I help purpose-driven Veterans & First Responders develop higher levels of sustained fulfillment in their relationships, career, and well-being.

There are 2 things that you deserve to make top priorities in your life: sleep and stress release.

There’s an epidemic in our society of being under constant stress and losing sleep. Are you aware of your patterns of sleep and stress? Most people aren’t.

The average adult needs 8-9 hours of good sleep each night. Waking up should happen gradually, not with a sudden start. If you consider getting 8 hours of sleep at night something you do only at the weekends, making this a higher priority is key to renewing your mind-body-spirit connection.

There are practical ways to raise your awareness so you can create the conditions for improving your sleep:

1. Going to bed at the same time each night.
2. Waking up naturally.
3. Making your sleeping area as quiet and dark as possible.
4. Avoiding TV and social media an hour before bedtime.
5. Avoiding sleeping aids like pills.

To raise your awareness around stress so you can reduce it. Notice when:

1. You struggle to relax.
2. You’re stiff or exhausted.
3. You’re in a hurry.

The key is self awareness. Only you know what creates stress in your life, and what it takes to address the source of it.


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Everyone wants a good life, but most of us undermine our happiness and well-being every day without thinking about it.

You can only change what you’re aware of. The opposite of awareness is being unconscious, which leads to repeating the same habits that don’t serve you.

If you’re aware of what your body needs, you have enough information to start moving yourself in the direction of a more balanced mind-body-spirit lifestyle. If you feel tired, lack energy, or deal with aches and pains, that’s your body asking for your attention.

If it could speak plainly to you, your body would tell you:

“I need to decompress.”
“I need more time to recover.”
“That stuff you eat is making me sick.”

These messages are signs of an existing problem that has been developing in you over time. Once these appear, that’s your mind and body telling you it’s out of balance and needs help to be restored.

By exercising your free will your unconscious habits interfere with your mind, body, and spirit’s natural instincts for renewal.

There are unlimited resources available to help you develop a better lifestyle, but only you can decide to make what matters most a priority.

Just say when.


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There are 2 parts to creating an optimal lifestyle: One is undoing old habits that result in poor sleep, inactivity, and stress. The other is staying motivated.

You’ve probably tried different things before without success. Depending on willpower, attacking the whole problem all at once, being hard on yourself when you have a set back, being inconsistent, and comparing yourself to others just leads to defeat.

So how do you create victories instead? Consider trying these 2 approaches for the next 30 days:

Take anything you want to undo. Focus on taking 1 small step forward every day. To lose weight or eat better, start by skipping dessert or quit drinking sodas. If you want to sleep better, turn your bedroom into a calming, peaceful space. For less stress at work, commit to getting up from your desk and going for a short walk every hour. These are examples of small victories you can achieve right now.

Second, only make changes you’ll enjoy. You naturally gravitate to things you desire. Make sure you can say, “This feels nice.”

These are 2 easy ways to create change over time and turn them into habits that lead to the optimal lifestyle you want and deserve so much.


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The wellness movement is expanding every year. What’s needed now is insight into motivation and practical ways to undo poor lifestyle habits that we formed a long time ago.

Choosing an optimal lifestyle that results in greater inner peace, calm, motivation, compassion, joy, and overall happiness is possible for everyone - it’s our natural state of being.

The risk factors of prevention is something we’re all familiar with: avoiding too much alcohol, quitting smoking, eating a balanced diet, and getting enough exercise.

But prevention is built on a foundation of fear, which is a poor motivator. Creating a vision of a healthier lifestyle is a better motivator for change because it gives you a reason to do it.

Motivating yourself is half of an optimal lifestyle. The other half is undoing old habits from the past that results in poor sleep, sedentary habits, improper diet, and more stress.

Good intentions alone won’t get you there, and the last thing you want is to be told what’s good or bad for you. What’s needed is guidance about how to view the challenge and create new results.

That’s where we’ll continue tomorrow. Have an amazing day!


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How do you motivate yourself to consistently choose a healing lifestyle over a stressful one?

The first step is to get real with yourself and admit that you want and need a change.

The second step is to commit to an activity that gives you a positive experience of non-stress. Meditation, being in nature, and any creative pursuit that you love such as dance, art, or photography are activities that create a sense of calm, peace, and joyful inside.

The key to motivation is that inner peace is far more enjoyable - and therefore more preferable - than the daily grind of stress.

By consistently repeating an activity that produces inner calm, you can create an inner transformation where you discover that you are actually your own best healer in bringing your mind, body, and spirit into balance and harmony with who you really are.


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Just like nature knows how to heal itself, so do our bodies. Small cuts, bruises, a fever or a cold all heal quite well on their own.

But when our body needs to heal our response is a vital part of how well the process works for us.

