Soaring Starts Early Learning & Arts

Soaring Starts Early Learning & Arts


Welcome to our newest Chamber member, Soaring Starts Early Learning & Arts! We are thrilled to have you as a part of our membership.
Soaring Starts Early Learning & Arts opened in Jan 2021 to provide families the creative outlet, fun bonding experiences, and academic support many have been craving amid the pandemic. Currently lessons are online, but they are working hard to establish safe in-person programming very soon!

Using play & the arts to explore, make new friends, and (secretly) learn school skills!

Operating as usual


🔔 Attention Families of Faith Lutheran Preschool!

There are now more ways to get involved in our Arts-Infused Aftercare this fall. Want to join for just a day or two a week? Let's do it!
Faith Lutheran Preschool
Check out our new options here:


Tips to support your left handed child:

🖍️Make sure they have access to left handed scissors
🖍️Child should have more space on the left of the table to rest their arm when writing.
🖍️Make sure they keep their wrist straight: While it is frustrating writing over the top of your work, you don’t want your child to end up with the “hooked” grip that you often see in left handers. This grip occurs when a child positions their arm above their writing and hooks their wrist to write. This grip is not sustainable and will cause pain and fatigue as the demands of handwriting increase.


Our residency, workshop, and after-school enrichment programs are designed for each unique school and group.

If you are an educator who could use our help, learn more at or give us a call at 202.964.0860


Heading back to school so soon?

Starting a new school year can stir up many emotions for your child! It's a great idea to begin teaching your child now how to share those different emotions that can arise with all of "the new."

We found this cool activity to help develop that important communication.


Soaring Starts Early Learning & Arts is brought to you by a group of mothers, educators, and admin who believe in creating the perfect conditions for your little ones to grow and learn!


Helping to develop your child's motor skills can be as simple as incorporating some of these activities regularly.

We have found that our students who get more practice in these skills early on develop independence and self esteem in a healthier way. Try some of these or your own ideas and see how it works!


What a question! The truth is that it's hard as a parent to keep up with our kids' favorites sometimes. Sometimes we may have no clue, or can only answer with something they've been doing for years that they may not love as much as they used to.

The best way to find out? Ask your child! Do some fun new things to see what they like!

Share their answers below!💬⬇


Gardening, watering, and harvesting is messy fun we can get behind, and we're in luck! It's prime time for picking veggies, harvesting herbs, and snipping sunflowers in August!

Get your child's little finger muscles flexing as they pick the perfect ones with you.


Ice Cream Relay

Give each child an ice cream cone and have them run to the opposite side of the room or playground, where you will have a container of balls (the size of ball pit balls). Have the child balance the ball on the ice cream cone and go back to their starting place. Play continues until each child has a turn.

This play helps strengthen motor skills and coordination!


Our next activity is in honor of National Ice Cream Month!

Let's make some ice cream to cool us on the hot summer day!

Make Ice Cream in a Bag:
1 small ziploc bag
1 large ziploc bag
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 cup milk
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
6 tablespoon salt

Add the milk, vanilla, & sugar to the small bag; seal the bag. Fill the large bag half full with ice; add salt. Place the small bag inside the large bag and seal. Shake until mixture is the consistency of ice cream, which takes about 5 minutes. Yum!


Fill the bucket - Children are given an empty bucket and a full one. Place the buckets at opposite sides of the yard (or outdoor area). They must transfer the water using a ladle or a sponge. You can time the children as teams, or as a group and work to better that time on the 2nd round. You can race each other if you'd like too!

This simple game encourages children to balance and move intentionally. Plus it can strengthen hands and forearms!


It's July!

If you didn't already know it, July is anti-boredom month! That means we will be sharing some fun activities you can do with the little ones each week!

If you have not already, join us for one or ALL of our series!


Red, white, and blue!

Independence Day is one celebrated by many with fun, stripes, and food! Take some time to make some fun memories with your kiddos!

We hope you spend this time with your closest friends and loved ones as well. ❤️


Summer To-Do List 📝

🔘 Make homemade lemonade
🔘 Visit the playground
🔘 Splash in the water
✅ Do fun activities with other kids

Check one thing off of your summer to-do list today - sign your child up for Summer Classes with Soaring Starts!

