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Steel sharpens steel.

I’m constantly humbled and so grateful for the support I’ve received from badass individuals in the industry. You all make me a better human.

Thank you Adaptiv Concepts 👊

Repost from Adaptiv Concepts

Continuing our month of #Thanksgiving, today we are highlighting @thediamondarrowgroup for their work focusing on helping women prepare for the worst by becoming the best. Kelly knows that you can’t rely on others to come save you, and preparation is key in order to save yourself. She’s a refreshing voice in a sea of noise, and I hope more women follow her lead by taking their future into their own hands.

Kelly believes all women can learn how to be more situationally aware to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. She took self-defense classes, firearm safety courses and browsed all the tools marketed to women to carry for their protection- but what she couldn’t find was someone talking to women about how to spot a potentially dangerous situation BEFORE it happened. That’s when her company, The Diamond Arrow Group, was born. An arrow through a diamond symbolizes “courage moving forward” and her mission is to help women build their confidence so they can move forward and live life on their own terms.

Women have unbelievable intuition skills. We notice when a loved one is "off". We feel the vibe or energy of a place. We have amazing instincts that help us take care of others. We joke that the term "momma bear" is a sweet way of saying we would rip someone's head off if they harmed our children or someone we cared about.

Why is it so hard for us to use those skills to keep ourselves safe?

Kelly is a life-long learner and has been researching and studying resources on situational awareness for years. She took all of that knowledge and created trainings, keynote presentations, and one-on-one coaching programs, with the everyday woman in mind. She draws on her vast research and knowledge to help women understand how to use life skills they already have, for their personal safety.”

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Fear is powerful. It can either overwhelm you and stop you from living the life you want, or it can be the signal from your intuition that makes you aware of a threat.

Learning and understanding "true fear" can actually make you less afraid of the world around you.

Check out this blog from Tammy McCracken, the founder of 500Rising.

#fromstrengthtostrength #500rising #situationalawareness #fearsignals #dailyhabits #practiceeveryday #womensselfdefense #yougotthis
Last day for Coach Sheena who is in Minneapolis training with Tammy McCracken and the #500Rising team
To any of the male self-defense instructors out there-please take the 5 minutes to hear Rory share his thoughts on #500rising.

So many of you have reached out to me over the years, with a true desire to create the best possible self-defense classes specifically geared towards women. You will want to hear this.

I’m registered to take the training next month. I can’t wait to take the knowledge and skills I learn there, and share them with other women.

Due to an overwhelming response, next months training is sold out. They are already working on a second training opportunity that will be open to both male & female instructors. Make sure to follow the page, 500Rising to stay in the loop.

#500rising #situationalawareness #selfdefense #womensselfdefense #practiceeveryday #dailyhabits #strongwomenlifteachotherup Rory Miller's Chiron Training Violence Dynamics Tammy McCracken Paul J DiRienzo Allison DiRienzo

If you follow what I'm up to, events - seminars - writing, etc. this is the place. If you found me b

Operating as usual

500Rising's Boundary Setting I 01/05/2022

500Rising's Boundary Setting I

trying something new with our online university over at 500Rising☺

500Rising's Boundary Setting I This 50-Minute workshop evolved out of our instructor curriculum in self-defense. As we researched the current attitudes, conversations, and empirical work on boundary setting as it related to personal authority, we came to an unsettling realization:


Here We Go! 🎉🎉🎉The 2nd Class of Instructional Foundations is OPEN for registration❗We will take a maximum of 14 in-person participants. We are working out whether or not we can accommodate virtual participants. If you believe you would participate from afar, please Message us and let us know. Click the link for all the details for the in-person course: https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?EV--iihcg

Timeline photos 01/15/2021

the team at Chiron decided this should be public - so...public it is.

"De-escalation is Gender Neutral"

New blog by Tammy Yard McCracken that we decided needs to be a publicly available one on the Chiron Blog.

