I help purpose-driven Veterans & First Responders develop higher levels of sustained fulfillment in their relationships, career, and well-being.

Like an idea that comes into our imagination hope usually starts as a seed in a garden: you plant it, water it, and nurture it with the hope it will bear the fruit of abundance that we can share.

Isn’t that how we begin with every new hope or dream for improving our lives? At first it’s just an idea - a seed - but then we imagine it, take action toward it, nurture it, and when it comes into being, we share the beauty and fruit of our dreams with others.

Ultimately, planting a seed is about giving back and sharing with others. I wish for you this Sunday that the hopes and dreams you have for your life turn into the fruit of abundance that you can share with the world.

I would love to share with you how you can grow the seeds of hope within you so you can live with more joy, confidence, and engagement. Visit http://ow.ly/PCTc50zqz0E today or leave a comment below.

I can’t wait to serve you!


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To be a source of hope for others you’ve got to be your true self.

How do you rise above the ego’s self centeredness and get real in a way that serves you and the other person?

Begin by dropping any expectation that the other person will change the way you want them to. Just be a role model for it in your own life. Hope will take care of the rest on its own.

Likewise, when you help someone reconnect with themselves just by being your true self, you give them hope that change is possible.

Your feelings play an important role here. People can feel when you judge or accept them. If you’re not in a good place, work on yourself before helping another. When your inner barriers come down your hope can renew the hope in someone else. This has the effect of removing their inner barriers of distrust, defensiveness, guilt, and shame.

We bring our past experiences into every new relationship, making it hard to relate without judgment toward someone else, especially in families where we tend to put people in a box. How many people have you heard say, “They’ll never change”?

But consider how many times you’ve wanted to break free of a box you’ve been put in. Everyone wants more freedom to be themselves. By allowing someone else the freedom you yearn for, you can better recognize that you want the same for yourself.

Practicing this gets ego out of the way so you can genuinely hope for the best in every situation no matter what happened in the past.

Let me teach you how you can live more boldly and authentically in service to others so you can make your difference. Visit http://ow.ly/3JY650zqzaY today.

I can’t wait to serve you!


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One day, white men will be in the minority and crimes will be visited upon them like was perpetrated on Ahmaud Arbery. Rest In Peace brother. And may justice be firmly done in your name.
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Thinking about your own life right now how can you serve your way to greatness?

When you shift your focus from success to service, everything in your life shifts and takes on more meaning.

Brene Brown says if you want to help others effectively, you must first allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Whoops...it’s easy to want to be a light of hope for others, but if it involves sharing our own flaws, most people are unwilling.

Are you someone who gets your self worth from helping others? Brene says when you get self worthiness from helping others, that’s judgment (of yourself). But when you help others with the hope that one day you might need help from them, that is connection.

Reaching out with no expectation except a hope for connection. That’s a spark that creates a whole new world.

Let me teach you how you can live more boldly in service to others so you can make your difference. Visit http://ow.ly/22uh50zqzh9 today.

I can’t wait to serve you!


#faith #hope #love #fulfillment #veteran #ptsd #grace #peace #coaching #shift #courage #trust #risk #change #freedom #awareness #gratitude #growth #mentalhealth #resilience #selfcare #compassion #radicalforgiveness #RFX

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Trust in your resilience.
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It doesn’t really work that well to convince yourself that you’re fine when inside you know you’re feeling the effects of guilt, fear, or uncertainty. Everyone hungers for the real truth and peace of mind. That’s the place of connection with yourself and the important people in your life.

Everytime you speak your truth it opens the door for others to tell theirs. That’s how truth gets bigger and bigger, and how change happens one person at a time.

It just takes a tipping point to become permanent.

In these times where the entire planet is on edge with uncertainty, it’s human nature to want to control the narrative to stay with what feels safe and familiar.

But consider for a moment the possibility that maybe - just maybe - the unknown isn’t the enemy, and that instead, uncertainty can be a source of hope and the opportunity to create positive change within yourself or on a global scale.

When you are real with yourself, you have infinite hope.

I can’t wait to serve you!


#faith #hope #love #fulfillment #veteran #ptsd #grace #peace #coaching #shift #courage #trust #risk #change #freedom #awareness

Whenever we get hurt by people, especially someone we feel close to, it hurts. We carry that hurt around with us and revisit the hurt again and again in our mind, wishing what happened could have happened differently.

Maybe you got fired or laid off.
Maybe the person you thought was the love of your life broke your heart.
Maybe you got criticized for your looks, opinions, or way you express yourself.

The deeper the hurt, the more pain we carry, and the more we wish things could have gone differently. We can feel the pain in our body, and it’s often accompanied with a sense of guilt that maybe we could have done something different to create a better outcome.

This kind of guilt often turns into shame - a sense that something is wrong with us; that we’re unworthy, unable, or (worst of all) unlovable.

The willingness to forgive takes guts because it means starting again. It is the letting go of the wish for a different outcome of what was. It often feels like we’re letting the other person off the hook for what they did, especially if we’re still hurting. But in reality, to forgive is the most courageous act of self love because it happens in a moment of vulnerability when you need it the most.

