for a safety violation, they began dating. Their 1st movie date was reviewing bloodbourne pathogens training videos.

In the following years, Fred introduced Allison to safety training and the spark of Safety Education Specialists was born. After years of working for 10 different training companies, Fred and Allison started Safety Education Specialists.

From a dining room table, to dedicated training classrooms, Safety Education Specialists has grown to include several employees and to train more than 2,000 students each year.

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SES COVID-19 Updates
A Holiday message from Safety Education Specialists
Broken Lizard says Hi to Fred & Allison



American Heart Association classes and workshops. Heartsaver CPR/AED, First Aid and BLS for Healthcare Providers.
Pet First Aid, Stop the Bleed and TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care).
ECSI Hands-On Skills Training
We also offer Safety workshops for any work environment, including Forklift Safety, Ergonomics, Fall Protection and more.



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