Check it out, and share it with friends.


Photos from Tammy McCracken's post 12/18/2020

The landscape is changing. How we see people, how we interpret their actions and our willingness to connect will be critical over the next 18 months as we climb out of the isolation of the pandemic. Understanding the foundations of "people reading" will make a substantive difference in how we all move forward. Interested in scheduling a virtual presentation and roundtable? PM me ~

Timeline photos 12/16/2020

Excited about this! The first run, we take only 10 people. Starts January 4th.

OK, you hopefully got to watch the Facebook live from this past Sunday with all the details, but just in case here is the link:

So starting NOW we are opening up TEN spaces in the new Chiron Alpha Cohort.

The group lessons officially kick off on Monday Jan 4th with Rory holding the keynote address for the monthly plan. Then all 4 Chiron Directors will be holding a daily lesson Tues-Fri. Likely there will be exercises for completing on Saturday, and Sunday we will continue to hold our well established Zoom call with everyone Tier Two and up.

The Alpha Cohort will be $97/month for January with only 10 spaces available at the outset. Why 10? Because we know we're trying something new and we have to learn best practices for delivery Why only $97? Because you're getting a discounted rate for helping us navigate this first month. (yup, that means the price is going up in the future)

We already have the topics for Jan, Feb, and March laid out:
January 2021: Situational Awareness
February 2021: Initiative
March 2021: Permission
April: To Be Announced later (we have most of the following 12 month laid out already).

So click here to join the Cohort over on Patreon!

Anyone who has been in Tier 4 to this moment in time is grandfathered into the new group to show our appreciation for being part of the team. Stay tuned for the invitation to the new group in the coming days.

changing the statistics of violence against women by 500Rising 12/03/2020

changing the statistics of violence against women by 500Rising

It's been a process & we are now live with a few pieces of merchandise with more on the way: https://www.etsy.com/shop/500Rising?ref=shop_sugg

changing the statistics of violence against women by 500Rising You searched for: 500Rising! Discover the unique items that 500Rising creates. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. By supporting 500Rising, you’re supporting a small business, and, in turn, Ets...

Patreon 09/22/2020


Writing for Chiron right now, public access (you don't need to be a patron) on internet behaviors and conundrums of managing boundary violations -

Patreon Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions!


The ➡️Second Instructional Foundations Course ⬅️is being tentatively scheduled for Northern VA -DC Metro area in April 2021 🎯- If you are interested - sound off. We will work with the first responses to establish the best possible dates. This course will be open to participants across the gender spectrum (i.e. gentleman you are welcome to participate).

‎Born to Be a Badass: Roundtable: #500 Rising Training on Apple Podcasts 08/05/2020

‎Born to Be a Badass: Roundtable: #500 Rising Training on Apple Podcasts

What an amazing group of people!

‎Born to Be a Badass: Roundtable: #500 Rising Training on Apple Podcasts ‎Show Born to Be a Badass, Ep Roundtable: #500 Rising Training - Aug 3, 2020

When You Were Born – You Were Afraid 07/07/2020

When You Were Born – You Were Afraid

finally back at it -

When You Were Born – You Were Afraid We Are Born Afraid of 2 Things. Not 20. Not 5. Two. We are born with an innate fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Everything else we fear is learned.  This is not new information. Th…


so looking forward to facilitating this with an amazing group of women who are pressing through all the chaos to create change by attending the rescheduled 500Rising Instructional Foundations course next week -

Instructional Foundations Course - is next week!

pesky little things, ethics are 05/29/2020

pesky little things, ethics are

Hey...in case you want in on this conversation..


pesky little things, ethics are just a quick comment about watching out for our (and other folks') communication-

super powers exist 05/22/2020

super powers exist


super powers exist NSFW: there is one quick NSFW word(FYI), a short opinionated declaration about the SSR and how it is frequently addressed in instruction & and little peek in...

are you a target? 05/19/2020

are you a target?

avoidance - living confidently from a place of strength happens when we take a good, honest look at things we would prefer NOT thinking about -

are you a target? Excerpts from a long conversation with a group of women from a live event in 2019. The information on how you may (or may not) be targeted for violent action...