We've got classes for all ages of early learners (1-5), and even some where you're encouraged to come and play along with us! No matter your schedule, we have a class for you. Join us each day of the week, or whenever you can drop in. We're the most convenient early learning program you'll find this summer!

👉 Get ahead and register for summer classes today:


Our summer classes for your toddler may be headed indoors - but that doesn't mean we don't like to get messy! 🖌

Through painting, scribbling, running, leaping, singing, and laughing, we'll explore new talents and things that we are curious about.

We've got classes this summer for all young learners from ages 1-5. No matter if you can stop by every day or want to drop by once a week - we have classes that are made to fit you and your family's schedule!

Check us out today:


We are proud to announce our new partnership with Faith Lutheran Preschool ! We are now supporting an aftercare program for your kiddos!

You know what that means! More fun, more learning, and more happy cuties!

In the midst of your excitement, click the link for more info to get your child in this year's program.


❸ ways that your child will benefit from early childhood education:

👫 Make new connections with peers
✨ Develop independence and confidence
🧠 Learn and adapt to new routines

These skills (and more that they'll learn along the way) help set your young learner up for success as they transition to school - and beyond!

Why wait to introduce them to a new experience? Learning through play is for all, at any time!


Breaking News! 📰‼

Our summer classes for ages 1-3 are headed indoors! Expect the same great, messy, silly activities, but with less mud, creepy crawlies, and pesky pollen. 🐞🌾☀️

Take the next step and sign up your young learner for a summer filled with fun:


Have you heard about our Summer Class schedule? We're the most convenient and fun early learning program you'll find this summer! ☀️

👉 Child & Caregiver Classes: (Ages 1-3) Create, explore, and play alongside your child. This class is a family favorite! Come see what you'll discover together!

👉 Soaring Summer Series: (Ages 3.5-5) Build your very own summer camp! Each Soaring Summer Series offers 10 different classes from which to choose, with activities centered on each week's theme. Mix and match classes as fits your schedule. Join for one class, one day, or the whole week!

✨ Classes are filling up fast - make sure you reserve your spot today!


Who said play was just for kids? 🤷‍♀️

The joy of movement, learning, creating, and playing is for all! Including parents and caregivers in our programming is something that we love most of all - and so do the adults that join our classes!

So, we want to know from the adults out there: What is your favorite activity that brings you joy? ✨

Is it painting with your kids? Is it long walks during summer evenings? Maybe it's early morning runs before the kids are up for the day?

Share your favorites below!💬⬇


What is Soaring Starts? ✨

Soaring Starts is dedicated to bringing children ages 0-7 the joyful, arts-infused, play-based learning experiences they need to truly soar as artists, innovators, friends, and individuals.

More than anything, our team is thrilled to be a part of your child's learning experience and for the opportunity to impact their lives as they grow and soar.

⭐️ Help us share the word about Soaring Starts! Tag a friend in the comments below who needs to check out our upcoming Summer Classes! We've got a class that fits everyone:


Early childhood learning and play is more than teaching children to be creative thinkers. ⬇️

In fact, play is essential to building connections with peers, seeing and understanding emotions, learning to resolve conflicts, and more! 👫

Through play and structured activities, children experience collaboration, disagreement, compromise, and confidence. Combined with our diverse artistic and creative programming, we are dedicated to helping form well-rounded, self-confident learners!


Our staff creates a safe, encouraging, playful atmosphere for every learner. ✨

We believe that children truly soar when they are given structure that encourages them to think creatively, try something new, and become more certain of their talents and confidence.


Play is the way! ⚡️

Experiencing learning through play is a fundamental human experience. At Soaring Starts, we help your child unlock their creativity, confidence, and inspiration through hands-on and engaging games, activities, and - of course - play sessions!

Come see how play fuels a thriving child during our highly-anticipated summer classes!

Drop into one class, or visit us every day of the week! Summer classes are perfect for kiddos 1-5 years, and start as early as June 14.

Want more info? Visit our website to see all of our class offerings made to work with your schedule: ☀️


What is active learning? 🧠

Active learning is learning by DOING and BEING. It happens when we give children the safe space and opportunity to explore new things by themselves, their peers, and with their caregivers. By inviting children to engage in numerous new activities and experiences, we help them to learn in real time how to handle new situations, become more adaptable and open to change, and gain confidence in their own decision-making. 🙌

All of these concepts are things that we harness in our activities.

