Our first mission is training female instructors in essential self-defense. We'll support these women as they reach out to their communities and networks making a difference in the stubborn statistics of violence against women.

Kelly and The Diamond Arrow Group - good people.

We’ve all heard that eyewitness accounts are not the most reliable.

In video #8 of the DAG online training course, I’m going to give you tips and tricks on describing people.

Describing a person sounds easy-until you have to do it. So many people are worried about coming across as sexist, racist, or any of the other negative judgemental terms.

Learn how to describe unique physical features and body language signals to communicate your memories of a person in a clear and concise way.

This is 1 of 10 videos in the online course series, and all videos average 4-6 minutes long.

You can watch all the videos in just under an hour OR individually as a quick mental break throughout your day. It's really that simple.

Take the first step in learning how to keep yourself and your loved ones safer!

Due to the unique times we're living in, I'm offering a 50% discount on the entire course from now until May 4th. Safety of yourself and your loved ones is a priority! Click on this link: https://bit.ly/2Y0Laiy and enter the code: TOGETHERWECAN at checkout.

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Tammy McCracken

Rory Miller asked if I would follow up on the last blog with a dialogue distinguishing between freedom and liberty -https://tammymccrackenonline.blog/2020/04/14/you-cant-take-the-sky-from-me/

we stand on strong shoulders-

“ To understand how to not remain or return we must understand what has come before...

17-year-old Lepa Radić was a Bosnian Serb who fought with the partisans during WWII but never got to see the Nazis lose the war. In February 1943, Lepa was captured. The Nazis tied a rope around her neck but offered her a way out. All she has to do is reveal her comrades' and leaders' identities.
Lepa responded: “You will know them when they come to avenge me.”

This is why we need history to live on, and the PC brigade to leave it alone. We were what we were, and we are what we are. History helps us become, history helps us evolve, history let's us never forget. This lady deserves to be remembered, this lady deserves the immortality of history. “


how are you?

We stand on strong shoulders...Post WWII women were largely discouraged from overtly physical and "risk-taking" activities. Today, in the current sudden shift in our social reality, we can be the pointed-end of spear and ride through the mud to the future with strength.

Women mud racing on Harley-Davidson Hummers in 1948.


[03/17/20]   It's a little nuts out there right now, Isn't it? Hang in there everyone - we WILL get through this. All those "life reps" practicing being resilient in the small things will pay off here as we dig deep and live boldly.



US Soccer claims it won't pay women equally because being a male player requires more skill

Come on now -

cnn.com In its ongoing battle with the women's national team over equal pay, the US Soccer Federation says male players have "more responsibility" and the men's team "requires a higher level of skill" than their female counterparts.

The Diamond Arrow Group

Two fantastic women got together last night and talked about May. We are humbled to have such powerful people line up with us. There are still a couple of spots left for May’s training.

#500Rising Training

International Women's Day Post #5. This.

2 years ago - International Women's Day post #4 🥊😁

Today is International Women's Day. A good day to stand up to the challenge thrown down before me and as a result Violence Dynamics as a whole (because well - we're all in this together). Strength is more than a hashtag - and it's time to create ways to make strong women stronger so they can in turn, raise up more strong women. Strength is more than a hashtag. It's a way of being. #500 - Tammy

from our friends at Wolfdog Marketing - women owned, they built 500's internet presence and kicked our butts forward. International Women's Day post #3...

To all the women who dream big, who don't give up and who know that your power is best used when amplified. To those who put integrity before notoriety and character before popularity. For the women who inspire, who lead and who know that true strength is found in lifting up others. Happy International Women's Day!
We hope today and everyday you know just how worthy you are of your dreams!!


UCI BMX Supercross

International Women's Day post 1

We ride the world 👊featuring Alise Post !


