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If you don't see what you need, call us-we are always happy to help. Open-enrollment courses offered in Ashburn, VA, with a Mobile Unit that will travel throughout MD, DC, and VA. We are an Authorized American Heart Association Training Site. All Instructors are Official American Heart Association Instructors. We are an Authorized ECSI Training Center - our go-to source for BSA, Intermediate and A

Operating as usual


ANSI has update the standard for First Aid kits. Blood draw tourniquets are officially "insufficient." Thank you ANSI. First Aid kits stocked by SES have always used Co-TECC approved tourniquets. Check your kits - you likely need to upgrade your TQ if it was filled by a chain-supplier/contractor.

6.20 Tourniquet (arterial)
Each tourniquet shall be at least 1.5 in. (3.8 cm)
wide and shall be effective on limb sizes ranging
from 7 to 33 in (17.8 to 83.8 cm). Each tourniquet
shall be individually packaged as a single-use
device, with instructions.
NOTE: A tourniquet used for blood drawing is
insufficient to meet the criteria set forth. Common
arterial tourniquets that meet this standard utilize a
method such as a ratchet or a windlass to reach full
occlusion. Application scenarios include trapped and
open limb application as well as the ability to self-apply
and apply to a victim.


In Memoriam


EDM in my earbuds, Large iced latte with extra espresso on board. What am I doing this morning? Prepping a proposal with several amendments that cancel prior pages that were already completed. So,...yeah.

SES Live React: reacting to the AHA's new CPR for Women Hands Only CPR video. I have thoughts 08/19/2022

SES Live React: reacting to the AHA's new CPR for Women Hands Only CPR video. I have thoughts

A new video uploaded to YouTube. I am live-reacting to a new AHA video that addresses CPR on women. I am aware that the audio in the AHA video is not playing - this is likely an AHA setting, but the reaction is the point.

SES Live React: reacting to the AHA's new CPR for Women Hands Only CPR video. I have thoughts Today, 08/18/2022, the AHA released a new video to ease the fear/stigma of performing Hands-only CPR on women. So, I had to do a live-react and see what it ...


Attention AHA Students: the AHA announced today that, effective 07/01/2022, they are increasing prices. As of right now, we do not know which products will be affected or by how much. This will likely effect the fees students pay to the AHA for Online training and likely effect the fees we as an AHA Training Site must pay for your Certifications (eCards), books and streaming videos. Due to this fact, our prices will likely have to increase as well.


Where I share some thoughts about a recent product launch by the AHA.


Why we will not be offering the new AHA 100% virtual Heartsaver certifications. New video dropping today-this is going to get spicy.

Safety Education Specialists LLC In Brambleton VA | Vagaro 03/24/2022

Safety Education Specialists LLC In Brambleton VA | Vagaro

End of the Month Expirations are approaching. If your last CPR or BLS class was in March 2020, make your appointment to update here:

Safety Education Specialists LLC In Brambleton VA | Vagaro Founded in 2009, we are celebrating over 10 years of CPR and Safety Training for the Eastern United States.


Truth from .vii

What is with people and loving the age old approach of “it’s better than nothin” when it comes to medical interventions and training? For every other aspect of war fighting we would call that person a liability on target but for medicine, we’ll just say “at least they tried their best”. Someone who is poorly trained may be unknowingly relied upon to complete a task, only to create a bigger problem later down the line. Hold your instructors, medics and non-medical personal to the absolute highest standards when training this type of sh*t or it will bite you in the ass. There is no such thing as “better than nothin”, nor should you ever settle for that.

Instagram Photos 03/04/2022

Instagram Photos


Welcome back to normal! With our county in Green, mouth-to-mask breathing and group practice has returned. It's been a hell of a 2 weeks to flatten the curve.


As Loudoun County has moved to "green" for our low COVID-19 risk per the CDC, we will no longer require a face mask during your training session. As always, if our student wishes to wear a mask and/or wishes the instructor to wear a mask, we will happily do so. Also, breath practice (mouth-to-mask) will resume on Monday 02/28 with disposable valves.