To forgive someone that hurt you is accepting the outcome of what happened and that the past will never change. But the way you react to it going forward can. When you accept this idea it opens the door to learning, hope and the realization that you have all the power to create an even better outcome next time.


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Citizenship simply means thinking beyond yourself. It acknowledges we’re part of something bigger than ourselves and that together we’re stronger. Citizenship is the foundation of service to others, love of country, acting responsibly, and cooperating with each other for the common good. It’s the root system of freedom and liberty and the pathway to creating a more perfect union.
What does citizenship mean to you?
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Everyone needs hope to move forward. But with more than 80% of our country under stay-at-home orders, what can you do? How can you help others?

Innocence is a part of hope that is without judgment and criticism. Children are naturally innocent, which is why they experience hope, joy, and optimism so effortlessly.

Innocence is our natural state - all of us lived this way once. But it got diminished or even destroyed by traumas or emotional wounds, which create a sense of hopelessness that we struggle against today.

Most adults don’t want to be innocent again. They fear the pain it could bring them and put up walls to protect themselves. Yet as psychologist John Bradshaw taught us, our personality still contains an inner child that yearns for expression.

The challenge as adults is to reconnect safely with that state of mind, which still lives within us. But how? Here are 4 ways to reconnect with the hope within you:

- Make time for play of any kind every day.
- Be more lighthearted and carefree.
- Be less judgmental and skeptical.
- See people in their best light.

As you cultivate the innocent side of yourself, people will see you as warmer and more welcoming.

Remember how, as a child, you were totally absorbed in playing, and how everything was new? When you’re carefree you trust in life and don’t feel the need to control situations. That spirit is where hope lives, and it still resides within you, ready to be revived.

Let me teach you how you can heal your wounds with the Radical Forgiveness Experience (RFX) so you can live more fully with hope, confidence, and engagement in life every day to make your difference. Visit http://ow.ly/xRZj50zqzjc today.

Your best life is still ahead of you. I can’t wait to serve you!


#faith #hope #love #veteran #ptsd #grace #peace #coaching #shift #courage #trust #risk #change #freedom #awareness #gratitude #growth #resilience #selfcare #compassion #radicalforgiveness #RFX

#hpx4vets #veteran #ptsd #ptsdrecovery #radicalforgiveness #rfx #courage #hope #breathe

Hope plays a powerful role in leading us out of a mindset of struggle.

When you anchor yourself in the idea that the light of awareness guides your way, you don’t have to be dependent on someone else’s beliefs, ideology, or politics anymore to give your life meaning and direction.

This is where true freedom lives.

Your light of awareness is alive within you. It waits patiently for you to tap into it. When you do this, your light expands and guides every thought, action, and feeling.

It might seem like living this way is too woo woo and can’t live alongside the everyday stressors of life. But the light of awareness is the most real and intimate thing about you. It’s within you right now. If you didn’t already live in the light, you wouldn’t be alive because it takes awareness to notice anything: a flower; a landscape; clouds.

But in a world of so many contrasts and conflicting ideas, can you really be your own light and authority and still be fully engaged in life?


The light of awareness is present in all of life. There is no conflict, no divisiveness, or need to defend ourselves there. When you are a light unto yourself, you can still practice the same religion you grew up with and maintain the same cultural and political values you’ve always had, but now the values and beliefs that are different from yours are no longer threatening. You recognize the good that is there and celebrate the differences.

There are as many paths to awareness, Love and light as there are people in our world, which means there are 7 billion ways to live in the light. When you make this shift and live consciously in this awareness, hope has done its work. It has found its destination.

Work with me! Visit my site and let me show you how you can be a light unto yourself and live with more joy, confidence, and engagement in life. Vist http://ow.ly/OAH950zqzkb today.

I can’t wait to serve you!


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If you live in fear you cannot be free. Pick one.
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Make it habit to start each new month and decide - based on where you are right now - what progress you want to co-create for yourself, in your relationships, in your health & well being, your hobbies, and your career. One month at a time. Just for May. Just for this month.
Progress = Happiness. Imagine the happiness you’ll create in a year if you develop this one [email protected] make it a must to stick to it.
#hpx4vets #progress #happiness #goalsetting #veteran #ptsd #confidence #wellbeing #yougotthis

People will achieve what they must do, not what they think they should do. How many of these can you commit to as must do’s in May? #hpx4vets #veteran #ptsd #goalsetting #freshstart #personaldevelopment #yougotthis #lifeisgood

Have you noticed that your greatest moments of fulfillment come when you’re fully into the activity that’s in front of you at any given moment?

You’ve experienced this aliveness before, and it always happens when you’re doing something you’re passionate about.

We all have a natural desire to expand - to grow and get more out of life. It’s in the NOW that we align with the energy of hope and revitalization.

Whenever I lose focus, that’s when things start to fall apart. It happens to everybody now and then. Whenever life feels unmanageable, our focus is most likely on worrying about things that might happen, or regretting things that did.

