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Photos from Research Academy's post 03/16/2019

Finally tried some SMD repair. A little tedious and could've definitely used a microscope for electronic work, but I got it done @ Alliance, Nebraska


Finally doing some Live Blood Analysis now that I have something to pick fingers. Seeing some interesting things for sure


The light in person is very white, let alone the 3D effect you get. So hard to capture properly.

Timeline photos 01/11/2019

Tried a new mix using "Mouse Milk" penetrating oil. Much more clear and bright. But not nearly what I'm going for.


Hard to demonstrate, but here are the dome magnets with a solid magnetic near by. Normal they would only be attracted, but when they are seperate they repeal the other magnet.


Just to show how wide the field is

Timeline photos 12/27/2018

Finally made my dome magnets, one North and one South on the outside. The field reaches oddly far. Such an amazing configuration. When both are together it behaves just like a regular magnet. So this is virtually splitting a magnet in half. Has some very strange properties


Simple DC to AC sine. Not sure the practice use for this yet, but saw it and had to try it


NPN and PNP transistors as switches. Using to simulate


Ferrofluid with a magnet underneath

Photos from Research Academy's post 12/21/2018

First attempt at building a Ferrocell.
Needs some more iterations but good enough for proof of concept

@ Alliance, Nebraska

Timeline photos 12/14/2018

The call is open now! Come share your thoughts and questions.
Link in the description

Photos from Research Academy's post 12/07/2018

Learning where produce comes from through farming I think is critical to learn, especially from a young age. It connects you with the earth and makes you appreciate the food on your plate.

With the school we would grow not only to provide food for ourselves and possibly to the surrounding communities, but to learn discipline and responsibility.

We would both farm in simple traditional ways and also teach and learn new ways to grow. Building and programming automation with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Learning ways to farm more effectively, efficiently, and affordability and then share that information with the world

@ Alliance, Nebraska

Photos from Research Academy's post 12/07/2018

***Be sure to check out the Instagram Stories for polls, questions, and updates***

This was the Nebraska Boy's Ranch later sold to Teen Challange. As a boy ranch for troubled boys it housed 750 kids.

There are two large buildings with dorms, offices and one with a cafeteria. One massive gymnasium with offices. A 6 car automotive shop. 4 three bedroom house with garages. A large stand alone garage. A baseball field. And farmland.

The plan is to start an Non-profit to buy and reopen the Boy's Ranch as a physical and online school offering very affordable and free classes and tutorials. Openning it to everyone, youth and adults with the focus on after school and summer programs.

Funding is planned to come from local governments where it used to be funded from and to use Patreon for memberships and donations.

Firstly its needs a new name for the Academy. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Then funding and non-profit license can be pursued.

@ Alliance, Nebraska

Photos from Research Academy's post 11/30/2018

Leg of a fly:
The difference in (1st photo) and (2nd photos) microscopy.

Normal a darkfield filter can be around $100 but i just used a penny as the obstruction. The idea is to not have direct lighting.

In this example you can only see the exoskeleton with the normal brightfield, but with the darkfield lighting you suddenly see the ligaments the are used to control the motion of the leg.

This technique is also great for observing live one-celled organisms and other small creatures that you can dye and would normally be clear.

@ Alliance, Nebraska

Timeline photos 11/30/2018

Stem cross section dyed in Methylene blue stain at 200x zoom using standard brightfield lighting.

Photos from Research Academy's post 11/30/2018

Microscopy, here we come!! Excited for our new AmScope M620-C kit. With 40x - 2500x zoom we'll be able to see so much in this new microscopic world.

@ Alliance, Nebraska

Photos from Research Academy's post 11/26/2018

Acid blood (below 7.35 ph) can be caused by mainly poor diet of even poor lung function. This is the major cause of disease and increased aging. An acidic environment allows for cancer, bacteria, and parasites to thrive as well as the formation of uric acid crystals. This will even cause white blood cell to loose their function as if they're asleep causing them not the catch cancer, bacteria, viruses and parasites.

The most obvious way to notice poor blood health is when feeling needless fatigue, lack of focus, and migraines and headaches. You could also do Live Blood Analysis as in the photo above where you can see red blood cells stack together which is called Rouleau.

The simplest and faster way to counter this is raw fruit and vegetables diets and fasting

@ Alliance, Nebraska

Timeline photos 11/25/2018

Just ordered the AmScope M620. Excited to jump into the world of to study plant sections, insects, bacteria, and most importantly blood.

Blood tells so many stories on your health. I'll be able to show real before and after of diets, exercise, and most of all the to show the amazing results of the hyperbaric chamber.

With live blood analysis you can see the ph of blood, the balance of glucose, bacteria, parasites, uric acid crystals, white blood cell activity, and more

Timeline photos 11/24/2018

Finally got my daily indicator and set it up. It is a fantastic help to get the be level.

Photos from Research Academy's post 11/05/2018

Thinking of planning an electric conversion on a simple transaxle car. Starting with cheap DC motor and later trying AC induction motor systems with regenerative braking. These systems are extremely expensive unless you can refurbish a motor and build a battery system. Also I'd like to design my dome coil ac motor/generator for a car eventually @ Alliance, Nebraska

Photos from Research Academy's post 08/21/2018

Success!! I had got caught up with the Z axis cutting too deeply but that was because of the easel software. I had set it for an acme rod which it does have but I had to change it to threaded rod for to work properly. It is really not design very well for cutting PCBs with SVG files. So next I will try flatcam software and universal G-Code center so I can properly engrave and set up a tool change so I can drill out the holes and also changed to an end mill bit to cut out the board.

Photos from Research Academy's post 08/20/2018

Lots and lots of seam rippers!! Tried glitter nail polish finished of with lacquer, came out great. The lacquer worked really well on the blue glitter filament as well.

All these and more will soon be available for purchase

Timeline photos 08/16/2018

Kerf bending technique is pretty addicting. You can do some much with it. Amazing how flexible the wood can become

Photos from Research Academy's post 08/16/2018

Lots and lots of seam ripper handles

Photos from Research Academy's post 08/07/2018

This flexible filament is working out great. This tire I modeled came out perfect.
On the left is the new. On the right is the original tire. These are generally used for and pi

Photos from Research Academy's post 07/14/2018

And now to try out PLA printing finally and possibly more materials later. This is the Creality3D Ender, for under $200 it has a large build volume, has a heated bed, and what the easiest kit I have ever assembled

Timeline photos 07/03/2018

Finally got this small SPI 1.44 inch LCD with buttons working with RetroPie. Works well with Gameboy and NES and SNES games and I’m sure arcade games.


Marble machine?

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