Photos from Omar Orthodontics's post 02/22/2022

Photos from Omar Orthodontics's post


A vote for your favorite CPR trainer would be appreciated:)

Voting is open! Support your favorite local businesses and organizations in our third annual Best of Ashburn contest. Vote here:


CPR Training: 3 Steps To Find the Right Training, the First Time

An article written by our Director, Allison Kellner - still applicable today.

CPR Training: 3 Steps To Find the Right Training, the First Time CPR training is a necessary step to many careers and hobbies. Finding the right type of training for you can be confusing. It is easy for professionals and


Tears of the USS Arizona

80 years later she still shed tears for men lost on December 7th, 1941.
Please take a moment and remember their sacrifice.

December 7th 1941, a date which will live in infamy, let us never forget!


Our beautiful Ruby crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. Surrounded by love at home, our little girl joins Merlin at the Rainbow Bridge.


The 4 Reactions To Narcan


RATS still not recommended. SWAT is off the list! Recon is not recommended.

Tuesday friendly reminder, per TCCC Changes 14 April 2021

Recommended nonpneumatic limb tourniquets:
– Combat Application Tourniquet, Generation 6 (CAT-6)
– Combat Application Tourniquet, Generation 7 (CAT-7)
– SOF Tactical Tourniquet-Wide, Generation 3 (SOFTT-W)
– Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet (TMT)
– Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet-Tactical (RMT-T)/TX2/
TX3 Tourniquets
– SAM Extremity Tourniquet (SAM-XT)
Recommended pneumatic limb tourniquets:
– Emergency and Military Tourniquet (EMT)
– Tactical Pneumatic Tourniquet, 2 inch (TMT2)

Tourniquets NOT Currently Recommended by the CoTCCC
– Stretch-Wrap-And-Tuck Tourniquet (SWAT-T)
– Special Operations Forces Tactical Tourniquet
– Israeli Emergency Silicon Tourniquet (IEST)
– London Bridge Ratchet Tourniquet
– McMillan Tourniquet
– Mechanical Advantage Tourniquet (MAT)
– Military Emergency Tourniquet (MET) and Response
– NATO Tourniquet
– OMNA Tourniquet
– Ramsey’s Red-Pull Tourniquet
– Rapid Application Tourniquet System (RATS)
– Recon Medical Tourniquet
– STAT Tourniquet
– TK4/Tourni-Quik/TK4L3

Journal of Special Operations Medicine


Thanks Saint Fisher Church of Evidence Based Medicine on IG.
This is funny.


The 2019 Recommended Limb Tourniquets in Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Nine areas of evaluation:
1. Arterial Occlusion
2. Tourniquet Pressures
3. Simplicity of Application
4. Tourniquet Specifications
Width – A minimum of 1.5 inches
Length – A minimum of 37.5 inches
Weight –


Attention students scheduled for 09/01: our governor has declared a state of emergency due to impending storms. If you wish to reschedule you session you may do so in the vagaro app or please contact us. Email is best. [email protected]


At St Thomas More Cathedral School today for CPR/AED/First Aid training for staff. Welcome Back-to-School!


Green screening myself into the Outer Banks "CPR" scene


Something wonderful just happened

A client did something wonderful and I wanted to share it with you.


Closing out a week full of 1-on-1 appointments. We offer AHA BLS, Heartsaver sessions, as well as Stop-The-Bleed and Pet CPR by appointment so your training can continue despite the Delta variant. Looking forward to a relaxing day off tomorrow.


Worth saying again

This can never be said or shared enough.

AED 3 Defibrillator for Public Access - ZOLL Medical 07/16/2021

AED 3 Defibrillator for Public Access - ZOLL Medical

One of the latest AEDs to hit the market features WiFi connectivity. This is not a feature that we recommend to our clients (especially those in secured locations). AEDs have the capability to record voice and, anything that is on a WiFi network is hackable.

