Our first mission is training female instructors in essential self-defense. We'll support these women as they reach out to their communities and networks making a difference in the stubborn statistics of violence against women.

Operating as usual

'atta girl-


Unisex Hoodie

Etsy fixed their problem and we are back up! Long term we'll be on our own website but this'll do for now : ). https://www.etsy.com/listing/908059816/unisex-hoodie?ref=shop_home_active_2

etsy.com From Strength to Strength: thats our philosophy. We believe everyone enters a personal journey from an inherent place of strength. Live yours out loud with this #500Rising Hoodie. Two colors, lots of sizes. Product Description: Who knew that the softest hoodie youll ever own comes with such a cool

[12/07/20]   Well, something just went profoundly wonky with Etsy 🤦🤦😕 while we were updating the store. If you placed an order - don't worry - it's fulfilled through Printful, not Etsy. Hang tight on new orders until we hear from Etsy about what's happening...(and new products are waiting in the wings.)


9-Year-Old NC Girl Donates 107 Turkeys, 35 Hams To Food Bank

you go, girl! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/good-news/9-year-old-nc-girl-donates-107-turkeys-35-hams-to-food-bank/ar-BB1bmPsO

msn.com Reese Grandelli, 9, collected more than $1,200 to buy Thanksgiving turkeys for the FeedNC food bank in Mooresville.


changing the statistics of violence against women by 500Rising

Yes!!! We have #500Rising Merch!!! Check out the new 500Rising Store on Etsy. More products launching soon. https://www.etsy.com/shop/500Rising?ref=shop_sugg

etsy.com You searched for: 500Rising! Discover the unique items that 500Rising creates. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. By supporting 500Rising, you’re supporting a small business, and, in turn, Ets...

[11/28/20]   With the Thanksgiving holiday in here in the States, posts abound about what we are grateful for; justified, there is much to be grateful for. What creates a depth of gratitude is also the experience we would most often avoid: hardship. There is a lot of hardship grist to be had right now. Einstein is quoted "what you resist, persists" and it applies. To solve a problem, to create change, to experience personal transformation, and to be part of a 'thing' bigger than yourself, you must first acknowledge what it is you are not a fan of - if you resist reality you have no capacity to change the reality.


6-Year-Old Polk County Girl Is A 9-1-1 Hero For Getting Help

When we say "from strength to strength", we mean it. We are born powerful and sometimes we need a 6 year old Wonder Woman to remind us....https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/good-news/6-year-old-polk-county-girl-is-a-9-1-1-hero-for-getting-help/ar-BB1bdzyn

msn.com A 6-year-old girl was honored by Polk County Fire Rescue for remaining calm in an emergency situation and calling an ambulance for help.

to all the men and women who served...we are free to do what we do because of you~


Kamala Harris win inspires women and girls nationwide

this isn't about your politics - this is about creating possibilities and regardless of whether or not you are happy to see her party in office, we have a woman in the second highest position in the U.S. and it's worth pausing on the impact this has on the little girls watching history-in-the-making: https://apnews.com/article/kamala-harris-inspires-women-girls-0f1149ee9121285bbf873bcca54e2e61

apnews.com DETROIT (AP) — When Ashley Richardson-George’s 5-year-old daughter saw Kamala Harris wearing a white suffragette suit during her prime-time victory speech on Saturday, she ran into her room and...

Rise. Be present. Grieve when there is loss. Celebrate when there is joy. Love when there is love. Heal when there is need. Stand, fight when the world needs a warrior. #500Rising


COVID-19 has spurred America’s first female recession

Even more reason for us to press forward- #500rising

pbs.org Double-digit unemployment. Increased hours of child care. Lost hours and benefits. In three months, women lost a decade’s worth of economic advancement. How long will it take to catch back up?


Meet the hero nurses who cared for 19 NICU babies during 'terrifying' Hurricane Laura

strong women building strong futures for the next generation-

msn.com A group of nurses from a Louisiana hospital detail how they moved 19 NICU babies to another hospital and then rode out Hurricane Laura.