It takes discipline to live in the present moment, especially with that smart phone in your hand.

Have you set your vision for your life? Are you clear about what matters most to you; what fills you up; what you want?

For me I’m happiest when I’m serving others or making photographs. But I can’t do either without giving my full attention to them. That means being completely focused with my complete self, with all my senses tuned into this moment. I’ve noticed over time that when this happens, I perform at my best, and at my highest level of creativity.

Your highest self always strives to renew, reinvent, and stretch. Being aware moment-by-moment helps modify your vision and continue to grow.

We all know that the only way to get better at something is to practice it. So practice being more aware. Practice living in this moment.

Let me show you how you can live with more in the zones of compassion, confidence, and engagement every day to make your difference. Visit http://ow.ly/WUPL50zqzl9 today.

I can’t wait to serve you!


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You did it! You made it to the end of another week.

So try this...(we can do this together).

Close your eyes and think of 1 thing - however small - that happened today that makes you grateful for today.

Have you got it? Good.

Now think of another thing that happened that makes you feel grateful for this one day. Just one thing, no matter how small.

Got it? Good.

And now just one more thing, however small, that you feel thankful for.

Got that?

Great. Congratulations! There’s your gratitude practice done for today. Wasn’t that easy?

Repeat this every day and your mental health will thank you for it. Do it before you go to sleep each night and you’ll not only sleep better, you’ll find that you wake up in a better mood too.

Welcome to the weekend!

I invite you to let me show you how you can live with more joy, confidence, and engagement in life every day to make your difference. Visit http://ow.ly/GRCL50zqzsW today.

I can’t wait to serve you!


#faith #hope #love #fulfillment #veteran #ptsd #grace #peace #coaching #shift #courage #trust #risk #change #freedom #awareness #gratitude #growth #mentalhealth #resilience #selfcare

How can you get better in parts of your life?

It’s human nature to fear change. But what thought leaders overwhelmingly agree on is connecting to hope and finding the courage to change comes down to overcoming the fear of letting go of the familiar.

This is why so many people
- stay in toxic relationships,
- remain in a job that’s unfulfilling,
- worry about what others will think,
- fear speaking their truth, or
- get into a rut and stay there.

We know they can do and be better, but believe the devil we know is better than the one we don’t.

For me the true meaning of courage is to acknowledge my fear, but go forward anyway. It ain’t easy, but taking a leap is often the most powerful way to truly advance toward being your authentic self and living the life you came here to fulfill.

Everyone has a moment in life where they find themselves at a fork in the road. One path is the path that feels familiar, safe and comfortable. It’s a path that leads to a predictable outcome. The other path contains risk, unknowns, and fear, but we know beforehand the outcome can change our lives and propel us to something richer and more fulfilling.

It’s the hope and courage we have within that enables us to take that leap and overcome the fear.

Holding on to the old and familiar doesn’t stop change. It just keeps you stuck. Staying on that path ultimately leads to regret, which is just facing a truth that fear has won.

Now’s the time for courage. So get still, go within, and ask yourself what changes do you need to make to move forward? What’s keeping you from the life you want and so richly deserve?

Please visit my site and let me show you how you can create changes within that will lead you to more joy, confidence, and engagement in life. Vist http://ow.ly/yaSf50zqzqN today.

I can’t wait to serve you!


#faith #hope #love #fulfillment #veteran #ptsd #grace #peace #shift #courage #risk #change #freedom #awareness #growth #resilience #selfcare #compassion

Why I started HPX for VETS

I set this site up to help purpose-driven Veterans and First Responders develop higher levels of sustained fulfillment and joy in their relationships, career, and well-being.

I’m doing this because I’ve experienced the effects of war, great suffering, and personal tragedy and won. I want to serve others by showing them they can overcome anything too - war, serious crime, disasters, neglect, abandonment - and thrive.

Everyone matters in this world, and everyone is entitled to live a fulfilling life. But not everyone who struggles to get ahead knows how. Many spend their whole life searching for answers that feel elusive.

I am the son of immigrants. As children, my mom and dad fought for survival while others suffered and died around them. I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of physical, emotional, and mental trauma that came at the hands of parents who witnessed the horrors of war as kids: executions, concentration camps, combat, bombings, destruction, disease, displacement, rejection, abandonment, and death.

I am a product of the aftermath of war, of great suffering, and personal struggle, and I am a grateful survivor of it.

But it didn’t come easy.

I have a story to tell that, at its heart, is a story of survival and success in spite of the odds. I want to share it with you and give you tools and methods that no matter what you’ve been through in your life, you can apply in your life and come out better than you were before.

I know that if I can endure so much and still find my way to forgiveness, healing, and personal growth to achieve my life’s dream, that’s a story worth sharing with others.

Those who came before me did the best they could to give me this time to serve others in ways that honor them and their stories of courage so that others can be inspired to triumph over their own struggles and grow into their best self.

I can’t wait to serve you.

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