AED 3 Defibrillator for Public Access - ZOLL Medical The ZOLL AED 3® provides public access defibrillation with Real CPR Help and defibrillation guidance to help unexpected heroes treat adult and pediatric SCA. Learn more about this device.


teachers! Show me your coin and get $15.00 off your CPR/First Aid session!


While teaching today we were interrupted by a ghost slamming the bathroom door in the auditorium. As long as the ghost learned CPR today I am happy to have the extra student.


We will be closed on Monday to commemorate Memorial Day.


Ready for another virtual First Aid/CPR/AED class for NIAID. Our virtual lecture sessions will be followed by in-person skills for certification.


In keeping with the updated and Virginia Guidelines, vaccinated students are welcome to participate without a face mask. All instructors are fully vaccinated and will be unmasked unless requested to wear one by the student. All other COVID mitigation (extra cleaning, disinfection, modified practice), will remain in place for the time being.


Philips Home Defibrillator ❤️

FYI, any AED can be a "home" AED. Get trained, learn how to maintain your AED and be prepared.


A Saint for CPR: Saint Giuseppe Moscati (1880-1927) was a dedicated single layman, a doctor who served the poor for free and risked his life to rescue elderly patients during a volcanic eruption. He was a pioneer in the field of biochemistry whose published research led (among many things) to the discovery of insulin as a treatment for diabetes. He was among the first to use CPR and his innovative patient-centered method influenced the field as a whole and encouraged a more holistic approach to medicine.


Foot CPR is now being suggested to First Responders. Yes, FOOT CPR.

Foot CPR rears its' ugly head. Again.


Updates for Heartsaver 2020: The AHA has authorized additional course paths so that we may tailor your class to your time constraints. For instance, if your office would like training, but does not need it for a license (like a personal trainer/teacher), we can shorten your class time. If you have a babysitter in the family, we now have a special class option just for our babysitters! Three cheers for flexibility. While this will likely not affect costs (our fees to the AHA are going up), it will allow for a more efficient use of your time. Virtual training options are also available. Simply take the first part of the course online, we drop-off your manikins, and, using a webcam, we can check your skills while maintaining maximum distancing.

Tourniquet the Limbs, Pack the Junctions, Seal the Box 02/25/2021

Tourniquet the Limbs, Pack the Junctions, Seal the Box

Tourniquet the Limbs, Pack the Junctions, Seal the Box ​So, let’s talk a little bit about tourniquets, hemostatic agents and chest seals. Tourniquet the Limbs, Pack the Junctions, Seal the Box SIMPLICITY UNDER STRESS


For our clients and students waiting for certification ecards: Ecards have been ordered. Due to the unprecedented weather situation in Texas (where the AHA is based), ecard issuance has been delayed. Once our ecard bank is replenished, ecards will be issued.

Our Story

On September 09, 2009, Safety Education Specialists was incorporated in Virginia. Our story, however, starts many years before.

In 2004, Allison and Fred met at the USNA. Allison was a DOD administrator, Fred was Security. After writing Allison up for a safety violation, they began dating. Their 1st movie date was reviewing bloodbourne pathogens training videos.

In the following years, Fred introduced Allison to safety training and the spark of Safety Education Specialists was born. After years of working for 10 different training companies, Fred and Allison started Safety Education Specialists.

From a dining room table, to dedicated training classrooms, Safety Education Specialists has grown to include several employees and to train more than 2,000 students each year.

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Something wonderful just happened
Quick class policy review for COVID
SES COVID-19 Updates
A Holiday message from Safety Education Specialists  via #training   #cprvia
Slashed face moulage.   Today is the Advanced First Aid disaster drill .
Slit throat moulage with glass shrapnel.   Today is the Advanced First Aid disaster drill.
Practicing removing clothing in IFA.
Broken Lizard says Hi to Fred & Allison
Moulage from Advanced First Aid.  All done by our Director, Allison Kellner.  These images were taken after the exercise...
Our Staff and Family Wish you and yours a Happy and Prosperous New Year!  Thank you for a wonderful 2015.




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