‘It ruined my life’: School closures in Kenya lead to rise in FGM

Education has been indicated as a key equalizer in the quality of life for women and girls across the planet. When education is unavailable, the lives of girls are particularly impacted. One side-effect of the pandemic with far-reaching impact is the fall-out from education disappearing for the girls who perhaps, need it most. https://www.aljazeera.com/features/2020/9/18/it-ruined-my-life-school-closures-in-kenya-lead-to-rise-in-fgm
Note: We are cautious about imposing our western culture on other societies at #500rising, recognizing that just because we don't "do that here' doesn't mean a practice lacks value for other people. FMG is recognized as an unnecessary, and medically damaging practice v. a cultural difference.

aljazeera.com With classrooms closed to curb coronavirus, girls are more at risk of FGM, teenage pregnancy and child marriage.

[09/24/20]   Heard a report from Houston on the radio about a stressed realtor who stood at the check-out [convenience store] with a bunch of light bulbs for an open house - and then discovered she had forgotten her wallet. The clerk paid for the light bulbs, roughly 20.00. Pretty much the sum total of what she had left in her checking account. "I paid my bills, have food on my table. I can do this for you". Word got out. People started donating to the clerk. An act of kindness from one woman to another, leaving the clerk penniless until payday - incited other people to step up. She now has roughly 10K. While folks are out there shooting each other, shooting peace officers, burning down buildings, throwing racial slurs and actions of violence because of some irrelevant difference; there are people who are willing to understand we are all human and an act of kindness goes a long way.

the first step to instructor credentialing

Lisa from Subtle Warrior Self-Defense shares her experience from the inaguaral training event. Aiming for April 2021 for the next Instructional Foundations course. Follow us to stay up to date #500Rising


911 Dispatcher Saves Lives of Baby and 71-Year-Old Man Who Stopped Breathing in One Shift: 'A True Hero'

Well done! May you move forward in the many years life holds for you and change the f89king world! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/good-news/911-dispatcher-saves-lives-of-baby-and-71-year-old-man-who-stopped-breathing-in-one-shift-a-true-hero/ar-BB192h6u

msn.com McKenzie Davis assisted in resuscitating two people in the span of an hour by providing CPR instructions over the phone, according to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

to a life well lived, to a woman who was unwavering in her commitment to gender equality and who understood friendship should not be determined by political beliefs - thank you for your stand, we are all the better for it -


500Rising traces it's roots back to the unwavering support Eyal Yanilov had for supporting women in training. This goes back a few years to when our founder worked for KMG's Women's Division.


The ➡️Second Instructional Foundations Course ⬅️is being tentatively scheduled for Northern VA -DC Metro area in April 2021 🎯- If you are interested - sound off. We will work with the first responses to establish the best possible dates. This course will be open to participants across the gender spectrum (i.e. gentleman you are welcome to participate).


Poway Teen Creates Global Card Campaign, Spreading Messages of Kindness

Strength and resilience takes many shapes. You GO girl!

msn.com A Poway teen created a card making campaign called Cards4Kindness which has 380 ambassadors located around the world

[08/26/20]   🎯CONTEST!!! (reminder) We need some merch for a dropship option on the 500rising website. We are looking for a new design on T-shirts. I'm sure you've seen the ad on FB for the shirt that reads "underestimate me. that'll be fun" - it's NOT TM'd so I'm up for that one and other ideas for designs. MUST include either:
#500Rising or
In the design. Submissions should be turned in by September 7th. If you WIN - you'll get 2 t-shirts for free & a discount to the next IFWSD course for you (or can be gifted).

[08/14/20]   in case you didn't see it on our community page...
🎯CONTEST!!! We need some merch for a dropship option on the 500rising website. We are looking for a new design on T-shirts. I'm sure you've seen the ad on FB for the shirt that reads "underestimate me. that'll be fun" - it's NOT TM'd so I'm up for that one and other ideas for designs. MUST include either:
#500Rising or
In the design. Submissions should be turned in by September 7th. If you WIN - you'll get 2 t-shirts for free & a discount to the next IFWSD course for you (or can be gifted).


‎Born to Be a Badass: Roundtable: #500 Rising Training on Apple Podcasts

A huge shout out to Cynthia for doing this episode with us! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/roundtable-500-rising-training/id1477888118?i=1000486936051

podcasts.apple.com ‎Show Born to Be a Badass, Ep Roundtable: #500 Rising Training - Aug 3, 2020


Connie Culp, first face-transplant recipient in U.S. dies at 57

Strength takes many forms. Resilience in the aftermath of violence has many ways of representing. Here is one, particularly powerful expression of both strength and resilience. May she know for eternity she set a powerful standard for the rest of us: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/connie-culp-first-face-transplant-recipient-u-s-dies-57-n1235578

nbcnews.com Connie Culp, who had been shot in the face by her husband, became the longest-living face transplant patient to date, said Dr. Frank Papay of the Cleveland Clinic.


