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MotivAction Coaching specializes in stress management and helping people deal with life's transitions. Call (810) 395-2823 Diane Norris is the owner of MotivAction Coaching.

She is a certified life coach, motivational speaker and teacher and earned her certification from Never Ending Motivation Coaching University. She has a degree in Business Administration/Accounting from Baker College. She has been in the health and nutrition industry for 8 years consulting, coaching and teaching better health, nutrition and weight loss. She has over 25 years of personal study and


Example speaks the loudest.

[06/16/18]   “You Are The Sole Author Of your Condition.”

What this means is…

You have the ability to control how you feel about any situation that happens in your life. And…

What you focus on… ultimately becomes your reality.

Happiness is not an end goal...

It is a byproduct of gratitude. Focus on what you are grateful for and...

Happiness will never leave you.


If we don't like the way things are we can change things, but only ourselves, not others. If we are seeking to change others we may be guilty of manipulation and no one appreciates being manipulated even if by rare chance it results in a good outcome. That person will never say to you, "thank you so much for manipulating me in order for me to make changes that you wanted". Would you? Discovered manipulation always results in broken trust. The only true way for someone else to change is for you to change and then they see a good example of what that looks like and they may decide to imitate you because they see the good outcome. Think about what causes you to make changes in your life. Is it by someone shaming, yelling, threatening or criticizing you into it or is it by their positive, kind, accepting example without coersion or judgement?


You can't miss it unless you truly aren't looking.


Isn't it true?


Good thought.

The key to a life well-lived. Are you proactive or reactive in the face of challenges? 11/13/2017

Habits of Successful People: Start Before You Feel Ready

Very thought provoking article. This article reveals the habits of successful people, like billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson, and how you can use these habits in your life.


I believe we are always doing our best with the mind we have at this moment. When our mind changes our best changes either for a fearful or peaceful moment. You get to choose which it will be not anyone else.

Doing your best in this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment. ~Oprah🌟🌟🌟

Are you letting your best be good enough? Don't put additional pressure on yourself to be "perfect" -- Just let yourself do YOUR best. Whatever that looks like for you today. Then repeat tomorrow. Keep doing that. And, of course, keep tapping. ;) 🙋


Well that's a heavy thought.


Look for a solution not an out. There is always options if you really look for them. It's ok to ask for help but then you make the final decision for the best possible outcome. Do not let others make decisions for you. That is a victim.


You can never fail unless you quit. Even then you can start again at a later time. And remember, each time you start again you learn something and gain wisdom.


Decide and then move on with determination and inner joy.


And we have more peace.


That's for sure.


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Sketches in Stillness

Try it. Make it a family thing. Get your kids involved. If their not old enough to write ask them and then write it for them. What a great way to teach gratitude and awareness of happiness within.

"The Happiness Jar" by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love)
Start today a Gratitude Jar or Gratitude Journal to record every bit of your daily happiness.


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Will you?


"Life is a very nice place to be, I woke up here. I'm a lover of this. You're always going to get what you need, not what you think you need. Then you come to see that what you need is what you want. Then you come to want only what is. That way you always win, no matter what." - Byron Katie


We are only alive in the current moment. The future and the past are only stories.

Something good to remind ourselves every so often. Live in the moment. You may never have another like this.


Our thoughts create our mental attitude. How's yours? Stressful or peaceful? You get to choose.

Me. In a nutshell. 😬


Evoke Potential, LLC

Great article! Couldn't have said it BETTER!😉

Here's my newsletter for August...


Love this book. If you are trying to reach a goal or make some kind of improvement, this is a good source. It can also help you to reduce your stress by helping you with priorities and better organization. Great for those feeling overwhelmed.


Female Health Motivation

I like this, however, no one ever explains how to let things go, they only tell you that you need to let things go. There is a technique that I use to show people how to let go of their stressful thoughts. Want to learn it? Give me a call.

She really makes a point about stress...


Smart is the New Sexy

Makes sense.

Sing like nobody's listening! ;)


Remember, we all believe what we think.


Don't know the author of this one. Let me know if you do. When we try to understand where someone else may be coming from it helps us to be kinder. Showing kindness gives us more peace and garbage and baggage free.


Because belief creates our feelings. Feelings move us to action. Our actions give us our results. If you are unhappy with your life, look closer at your beliefs and why you are so convinced.


I have always loved and used this quote in my life. Stress is simply the fear that your not going to be able to handle "IT". Courage is realizing you can and do handle "IT" despite your stress or fear.

Have any fears come up for you this week?

Taking on today's challenges will only make tomorrow that much better!


Power of Positivity


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Sounds good...more cuddle time;)

Ever wondered why some people love to cuddle so much?
Mentors Channel 04/29/2016

11 Quotes To Remember When You're Overthinking

Absolutely great information to reflect upon to help us de-stress our minds. We cannot completely stop thinking (we are not thinking, we are being thought) but we can interrupt thoughts with these reminders in order to be more at peace and feel calm. The mind loves to think, and it never seems to want to stop. When you can't stop overthinking, remember these quotes....




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