Sunday is coming -


School policy forbids kids from saying 'no' when asked to dance

This is making the rounds in social media and of course - we agree with all the comments denouncing the school's action. As uncomfortable as feeling offended is when we are the ones feeling the offense - it is an opportunity for growth, discovery, and an opportunity to find what it means to live from a place of strength. Yes, that's a big ask for junior high and high school kids. It is also a necessary ask - if we save them from all struggle they will be incapable of struggling through all the difficulty life will hurl their direction. Boys and girls alike have the right to choose their actions. If I say "you can not refuse a request to dance", I must also say "you can not refuse a request for sexual contact" and "you can not refuse a request to drink", or " you can not refuse a request to harm a friend". If you are asked to participate in a behavior from a peer - you must comply regardless of the request. This - this is untenable.

today.com One mom is fighting back on behalf of her 11-year-old daughter.

During my instructor certification process in Krav Maga, I had a training colleague (young guy, late twenties - educated and well employed) challenge the statistics during a conversation. "It can't be THAT high" as in the percentage of women who experience violence. Ignorance, wishful thinking, and life experience made reality hard for him to accept. May his youthful positivity yet be a reality....

This is a sad truth.

When I first started DAG, I would get questions like, “does it really happen that often?”

EVERY woman I talk with has a story. If it didn’t happen to her, it happened to someone she cares about.

Be kind and curious about the people around you. You never know what they’ve been through.

#situationalawareness #selfdefense #everyonehasastory #beaware #practiceeveryday #dailyhabits #500rising #bekind #staycurious


Katherine Johnson, mathematician and real-life subject of 'Hidden Figures,' dies at 101

The women who stand in the face of profound resistance and continue to offer their strength are heroes in my world. It's far more difficult than it looks from the outside when you face overt hostility and/or indifference and yet continue to stay the course.

abcnews.go.com NASA mathematician, Katherine Johnson, who helped pave the way for the first American astronaut to successfully orbit the Earth, died Monday morning at the age of 101.

Rock Hill Martial Arts

This is Tia Keck - running her inaugural women's class. I (Tammy) met Tia several years ago when she was still up in the Boston area. An accomplished martial artist who gets what authentic self-defense should look like.

Many thanks to all these ladies for making our inaugural Women’s Self-Defense workshop a smashing success!

May's Instructional Foundations course is officially Minnesota POST certified. All Minnesota Peace Officers enrolled in the full course receive 30 Credits.

-in case you needed this today-


The world needs a hero

500Rising exists because people like Kasey Keckeisen stand with us - this is well said and a powerful reminder of how we can BE change-

practicalbudo.blogspot.com One of the bullet points for the Violence Dynamics mission statement is : - Build strong people As altruistic as that may seem, it is...

introduction to Level 1

If you visit the landing page for Instuctional Foundations (Level 1) Course registration - you'll get a personal explanation of our goals ...and why this course now, and why in Mounds View, Minnesota. We thought we'd share it here too. Want more info on the course? Follow the EVENT listing here on our FB page and click the "tickets" link to learn more.

if you're up there - this is a great opportunity

Our 4-class series in partnership with Violence Dynamics The Fierce Female: Awareness, Assessment, Communication and Self-Defense, is open for registration!

Just because it’s always been done a certain way, doesn’t make it right. For years, the world of self-defense has been taught from a man’s point of view.

What if there’s a better way for women?

A viewpoint that takes into consideration the way women see the world and takes their natural strengths in to account?

Register Now! http://bit.ly/39KCy2S

**All 2020 Backing the Blue Line members will receive $100 off registration through our partnership with the organization! DM for the discount code.**

Feb. 7th: Situational awareness of your environment

Feb. 21st: Conflict communication

March 6th: Threat assessment

March 20th: Countering assault/physical self-defense

All classes will be held from 7-9pm.

