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The Early Bird Discount for Winter/Spring Classes ends today? Say it ain’t so!

Register today and take advantage of 10% off classes before this Early Bird flies away at midnight!


When you hear there’s a new 9:45am Wednesday section of Curious Creators opening this Winter…

Can’t make it Wednesday? No problem! This ever-popular Caregiver/Child class is still offered on Thursdays at 9:30am and 10:45am too.

Register today and come play with us soon!

Winter & Spring - Arts & Play Programs - Soaring Starts 12/08/2022

Winter & Spring - Arts & Play Programs - Soaring Starts

Unsure how to fill the upcoming days APS is closed? Come fly with us in our half-day arts camps for ages 3.5-5!

From now until 12/16, Soaring Starts is offering $5 off registrations for our special School’s Out Workshops! Sign up now and join us for a day of creative play when we’ll need it most!

Winter & Spring - Arts & Play Programs - Soaring Starts In-person early childhood classes from Soaring Starts Early Learning & Arts in Arlington, VA.


Come paint and play in our new class this Winter!

🎨 Family Arts & Play: Arts Adventure 🎨

In this new class for ages 2-4 and their caregivers, students explore a new story every day and bring it to life through clever and crafty activities. Whether we're practicing paint mixing and color theory with cars, sculpting skyscrapers to the sky, or fastening factory buttons to our robots, each Saturday promises to be a colorful day!

Home - Soaring Starts 11/30/2022

Home - Soaring Starts

🐦 Early Bird Alert! 🐦

Register TODAY for our Winter & Spring classes and get an additional 10% off! But hurry, this early bird flies away after 12/16.

Home - Soaring Starts Using play to help your child explore the arts, academic concepts, and more! Join for one day, a few days, or the whole semester.


Come soar with us into 2023!
✨ Winter/Spring classes are NOW on sale, ✨
with early bird rates available through 12/16!


Get to know our Momprenuer!

Happy Women's Entrepreneurship Day 2022! 🎉

Women and female-presenting artists make a BIG impact in our community every day! Take a peek into a woman business-owner's world here with this interview with our very own mompreneur, Founding Director Stacy Steyaert.


According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), reading with your little one can build vocabulary and introduce literary concepts to prepare them for school and beyond! Here at Soaring Starts, we believe in the power of literacy and its ability to create life-long learners.

Come join us this Saturday for 50% off as we build those reading skills in our Family Arts & Play classes!

Use promo code: Literacy_Matters upon registration!

Home - Soaring Starts 11/15/2022

Home - Soaring Starts

Say Whaaaat?

We’re extending our discount on Family Arts & Play: Letter of the Day through November 23rd! Come join us (for 50% off!) this Saturday as we learn, read, and play together!

Use promo code: Literacy_Matters upon registration!

Home - Soaring Starts Using play to help your child explore the arts, academic concepts, and more! Join for one day, a few days, or the whole semester.


🎶 Happy National Hug a Musician Day! 🎶

We’re so grateful for all the ways that music enriches our lives. It is this esteem for all things musical that makes us absolutely thrilled to have musician-extraordinaire, Mr. Bradley, on our faculty!

Bradley holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music from American University with a focus in Music Composition. Having performed, written, and taught music for a number of years, Mr. Bradley is a most welcome addition to the team!


Though they be but little, they are fierce!

Did you know that in addition to their fast heart beats and ability to migrate nearly 4,000 miles, hummingbirds are able to see non-spectral colors unknown to the human eye? Not too shabby for a bird weighing less than a dime!

Come spread your wings and soar with us!

Home - Soaring Starts 11/03/2022

Home - Soaring Starts

We're still playing outside in the November sun! ☀️

We'll of course move inside to get cozy when it gets too cold, but in the meantime, come play in the fall colors with us!

Home - Soaring Starts Using play to help your child explore the arts, academic concepts, and more! Join for one day, a few days, or the whole semester.


We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Just like Former President of The Association for the Study of Play, Myae Han, we believe that play-based learning affords children a special opportunity to build literacy skills (without realizing that they’re learning!) At Soaring Starts, we strive to empower young children to learn through the lens of their own creativity.

In an effort to support Arlington’s literacy development, we’re offering half off of our Family Arts & Play classes!

Use promo code: Literacy_Matters to get 50% off!


Drum roll please, it's a Pepperoni-Pretzel-Pistachio-Pickle-Popcorn-Papaya Pizza for All!

Students had an awesome time this week learning about alliteration with James and Kimberly Dean’s Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party! Together we explored phonetics and repetition to create our very own dazzling dish!


Did you hear about the recent report from APS? 😳 We're taking the news of Arlington's declining literacy scores seriously, and offering half off of our Family Arts & Play class. Let's make those scores soar again.

Get 50% off now with promo code: Literacy_Matters

Work With Us - Soaring Starts 10/07/2022

Work With Us - Soaring Starts

We're hiring! Soaring Starts is now seeking a compassionate educator to join our team as an Education Program Specialist. This part-time position has guaranteed teaching and admin hours, with endless and customizable opportunities for growth. Come soar with us!

Work With Us - Soaring Starts Soaring Starts Early Learning & Arts is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment for students, families, and team members alike. All qualified applicants will receive consideration regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientatio...


This August, Arlington Public Schools revealed their latest DIBELS literacy test scores, and they are very concerning! As many as 15% of students need intensive support before 6th grade, and the challenges only grow from there!

How could this be happening *here*, in our home? Are our kids really falling behind in reading and writing skills??

Not on our watch.