500Rising is creating video, programs, blogs on personal agency & women's self-defense | Patreon 05/18/2020

500Rising is creating video, programs, blogs on personal agency & women's self-defense | Patreon

the last in the logic gremlin series is up on the YouTube channel. Well, sort of the last. As I was working on this series as a mental health exercise channeling my frustration someone close to me asked if I was going to tie this in to self-defense for . Maybe. I'm thinking about it. If I do, it will be on the patreon site. If you're interested in what kinds of things are going up over there - you can take a peek here: https://www.patreon.com/500Rising

500Rising is creating video, programs, blogs on personal agency & women's self-defense | Patreon Become a patron of 500Rising today: Read 22 posts by 500Rising and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators.


#500Rising Patreon is here!

Logic Gremlin #13 - hurt me, baby 05/10/2020

Logic Gremlin #13 - hurt me, baby

hurt me, baby...😆🤣 https://youtu.be/oWBGzCIJVF8

Logic Gremlin #13 - hurt me, baby I have a t-shirt "ask me about my bruises" - ironic given the fundamental premise of this particular gremlin : ).


this one was a good reminder... - anyone who's ever written a paper and was short a few hundred words by count knows EXACTLY how this works! 😆 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmMKjacvfMs

Logic Gremlin #8: False Causality 04/29/2020

Logic Gremlin #8: False Causality

to all 56 of my subscribers on the Release The Mc Cracken Youtube channel 🙏 #8 is UP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tkdpdn3ECAg

Logic Gremlin #8: False Causality Recently an acquaintance in the martial arts community threw a flag on these vidchats. He said Dobelli had been accused of plagiarism. I can't speak to the v...

Logic Gremlin #7 04/26/2020

Logic Gremlin #7

took a break from these to do some filming for the online library at Kore Self-Defense & Krav Maga. Number 7 is up on the playlist. I learned something about YouTube too - if you click "like" it changes their algorithms. Unless you hate these 😆 give me a like on a vidchat or two in this series. Thank you ALL for your support. https://youtu.be/24uHj9ePRzk

Logic Gremlin #7 A huge thank-you to everyone who has joined in this conversation - catching our biases in thinking processes is one small thing we each can do in empowering ...

Logic Gremlin # 6 04/24/2020

Logic Gremlin # 6

#6 is up ... be careful when you hang out with people who think similarly to how you think😆 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2j3C2l1OFM

Logic Gremlin # 6 We hit social proof a few discussions back - introducing it's country cousin, Group Think.

Logic Gremlin #5 04/23/2020

Logic Gremlin #5

Logic Gremlins Discussion #5 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tY9Ptjmml5A&t=15sZ

Logic Gremlin #5 Breaking these up into single bias chunks to make them quicker to view. Let me know if this is a good change or if keeping them 2 to a video is better : ). A...

Logic Gremlins #4 04/21/2020

Logic Gremlins #4

Discussion #4: Outcome Bias is now uploaded 😁

Logic Gremlins #4 In the next episode of Dobelli's The Art of Thinking Clearly in this vidchat series, we are peaking into Outcome Bias. Sneaky little bastard...

Discussion 3: Logic Gremlins 04/19/2020

Discussion 3: Logic Gremlins

Number 3 ... did you know your brain wants bad information? Logic Gremlins discussion #3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybFq5oinuMQ

Discussion 3: Logic Gremlins In the third vidchat on The Art of Thinking Clearly we peak into Availability Bias and Chauffeur Knowledge. Funny creatures, we humans are...

