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Your source for quality AHA CPR/AED/BLS and Safety Training. Serving the entire Eastern Seaboard-we offer Training at Your Location--at your Schedule.

Also offering ECSI Hands-On Skills training.

Check our Calendar and Events page for upcoming CPR classes. If you don't see what you need, call us-we are always happy to help.
Open-enrollment courses offered in Ashburn, VA, with a Mobile Unit that will travel throughout MD, DC, and VA.
We are an Authorized American Heart Association Training Site. All Instructors are Official American Heart Association Instructors.
We are an Authorized ECSI Training Center - our go-to source for BSA, Intermediate and Advanced First Aid.
Our instructors have either taught for or teach for the major ILCOR. ECC providers (AHA, ARC, ECSI, HSI, & NSC)

[09/06/18]   2 items were left here after last nights' class. If they/it belongs to you, send us a message with the item and we will make arrangements.

At 1545, 09/05/2018, Merlin the Safety Dog laid down for his after dinner nap, and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. RIP, 2006-2018. Merlin, you were the inspiration for our Pet First Aid Program. We love you and miss you.

Gold Standard EMS

Venous vs. Arterial bleeding.

We broke down a video we saw on @the_ems_lounge page the other day.😂
The guys in the video couldn’t figure out what was going on, so we spelled it out for them. They might need it 😅
This is a good example of venous vs arterial bleeding. The first gun shot misses the artery and blood eventually trickles out. The second gun shot hit an artery, immediately spraying blood everywhere. It’s crazy to see the pressure difference our vasculature is under.
Follow @goldstandardems for daily content for emergency medical providers 🚑🚒🚁
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Shift Survival

TECC - use your tourniquet.

This video shows brave Texas DPS Troopers take on an armed suspect.

[09/03/18]   Our website is back up and running. Thank you for your patience and thank you to Simple Nerds for working quickly.

[09/02/18]   Our webpage is down and our staff is working to restore it. If you need help scheduling, please send an email to: [email protected] and we will respond after the Labor Day Holiday. If you are an AHA BLS Online student and cannot access the Online Part 1 (the AHA website is undergoing maintenance), please email us to be put on our 1st priority list for Skills appointments. Thank you.

[08/15/18]   Time for Moulage! Prepping to #train #advancedfirstaid #moulage @ National Cancer Institute

Ready for Advanced First Aid training tomorrow at #NIH National Cancer Institute. #moulageready #advancedfirstaid #masscasualtysim

Safety Education Specialists |

Our Open-Enrollment schedule for the rest of 2018 is LIVE on the website. Book in to your BLS, CPR/AED, First Aid or AHA Skills Session.

[08/08/18]   Day 2 of Advanced First Aid training. Improving a sling with a plastic bag. #advancedfirstaid #improviseadaptovercome @ National Cancer Institute

Safety Education Specialists

You know those Tactical First Aid kits you find online...let's see what's inside

First in a new series - Reviews of safety items purchased online

First Aid Kit unboxing and review: Tactical or "Tacti-Cool"

First in a new series - Reviews of safety items purchased online

By popular student demand, here is a review of a "Tactical" First Aid Kit purchased from Amazon. This is the MTSG Military Tactical First Aid Kit. (https://w...

First Aid Kit unboxing and review: Tactical or "Tacti-Cool"

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist First Aid Kit unboxing and review: Tactical or "Tacti-Cool"

By popular student demand, here is a review of a "Tactical" First Aid Kit purchased from Amazon. This is the MTSG Military Tactical First Aid Kit. (https://w...

[07/28/18]   Some downtime with my "fully-legal assault straw" #strawgate #assaultstraw #whyisthisathingnow @ Safety Education Specialists

(FYI - this is satire) Something funny for the Healthcare worker in our lives.

"Should we wake Mom? Let’s consult the chart."

[07/19/18]   Training in Heartsaver First Aid with CPR/AED today. #sescpr #cpr #readytotrain @ Leesburg, Virginia

[07/18/18]   Tonight's class was amazing. I met a "CPR Survivor" who had the courage to take a CPR class. Her bravery and humility touched me and reminded me why we do this.

Fluffy Dog Challenge - Ruby doesn't care

Allison tries the Fluffy Dog Challenge with Ruby...Ruby doesn't really care...

Fluffy Dog Challenge - Ruby doesn't care

Fluffy dog challenge...Ruby doesn't care

Allison tries the Fluffy Dog Challenge with Ruby...Ruby doesn't really care...

Happy Independence Day America!

Please be careful this Fourth.

4th of July Safety Brief
1) Don’t be that guy
2) See Rule #1

Repost By @patriotmedics
Since July 4th is tomorrow. How about this for #traumatuesday? How would you treat this? Ps don’t hold onto fireworks. ~Krantz

Thank you everyone for the love! I appreciate your likes, comments and REPOST! Please keep sharing this page. We love to educate and we want this page to continue to grow. So please keep REPOSTING and sharing the education we keep sharing to you!! The views and opinions on this page are of our own.

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Max Cooper Survival


Let me be clear:

I recently saw a video posted on social media of a guy using paracord for an improvised tourniquet. There were a ton of positive comments relating to the post. Unfortunately, all of them were incorrect to believe a tourniquet can be improvised out of paracord and the accompanying video showed a very poor example.

Why no paracord as a TQ?
Because it is not wide enough to stop a severe arterial bleed, will cause tissue damage and it would be extremely painful as if normal TQ when applied correctly isn’t painful enough.

Bottom Line:
Don’t fall for the hype of a paracord tourniquet. Buy, carry and, if needed, use a commercially available tourniquet such as the CAT Gen7 or the SOFT-T. During a worst case scenario you don’t want to improvise a TQ if you don’t have to. Be prepared! Seek out appropriate medical/trauma training.