Starting today, our literacy-laden Family Arts & Play: Letter of the Day class is now half off. Early Intervention is *essential* to helping children build literacy, and this class was specifically designed to boost alphabet awareness, pre-writing skills, and prediction-making based on context clues.

Use the below promo code now through 10/31 to help your child today, and check out the link below for more information on the concerning data.

Promo Code: Literacy_Matters


"Chook chook chook, stay away from my babies!"🐿

Yesterday's Drama Discoveries class had a blast learning about Ol' Mama Squirrel. We explored everything from what she ate, to how she protected her family. And our students were NUTS about it! 😆🐿💜


We're so happy to have gained another student's seal of approval, but let's be real... With classes this full of jumping, dancing, roaring, and prancing, how could we NOT have fun? 😆 Come join the play today!


Hooray, hooray, today is the day! 🎉
We cannot wait to soar with our students this fall, and the fun all begins this afternoon! Whether it's for the whole semester or just a quick day of fall fun, we hope to see you there!

Home - Soaring Starts 09/14/2022

Home - Soaring Starts

Soar onto our site to snag your savings NOW!

All $20 classes just $18!
But hurry, this Early Bird flies away after Thursday!

Home - Soaring Starts Using play to help your child explore the arts, academic concepts, and more! Join for one day, a few days, or the whole semester.


✨ Soaring through Space. Soaring in School. Soaring Together. ✨

At Soaring Starts.


They're finally here! 🙌

Fall classes on sale NOW!

All classes are just $20/day! Act now and get 10% off through 9/15!


Have you met the Marvelous Miss Liv?

Liv Dinter joined our team this summer, and is a recent graduate of Stevenson University. Having majored in Theatre Performance and Communication, she is thrilled to continue connecting and working with others in an educational environment. Previously, she has worked with ArtStream Inc’s Gaithersburg company and has aspirations of a Masters of Education in the future.


Peas please! Our fairytale finders discovered just what makes peas so unappeasing in Princess and the Pea. On a hot summer's day, this frozen pea exploration helped us study peas AND keep cool. Turns out peas are more appealing than that Princess thought!


"Every child is an artist." - Picasso
We see evidence of this every day in our Soaring Starts classes! And these amazing artists are NOT afraid to get messy when it comes to expressing themselves. Wishing you a creative, messy, joy-filled week!


I spy with my little eye... a butterfly! 🦋

Last week our Soaring Through the Jungle class wrapped up with a caterpillar and butterfly exploration, complete with designing our own butterflies and finding the proper habitats for them.


Today's the day! Students dashed right back into our outdoor classroom this morning for our first day of Soaring Through the Jungle for ages 3-5. Only four more days of jungle fun before a new adventure begins - snag a weekday class spot while you can!


We're resting our wings this week as we train our new fabulous faculty members! No class 7/7 or 7/9, but we'll be *so* ready to welcome all of our students back soon, including our Soaring Summer Series students (Ages 3-5) starting on Monday!


Today we welcomed some new teachers as we gear up for our Soaring Summer Series (Ages 3-5) to start next week!

We're so excited to introduce you to Miss Liv and Miss Kristina, as well as welcome back Ms Stania, Miss Emily, and Ms Stacy for more summer fun. ☀

(And psst.... there's still time to register for a class! Use discount code Summer10 by 7/7 to get 10% off!)


Have you heard what we've been up to?! Check out this message from Ms Stacy for more!


Did you miss us? WE MISSED YOU TOO!! 😭

We're so excited to be back to exploring in our outdoor classrooms! Our Summer Semester is now officially in full swing, with several class offerings for Ages 1-5 now through 8/27. We hope to see you there!


✨It's our last week of Spring Semester!✨

We're so proud of the community we've already built with you in 2022! Together we've helped 71 students soar into success. We've jumped, danced, drawn, painted, sculpted, sang, and swum our way through 18 weeks of play while boosting literacy, language, and social skills. We couldn't be prouder of our students' progress.

Dive right into our last week of classes by registering today, or splash into our summer fun that begins on 6/16! 🐬


When a dragon burns all of your clothes, what are you to wear? Check out our fierce and fantastic heroes as they explored a Canadian classic, Paper Bag Princess! 👑


Our Summer Early Bird will soar away on 5/1, so be sure to swoop onto our site and snag your seat in class today! Guaranteed 10% off, plus $10 off for each full week of our Soaring Summer Series!


We're working hard and playing hard outside this week! 💪🌳☀


It's and we couldn't be happier to embrace creativity (and a bit of mess!) through visual arts and crafts. Even outdoors, we love soaring with art time in all of our classes!

If you can, try to take a moment to participate in or appreciate some art today -- whether it's visual arts, theatre, music, dance, creative writing, or anything else that feels right for you.


Our 1-3 year olds are busy with bubble wonder this morning in Curious Creators! 🤩

While our 9:30am class is sold out next week (4/21), we can still squeeze you into the 10:45am class, or either of our Thursday Curious Creators classes come May. But hurry, as the weather gets warmer, our classes fill quicker, so be sure to snag your seat for more creative, wonderous play today.


Have some gaps in your child's summer schedule? We can help!

Customize your summer experience with our brand new Soaring Summer Series for ages 3-5! Each week offers 10 different classes from which to choose, with activities centered on that week's theme. Mix and match classes as fits your schedule and interests -- you can join for one class, a full day, or the whole week!

Act now, our Early Bird Discount ends 5/1!

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Have you heard what we've been up to?!  Check out this message from Ms Stacy for more!
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