Active learning in early childhood is an essential building block to a confident, successful child. Come learn with us and see the impact it can make on both you and your child!

👉 Learn more about joining our classes here:


Unleash your inner artist this summer. 👩‍🎨

Our classes teach foundational skills that last a lifetime - let's get started!



Here's a sneak peek into what your summer could look like 📸

🌻 Seeing your child's creativity bloom
🎨 Trying new engaging activities
🤸‍♀️ Growing confidence
❤️ Connection with peers and caring instructors

Sound like something you want to be a part of? We've got the perfect class for you and your child!

Check out our summer schedule and drop in to try out a class for yourself!


Summer is a time for exploration, discovery, and growth. Let us help your child make the most of their summer with our fun, educational, and flexible summer classes!

From art and music to science and nature, we have a wide range of classes to suit every interest and age group. Plus, our experienced and caring teachers will ensure that your child has a fun and enriching experience every day.

Check out our website to learn more about our summer class offerings, including schedules, pricing, and registration information. Spaces are limited, so sign up soon to secure your child's spot!

We can't wait to see you there! 🌞🎨📚


In honor of teacher appreciation week, I would like to introduce myself as the founder of Soaring Starts Early Learning Academy and I am honored to teach your students!
❓ Why do you love teaching?
Teaching means I get to help embrace and uplift young imaginations and ideas as kids make discoveries. Seeing students light up as they have big 'ahas' and 'lightbulb moments' makes my heart sing every time.
❓What is your favorite activity to teach and why?
I love to teach music, because much like laughter, music is a universal language. You don't even have to be able to speak to sing! Music is truly for everyone.
❓How long have you been teaching?
15+ years and counting

💬 If you're a teacher comment your answers below! If you're not a teacher, tag one! Thank you to my fellow teachers!


Which of our summer class types is right for you? We've got classes for everyone! ☀️

☀️Child & Caregiver Classes: (Ages 1-3) Create, explore, and play alongside your child. Come join in the fun to see what we’ll discover together!

☀️Soaring Summer Series: (Ages 3.5-5) Build your own summer camp! Each Soaring Summer Series offers 10 different classes from which to choose, with activities centered on each week's theme. Mix and match classes as fits your schedule. Join for one class, one day, or the whole week!

You don't want to miss out on this spectacular summer! Check out our website to reserve your spot today! 💻


Spring has sprung!

There's still time to join our spring classes with flexible options for your family's busy schedule.

Know of a parent or caregiver looking for a unique play-based learning experience for the kiddos? Tag them below!


Family-friendly arts experience that fits your schedule? Done! ✅

From discovering the arts alongside your child to daily activities and imaginative themes for your toddlers, we've got just what you need to make this summer the best one yet!

Visit our website to see the full class list and build your dream summer schedule. 💻


And...action! 🎬

Let your child's imagination soar in our Drama Discoveries class. Whether we're leaping with lizards, singing tunes with tigers, or riding rainbows across the sky, we'll be sure to find friends and fun along the way!


Did you know: Preschool-aged children’s brains grow very quickly and are about 90 percent of the size of an adult’s brain by age 6! 👶🧠

Early childhood education has been shown to positively impact cognitive development, as well as physical health throughout a person's entire life!

So - let's get started! At Soaring Starts, we'll help your child hone essential developmental skills while having a blast!


You're welcome here ❤️

At Soaring Starts, we are dedicated to creating an accepting, mindful, joyous space for all! Our love for our diverse community encourages us to continue learning and sharing the joy of our different cultures and backgrounds. We invite you and your family to join us for a fun-filled class!


We have to agree - oh, the things you'll learn when you play! ⭐️


Raise your hand if you're looking for a fun way for your kids to learn and play this summer ✋

We've got the perfect fit for you! Come see our summer class options for you and your little one, and our imaginative play-based learning experiences for preschoolers. Classes are made to fit your schedule and help kiddos develop essential social and emotional skills through the most fun way - play!

Visit our website to see our class options and sign up today! 💻


Riding bikes, blowing bubbles, planting seeds - spring is officially here! 💐🚲

What is your favorite springtime activity to do with the family?

Comment below to share some spring inspiration with fellow Arlington families!

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