Beautiful Cornwall

The next time you take your child to the pool or beach, for the love of God, remember this..

Drowning can be fast and silent, but it can be prevented too Drowning doesn’t always look like it does on TV. A few simple, intentional steps can significantly lower the risk.

Twisted Medic

Michael McIntyre Fans

Our reaction when people don't read the class policies...and still click the button saying they understand said policies.

We all know someone like this 😂👇

Australian Tactical Medical Association

The largest systematic review on the prehospital use of haemostatic dressings conducted to date, reviewing 17 studies utilising various methodology and over 800 civilian and military patients in a range of countries.

The authors have found haemostatics appear to offer effective traumatic haemorrhage control, however, there is sparsity of high-quality evidence to precisely define its optimal use.

There is most certainly justification and precedent for further RCTs!

Do you use haemostatics in your practice?

Pleased to see the AHA promoting the training style Safety Education Specialists has been known for: Use real-life, Practice to Perfection, Instructors never stop training, adopt feedback manikins to give real-time input. Visit our website, to join a class.

Resuscitation Education Science: Educational Strategies to Improve Outcomes From Cardiac Arrest examines best practices in #education and applies the learning in new #resuscitation #science, offering suggestions for improvement in #training on eight key elements.
Learn more:

North American Rescue

While the hype around the announced #spaceforce has every meme maker salivating, there are many questions that should have our followers in mental overdrive as well! Just to get the conversation started here are a few off the top of our heads...
1) How would you provide point of injury care... in a zero gravity, zero oxygen environment in a space suit??? 🤔🤯 Tactical Combat Casualty Care - TCCC - DoD Committee on TCCC Next Generation Combat Medic
2) Is prolonged space care (psc) the next frontier? 👨🏽‍🚀👩‍🚀 Prolonged Field Care
3) How do you recover and medevac said casualty? 🚀 USAF PARARESCUE
4) What if aliens DO exist? 👽 NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration Corpsman
And the list could go on and on and on...

Safety Education Specialists |

Our summer class schedule is live on the website. Book into your next CPR/AED, First Aid or BLS class today.

[06/16/18]   Duchess had her 1st British Car Show today at…

Ctas Anti-Sinistro Gestão em Serviços de Bombeiro Civil.

Remember students, should have be speaking with your patient during CPR...

GRAÇAS A DEUS . 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Twisted Medic

North American Rescue

Tampons are not for gsw bleeding control.

Calling all keyboard commandos and Hollywood “providers” with good intentions- this is NOT medicine! Injecting a tampon into a GSW might absorb a little blood but is NOT an effective method for achieving bleeding control!!! It does NOT apply any direct pressure to the source of bleeding! Pack axial wounds with gauze (hemoststic like Combat Gauze preferred)!!! Bonus points if you realize that for a wound from navel to larynx you simply place occlusive dressing over the entry AND exit wounds. Judging from the responses to our story yesterday, too many people are getting their medicine from questionable sources 🤦‍♂️ Video from @clivestanden — the best of intentions don’t guarantee good medicine!

@d_deyresponsegroup @nextgenerationcombatmedic @prolonged_field_care @specialforcesmedics @tacmedaustralia @danpronk @18_zulu @corpsman_ @policepostsllc @odin_medical @soarescue @independencetraining @floridatems @practicaltacticalgroup @socomathlete @s.e.i_greenfeet @patriotmedics @fieldcraftsurvival @mrs_angemi @surgicalcric

[06/11/18]   "Don't mind me, just napping,....waiting for the…

North American Rescue

Beware the avocado

Tourniquet - yes or no?

Repost By @mrs_angemi
This patient severed an artery in her hand while cutting an avocado.🥑🔪
If you cut yourself and you hit a blood vessel- how can you tell if it’s a vein or an artery??
Veins tend to slowly leak. Remember veins are brining deoxygenated blood back to the heart. But arteries are the squirters- like in this video. It is cool to see how the circulatory system works! Arteries are brining oxygenated blood to all of the organs and all of the extremities throughout the body. Each time the heart beats you can see it squirt, squirt, squirt. The heart is working hard to get oxygen around the body.
She has had surgical repair and is doing fine. There is a small scar on her hand and she is having difficulty moving her ring finger now.
Photo: @Murphy_beagle
#beprepared #narescue

Safety Education Specialists |

Our summer schedule will be posted this week. Keep an eye on our website for updates.

Tactical Emergency Medicine

Shared by several sources, worth a read on junctional and abdominal TQ's.

University of Minnesota Equine Extension Program

Researchers say 44% of people participating in equestrian sports will suffer a horse-related concussion. Do you know how to tell if your riding buddy has suffered from one during an incident?

North American Rescue

In the age of the “Golden Hour”, the horrific casualties that the medics and corpsmen faced and treated during #dday and the subsequent invasion are truly staggering... #neverforget #courage #sacrifice #ww2 #greatestgeneration #medic #corpsman #savinglives #narescue

Paramedics Were Told Not to Enter Parkland School During Shooting The Coral Springs deputy fire chief repeatedly asked a Broward County Sheriff’s commander for permission to send his medics inside the school during the mass shooting, but was rebuffed.

[05/29/18]   Attention students: If you are missing your ecard, please check all folders in your email. As of today, there are over 300 of our students who HAVE NOT claimed their Certification!

North American Rescue

Our k9 med kit saved a police working dog who was shot during a raid in South America. Great work by the medics on scene!

#coastlinek9 #northamericanrescue #k9medkit #savinglives #belgianmalinois #workingdogsofig #T3miami #T3consulting #SouthAmerica #LatinAmerica #mansbestfriend

[05/27/18]   We are closed in observance of Memorial Day.
We will open at 9 a.m.on Tuesday .

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