You make choices every day that fall into two categories: One facilitates healing; the other slows it down.

Self-care is important if you want your body to stay healthy, active, and in a state of wellness throughout your lifetime. The more you avoid making choices that hinders healing, the more you facilitate their natural renewal.

So what is healing anyway? Anything you do to make yourself whole in body, mind, and spirit counts as healing and renewal. You don’t have to be sick or wounded to need healing. All of us need to be whole and renewed in order for the mind, body and spirit to live in balance.

Anything that throws the mind-body out of balance = stress, which is usually accompanied by inflamed emotions (anger, frustration, anxiety). Everything you do to address it either stresses the mind-body connection more, or helps it back into balance.

What kinds of things do you do to keep you mind, body, and spirit in balance?


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What does it mean to be renewed? Most of us have heard others promote renewal, but for many it just sounds like a bunch of woo-woo that we’re too busy to pay much attention to.

While it might sound inviting and feel like the right thing to do, we don’t really know what renewal is. Old habits, repetitive routines, and past memories usual guide our decision making, which originates from a place of fear that can feel like an endless cycle that there’s no escape from.

But a challenging time can be an opportunity for healing and renewal. It begins inside of you by a conscious decision to handle it differently this time.

By consciously connecting to your body and being aware of the mind-body connection, you can teach yourself to cope with any challenge in a more fulfilling way.

Every cell in your body is constantly being renewed. But how connected are you to it beyond judging how you look and feel? How much of a participant are you in renewing your body as a source of energy and joy? How focused are you on clearing limiting thoughts and disempowering beliefs that hold you back?

All it takes to create renewal are baby steps. What can be the first step you take?


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The concept of ‘mind-body connection’ is new to many people, but it offers insights that are worth exploring. Every experience you have has consequences simultaneously in your mind and the cells of your body.

A recent medical discovery is changing the way that community treats pain and illness. It appears low level chronic inflammation has a detrimental effect on our physical and emotional well-being.

When you cut yourself, blood rushes to the injured area, your skin turns red, and you feel heat there. Redness, warmth and swelling are signs of inflammation.

We now know that there are long term damages linked to every major disorder that comes from low level chronic inflammation that can only be detected by the chemical levels in your blood.

Yet, even though you can’t feel it, this inflammation persists in everyday life. The theme of ‘heat’ comes into play through inflamed emotions like anger, frustration, and resentment. Inflamed relationships marked by arguments or even abuse. And dietary inflammation brought about by processed food, hydrogenated oil, chemical additives, and probably too much sugar.

The opposite of heat is the theme of ‘coolness.’ Inner peace feels cool. Clean air, food, and water are cool and refreshing. Any experience that refreshes you is cooling.

Warm isn’t the same as hot. It’s good to be warm-hearted and warmly affectionate. But when your body-mind crosses over to heat, scientists have found a strong correlation between stress and inflammation.

Stressful situations make us feel bogged down or fired up. But there are ways to invite coolness if we can simply shift focus when we notice it. Changing your attitude from threat to opportunity makes all the difference.

There are hidden opportunities in themes like openness, purity, freedom, and being present. They are all worth exploring because of the benefits they offer to the mind-body connection.


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It’s strange that among all living creatures, humans have to work hardest at being happy. Truth be told, we usually aren’t very good or consistent at it.

Understanding how to turn threats into opportunities is a key component of finding renewal every day.

You can change your attitude so that threats are turned into hidden opportunities. You just have to know how.

What makes you happy? Your first impulse might be to remember some of the more pleasurable moments of your life. But if you think deeper, you’re more likely to think of lasting values that go beyond the pleasure that comes through the senses.

We are happiest when we feel fulfilled. Fulfillment depends on a state of well being. The mind-body connection is total. Every experience you have has consequences in your mind and within your body at the cellular level.

Consider the idea of ‘lightness.’ If you feel light-hearted there’s also a sensation of physical lightness and zest in your body. On the other side, depression and sadness makes you feel heavy, tired, and drained of energy.

You always have the choice to nurture lightness in your life even in stressful situations. We’ll explore how in the days to come.


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If you’ve ever flown on a cloudy day, you probably remember ascending after taking off and climbing into the clouds.

In one sudden moment you see what was hidden from view from the ground. As you break through the cloud cover you see the sun blazing brightly, and it changes the complexion of your entire day.

Experiencing this always fills my soul. Even when the clouds try to block the sun while I’m on the ground, the sun is always there, always shining brightly, like a constant presence.

What a glorious experience when an ordinary cloudy moment shifts to something wondrous, inspiring, and uplifting.

You always have the potential to live with a deep sense of amazement and thankfulness for the life you have.

