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Videos by InteGreat Peak Performance in Ashburn. Sandra Donati founded a certified veteran-owned small business in 2016 that specializes in Leadership Training and Development.


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Niagra Falls

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I have something very important to talk to you about. You have unique and essential gifts to offer the world. These gifts take many forms, but they all have one uniting, identifiable characteristic, they first appear to you as your #dreams. I'm not talking about the sleep movies that play in your head at night. I'm talking about those #visions and #inspire you. The plans that light you up! Those little ideas to give you Goosebumps and put a smile on your face. Introducing a powerful online course you can take at your own pace in the comfort of your own home: Base camp preparing for #success. Your #dream is worth fighting for. Sign up today

The Quest: Navigating a Path to Happiness
The Quest: Navigating the Path to Happiness. This is a visually stunning, life-changing adventure designed to take women on a quest to find their own path to happiness.

I'm excited to announce the launch of my new online course, navigating the path to happiness #happinessisachoice #happiness This course is only for women who want more for their life and are not happy with the status quo.

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Is this you? Discover your natural talents and abilities.
what would happen if you focused on what was right with you instead of weakness fixing? Did you know you have natural talents and abilities?

Clifton-StrengthsFinder Series - Is this you?
This video helps people to understand their passion and purpose and to realize when they focus on what is right about them instead of weakness fixing they can become extraordinary. Investing in your strengths takes time and a StrengthsFinder coach can help you do that resulting in increased passion, fulfillment, joy and even promotions in your life!

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