Lady Death: Lyudmila Pavlichenko, the Greatest Female Sniper of All Time

Suspend your politics & your biases about governments. This woman represents what we mean at 500Rising when we say we stand on strong shoulders of women who have gone before us...in creating change:

getpocket.com With 309 confirmed kills, she became a heroic figure to the Soviets—but the American media didn't know what to make of her.


I Illustrated These 24 Women Of Different Body Types As Powerful Warriors

We need more of this -

boredpanda.com I wanted to depict strong women warriors who do not necessarily look like the typical warrior. With different sizes, ages, and body types, each one feels like she has a rich backstory and history.

Nicely done, Tia Keck-

“Is it safe to run with headphones?”

First, you can’t completely eliminate risk. Running headphones-free won’t guarantee your safety.

We want you to identify and understand potential risks so you can make informed decisions based on your goals.

So, let’s reframe that question:

“Weighing the benefit of running with music against the potential harms, should I wear headphones?”

You’ll want to consider personal and environmental factors:

⭐️ How much does music enhance your workout?

⭐️ Is it too crowded to notice someone getting too close?

⭐️ Would the intensity of this workout make it difficult to fight back?

⭐️ Do you know anyone who might act violently towards you?

What other questions would YOU add?


Shifting a Paradigm

Thank you Lisa Abbott with #subtlewarriorselfdefense for standing with us!

subtlewarrior.blogspot.com Recently I got to do some training in June and July. Training really isn't the right word in my opinion. Training brings to mind physi...

thank-you Lisa Abbott!

Headed home from Instructional Foundations for #500Rising. Amazing group, amazing goals. So honored to be a part of this epic shift. ❤

Three long days & a day’s worth of homework required in advance. Deep dive conversation, physical principle based skill assessment, teaching practicals in front of your peers (maybe the most uncomfortable part of all)...what does that equate to? Four Level 1 500Rising Law Enforcement Certified Instructors changing the face of law enforcement through education, training and service committed to changing the statistics of violence against women.

[06/21/20]   To all the men who have stood for the daughters who grow into powerful women - Happy Father's Day. And for the men who stand with their sons teaching them to stand shoulder to shoulder with the women who will be their allies - Happy Father's Day.

for all our kids - and for our girls - research shows boys are encouraged to take risks and girls are cautioned to be careful. Let's do this instead. Let's take risks. And for all the girls who are now women - instead of feeling fear -ask YOURSELF these questions. Have a plan & live boldly.

Every time you want to say “Be Careful!” see it as an opportunity to help your child foster greater awareness of their environment and their bodies.

in 3 Days I'm on a plane - which may sound like a risk with all the virus issues. Life occasionally calls for us to take a stand in the face of risk to be part of an unprecedented reality. Unprecedented change in unprecedented times. I'm in.

Instructional Foundations Course - is next week! #500Rising

Failing Up-

500Rising is a beautiful accident. After listening to Oprah Winfrey’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B Demille Lifetime Achievement award I wrote her a letter. Well, not really. I wrote a blog post. I was on a rant. She mentioned that the #MeToo movement was a game changer. As a Krav Maga and a Self-Defense instructor, I disagreed.

And I was wrong. Sort of. The me-too business has definitely elevated awareness and an increase in dialogue. I’ve been around a few decades (as in 50) and I have seen movements come and go. Mostly go. I was wrong on the social impact side of #MeToo. I’m still pretty sure I’m not wrong about the movement’s capacity to fundamentally change the statistics of violence against women.

I told Oprah (as if - ) that if she wanted tangible change I needed 500 women. 500 women training and teaching foundational, effective self-defense. Self-Defense focusing on threat assessment, tangible situational awareness, and easy to learn/retain basic physical skills. Once these 500 women were out in their communities teaching, another 500 women would get bitten by the project and also become instructors ... and so on.

Eventually we reach a statistical tipping point. A statistical average by which predators become wary because as they look out across their potential victim pool, aka women, they can assume the majority of woman are hard targets: women who are emotionally, cognitively and physically capable of effectively defending themselves.

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