Discussion 2: Logic Gremlins 04/18/2020

Discussion 2: Logic Gremlins

Discussion #2 is edited an up on the YouTube channel. A HUGE thank-you to everyone who subscribed 🤗. I'm honored.

Discussion 2: Logic Gremlins Second in the series of vidchats looking at Dobelli's Art of Thinking Clearly. Hitting two more logic fallacies. Sunk Cost and Authority Bias; speaking of wh...

Logic Gremlins & Rolf Dobelli's Genuis 04/17/2020

Logic Gremlins & Rolf Dobelli's Genuis

well - there's an editing wiggle I just can't seem to kill (maybe I'll figure it out later). But here it is. Discussion 1 on Art of Thinking Clearly (gotta love the thumbnail -guess next time I'll make one deliberately LOL). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laatRE1hAHQ

Logic Gremlins & Rolf Dobelli's Genuis Author Rolf Dobelli took 99 cognitive errors and made them digestible in his book The Art of Thinking Clearly. Now more than ever, this should be our field g...

I wanna’ shake his hand – 04/17/2020

I wanna’ shake his hand –

If you care to see the video chats, they'll only be posted here. If you aren't following this page yet, you are officially invited😁 - no - not above begging. LOL. Share this page with anyone you think might give it a moment's glance.

I wanna’ shake his hand – I know I’m not supposed to say that. At least not out loud. Maybe whispering it from my hidden attic hide-away, or away from the laptop camera, or with a glance toward Baltimore’s propo…

“you can’t take the sky from me”* 04/14/2020

“you can’t take the sky from me”*

Rory Miller asked if I would follow up on the last blog with a dialogue distinguishing between freedom and liberty -https://tammymccrackenonline.blog/2020/04/14/you-cant-take-the-sky-from-me/

“you can’t take the sky from me”* Liberty is a noun defined as: the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views. Freedom is a noun de…

what you do with what you have 04/09/2020

what you do with what you have

in case you're interested...

what you do with what you have Forced Teaming. A phrase frequently accredited to Gavin DeBecker’s seminal work Gift of Fear describes a tactic employed when fast-tracking rapport is critical. Often attributed to predatory …


"The most alarming rhetoric comes out of the discourse between liberals and conservatives, and it's a dangerous waste of time because they're both right." Sebastian Junger

Our current collective political focus is accelerating a zero-sum game. A tragic win when the loser is tethered to the winner as opposites of a single strand continuum.



probably needs a good edit - oh well - "The Seat Of Power"




as always - a pleasure and a privilege to spend time in dialogue with Wim DM. He's really working to support folks during this dynamic. Follow him : ).

Here is the interview with Tammy Yard-McCracken on dealing with the psychological and emotional fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic. Loads and loads of information, tips and concepts you can use right now.
Part 1: https://www.wimsblog.com/2020/04/podcast-episode-48-interview-with-tammy-yard-mccracken/
Part Two is publicly available here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/bonus-episode-12-35636324

Scared Rabbit Syndrome: Update April 2020 04/02/2020

Scared Rabbit Syndrome: Update April 2020

dusted off an old post - added a few things - hit me as relevant (again). You can - if you like - subscribe to the blog and get email updates straight from wordpress. Thanks for being part of my community! https://tammymccrackenonline.blog/2020/04/02/scared-rabbit-syndrome-update-april-2020/

Scared Rabbit Syndrome: Update April 2020 I wrote the original piece about a year ago. It’s relevant now at a deeper level. Original first, update at the end. Not everyone is a Threat. In fact, most people just want to get through an…

The Zodiac 180 04/01/2020

The Zodiac 180

moving the old "blogspot" blog over to wordpress - musings on the hard 180 turn life has thrown at us...


The Zodiac 180 Turn an aircraft carrier or a cruise ship on the water and it takes a while. Passengers and crew hardly notice the change in trajectory – under normal circumstances anyway. Your body begins t…


wow - 100 likes already. thanks for the love y'all

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#500Rising Patreon is here!




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