Click here to get registered: http://bit.ly/39KCy2S

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[01/05/20]   ➡️Cynthia J. - from Born to Be A Badass podcast etc., is #2 to register for May's Instructional Foundations in Women's Self-Defense!!! 🥰 Couldn't be more honored to have these strong women standing with me. People who are throwing in early on will get a tangible thank-you from us!☺️🎉

[01/04/20]   Lisa A. Of Subtle warrior self defense is the first to register for the course in May! A special thank you is forthcoming💙💙

Let’s do the unprecedented-

[12/30/19]   The 500 community group has a new poll posted - if you are on the community page, please participate! We need your help in finalizing details.

Kelly Sayre is "good people" - tune in if you can!

Let's try this again;-) I'll be going on-air with the fabulous Ms. Kelly Cordes this morning at 11:15am CST to give tips on awareness and safety around the Holidays.

-How to take out the trash after opening gifts
-Things to think about if you're traveling for the Holidays
-Kids & boundaries during Holiday get togethers

I'll make sure there's not an echo in the microphone this time! 😉

WJON AM1240 FM 95.3

Tune in LIVE from anywhere at wjon.com!

[12/20/19]   👊The first 500Rising Instructional Foundations in Women's Self-Defense Course is about ready to open for registration. It will be held in Mounds View Minnesota Sponsored by the Mounds View Police Department 🛡. We are seeking POST accreditation for Law Enforcement Participants.

The course is 4 Days with a 2-Day participation enrollment option May 18-22nd, 2020. It will be 400.0 for the 4 Days and 275.00 for the 2-Day Module 1 only enrollment. We are honored to have Mounds View PD reach out and ask for this course and excited for the opportunity to see what the future holds!🎉

YESSS! Research done many, many moons ago ( you can find it in the book Reviving Ophelia) demonstrated that when asked, many women identified latency years (9-10) as the time they felt the most confident and comfortable in their skin. Regardless of trauma or other unfortunate events that might have been in those years, it still trends back to that. Go.Get.Her. The world needs her back.

Quick Tip - S/A when it's cold outside. Thank you for helping us reach 300 LIKES on FB.


Woman takes helm of Japanese Aegis destroyer for 1st time

Well done, Skipper, well done.

japantoday.com Capt Miho Otani became the first woman to take the helm of a Japanese Aegis destroyer on Monday, pledging to set an example for other female sailors to follow. "I expect you to pursue our missions without hesitation," Otani, 48, told the 300-member crew of the Myoko, the Aegis defense…

we stand on strong shoulders....


Failing Up-

500Rising is a beautiful accident. After listening to Oprah Winfrey’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B Demille Lifetime Achievement award I wrote her a letter. Well, not really. I wrote a blog post. I was on a rant. She mentioned that the #MeToo movement was a game changer. As a Krav Maga and a Self-Defense instructor, I disagreed.

And I was wrong. Sort of. The me-too business has definitely elevated awareness and an increase in dialogue. I’ve been around a few decades (as in 50) and I have seen movements come and go. Mostly go. I was wrong on the social impact side of #MeToo. I’m still pretty sure I’m not wrong about the movement’s capacity to fundamentally change the statistics of violence against women.

I told Oprah (as if - ) that if she wanted tangible change I needed 500 women. 500 women training and teaching foundational, effective self-defense. Self-Defense focusing on threat assessment, tangible situational awareness, and easy to learn/retain basic physical skills. Once these 500 women were out in their communities teaching, another 500 women would get bitten by the project and also become instructors ... and so on.

Eventually we reach a statistical tipping point. A statistical average by which predators become wary because as they look out across their potential victim pool, aka women, they can assume the majority of woman are hard targets: women who are emotionally, cognitively and physically capable of effectively defending themselves.

We can’t really reduce the Reward in the Risk/Reward ratio for a predator, low level creeper, etc. to give up the hunt. We CAN increase their risk so substantially it just isn’t worth the effort.

Anyway - so that was my rant. A friend at Wolfdog Marketing called me on it. Show up sister. Put your words into action. And so now here we are. Thank you for being part of this community. Rock on with your bad self!

Tammy McCracken,

Founder, #500Rising

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