The Source of everything - of all that is - is there right all the time, just waiting for you to connect to it. The secret of being lives in the moment you break through your own clouds - the clouds that block Love, light, and warmth from filling your spirit.

So awaken to a truth you already know. Rise up above the clouds that block your view of the light above them.


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Society attributes grace to saints, sages, and spiritual masters. But if grace is everywhere and available to everyone at any time, living in a state of grace is actually natural for everyone.

It’s not about withdrawing from life. Grace makes no such demands on you. Living in a state of grace happens when you’re a complete person. That’s the only requirement.

Live life to the fullest. But be yourself and accept others as they are. There is grace in that, and a happier, fuller, more fulfilling life.


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When you open your heart to living in a state of gratitude, you open yourself up to a greater awareness of your interconnectedness to your loved ones, your neighbors, your community, the greater global community, and to nature itself.

If this seems like a fantasy, that’s because your thoughts aren’t in the present moment. But by being more present, it all begins to make more sense. It might even seem too simple to be true.

This is how the dots connect about the purpose of your life. It’s how the stars align to help you see the big picture much easier and clearer.

Living in a state of grace is our most natural way of being. It’s when we feel most free, most ourselves, and most at home. Grace is for everyone, not just for those who are called to a life of prayer.

There are no rules or step-by-step guide for living this way. No one waits for you to know or possess enough.

Grace is everywhere all the time. It comes only by opening your soul.

So open the door. Step in. Your soul will take it from there and give you an adventure of a lifetime.


#hpx4vets #army #veteran #ptsd #survivor #grace #gratitude #yougotthis #connection #blm #acceptance #iacceptyou #freedom #dignity #respect #faith #hope #love #growth #RFX #nofear #compassion #soulfood

It was 105 degrees when I met these Kurdish kids at a school outside of Kirkuk, Iraq - even hotter with my combat gear on.

It would have been easy to complete my mission and be on my way. But on that day, I paused to “walk a mile in their shoes.”

These kids took me on a tour of their school, which they were so proud of. Their classrooms had no air conditioning, kids sat 2 per desk. 1 drinking fountain served up warm water to the entire school. There were no books, no cafeteria, and barely any supplies. Yet these kids seemed to love learning.

On the rooftops above, Peshmerga - Kurdish soldiers - stood watch with their weapons. Not just for the children, but for us Americans. Fierce fighters, they would have defended us at all cost if attacked.

That day I learned the less time we waste judging others, the less time we waste judging ourselves. Turning this idea into a habit for daily living creates infinite possibilities for compassion, empathy, and love to play a greater role in your life.

It would have been easy to judge these kids because of what they didn’t have. But I would have missed their smiles and playfulness. These kids filled this soldier’s heart with joy that day just because I sat with them a while, thankful for their presence in my life. This is a moment in my 30 years in the Army that I will always cherish.

The beautiful thing about life is that we all have opportunities to create moments like this every day. Finding something to be thankful for about another person just seems like a better way to spend time...and live life.

I wish the same sense of joy for you that these kids gave me on that hot day in Kirkuk.


#hpx4vets #army #veteran #ptsd #survivor #grace #gratitude #yougotthis #connection #blm #acceptance #iacceptyou #freedom #dignity #respect #wayofpeace #faith #hope #love #growth #RFX #nofear #compassion #peshmerga

Why I started HPX for VETS

I set this site up to help purpose-driven Veterans and First Responders develop higher levels of sustained fulfillment and joy in their relationships, career, and well-being.

I’m doing this because I’ve experienced the effects of war, great suffering, and personal tragedy and won. I want to serve others by showing them they can overcome anything too - war, serious crime, disasters, neglect, abandonment - and thrive.

Everyone matters in this world, and everyone is entitled to live a fulfilling life. But not everyone who struggles to get ahead knows how. Many spend their whole life searching for answers that feel elusive.

I am the son of immigrants. As children, my mom and dad fought for survival while others suffered and died around them. I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of physical, emotional, and mental trauma that came at the hands of parents who witnessed the horrors of war as kids: executions, concentration camps, combat, bombings, destruction, disease, displacement, rejection, abandonment, and death.

I am a product of the aftermath of war, of great suffering, and personal struggle, and I am a grateful survivor of it.

But it didn’t come easy.

I have a story to tell that, at its heart, is a story of survival and success in spite of the odds. I want to share it with you and give you tools and methods that no matter what you’ve been through in your life, you can apply in your life and come out better than you were before.

I know that if I can endure so much and still find my way to forgiveness, healing, and personal growth to achieve my life’s dream, that’s a story worth sharing with others.

Those who came before me did the best they could to give me this time to serve others in ways that honor them and their stories of courage so that others can be inspired to triumph over their own struggles and grow into their best self.

I can’t wait to serve you.

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